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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Return Of The Green Ranger, Part II"
Original Air Date: 02/21/95

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-245
*45th episode aired
*105th total Power Rangers episode
*Production Note: More "Filming of MMPR:TM was delayed so we've got to film some episodes partially down in Australia" fun. The majority of the footage was filmed there on location, cept the Moon Palace and stock footage stuff, of course.

Writer: Shuki Levy Director: Shuki Levy
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)/ Tommy's Clone (Green Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier/ Uncle Ben
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch/ British Captain
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Marissa
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Wizard Of Deception

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[Last time on MMPR; Opening credits]

A quick revise of the last few seconds of last time, sorta of. The Redcoat British Soldiers run around, mothers lock up their children, and the six time displaced Ranger teens hide out in a barn with Marissa. The Redcoat British Soldiers lurking around outside say pretty much the same thing as they did last time, though some of the dialogue is changed! Here's what they say: "Where have they gone to?", "They've disappeared!", "They couldn't have!", "No! I can't find their whereabouts, sir!", "Where are they?!", "This is impossible!", "They've vanished into thin air.", "Over here!", "They certainly ARE witches!", and, "Hurry!" Once the troops have depart the scene, failing to check inside the barn, our heroes breathe a sigh of relief. Especially Adam, who stands up against the wooden door, next to the person they have to thank for the rescue, a teenage female townsperson, named Marissa. He looks at her, and the two smile as they introduce themselves. Adam also introduces his teammates to her, "These are my friends, Billy, Rocky, Kimberly & Aisha." They wave at her, smile, and generally say hi. Marissa smiles back and nods her head. Kim asks the girl, "Why is everyone calling us witches?" Billy, ever the brain, explains, "Because in olden days, anyone who was considered different, or unusual, was accused of being a witch." He pinches his blue K-Mart bought shirt, as an example of unusual items. Marissa replies in confusion, "Olden days?" Aisha looks at Kim, and then tells her, "Uhh, Marissa, we can explain everything. I think." The Ranger teens smirk, at a loss for words to describe their situation. Rocky hands it over to the closest thing they really have to a leader at the moment, "Yeah, right! You try, Billy!" The Blue Ranger is a bit reluctant, as are his teammates, but begins to think in laymen's terms and begins to say to Marissa, "Alrighty. Where should I begin? Have you ever wondered what Angel Grove would be like in the future?"

Elsewhile, 200 years away in Angel Grove Park, Tommy Oliver faces his clone, nicknamed by me to be Oliver Thomas. Taking right up where we left off, Tommy asks his doppleganger, "If you're like me, you can't be evil!" Oliver, speaking in a malicious tone, notes, "Let's face it, we all have our dark sides." Tommy refuses to except that, stating, "My dark side faded with the Green Ranger's powers!" Oliver presses his finger against his twin's chest and exclaims, "I AM the Green Ranger! Only i'm more powerful than you, White Ranger. So, are you gonna fight against yourself?" The generally goody-goody Tommy ponders for a moment, trying to decide whether or not he wants to struggle with his inner demons physically or not. Up on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd checks out the scene, pumps his fist into the air and shouts, "Ahh, yes! Mission accomplished!" Goldar notices Rita entering the room, and groans, "Ohhh, no! Not her again!" Rita Repulsa approaches her husband on the balcony, and screams at the henchmonster, "Zip it, you gold baboon!" She embraces hands with her husband, calling him "Zeddy!" Lord Zedd offers, "Rita, my lovely wife. Come and observe the two Tommy's stand face-to-face. Perfectly matched with both wit and skill!" She likes what she hears, shrilling with glee, "So tell me more, my evil husband! Ahahaha!" Zedd mentions, "There IS one difference between them. Our Green Ranger does not suffer the burden of having to fight fair!" He, Rita, and even Goldar erupt in diabolical laughter from this revelation. Rita notes, "And you know what THAT means, Zeddy baby! No more Power Rangers! AHhaha!" Lord Zedd remarks, "I feel like celebrating. Shall we dance, my dear?" He takes her by the land and leads her down the steps of the balcony. Rita chuckles slightly, a bit nervously as she seems to not really want to get close to the evil skinbag. But she follows anyway, saying, "Hmm... lovely idea." Tango music begins to play from out of nowhere, and Baboo & Squatt can't help but be amazed. Squatt says, "Wowee! Who would have thought that Lord Zedd was such a twinkletoes!", prompting Baboo to agree, "Uh-huh!" The evil space overlords prance out onto the fog-filled open floor of the throne room. Rita appears to be leading them along in the tango, with Zedd noting, "Really, my dear. I am perfectly capable of leading!" Goldar whines to himself, "Lord Zedd is losing control of EVERYTHING around here!" Squatt considers a career writing for Rollingstone, as he comments, "Even though the music's loud, it's got a good beat. I give it a 74!" Zedd & Rita continue to dance, with Zedd finally leading, causing his witchy wifey to purr with excitement, as he dips her and notes, "Ahh, Rita, my love. You dance so lightly on my feet!"


