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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Wild West Rangers, Part II"
Original Air Date: 05/09/95 Featuring footage from:
Dairanger #34 - Togetoge Shoujo Gari
(A Prickly Maiden Hunt)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-255
*51st episode aired
*112th total Power Rangers episode

*Note: This is apparently the final episode of season 2 produced. Technically the "2nd season finale", though "Blue Ranger Gone Bad" was truely the final season 2 episode aired by FK.
Writer: Mark Litton Director: Armand Garabidian
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)/ Fuchsia O'Hara
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)/ William (Blue Cowboy Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)/ Abraham (Black Cowboy Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)/ Miss Alicia (Yellow Cowgirl Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)/ Rocko (Red Cowboy Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)/ The White Stranger
Paul Schrier _AS_ One Eyed Bulk
Jason Narvy _AS_ Doc Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernest
Ed Neil _AS_ Cowboy In Red Longjohns
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ Needlenose (voice)

[Previously on MMPR; Opening credits]

In the year 1880, the western town of Angel Grove, the timelost Kimberly stands with the four ancestors of her future best friends (version 2.0, of course. Boy, it's a awfully convenient that Trini, Zack, and Jason's great-great-great-great-great grandparents weren't around!). They remain quite shocked at the sight of an invading army of Putty Patrollers, lead by Goldar and the cactus monster named Needlenose. Goldar exclaims to all of the panicking backwoods townsfolks, "Citizens, your masters want to welcome you to your new town of Zedd&Ritaville!" He's so caught up in his enslaving of the 19th century people, that he has failed to notice Kimberly and the mirror reflections of her teammates standing just across from him. Kim, who apparently left a good deal of her guts somewhere in 1930, backs away and says to her newfound old friends, "C'mon, you guys. Let's get out of here before Goldar spots us!" William, remembering the fantastic dime novel story he was told by her earlier, asks, "THAT'S Goldar?!" His voice carries, and reaches said golden warrior. Goldar becomes aware of her presence, blurting, "You!?", at the Pink Ranger teen. Kim immediately tells her pals to, "Run!" Rocko is insistent they stay, "But Kim, we can't just leave you here!" She stresses they get moving, "It's okay, just go! Please!" William lags behind, fearing for her safety and stating, "Miss Kimmy, are you sure you don't want us to...?" She refuses, ordering him, "Just run! Now! Please! Go!" Kim's realized that should anything happen to these ancestors of her teammates, the fate of the future could be jeopardized, and ensuring their survival is top priority. She steps out into the street, and faces the evil space aliens, who have all lined up in preparation for a showdown with her. Guess the Putty party's over, since they've settled down into the line. Kim demands to know, "Okay, Goldar. What do you want?" Goldar seems to paraphrase the Mighty RAW song "I Will Win", as he boasts, "What I want is what I always want: the destruction of you and all the other Power Rangers! And I WILL succeed!" Needlenose chuckles diabolically, and Kim nervously looks around, trying to find a way to possibly fight an army of Putties, plus two monsters! Meanwhen, in around 1995, on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa stand upon the balcony, awaiting the rapture. Zedd mentions, "Soon, after we crush old Angel Grove, we'll rewrite the past and delete the Power Rangers!" Rita remarks, "And once we destroy them, my darling, the WORLD will be OURS for the TAKING!" She gestures her hand while saying this, the psychotic husband & wife laughing maniacally afterwards.


In 1880, Kimberly's standoff against the evil space aliens continues. She may be outnumbered, but she still manages to boast, "You don't stand a chance, Goldar!" The golden warrior replies, "Is that so? Don't count your chickens!" Kim remarks to herself, "I hope this works. Here goes.", remembering the lack of Morphing ability the last time she was time displaced ("Return Of The Green Ranger 2"). She then turns to the camera and shouts, "It's Morphin' Time!" With a quick slip to her Morphing clip, Kimberly charges up with Pterodactyl power, and does a spinning flip into the air wearing her Pink Ranger costume. She lands and readies her first, glaring at the monsters and claiming, "It's time for a showdown!" Goldar growls and mimics her stance, slowly taking a few paces to the left, following her movements. The Putties do this as well, with Needlenose noting, "This is one high-tension hoedown! Did we come all this way just to doe-se-doe with her?!" The slow circling of opponents continues, with Pink Ranger urging, "C'mon, let's get on with it!" Goldar responds, "It's YOUR move, li'l darlin'!" Needlenose grows tired of the atmospheric western pre-battle circling, and whines, "Enough talk, let's go!" Goldar ceases sidestepping and gloats at Kim, "You're finished! Putties, go!" Pink Ranger prepares for a fight, and replies, "It's YOU who's finished!" The henchmonster chuckles diabolically, as his Putty Patrollers leap over him, two by two, and race across the street attack the lone Ranger. Kim throws some karate chops into a few Putties, in front of an oddly named "Dodge City, Livery Stable Feed" shack. A few elbow swaps, a foot swoop, some kicks, Pink Ranger tries her best, but is able to only knock over a scant few of the numerous claybrains surrounding her.

