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MMPR 327 "Another Brick in the Wall".

Features Footage from (bold = new): Kakuranger, episode 5.

The complete program, from "Today On" to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 20:36;26.

"Today On" segment is about :30; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

The Episode Itself

Zordon Face 1.

Medium shot.

Number of uses this episode: 3.

Zordon Face 2.

Close shot.

Number of uses this episode: 11.



Edit Note

MMPR 202.

Straight upward angle on Lunar Palace, beneath Zedd's balcony, as dark stormclouds roll across the skies above.

Recycled; transitions in.

MMPR 309.

As Rita looks in Repulsascope, Zedd talks with bodily movements, and Rito stands behind them with Squatt & Baboo.

Recycled; mostly previously unused stuff.

MMPR 326.

Kat's head, within a yellow circle, transforms into Ninjetti, then to Ninja Ranger mode.

Recycled, but the color's corrected.

MMPR 308.

Five yellow circles with each of the Ranger Teens' heads transform into Ninjetti, then to Ninja Ranger modes.


MMPR 312.

Zedd yells at Rita on the balcony, motioning toward us a few times.


MMPR 306.

All six Ninja Rangers morph into Power Rangers.

Recycled, but first with Kat's voiced dubbed over Kim.

MMPR 302.

Close on Alpha in front of console, talking while looking to our slight left.

Recycled; darkened to mask Viewing Globe flashing.

MMPR 304.

Close on Command Center's alarm light, flashing.


KAKU #05.

White cloud crackles with bluish electricity, and erupts with a downpour, not of rain, but a concentrated bolt of unnatural lightning.

Usuable growth shot replaced for better location matching, I guess?

KAKU #05.

After its golden chest symbol flashes with power, zoom out from the Blue Shogunzord, as it does its wolfish poses.

Recycled, but first in original context.

MMPR 314.

Zoom out from Wolf Coin symbol on back wall, as Blue Ranger appears in his Zord's cockpit, crossing arms,
then holding out right arm, nod-talking as he does.


KAKU #05.

Zoom out as Brick Bully faces Blue Shogunzord across the city, each pacing to their respective right.

KAKU #05.

Close on Blue Shogunzord, doing a quick pose, then rushing forth to our slight left.

KAKU #05.

Close on Brick Bully, spreading out arms, then holding right hand forth, sharp zoom in on his palm.

KAKU #05.

Brick wall suddenly rises up from our right.

KAKU #05.

Another brick wall suddenly rises up from our left.

KAKU #05.

Blue Shogunzord glances around, finding itself suddenly boxed in by four brick walls.

KAKU #05.

Brick Bully tosses a spear to our right.

KAKU #05.

Brick Bully tosses another spear to our left.

KAKU #05.

Brick Bully tosses a third spear to our right.

KAKU #05.

Close on the brick wall as the three spears impale into it.

KAKU #05.

The four-sided brick wall box, with three spears in its side, explodes outward in a shower of debris.

Split to fit US cockpit shot.

KAKU #05.

Continued, the debris rains all over the place, as a massive fireball bursts up from below.


KAKU #05.

Zoom in over flames, as Brick Bully hops up and down, arms raised, excitedly.

KAKU #05.

The flames of the raging fire cover the screen, but soon quell, revealing the Blue Shogunzord, standing in the near distance, undamaged and posed.

KAKU #05.

On the other side of the fire, Brick Bully reacts in annoyance to his attack's failure.

KAKU #05.

Close on Blue Shogunzord, as it rubs both its eyes with its hands, points forth, raises fists, then jumps up.

KAKU #05.

Zoom in as Blue Shogunzord lunges forth through the air.

KAKU #05.

Zoom out as Blue Shogunzord lands, sparkily punches Brick Bully, then sparkily kicks him.

KAKU #05.

Close on Blue Shogunzord as it holds up both hands and reaches toward the screen.

KAKU #05.

Blue Shogunzord grabs Brick Bully, turns him to the side, then lifts him up.

KAKU #05.

Upward shot of Brick Bully being thrown high over Blue Shogunzord's head.

KAKU #05.

Brick Bully falls onto his chest, quaking the city.

KAKU #05.

Zoom out as Blue Shogunzord holds up its lance weapon, nods, points forth, then clences fist.

Cuts turn around and follow-up of
it then smashing a model home to bits.

KAKU #05.

Zoom out as Brick Bully remains on the ground, but now sitting up, as Blue Shogunzord steps into frame.

KAKU #05.

Close on Blue Shogunzord, pointing forth, motioning lance weapon forth, then rushing off to our slight right.

KAKU #05.

Blue Shogunzord POV of the lance tip rushing forth toward Brick Bully, who remains on the ground, trying in vain to scoot back.

KAKU #05.

Blue Shogunzord rushes up to the downed Brick Bully, and raises lance weapon up over him.

Cuts before reddish lightning strikes the Zord sparkily.

KAKU #05.

Bright flash of white spark bursting.

Fades out;
Trims start to hide the fact this is the Zord spark bursting.
Cuts follow-up of giant eye in sky over Brick Bully.

KAKU #05.

Brick Bully, sits up, motions arms about, then in a flash of light, bursts into a pile of bricky debris.

End is changed from him fading away in source,
to a specially done effects shot.

KAKU #05.

Blue Shogunzord does its wolfish poses.

Recycled, trimmed.
Replaces shots of Zord looking around confused.

MMPR 213.

Downward angle on Lunar Palace, Zedd's balcony, with a bit of the red sands of Nemesis.

Recycled; transitions in.

MMPR 327.

30 second deleted scene of Kat placing soapy buckets in front of the sleeping Bulk & Skull's hats, then whistling,
causing them to put the buckets over their heads and freak out.

Altered to fit in end credits.

Updated 2011