Still stuck in the 1790s, the five Ranger teens take a rest inside of the barn. Billy finishes explaining things to Marissa, "And basically, that's how we traveled back in time, and ended up here." A British Soldier is overheard saying, "Let's go back around the front. They have to be here somewhere!" Adam walks over to Marissa and tries to comfort her with a warm smile, "Don't worry, Marissa. I know it's hard to understand all this." She returns the smile and (speaking in an Australian accent, of course) tells him, "I can't imagine Angel Grove 200 years from now! What's it like?" Kimberly gets materialistic with her, stating, "It is AWESOME! You have to see the malls, the shops there are SO cool!" Aisha agrees, "Yeah, girl. The makeup department at the Super Store? OH!" Marissa is confused once more, asking, "Super Store?" Kim feels the brunt of the culture clash and promises, "We'll tell you about it later, Marissa.", giving a wink and a click of her tongue. Rocky finally talks, "Yeah, good idea! Cause I think we need to find a way to get out of here." Adam mentions to Billy, "Well, let's try to contact Zordon." The brainy one replies, "Well, I really doubt out Communicator signal's gonna get through, but anything's worth a shot." He lifts his wrist and presses the button in the side of his Communicator, causing a negative sounding beep to chime. Billy speaks into it, "Alpha? Zordon? Alpha, Zordon, can you hear me?!" No reply is heard.

Meanwhen, forward in 1995 Angel Grove, Bulk & Skull are still napping on the ground where the Wizard left them. Skull has his arm around his pal, cuddling up close, as Bulk sucks on his thumb, the two snoring aloud. Two attractive girls notice them, and can't help but giggle. The sound of embarrassment awakens Skull, who quickly pats his pal on the robust stomach and says, "Bulkie, wake up!" That he does, exploding back to consciousness screaming, "Where's the Wizard?!" Skull asks, "What Wizard?", and Bulk mentions, "Come on, don't you remember, man? That lizard faced guy!" Skull can only wonder, "Did you have beans for lunch?" Bulk is annoyed, saying, "No, what did that have to do with anything!?" His best friend points out, "You always have weird dreams whenever you eat beans!", followed by his trademark goofy laugh. They arise from the ground, with Bulk showing signs of a future detective, as he frustratedly notes, "I KNOW there was a Wizard around here!" Skull doesn't seem to care that he doesn't remember half of his afternoon, as he merely continues chuckling and repeating, "Beans, Bulkie! Haha! Beans!" Elsewhere in the park, Tommy & his clone, Oliver, stand facing each other in one of the only split screen shots of this entire mini-series. Oliver continues to rub his fingers against a small twig he's been biting on for a while, as he informs his twin, "So you see, I know all about you. All your secrets and weaknesses. So why don't you make it easier on yourself, and surrender to me?" Not to be outdone or upstaged by himself, Tommy barks back, "If you REALLY knew me, you'd know I'd never do that!" Over at the Command Center, all is quiet, but not silent. Zordon tells his robotic assistant, "Alpha, activate the Viewing Globe. I detect a disturbance in the Morphing Grid." Alpha does so, walking over to the Globe, and upon witnessing the twin Rangers, he exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! This can't be! There are TWO Tommy's!" On the Globe, we can hear Oliver tell his double, "So that's the way you want it, huh?" Zordon mentions to Alpha, "Now we know what the Wizard Of Deception was up to. He has cloned his own Power Ranger." For the second time in a day, Alpha cries, "Oh no! This is terrible!", as he walks back to the control consoles. Zordon tells him, "Contact the other Rangers, Alpha, and advise them of the situation." Alpha presses some buttons, and notes, "This is very strange, Zordon. The Power Rangers do not appear to be anywhere in Angel Grove!" Zordon urges him, "You MUST keep trying, Alpha." The automaton promises, "Yes, Zordon. I am expanding the search parameters, now!"