Elsewhere in the town, at the aptly titled "Angel Grove Jail", One Eyed Bulk attempts a breakout. He takes advantage of the rather weak bars holding him inside, and begins bending them as if his name was Klark Cent, aka, Superbman. He's quite surprised that they open so easily, but quickly takes off his hat, drops it off outside, and attempts to get his obese frame between the iron bars! One Eye's rear end is so large, that he winds up lodged between them, unable to escape from this secondary prison. Doc Skullovitch walks in from around the corner of the building, dusting his black trenchcoat off, having found an easier way out. He casually walks past Bulk, whistling a tune, until his partner shouts, "Doc, will you help me out here?!" Doc turns around and begins yanking on One Eye's right arm. A few sharp tugs, and the burly burglar slips out of the bars, and falls onto the ground, crushing his hat. Doc glances down the street, and spots the Pink Ranger taking on the gang of Putties. His mouth goes agape, as he stands frozen in as much shock as fright. One Eye fixes his hat, as he demands to know, "Skully, what in tarnation did you do that fer?!" Doc's distraction, which caused him to let his pal fall, is pointed out, "Oh, now. You GOTTA see this. This is just plumb LOCO!" One Eyed Bulk gently screams as he witnesses the Pink Ranger Vs Putties going on down the way. He's so shocked, that his eyes bulge, including the eye beneath the patch, which he lifts to get a better view. Kim does quite well against the drones, for a time, until one sends her hurling into the air, passing over Needlenose's head. She drops to the ground in an alleyway, prompting Goldar & the cactus monster to approach her, with Goldar stating, "We've pussyfooted around long enough! ATTACK!" Putties are blocking both ends of the alley, leaving Kim no choice but to do a fancy extensive backflip through them. Afraid to get kicked during one of her rotations, the Putties, and even Needlenose, back off, allowing her to complete her flips in front of the General Merchant shack. Goldar asks, "Giving up?", and Pink Ranger exclaims, "No! I've got a plan to get rid of you!" The golden warrior is facetiously curious, saying, "Really? Please share with us!" Kim scoffs, "Yeah, right!", and then puts her hands together, whispering a prayer, "Zordon, please be there!" She quickly grabs her belt buckle Morpher, and activates teleportation, streaking into the sky in the usual pink static flash of light.

One Eyed Bulk watches this with both eyes open, following the streak of light visually as it blinks out of view. Doc Skullovitch wonders to himself, "Who was that pink stranger?" Bulk, sounding like his descendant as he lowers his eyepatch, says, "I dunno, but if we find out, it could make us FAMOUS!" He chuckles and stands up, just when two Putties take them by surprise! The bumbling thieves scream, and skedaddle, beating feet for a retreat. One Eye snatches his hat off the floor as they do this, fleeing off to wherever it is that the other well hidden citizens have gone. Speaking of having gone, the Pink Ranger teleports to the Command Center. The structure has been in the same place for roughly 10,000 years or so, so getting there is no trouble. The exterior of the CC looks the same, except there are several green cactuses around it, and one each side of the main complex are large wooden shacks! It fits perfectly in with the time period, as good a disguise from passing settlers as possible. Kim's teleport streak drops into the oval hole in the roof tube, and she materializes exactly between the circle of consoles. Alpha 5, a hundred years younger than when she last saw him, but looking exactly the same as always, is taken nearly unawares. The alarms go off, and Alpha exclaims, "Zordon! Intruder alert!" The Eltarian sage trapped in a time warp and appearing as only a large blue head in a tube, watches as the Pink Ranger removes her helmet and cries, "Zordon, it's me, Kimberly!" Big Z remains ominously quiet, as she does this, Alpha shouting, "Ay-yi-yi! A Power Ranger!" The helmetless but Morphed Kim looks up at the giant floating head, and explains, "Zordon, i'm from the future. You made me a Ranger so I could help fight Lord Zedd and Rita." Alpha, as good-naturedly dim as ever, yells, "Ay-yi-yi! Rita & Zedd?! Where?!" Zordon notes, "I'm picking up a recent disturbance in the timestream. It seems you were accidentally swept into a Time Hole." Kim smiles as she feels that something is finally working out for her, mentioning to Alpha, "You should check on Angel Grove. It's being overrun by Putties & Goldar, and this huge cactus monster." The automaton activates the Viewing Globe, which shows Putties galloping through the streets of the town on horses. Sing it with me! Oh, it's alright if you pick a little fight, Putnanza! Dananananan... nevermind.

Alpha checks out the Globe and remarks, "She's right, Zordon. What are we going to do?!" Kimberly mentions knowledgeably, "Zordon, I know that Rita had the Green Power Coin first, but what about the other five coins?" Alpha informs her, "We have them here! Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink!" Zordon warns, "You already have the energy from your Pink Coin. Too much Pink energy is dangerous." She understands, and says, "Yeah, but there's still four other coins. I know EXACTLY how we're going to use them." Kim give a cute grin, and the screen cuts away (there's a quick lasso style wipe effect during this entire mini-series to switch between western scenes). Not too long later, Kimberly is demorphed, and back out in the middle of nowhere, likely around where she first exited the Time Hole. She holds a small, silver studded, black wooden treasure chest in her hands. Miss Alicia, William, Rocko, and Abraham come running up towards her, with Willy exclaiming, "Calamity Kim! We thought you were buzzard bait!" Alicia asks, "You alright?", and Kim smiles, gratefully saying, "I'm fine, thanks guys!" Abraham questions her, "Are those monsters REALLY from the future?" She nods and regretfully replies, "Unfortunately... yes." Rocko wonders, "Then how we gonna get rid of them?" Kim lifts the lid on the box, and states, "I was hoping you'd ask that." Inside the box are the four golden Dino Coins, laid out on black felt. Each one sparkles a different color (in this order): Upper left is the Blue shining Triceratops Coin, upper right is the White (black's a tough color to make shine!) shining Mastodon Coin, bottom left is the Yellow shining Sabertooth Tiger Coin, and bottom right is the Red shining Tyrannosaurus Coin. The four 19th century teens look breathlessly at the mighty coins, wowed by their presence.