Back in the park, we see Oliver tell Tommy again (while taking the small twig out of his mouth once more, what IS his oral fixation, anyway?!), "So that's the way you want it, huh? The Green Ranger versus the White Ranger." As the clone is giving an evil grin, his evil creator, the Wizard Of Deception, sneaks up from behind some tree moss (actually walking for a change). He shouts, "Now!", prompting Tommy to turn and spot the flaming-skulled sorcerer. Tommy reaches around and grabs the back of his belt, yelling, "It's Morphin' Time!" Oliver chews on the twig some more, before chucking it to the ground and reaching around his own belt, while remarking, "I was HOPING you'd say that." With the flash of the lightning bolt symbol, Tommy calls out for "Tigerzord" power, and Morphs into the White Ranger. Oliver, using Tommy's original Morphing shot, calls out for "Dragonzord" power, and becomes the Green Ranger for the very first time. The Wizard Of Deception stands off under the shade of a tree, laughing maniacally, as the Green Ranger (wearing his infamous yet classic "cotton cloth" gold shield) faces the White Ranger. The two Morphed Tommy's stand ready for battle, posing anxiously. The Wizard gloats, "Yes! Morph! That's EXACTLY what I want you to do!" The White Ranger (standing in the distance from the MacArthur Pavilion sign), notes, "Well, one thing's for sure. Two of me can't exist in the same place, at the same time." The Green Ranger motions his arms, replying, "At last we agree on one thing! After I defeat you, i'll be happy to take your place." The Wizard snickers sinisterly, as he comments, "It's SHOW time!"

The battle of the century begins, with White Ranger throwing the first kick! Green ducks, and throws one back, which White also ducks. He then tosses a more swift kick into his opponent, striking Green Ranger on the chest. A flash of white energy crackles up where the blow was struck. Tommy then tosses a punch, a little too high, as Oliver dodges it, chops at his arm twice in return (white & green sparks collide), and lifts his knee into the air to strike back. White Ranger blocks the knee (white sparks), and kicks his leg up into Green Ranger again, hitting his chest and causing more white sparks, with some green mixed in. Tommy then attempts a foot sweep maneuver, which Oliver anticipates, and leaps into the air to avoid successfully. White Ranger stands back up and tosses another punch, which Green Ranger counterpunches, the two fists slamming into each other with white & green sparks. Oliver snatches up Tommy's wrist, and then does the same to his other arm when a second punch is thrown. With sparking green & white energy coursing through the connected arms, White Ranger lands a kick into his rival's chest again, and knocks himself out of the arm hold. Both Rangers land on their backs, but quickly leap back onto their feet to continue the battle anew. This time, Green throws a spinning kicking, White ducks and throws one back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. They seem to realize it's going nowhere, so they both take a pause, facing each other silently. Oliver appears to gesture as if he's wiping his masked lip off with his thumb, before charging forth and resuming action. Green throws a punch, White Ranger blocks it, and sparks fly. Let's just quit noting the colored sparking, as they're are lots of them. One thing of note, though, is that white powder bursts out of Green Ranger's glove in this shot. He tries another hit, but Tommy cuts it off with his elbow. The next Oliver-thrown blow is missed by ducking, and the one after that blocked by Tommy's forearm. White Ranger finally throws one, but Green blocks it. He then throws one in return, which White blocks. You see what they're getting at here? It's like shadow boxing. Their moves are totally mirrored to the point that neither can really do much harm to each other without radically deviating from their standard routine. There's lots and lots more punching, with the tide turning to the point that Tommy throws more blocked punches in a row. If you ever wanted to hear Tommy's karate-grunting in stereo, this whole scene is a showcase for it.