A hundred and fifteen years later, in the Command Center, Tommy frustratedly says, "There must be SOME way to know what's going on in the past!" (Why not crack a history book, Tomboy?) Billy shakes his head, at a loss for ideas, turning to the team's mentor and asks, "Zordon, is there anything you can think of to help us?" Zordon confirms, "I MAY know of one way. Alpha, set the Viewing Globe to pick up Chronoton Particles!" Billy reveals that he isn't Mr. Know-it-all after all, as he admits, "Chronoton Particles? I never heard of 'em!" Zordon explains, "Chronoton Particles exist outside the Space-time Continuum." Billy reads him loud and clear, saying, "So if we tune into these particles, we may be able to receive images from the past!" He rushes over to console and starts pressing buttons, telling the robotic assistant, "Alpha, let me help you with the adjustments." Alpha replies, "Thanks, Billy. I'll need it!" Back in 1880, we continue where we left off, though some joker thought it'd be funny to flip the image of the Coins in the box, and then color their sparkles incorrectly! I blame dyslexic Chronoton Particles. William is first to respond to Kimberly's offscreen suggestion of the four western teens becoming Rangers, "I dunno, Miss Kimmy. We ain't heroes!" Kim informs them, "When I first got my Power Coin, I thought that, too. But you guys, you gotta believe in yourself. Abraham, Miss Alicia, William, Rocko, we're the ONLY ones who can stand between Lord Zedd and the destruction of this Earth." Rocko's convinced, tipping his hat and exclaiming, "Well, I'M in!" William's had a change of heart, assuredly stating, "Me too!" Miss Alicia smiles and shouts, "ALL RIGHT!", and Abraham gives into peer pressure, simply nodding rapidly. Kim is overjoyed, biting her lower lip and saying melodramatically, "I knew I could count on you guys!"

Simultaneously in 1995, at the Command Center, Billy readies a small Chronoton Scanner device, says, "Alright, here goes", and aims it towards the Viewing Globe. It lets out an electronic squelch, as it begins to lock in on the proper particles concerning the past. The Viewing Globe lights up with a transmission from 1880, of Doc Skullovitch & One Eyed Bulk in old Angel Grove. Rocky wonders, "What are Bulk & Skull doing in the past?!", likely thinking the bumbling duo were swept into the Time Hole as well. Zordon reveals, "They are not Bulk & Skull. They are their ancestors." We switch back to 1880, to find out what the wild wild weirdos are up to. Doc & One Eye stands in front of their crudely drawn Wanted posted (a reward for each at $1,000 is listed). Bulk snickers snidely, as Doc (ever serious) asks, "How DO you intend to find out who the Pink Stranger is, One Eyed Bulk?" His partner drops his hat and says, "Easy, Doc!", and quickly reaches down the back of Skull's pants! No, he's not trying to give him a wedgie, instead, he's removing a forked treebranch from underneath his trenchcoat. The look on Doc's face is priceless when One Eye removes the divining rod from his back, likely back there to both provide spinal support and come in hand when they're out in the desert. Bulk holds the branch in his hands, and points out he's going to use it in his scheme. Doc lowers the back of his trenchcoat, as he notes, "You use a divining rod to find water. Not people." One Eye explains, "That's the beauty of it, Doc. People are 90% water!" He's holding the stick outward, and barely finishes his statement, before it starts to vibrate and become attracted to a nearby body of said liquid. He's also apparently a little misguided on the water statement, as humans are roughly only 70% water, but considering how moronic his descendant is, it's understandable. He's dragged off by the active divining rod, racing his feet as he holds on tightly to the runaway branch. Doc merely walks along casually, remarking to his partner's statement, "Oh yeah!" One Eyed Bulk is dragged by the divining rod into, you guessed it, a trough of water. He splashes, face-first, into the horse-germ ridden H2O. After he gets a mouthful of it, and staggers back to his feet soaking wet, Doc asks him, "How DOES it taste?" One Eye replies disgusted, "Ambrosia." Doc smiles, and with his thumbs betwixt his belt, he says, "Nectar of the gods." Bulk removes his eyepatch angrily, as Doc walks away. Notice behind him is a rare sign of liquor, as the windows to the building list various brands of Whiskey and Beer.

Watching this on the Viewing Globe a century and a decade and a half later, Rocky gasps, "Well look at that!" Adam is also stunned, "I don't believe it. Even Bulk & Skull's great-great-GREAT grandfathers tried to find out who we were!" Rocky snorts, and Aisha shakes her head. Tommy tells Billy, "See if we can find Kimberly!" Billy adjusts the scanner, says, "Okay", and successfully locates her. The Globe shows Kim with the four western teens, all smiling and laughing to something said offscreen, prompting Kimberly to reply, "No, really..." Our heroes of today pay no attention to the heroes of yesterday, instead cheering for the proven safety of their teammate. Tommy exclaims, "Yeah! She's alright!" He turns to Aisha and slaps her five, prompting the Yellow Ranger to smile, gratefully stating, "Thank GOODness!" Billy's expression appears to be that of a bit of fright, as he realizes, "Hey... those people she's with... they look like us!" Zordon informs our heroes, "Those teenagers are your great-great-great grandparents. The first Earthlings to use the Power Coins!" Billy chuckles and is overtly excited, smiling, "How prodigious!" If Kimberly's recent influence on the timestream was the cause of this, or if the four teens were meant to end up using the coins anyway, is unclear. This could even be one of those nasty Predestined Paradoxes, where Kim was always meant to go back in time and get them the coins. It also raises some doubt as to why these certain descendants were chosen to begin with. It's extremely likely, though, that Zordon & Alpha selectively erased their memories of Kimberly's arrival to 1880, so as to not alert the course of their future actions, such as choosing her in the first place. Or knowing the Zedd & Rita would be allied in a century!