Eventually, White Ranger tries that footsweep maneuver again. Green Ranger hops up into the air, and avoids it completely, though this time lands right next to his master, the Wizard Of Deception. The Wizard's had a ringside seat to the entire fight, and has spent most of it laughing his evil head off. When Oliver rises to pose next to him, the Wizard remarks to the real deal, "White Ranger, your tenacity surprises me!" Tommy takes the snide comment in stride, noting "Ahh. Your FIRST mistake. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit!" Speaking of human spirit, back in the 1790s, outside of the George Cook Coach House, a British Soldier and his Captain tiptoe around the building. They whisper while sneaking around, the Soldier soon peeking his head into the stable, and leading on as he and the Captain begin to realize the missing "witches" are within their grasp. Rocky's voice can barely be heard coming from within the Coach House barn, as he says. "If we can't reach Zordon, does that mean we'll be trapped here forever?" Kim's voice also carries, "Well, Tommy's still back there. He'll come for us." Billy's also a bigmouth, saying, "Assuming he knows where to look. I mean, remember, we ARE 200 years in the past, right?" Kim realizes, "Oh yeah. Billy, you'd better keep trying!" The Redcoat Soldier and his equally crimson clothed Captain follow the sound of the voices, and enter the barn stable coach house place slowly. Billy tries again, squeezing the knob on his wristband and exclaiming, "Zordon! Alpha! Can you hear me?!" over and over, and remarking worriedly to his friends, "Guys, I still can't get through!" Kim & Aisha look at each other, both frightened. Kimberly says, "We've got to do something!", and Rocky suggests, "Well, let's just Morph!" Behind Adam & Marissa is a screened section that cuts off the barn area from the rest of the stable. The Captain and the British Soldier pop up suddenly, and shout, "AH-HA!" Our heroes all turn their attention to this man, with Kim being the first to recognize him. She asks, "Skull?!", and the Captain merely replies in confusion, "What?" He indeed is a dead ringer for Eugene Skullovitch, and is perhaps an ancestor. The Captain spots the only one of the fugitives he knows, and says, "Marissa. You will be punished for helping these... witches!" She pleads, "They're not witches!", and Adam, trying to defend her honor, shouts, "Leave her alone!" Trapped in time, low on gas (oops, that's "Army Of Darkness"' tagline), and caught by Redcoats, Kim wonders to Aisha, "What are we going to do?"

Once upon a time, 200 years later, the White Ranger leaps into the air, as he takes his battle with himself out to a wider open field. Green Ranger does the same, jumping up, with what appear to be rather stormy rainclouds in the distance. They land facing each other, both Tommy & his Clone prepare to continue fighting. When they snap their arms out, readying their next blows, more white powder puffs off of them. What, did Ms. Appleby spot them and make them clean the erasers after school or something? Anyway, White Ranger throws the first kick, which Green Ranger ducks out of the way of. Tommy tosses another kick, it's blocked, etc. There are lots of swift, and very rapid punches tossed back and forth. No true blows get struck, no real damage accumulated upon either of the Rangers. They're so evenly matched, it's not even funny. Eventually, Tommy does manage to land his fist into his clone Golden Shield chest, but it ends up shocking him in such a way, that both of them are knocked backwards. They both crouch on the ground across from each other, clutching their breastcages. Tommy shouts, "Give it up, Green Ranger. Your brand of evil will NEVER win!" Oliver angrily replies, "Never! YOU'RE the one who should be giving up!" White Ranger says something in return, which is remarkably vengeful, "I'll destroy you if that's the last thing I EVER do!" The Wizard Of Deception has grown tired of the battle (what, is he trying to describe it into a summary like I am?), and growls, "All right. Enough of this child's play. Let's have some REAL action!" He aims his Ghost Of Darkness wand at Tommy, and fires off a yellow stream of energy. The White Ranger stands up, and is taken by surprise, as the beam hits his chest and wraps around his body, ensnaring his arms as well. The Wizard laughs wickedly, as Tommy begins to collapse, falling to the ground in a heap. The yellow energy, with bits of whiteness swirling about to imply a power drain, dissipates, as the White Ranger lies on his stomach, sprawled across the lawn. He struggles to maintain consciousness, as yellow, white, and even bluish surges of power course throughout his body. The Wizard walks over, steps on his back, and aims the wand down once more, firing another yellow pulse, and causing the White Ranger to forcibly demorph! The evil sorcerer laughs some more, noting, "I don't think THIS White Ranger will interfere with our plans any further." Green Ranger stands in front of him, as the Wizard orders, "You need to use the Dragon Dagger. We need Dragonzord power to begin the destruction of the city. But first, pay a visit to my old friend Zordon. Make sure he knows it is I who is behind the destruction of his precious Power Rangers." WoD holds out his hand, and with a flash of white light from his sleeve, causes a duplicate golden Dragon Power Coin to appear in his palm! It seems that while Oliver has every item of the Green Ranger at his disposal due to his being an exact copy of Tommy (he's made up of Tommy's residual Green Ranger energy, after all), he lacked a true coin. The clone takes the coin, and obeys, "As you wish, Master." He departs to do as commanded, and the Wizard whips his head around, boasting, "My revenge is sweet! Ahahaha!" He too vanishes, via his flame-aportation, leaving the real Tommy still groveling on the ground. He struggles to get up, but he can't even open his eyes, his body wracked with pain from the power drain.


Whenwhile, elsemean, in the 1790s, everything is like we left it. The five Ranger teens and Marissa, confronted by the British Soldier and the Redcoat Captain who looks just like Skull. Adam turns to his teammates, and says, "Billy, we can't Morph now!" Kim agrees on the subject of not giving the Soldiers any more fuel to the witchhunting fire, noting, "Of course not. Marissa shouldn't be punished for trying to help us." Marissa puts her hands to her face and appears to start crying, but Adam comforts her, taking her hands in his and assuring her with a nod that everything will be alright. Billy concurs with Kimberly, saying, "Let me take care of this. Rocky, you just play along." He steps over to the fenced window of the stable and speaks to the Redcoats, "Um, excuse me, gentlemen. If I could just have a minute of your time, I think I could explain everything." That's our cue to skip ahead 200 years, to when Billy finally finishes explaining everything! At the Command Center in the present day, Alpha cries, "Ay-yi-yi! Zordon, I can't locate the Rangers anywhere!" Zordon gives his automaton assistant some encouragement, "You MUST keep trying, Alpha. Tommy cannot face this threat alone." Alpha replies, "Right, Zordon! I'll do my best." As he's busy pressing the same few buttons over and over, he's unaware that someone has started to play stock footage from "Green With Evil" behind him! The Evil Green Ranger teleports into the Command Center, with a flash of greenish fire. Yes, this entire scene heavily reuses shots from GWE. Oliver, the Tommy clone, looks around and remarks, "Whoa, hehe. This is a cool setup!" He's either talking about the CC, of which the memories of he didn't retain from his twin, or the entire situation with him popping in unexpectedly. He sneaks up behind Alpha, who whines, "Oh dear!", then turns and quickly glances at the Green Ranger and says, "Oh. Hi, Tommy!", before realizing what's going on and screaming in fear. Zordon informs his robotic pal, "Alpha, that is not our Tommy. That's the Wizard's Green Ranger creation!" Oliver confirms, "That's right, you old windbag! And i'm here to deliver a message." Trying to trick him into showing his hand, Zordon asks, "First, tell me what the Wizard Of Deception has done with Tommy and the other Rangers." Oliver aims his gloved finger at the giant head in a tube and shouts, "Keep your forcefield on, old man! Whatever i'm gonna tell you, i'll tell you when i'm good and ready. Understand?!"

Meanwhile, up on the Evil Moon Palace, the party just don't stop. Baboo & Squatt hop up and down behind the wall, peeking into the throne room still. Baboo exclaims, "Ooo! They look so UGLY together!" Inside the throne room, Goldar doesn't share the sentiment, slapping his hand to his golden armor forehead and groaning, "Oh! Too much to bear! Nooo! No!" The sight that's causing him to cringe is Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa continuing to dance around the room to a tango beat. They both laughs amusedly, as they prance around the misty-covered floor, locked in the proper position. Zedd proclaims, "Isn't like wonderful, my dear?" She agrees, "It IS, my love!" He dips her in his arms, and she grumbles under her breath an addition to her words, "It'll get even better when I take control!" He raises her up, and she places the stem of a wilted rose into her mouth. Zedd takes it out and asks, "What did you say, my queen?" Rita plays it off, stammering, "Uhh, I said, you're such a hero, you make me lose control!" He spins her around, and leads her across the room, stating, "Of course I do! And as soon as we get rid of the White Ranger, I believe it's time to think about a new addition to our family." He dips Rita again, prompting her eyes to bulge out when she hears this remark. He raises her up and she yells, "Addition?! What kind of addition?!" Lord Zedd explains, "Why, a baby!" Rita screams aloud in shock, "What?!" He's quite serious about the idea, commenting, "You know, our own little bundle of evil. One that would have YOUR incredible looks, and MY brains!" He gestures while mentioning this, taking her by the hand, and then pointing his fingers to his exposed brain. Rita nearly cries, though not from happiness, as she says, "Uhh, excuse me, a moment, i'll be right back. AHHHH!" She races out of the room, prompting Zedd to stand confused, saying, "Rita? That wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting!" Soon in Finster's Workshop, the gentle natured monster maker is on the floor. He's inspecting the pieces of something he apparently dropped and broke, using his eye monocle, while humming to himself. Rita rushes in and shouts his name, and he arises, remarking, "Oh, my queen! How nice to see you!" She yells, "Nevermind that! That potion you made me is going too far! Make me a new potion quick!" She's referencing the potion used to make Lord Zedd fall in love with her in "The Wedding, Part 1", of course. Finster obeys, asking, "What kind, my queen?" Rita explains, "A kind that will make Lord Zedd forget his stupid idea! He wants me to have a BABY! Ugh!" Finster is delighted by this idea of Zedd's, noting, "Oh, but that sounds ever-so charming, my queen!" She feels differently, barking, "Charming, my foot! I'm not having a baby! Now make a new potion and be quick about it!" She storms off, leaving Finster a bit nervous, as he thinks to himself, "A new potion?! Oh dear. Exactly what did I put in the last one?" He begins to fumble around his chemistry equipment, mixing glitter with some other liquids in a hurry.