Whatever the case, history is still being written, as we see back in 1880. Kimberly and her newly recruited four teammates return to old Angel Grove. She leads them down the alleyway where she made her escape earlier (in front of the General Merchant shack), and says, "Okay, now just keep your eyes open and stay near me." They reach the main street, and find no signs of life anywhere. Dust is kicked up in the wind, the place looking like a ghost town prematurely. Rocko lifts his hat and notes, "Well, it looks like them varmints left town." Kim isn't easily convinced, stating, "I wouldn't count on it. They're still around here somewhere." The five continues walking around, searching for the evil space aliens. In the future, Tommy asks Billy, "Can we get a closer view of those streets?" He replies, "Sure, i'll try", as he adjusts a knob on the Chronoton Scanner. The Viewing Globe switches settings a few times, showing us the Putty Patrollers as they hide behind gates and doorframes, just before Kim & the western teens make the scene. Alpha exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi! It's an ambush!" Tommy sighs, "Aw, man! There's nothing we can do to stop it!" The other Rangers stand there watching distraughtly, with Billy lowering the scanner now that they've locked on to the station with the most action about to be broadcast from the past. Alpha, for some incredibly odd reason, whines, "Oh, I wish we'd found those Chronoton Particles!" What I think he may be implying is that the particles for the rest of the battle are missing, and thus, they can't watch the fight that's about to happen. Billy's lowering of the scanner and expression seem to support this, as does the fact the Ranger teens don't react to anymore of the 1880 scenes. It's not mentioned onscreen, so believe what you will.

Anyway, back in old Angel Grove, a cold wind blows through the empty streets. Not even a tumbleweed rolls by like you normally see in western movies, either. Kim and her teammate's ancestors continue walking, with William mentioning, "Well, I really think they vamoosed this time, Miss Kimmy." Kimberly remarks, "William, Goldar never gives up that easily." As they pass near a sign reading "Tobacconist", Miss Alicia overhears the warbling sounds of a Putty. She cries, "What was that?!", and Kim enlightens her, once the Putties spring out from nowhere on them. Surrounded by the onslaught of claybrains, Rocko wonders, "What in tarnation...!?" The Putties, many of them wearing cowboy hats and other western attire they swiped from the fleeing townsfolk, give the four backwoods heroes a scare. Kim stands up for them, saying, "Alright, you guys, get behind me!" They do, with Miss Alicia getting the farthest back. A lone Putty with a black cowboy hat on and a leather vest, wipes off his mouth, like he had been chewing tobacco offscreen, and darts towards her. She shrieks and runs away from him, her friends all doing the same, except Kimberly, who does a hopping kick into the drone. Rocko ends up over on the sidewalk against one of the buildings. There, under assault by Putties, he grabs a large metal washtub, and uses it to block thrown punches. His usage of it gets more creative, as he lowers it to the ground, waits for a Putty to step into it, and then yanks it out from under him. Rocko yelps, "Yee-haw!", as he tosses the washtub into the surprised hands of another Putty, and then jumps off the of the sidewalk way, causing the Putty he made slip to slam into the one with the washtub. Abraham guides Miss Alicia along, holding her hand. They wind up in the middle of the street, chased by Putties. When one is about to grab her, Abraham swings Alicia around into his arms, and dips her, causing the claybrain to miss by a mile. He then spins her back up, holding her hand as if they were dancing, then twirling her back in for a dip. A putty rushes for her then, so she kicks her black boot up into the air, and knocks him away. Alicia looks up at Abraham, giggling with admiration. He smiles and tips his hat to her one handedly, before lifting her back up and wasting no time in getting her away from there before the Putties try to attack again.

Elsewhere in the town, William is running along, when he trips on the woodened boarded sidewalk. He flies towards a doorframe, and recovers his nearly dropped hat, just as a Putty pops out of the door. Willy leaps back, avoids the attack, puts back on his hat, goes in the opposite direction, and narrowly misses getting swiped at by another Putty. He backs away with terror, causing the next Putty that leaps at him to drop to the floor. William then steps on its back as he flees the scene. Other Putties pour out of the doorway, and proceed to step all over the downed Putty's back as well. Kimberly is shown flipping into the air, being given a boost to her feet by a Putty Patroller. She lands and poses with her hands steady in battle position. Another Putty tries snatching her from behind, but she manages to whip her foot around and kick him down before he can touch her. She instantly switches her attention to the Putty in front of her, striking him with her hands, first at his raised arm, and then chopping his legs out from under him swiftly. Kim stands up and catches her breath from all the exertion, awaiting whatever is thrown at her next. Nothing is thrown literally, but Goldar does flame-aport onto the scene, landing across from her, atop a wooden structure. It's a hanging post, the rope noose dangling just a few inches above his head! Sheesh, there's one of these in colonial Angel Grove, too. It makes me wonder where they strangle people to death in modern day AG. I suspect Mr. Kaplan's office. Goldar gloats, "Well, Miss Kimmy! Your pathetic power impostors couldn't fight tooth decay, much less Zedd's Putties!" Said retcon replacement Rangers join Kim's side, as Goldar tells them, "Why don't you just set a spell, while I consolidate my master's control of the world! Ahehehah!" He flame-aports away, leaving the five teens groaning with anxious fear. Notice how Kim holds Miss Alicia's hand during this scene. Boy, does she make close friends fast!


The Putties swarm on Kim and the western teens. It's the same scene as earlier, except Kim just stands there holding her arms back, faintly trying to protect the ancestors of her teammates. Everything looks hopeless, until the William Tell Overture begins playing, and on the horizon, the White Stranger rides into town! You know, you'd think he'd wear a little white mask or something. Instead, he sort of resembles Boss Hogg the early days in that white cowboy suit. Miss Alicia points him out, "Look! It's the White Stranger!", and Kimberly spots him, and can't stop smiling. Rocko notes, "Just in time!", as the Tommy Oliver lookalike rides by on his white horse (apparently, he didn't heed the words of that song about not riding the white horse). Whitey hops off his mighty steed, hitting the dirt with his brown boots, just before ripping into a Putty Patroller with his heroic hands. Seems that skills in the martial arts runs in the family, as his moves in flipping, kicking, and chopping Putties down are awfully similar to that of his future heir apparent. He knocks a Putty in chaps down, and approaches Kimberly, tipping his hat before commenting with a smile, "Nice seein' you again, ma'am. Glad you're not hurt." Another Putty tries sneaking an attack on them from the side, prompting Whitey to extend his leg out quickly and kick the claybrain away. In doing that maneuver, Kimberly winds up falling over. Whitey grabs her before she can hit the ground, and looks her in the eyes, noting, "Looks like you could use some help!" She gratefully acknowledges, "Thanks." He lifts the smiling, timelost teen back to a vertical position, her black brastrap now visible on her right shoulder. White Stranger informs them all, "If you need me again, just holler. I'll be here." Timeshift, to the present, in the Command Center. Tommy, his eyes glued to the Viewing Globe, steps forward next to Billy. We see no images on the globe, just flashing lights signifying something showing on it. Could just be static for all we really know. Anyway, Billy mentions to the team leader, "Tommy, I think I've figured out a way to bring Kimberly back to present. But, umm, i'm going to need three Communicators." All four of the Ranger teens turn away from the Globe, as if not caring what's playing on it, as Aisha, Rocky, and Adam start to remove their wristbands.