Someone left the oven on 200 years ago! Oh wait, it's just Billy. Inside the George Cook Coach House where you can find "carriages repaired", according to the sign, Billy's apparent explanation to the Redcoats has gone on offscreen. Now, Rocky points out, "You see, we too are citizens of Angel Grove." Billy, who looks quite nervous, says, "Good point!", before turning to the Soldiers and stating, "Here's the situation..." The Skull-lookalike Captain silences the 'witches', shouting, "Hold your tongue! You're all under arrest!" The Ranger teens are stunned, Marissa as well. Kimberly comments, "Billy, somehow I don't think that they bought your story." Time for plan B, with Rocky asking his teammates, "Ready, guys?" Aisha replies, "Yes. Go." Quickly, all six of the teenagers race out of the barn. The British Captain can only call out, "Halt! Halt, you doggy bones! I hate it! I hate them!", as they escape. His fellow Soldier doesn't so much better, banging the butt of his musket against the fenced window. The fugitives flee from the Coach House, with Marissa & Adam holding hands. Sheesh, they just met, for cripes sake! The three Redcoats follow their Captain's lead, marching down the side road, until they reach a barrier. A small wooden stick for a gate, which brings them to a grinding halt, before the Captain orders them to back up and jump over it, continuing on their way, the Captain pointing his sword outward and screaming, "Get them!" Our heroes charge through a boathouse, and end up bumping into a flock of sheep. They manage to avoid collision with the woolly animals (Rocky enjoys the feel of one under his groin area, since he's shown actually straddling one for a brief moment!), and return to fleeing. The British Soldiers follow much along the same path, stopping when the sheep block their way, though it's barely much of a distraction. Ironic, the shots of the sheep. Less than a few years after this was filmed, a sheep was successfully cloned!

Anyway, Marissa has finally broken loose of Adam's grasp, and leads the Ranger teens on a path out of the township of Angel Grove. They charge towards the woods, with Marissa yelling, "This way! They're gaining on us!" Billy asks, "Where are we running to?!", and she tells him, "My uncle! He'll help us!" After they pass through that area, the Redcoats are right behind. At a fork in the road, the Captain successfully guides his three troops into the proper direction of the "witches", proving he's not quite as inept as his future descendant. Up the dirt road in the woods, a horse drawn stagecoach treks along. The Ranger teens race up behind it, and pile in, one by one, with Marissa in tow. She calls out to a man sitting next to the driver, saying, "Ben, we need your help!" Boy, a good thing her uncle was just passing by! Kim tells the man, "Thanks a lot!" The man, dressed in a white shirt, three rimmed hat, glasses and generally dressed like Ben Franklin, comments, "You're all right now, lads & lassies!" Once again, Kim gets a deja vu, as she tells her teammates, "Uhh, can you guys please take a look at Uncle Ben?" They do, and their jaws drop, as they realize Marissa's uncle is a dead ringer for Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier! Our heroes can't help but exclaim bewilderedly, "Bulk?!", in unison. Marissa seems confused by their comment, as does her uncle, as he replies, "No, Ben's the name!" He urges them to relax, saying, "We'll be back to my homestead in a short while. Just sit back and catch your breath!" The wagon presses onward, as do the British Soldiers not far behind them. The Captain leads his men in the wrong direction for once, shouting, "The woods, gentlemen!" He and two of his Redcoat troops charge into the forest, as another dubs in, "I don't think they're over there, sir!"