In 1880, Goldar & Needlenose teleport back into the streets. I'm left wondering where the cactus monster was all this time, and either he was hanging out at the Best Little Whorehouse In Angel Grove, or was hanging out outside of ye olde Command Center. You know, cause of all the naked cacti surrounding it. Either the case, the two monsters show up laughing maniacally, prompting the whole fleet of Putties to mosey on over to their side. Goldar is really getting the lingo down well, as he shouts, "I can't believe you clumsy cowpokes are still here! It's time ya'll got out of town, and don't cha come back!" The White Stranger eyes the space aliens, lifting back his coat and revealing his holstered revolver. He's ready to whip it out a moment's notice, to dispense some vigilante justice, western style! Kim remarks to the golden warrior, "For once, you're right, Goldar!", before looking to the four teens around her, noting, "Okay, guys. It's time." William, aka Willy The Wuss In Boots, seems to have second thoughts, as he nervously replies, "Time?!" The White Stranger is honestly confused by what she means, ceasing his gun-drawing position as he watches them. Goldar asks, "Time? Time for what?!" Kimberly reaches around her back, looks into the camera, causes alarm in the White Stranger, and yells, "It's Morphin' Time!" Notice, William and the other guys are quite uneducated on the Morphing call stance, yet Miss Alicia copies Kim perfectly. The MMPR Bolt Symbol strikes down, and the Red Ranger gridding helmet flash pops up, signifying that all five had Morphed. A look to the blue skies above a building marked "Room & Board" gives view to each of the Power Rangers as they leap onto the scene, successfully Morphed. Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Pink, is the jumping order, each one yelling out a customized grunt. They land right exactly where they had just been standing a moment ago, beside the amazed White Stranger. Pink Ranger's costume looks exactly as it does in the future, but for some odd reason, the other four Rangers have slightly changed designs! Each of Red, Yellow, Black & Blue's Ranger costumes have white handkerchieves tied around their necks, specific color diamond-symbol encrusted white cowboy boots, and white tassels along the side of the wrists and legs.

Kimberly excitedly exclaims, "OKAY, Brand New Power Rangers! Ready to battle the enemies from the future?!" White Stranger walks across the line of heroes, admiring their newly spandexed forms. The four rookie Rangers admire themselves as well, with Rocko remarking, "Look at these fancy duds!" Something is said about "Older than grandpa", likely by Abraham, but I can't quite make it out over the mumbling commotion by the others. Pink Ranger leads them, stating, "Everybody, there's the, uhh, varmint!" Needlenose takes offense, replying, "Varmint?! I'm a plant! Don't you guys know anything!?" White Stranger joins the Cowboy Rangers' sides, putting his dukes up, as Kim states, "Yeah, and we know something else! We get through with you, there won't be enough left for a tumbleweed!" She rushes into battle, and her new teammates follow. White Stranger ends up taking off down the sidewalk, where he hops onto two barrels. He looks behind himself, spots a Putty, and leaps off the barrels, readying for when the claybrains come his way. They do so, jumping over the barrels, allowing him to strike them in the chest as they're in midair! One even lags on top of the barrels, allowing Whitey to throw a high kick up and directly hit the Z-plate on its chest! The Putty loses his/it (I use both for these genderless creatures, so what!) hat on the way down, and suddenly bursts into several pieces, which go flying all over the place. Hopefully the pieces don't retreat back to the Moon Palace, or else they're going to be waiting up there a LONG time! Blue Cowboy Ranger runs along, and leaps over a hitching post. He smacks a Putty, causing it to tumble against the post, just as two Putties chasing William try following the direction he went, and thus slam right into the other Putty, all falling over. Red Cowboy Ranger races through the sidewalk, ducking out of the way of a Putty swipe. Rocko then turns around and notices that the Putty behind him has stepped on an Indian blanket. He yanks it out from under the drone, causing it to stagger backwards. Red Ranger uses the blanket to matadorianly egg on the Putties, waving it in the air to his side and shouting, "Come on, come on, come on! Toro! Toro!" One Putty passes through it and crashes into a wall, and another is about to, when Rocko tosses the blanket over its head and kicks it in the chest. Red Cowboy Ranger dusts off his gloves and quips, "I KNEW those lessons south of the border would pay off! Heh-hoo!"