In another time, at the Command Center, the Evil Green Ranger continues confronting Zordon. Tommy's clone tells him, "Take a look, old timer. I AM the Green Ranger now, and there's nothing you can do about it." Zordon tries his luck again at treachery, saying, "Don't be so sure of yourself. I DEMAND to know what you've done with the Power Rangers!" Oliver buys it, remarking ominously, "Let's just say, wherever they are, history is repeating itself." Zordon talks big, telling the Green Ranger, "I warn you. If any harm is come to them, I'll..." The clone chuckles, "What, gonna send that stupid robot after me? Get real!" He then presses his belt buckle Morpher, and teleports away in his greenish fire mode again. The shot is so painfully lifted from GWE, that you can plainly see in the background that the consoles have been torn up and the wiring is everywhere! They're all fixed by the next shot, as Zordon states, "Quick! Alpha! Did you hear what he said?" Alpha walks in from out of the Christmas tree-light filled darkness, and confirms, "Affirmative, Zordon! He said that the Rangers are in a place where history is repeating itself." The automaton is perfectly unharmed, likely just snuck off to hide from any danger, but is back with a vengeance, quickly pressing buttons on the console. Zordon mentions, "The Wizard must have sent them back in time." Alpha presses more buttons and says, "Activating Time Processor now, Zordon! But unless we can pinpoint the time period they went back to, it could take a VERY long time to find them!" The Eltarian sage laments, "Without more information, we have no choice. Start with the present day, and work your way backward, scanning for their genetic markers." Alpha's worried as usual, "What if we can't find them, Zordon?!" He tells his robotic assistant, "Have faith, Alpha. We WILL. We know the White Ranger is still in the present time. We must locate him. Only HE can stop the Wizard's Green Ranger." Alpha ay-yi-yi's, "What a day this has turned out to be!" Speaking of the Wizard Of Deception, he's still at his favorite hangout, the pondside area of the park. He and Tommy's Clone stare into the water, as the Wizard mentions, "Ahh, you have done well, Green Ranger. It is now time to begin the destruction! I shall go back in time, to keep the other Rangers... occupied. Hahaha!" He then flame-aports out of sight, apparently on his way to join the timelost teens 200 years ago. The Evil Green Ranger laughs at this devilish display, and once alone, he grips his fist, and proclaims, "Dragonzord! The time has come to awaken, and serve your new master!"


In the 1790s, at Uncle Ben's Farm For Converted Brand Rice. The five time displaced Ranger teens do what they've done most these past two episodes, and that's stand around taking a break from all the stress that comes with being attacked by evil space aliens. Well, all stand but Aisha, who sits on the grass, next to Rocky's legs. Billy wanders over and takes a look at the large brick structure, either a massive oven, or an outhouse. He returns to his teammates, and says, "Well, it looks like we finally lost those soldiers." Marissa, standing between Adam & Uncle Ben, leans against a post with her hands behind her back, and if you look at it the right way, it looks like she's about to be burned at the stake! Adam thanks her for the help, she smiles and nods, and even Ben takes a bow. A few feet away, Aisha starts rubbing his side, complaining, "Rocky, your FOOT is tickling my back!" Rocky looks down, and slowly backs away, remarking, "Uhh, that's not my foot!" Aisha turns and takes a look at the tickling source, finding that her shapely ass was being massaged by a trio of vermin! She hops up and runs screaming, "Rats!", prompting both Uncle Ben & Marissa (who likely have to EAT those rodents for supper some nights) to erupt with laughter. Nobody else finds this amusing, especially Aisha, who wipes her clothes off, saying, "Don't laugh! I HATE rats!" Kim & Billy both give disgusted faces, with Kim remarking, "Ew!" Ben & Marissa's good-natured snickering ends, when the Wizard Of Deception's voice calls out, "Well, that's good to know! You will especially enjoy what I have planned for you next! Ahahaha!" The Wizard is standing atop part of the brick kiln/crap house, with his Ghost Of Darkness wand in hand, aimed to the air. Our heroes are a bit surprised to see him, but quickly get over their shock and prepare to face him. Uncle Ben steps in front of Marissa, acting like he's going to defend her. He pulls back his sleeves and puts up his dukes, though looks quite frightened by the appearance of a true witch. Rocky shouts, "Man, not YOU again!" The Wizard responds, "Yes, I just thought i'd bring a bit of news from home. The city's about to be destroyed. Too bad you're not there to see it." Adam boasts, "You'll never get away with this!" The evil sorcerer replies, "But I already have! Now, did someone say something about... rats?!" The Wizard aims his wand at the three booty-blind mice, and fires a blast of bluish energy.

Instantly, all three of the verminous rodents grow into bipedal, humanoid form! They're not just any Rat Monsters, but in fact three of the suits that were made for MMPR:TM. The story behind them, is that they were to appear as more or less Ivan Ooze's makeshift footsoldiers in one scene. The footage was shot, I think, but they realized the rat creatures' suits looked horrible, and canned them in favor of the purple Ooze clones. Anyhow, the five Ranger teens spot the ugly rat monsters, and are incredibly creeped out. Uncle Ben screams louder in terror than even Marissa upon seeing them. Billy realizes only one course of action, and tells his pals, "Guys? I think it's time!" They all nod, Adam replies, "You got it!", and they reach around their backs, and look directly into the camera. Rocky shouts, "It's Morphin' Time!", and nothing happens. They take a look down, and realize their bodies have remained normal! Kim cries, "It's not working!", and Aisha takes a look at the rodent infestation, whining, "I HATE rats!" Say, you think she hates rats? I'm curious to find out, maybe she'll tell us again for a third time. The Rat Monsters squeak, growl, and rub their badly designed fur hands together, looking around with their horribly built heads. Billy dubs in a line, "Oh, that's right. We've been transported back 200 years BEFORE we met Zordon. We have no powers here." What he means to say, is that their connection to the Morphing Grid is null and void at this time period. Zordon & Alpha were still in a state of suspended animation until just a hundred or so years before Rita's return, all systems shut down. Perhaps their failed attempted activation of the Grid caused their mentors to awaken in the first place? Who knows. They turn their attention back to the monstrous mice, with Adam remarking, "We can try to take them!" Billy vetoes this, saying, "No! It's too risky! We don't know what they're capable of." Judging by the amount of slobber on those rats, I suspect the Power Rangers may be to blame for the famous Bubonic Plague outbreaks. Kim rushes over to the terrified Ben & Marissa, urging them to run. That they do, joining the rest of the Ranger teens as they flee the farm. The Wizard Of Deception laughs, saying, "Did you really think you could get away?!" He fires his wand at a small shack located near Ben's farm, causing it to explode under the bombardment of multicolored magic. They shield their eyes from the flying debris & smoke, and simply run around the burning log cabin. The Wizard bids goodbye to the Rat Monsters, "I will leave you now, to have some fun. Do with them what you wish! Ahaha!" He apparently returns to the present time offscreen. The Rat Monsters, meanwhile, growl diabolically, and though they lack verbal skills, they understand his orders, and skitter off to wreak havoc.

Finally, back in the present time, the Green Ranger, using stock Zyuranger footage (hence the nice & tight foam rubber gold shield), proclaims to the city, "Angel Grove! Prepare for your destruction!" He whips out his Dragon Dagger (whether or not it's the original is questionable, though I do like to think the clone is essentially the essence of the Green Ranger powers, and thus, has everything but the coin in his possession), and plays that classic tune. Toot! Toot-toot! Too-too-toot! You know how it goes. He standing on the dock of Angel Grove Bay, in his usual upper construction side position, facing the water. The summoning sound of the Dragonzord echoes throughout the area for the first time since "Green No More". Several Japanese workers on the loading docks across from him, work unsuspectingly. The fanfare from the Dagger calls out once again, and the Dragonzord comes to life anew. Its red eyes appear under the bubbling of the water, as movement towards land begins. The workers drive their forklifts around, and haul crates, likely thankful that nobody's trashed that area in a while. Green Ranger plays the tune another few times, and the Dragonzord's water bubbling increases. It eventually splashes up so high, that it strikes some workers, dousing them, and alerting them to the disturbance occurring nearby. More bubbling, more workers getting soaked, and more of Tommy's Clone playing the Dragon Dagger's flute mode. Up in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd triumphantly rests on his mighty throne. He gloats, "At long last, the Power Rangers are history! Ahahh hahaha! Hahahaha!" His evil laughter continues on and on, as does this trilogy.

[To be concluded...; end credits]

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