Yellow Cowbo... err, Cowgirl Ranger rolls along the sidewalk. She's not much of a fighter, but gives it her best. She squeals as a Putty nearly hits her, then lets out a girlish groan as she lets her fist going flying into another Putty's chest. Miss Alicia then reaches over and picks up a large wicker basket, dumps it over that Putty's body, and kicks him away. One more Putty lunges for her, getting a little too close for comfort as it grabs her with both arms. Yellow Ranger squeals, "Get off me!", as she slips out of his grip. Alicia then ducks as the Putty she just took down with the basket gets back up and leaps towards her. She's always as polite as she can be, saying, "Oh, excuse me!", as she ducks under him and runs off. Blue Cowboy Ranger isn't far away, informing a Putty which took a swipe at him, "Although i'm opposed to fisticuffs, I WILL defend myself!" (Closed Captions read different, "I never really knew fisticuffs could be so exciting! Put 'em up!") William motions his fists in a boxing style, putting up his dukes. The Putty merely swipes his big clayhands around them, prompting Blue Ranger to duck some more. They eventually end up locked in combat, just as another Putty charges in from behind. William snaps out of the hold, causing the running Putty to fall between them and slam his chest against a supporting beam. The Putty is knocked out so cold by the accidental injury, that you can even hear birds tweeting as he slowly falls onto his back, with William still scuffling with the other Putty nearby. Speaking of nearby, over next to the Barber Shop, Black Cowboy Ranger has his hands ready, urging the Putties surrounding him to, "Come on!" One does, he ducks, another does, he punches back, yet another does, and he ducks and stands back up quickly, lifting the Putty overhead and dropping it harshly. Abraham shouts, "Yee-ha! Hoo-wee!" He spins around and lifts his leg up onto a crate, relaxing a moment until he glances down and notices, "Aww, those swines messed up my boots!" Black Ranger bends down to wipe his boots off, just before a Putty leaps over him, having just barely avoided a collision with him. Abraham stands back up and wonders unaware of what just went overhead, "What?", turns around and sees the gang of Putties and yelps, "Uh-oh!" He makes a run for it, with a couple of angry Putties behind him.

Blue Cowboy Ranger runs away from a Putty. Or so it would seem, as he quickly grabs onto a supporting beam, swings around yelling, "Whoo-wee!", and kicks a Putty. The claybrain falls backwards over the top of a hitching post. Black Cowboy Ranger returns to the area neat the Barber Shop which apparently sells Home Cooked Beans, and glides underneath a hitching post. He shouts, "Whoo!" & "Yee-ha!", as a Putty follows him under, just after he leaps over the top, heading in the opposite direction of the drone. Abraham quickly kicks another Putty down, causing it to fall backwards into a Putty behind it, the two tumbling off to the side. Black Ranger then sits down on the stump next to the hitching post, folds his arms and crosses his legs, remarking, "I think i'll take a load off." Elsewhere, the White Stranger gets brutal in hand-to-hand combat with a single Putty. A few sharp jabs, and he quickly takes off his white hat, tosses it into the air, and gets even more violent with his attacks. (check out the background. One Putty has that Indian blanket on over himself, and with the unmistakable hat, vest, and yellow boots, resembles Clint Eastwood from "A Fistful Of Dollars" or one of those westerns). He knee-bashes the Putty into submission, then slams two others down to the ground. The tossed hat gently drifts back to the Earth, with the White Stranger catching it perfectly, and returning it to his head. The Putty With No Name vanishes from the background, though I like to think he's still out there somewhere, saving the day in style. The Pink Ranger does a fancy flip into the air, and takes on four Putties. One gets kicked, as does another, one gets punched, and another kicked, each blow hitting the Z-Plates directly. Their defeated bodies glow, and explode into numerous pieces, departing the scene. All of the stolen cowboy items they were wearing apparently go with them, as only a single hat is left lying on the ground.

With every one of the Putties cleared out of town, Kimberly rushes over and regroups with her four, make that five with the White Stranger addition, new teammates. They stand before Goldar & the cactus monster. Needlenose, speaking in his pretty bad Mexican accent, "Very cool! Too bad I gotta waste you away again in Zedd&Ritaville!" The monster fires off one of his stunspore thorns, it strikes the White Stranger directly in the left side of his unprotected chest. He clutches it and falls to the ground, groaning, "I can't move!" He IS able to move his arms, as he yanks the needle out of his chest painfully. Pink Ranger helps him stand up, saying, "Oh no!", while William tries comforting words like, "You'll be alright!", and Abraham snaps, "Let me at 'em!" to the monster. Kim drags the White Stranger over to lean against the hitching post, and promises, "I guarantee you'll regain your strength." How she can be so sure of that is unclear, but she's the plant expert, after all. Pink Ranger leaves him there and walks up next to her fellow Rangers, and screams at Needlenose, "Alright, you fertilized freak! You're mine." Needlenose holds a small spore-thorn in his hand, and notes, "Well, actually, my little hot tamale, I belong to Lord Zedd!" Goldar grows sick of this two parter, shouting, "ENOUGH! This is the final showdown, Miss Kimmy! When my spiny friend and I are through with you, Angel Grove's past will be destroyed and your friends in the future will vanish FOREVER!" The four Cowboy Power Rangers, and the Pink Ranger from the future, line up shoulder-to-shoulder, twitching their fingers over their holstered Blasters. They face the two monsters, who both have their hands on their respective weapons, readying this good old fashioned showdown. Slick camera movements follow the cliche to a letter, focusing in on the faces of the opponents, as Goldar growls, "When I count to three, draw!" He counts, and they draw. The Rangers are much quicker at the trigger, whipping out their Blasters (which all, but Kim's, resemble six-shooter versions of the Blade Blasters!), and firing away. The five Ranger-colored beams of laserpower engulf Goldar & Needlenose. Sparks fly, the monsters are covered in smoke discharge. They howl in agony, and slowly tumble backwards. The Time Hole has somehow reopened (I won't even TRY to explain it), and the two evil space aliens stagger right into the mouth of the vortex, slipping off to their own time once again.

The White Stranger, who had been covering his head during the lightshow, remains crouched over next to the hitching post. The Pink Ranger rushes to his side and asks, "You okay?" He replies, "Sure enough!", and she nods saying, "Good." The other Rangers check the area where Goldar & Needlenose vanished into the timestream, and finding nothing, Red Cowboy Ranger remarks, "Looks like those monsters hightailed it clean out of town! Yee-hoo!" The cowboys cheer for themselves, as does Kimberly, who exclaims, "Yes!", before reaching her right hand across to the left side of her chest. She literally rips off her costume, a Demorphing style more prominently shown during the Ninja Ranger era. White Stranger arises wowed upon seeing this, going, "Whoa!" Kim giggles, "He-ha!", as she introduces him to a high-five. He's quite confused by the hand slapping gesture, as he only had his arm up to fix his hat, but goes with the flow. She takes him by the hand and they depart the front area of the Monroe Cafe, and mosey over to the other four teen's sides. They've all demorphed as well, with William looking at his perfectly restored body in astonishment. Abraham states, "That was amazin'!", and Rocko agrees, "Sure was!" They all laugh victoriously together. Miss Alicia is so giddy, she starts hopping up and down. Abraham spots her and the two meet out in front of the others, locking arm in arm and dancing around in a circle. A hoedown has officially broken out, as Abraham splits off from Alicia and starts slapping his hands to a quick beat and stomping his foot. Kim is hysterical upon seeing this, with the White Stranger giving one of those "Whoo-doggy!" style bodily gestures to their dancing glee. William gets out on the dirt-y dance floor, shaking his western groove thang as he circles around Miss Alicia, bumping into her accidentally as he doesn't quite know what he's doing. Rocko just stands around, smiling and adjusting his bright red shirt. Abraham's frog-like dance is priceless.

In 1995, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd lets out a frustrated grunt. He slams his fist against the side of the balcony, and shouts, "Goldar, you worthless piece of space dust!!" Rita Repulsa, wand in hand, rubs her fingers against her forehead and screams, "Ohhh nooooo, you give me SUCH a headache!!" Goldar is back in the throne room, covering his face in shame, groveling, "Dohhh, please don't yell at me! The battle with the Power Rangers isn't over yet!" Squatt agrees, and Baboo notes in a singsong voice, "Uh-uh, not yet. But it WILL be!" Rita yells at the two lesser used lackeys, "Shut up, you worthless dodos!" They cower at her angered rage, causing her to grasp her forehead some more. Squatt points out, "Goldar knows something!", and Baboo agrees, "Uh-huh!" Lord Zedd, staring out at Earth, asks, "Do you know ANYTHING, Goldar?" Goldar approaches him and nearly whispers in his metal ear, "Master, I have left the cactus on Earth. If you make him HUGE his gigantic spores will annihilate the Rangers!" Zedd shouts, "Goldar, you FOOL! It's brilliant! I'll make him grow so large, that just ONE of his spores will destroy ALL of Angel Grove!" He then lifts his hand to his visor forehead, remarking, "It's so difficult being an evil genius." Down on Earth, in the Command Center, Billy uses a small screwdriver to adjust key points on three Communicators (Blue, Yellow, and Black). Zordon interrupts this, as he says, "The blast in old Angel Grove knocked the cactus into the present. You MUST confront him." Billy replies, "But i'm not finished with the Communicators yet!" Tommy states, "Rocky and I will go. We'll see you as soon as you can." That's a pretty vague way to keep four Rangers out of battle at once, though I don't quite get why not having Communicators should stop Aisha & Adam from fighting, but its implied that he needed their assistance. Tommy & Rocky step back (nearly bumping into Alpha, who toils at a console behind them), reach around their bodies, and look the camera, Tommy shouting, "It's Morphin' Time!" With the power of the Tigerzord & the Tyrannosaurus, the two Morph into Power Rangers.

White & Red Rangers leap onto the scene, at nearly the exact same arid landscape spot they fought with the Putties earlier. Needlenose just stands there, stating, "Oh boy! Two against one! I just LOVE an unfair fight!" On the Moon Balcony, with Goldar waving his arms triumphantly behind him, Lord Zedd whips up one of his silver Zedd Bombs. He pitches it to Earth, proclaiming, "GROW, my beloved bundle of thorns!" The bomb drops to the planet, and explodes instantly upon impact with land. Needlenose grows to giant form, prompting the Red Dragon Thunderzord to be called upon offscreen by Rocky. The White Tigerzord is also on the march, racing through the mountains, with Tommy already inside. White Ranger shifts Saba into his slot, while saying, "White Tigerzord, convert to Warrior Mode, NOW!" That it does, and via a redline split screen, the Tigerzord & Red Dragonzord both turn into their humanoid battle modes. The towering titans land before the equally sized Needlenose monster, who facetiously mentions, "Oh, i'm on pins & needles! I'm SO scared!" White Tigerzord & Red Dragon Thunderzord ready to fight him, and he quickly charges their way. Red Dragon jumps into the air and kicks Needlenose in the needled nose, if he had one. He actually doesn't, though he does have a small hole where those spore-thorns came out. Oddly, that kick, against the pointy-covered monster, causes the Red Dragon great pain. It doesn't land perfectly, but in fact rolls along the ground, falling weak at the base of the Tigerzord's feet. At the Command Center, Zordon stresses urgency, "The Red Ranger and the White Ranger are in trouble. You MUST join them now!" Billy tosses the screwdriver onto the counter and says, "This is gonna have to wait.", before leading the "It's Morphin' Time!" activation.

The three teens Morph into the remaining Power Rangers, and immediately following the Morphing shots, we get the Thunderzord Assault Team flying through the skies. No lengthy Dino to Thunder callings, just the last four Thunderzords all bundled together as a platform. It hovers towards the White Tigerzord, and the components part at the beckoning of Tommy's Zord. The pieces shift around, and lock onto one another, transforming from Warrior Mode, to the mighty Mega Tigerzord! Needlenose spots the massive structured Megazord, reaches for that belt of small cactus chunks he's been carrying around since he was created, and heaves them into the air, asking, "How about a game of pin ball?!" The Mega Tigerzord's red visored eyes gleam, causing the tigerhead crimson chestmouth to do the same. It usually fires off blastbeams, but in this case, it unleashes a red forcefield wall, which blocks the spiny chunks from hitting the Mega Tigerzord. The chunks are deflected, in fact ricocheted, and returned to sender, causing the forcefield to dissipate. Needlenose cries, "Oh no!", when the couple of cactus chunks fly his way. They bombard him, causing smoke-ful tiny explosions over his body. With this distraction, the Mega Tigerzord charges up its Firebird Thunderzord arm. Once launched, a chestmouth burst of energy enhances it, and after firing up through the blue flipping grid, the Firebird rips through Needlenose like a hot knife. The gaping hole in his chest glows, he leaps into the air, and explodes completely upon dropping to the ground. Needlenose has been pruned, leaving nothing, not the original cactus plant nor a single pin, behind. The Mega Tigerzord, with the Firebird back on its arm, poses victoriously in the afterglow. On the Moon Palace, Rita Repulsa screams at her henchmonsters, "OHH! My perfect plan! And it's all YOUR faults!" Baboo & Squatt cover their heads in fear, while Goldar just stands there flinching. How this was Rita's plan is unclear, since nearly everything we've been shown involved Zedd. Baboo & Squatt try to explain themselves, mumbling loudly, until Rita shouts, "Silence!" Lord Zedd overhears this, and comes walking in from somewhere else in the castle, asking, "Why all the noise? What's the matter, Rita? What could possibly be troubling my boiling buttercup?" Goldar notes, "She's mad because the Rangers blew up the cactus!" Zedd is outraged, yelling, "They WHAT?! I can't believe you (cretins) let this happen!" (one word was closed captioned, but not heard!) He marches over to the balcony, grunting furiously, as Rita growls and waves her arms around.


In the Command Center, Zordon commends the five Ranger teens, "Congratulations, Rangers. You have saved the world again!" Tommy isn't in a celebrating mode, saying, "We may have saved the world...., but we lost Kimberly." Aisha stresses, "Billy, we GOTTA get her back." Billy shows them his solution for doing so, a couple of devices on a small table with wires going into the main console. He states, "I've adapted these Communicators to enhance and accelerate the teleporting mechanism, and create a Time Hole. But, I have to warn you, that we can only try this once. And, umm, if it fails... (gulps)" Tommy finishes, "...Kimberly's trapped in the past forever." Billy nods, confirming, "Exactly." Tommy trusts his brainy pal's work, remarking, "I know you done your best job, Billy. Go ahead." Billy points over to the Viewing Globe, "The Time Hole's going to appear right there." Tommy moves out of the way, as does Rocky & Alpha. Billy says, "Alright, everyone. Stand clear of the energy waves." He activates the device, a purple laser type with the three Communicators strapped to it. They begin to crackle with electricity, and seconds later, fires a beam outward. A small Time Hole is formed, and as quickly as the multicolored swirling vortex appears, Kimberly just as quickly walks through it! She's got a cowboy hat on, but is otherwise just how they saw her the last time. The Time Hole closes behind her, and the five teens all cheer, with Kim doing the same the loudest. Tommy quickly leans forward and gives her a deep hug. She smiles, mentioning, "I KNEW you guys would rescue me." She puts her hat on Tommy's head, he laughs and exclaims, "Al-riiight!" Aisha puts her hand on her best friend's shoulder, and everyone else smiles as well. Kimberly giggles as Tommy takes the hat off, all glad to have her back home in the proper time at last.

One last trip to 1880 we take, finding One Eyed Bulk & Doc Skullovitch sweeping up their crumpled and discarded wanted posters off the floor. They're both shackled to one another, wearing white & black striped prison uniforms (though Doc has a white top on, ala prison garb in some silent movies). One Eye grumbles, "Grrr... chain gang...", as he and his partner in crime labor to atone for past misdeeds. They're right in front of Ernest's Juice Saloon, in view of all of the citizens of Angel Grove, who are back out on the streets, free at last. Ernest walks out of his Saloon with the White Stranger by his side, looking to Doc & One Eye and stating, "Thanks for recapturing those rascals, White Stranger!" He chuckles, "All in a day's work, pardner." Ernest tips his derby to him, and returns to bartending. White Stranger walks off, leaving Doc & One Eye to wallow in their own self misery with broomsticks. He passes by the four former Cowboy Rangers, who stand around sipping juices (there's a flyer up, "America Centennial Celebration". Must have been up for 5 years at that point!). Whitey pauses to listen to them, as Abraham admits, "Well, I think being a Power Ranger is the most exciting thing we ever done." Miss Alicia wonders, "Think we'll ever do it again?", and Rocko remarks, "I dunno! But i'm ready!" William nods, and Abraham asks, "What do you think was the most exciting part? Those clayheads? The monkey with wings?" White Stranger snickers to himself for some reason. Miss Alicia brings up, "The walking cactus!" William notes, "You know, somewhere in the future, Calamity Kim's out there fighting to make sure the Earth is safe for our great-great-great grandchildren." It seems she never told them that their descendants were her teammates! White Stranger looks to the sky, and replies, "Yep, she's something, alright." He tips his hat and walks off, just as William lifts his glass and proposes a toast, "Here's to the Pink Ranger, wherever she is!" The other four reply in unison, "To the Pink Ranger!", as they clank their juice glasses together with his. White Stranger mounts his horse, and rides off down the street. He notices a red stagecoach making its way into town. Inside is a young female with black hair, wearing a fancy pink and purple dress. He glances inside as he gallops along, and once he spots that she's a dead ringer for Kimberly, he tips his hat to her. Since she resembles a certain Gone With The Wind character, I would probably nickname Kim's ancestor, "Fuchsia O'Hara." , but frankly, I don't give a damn.

Once out of old Angel Grove, the White Stranger rides under the sunset, eventually pausing to make his horse raise up on its hind legs. His shadowed, barely backlit form shouts, "To the Pink Ranger! Yee-haw!", and his horse lets out a loud whine.

[End credits.]

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