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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Green No More, Part I"
Original Air Date: 09/27/94

Featuring footage from:
Toei's Saban-exclusive Zyuranger season 2
#24 - Tempered Shell! Brai Dies Again...
(Fake Title)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-212
*12th episode aired
*72nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Stewart St. John Director: John Stewart

Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Walter Jones _AS_ Zack (Black Ranger)
Thuy Trang _AS_ Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Jason Frank _AS_ Tommy (Green Ranger)
Austin St. John _AS_ Jason (Red Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
[Cast Note: Beginning around this episode and next, you'll notice that Yellow, Red, and Black Rangers stop saying as much. This was because WJ, ASJ, & TT stopped coming in to do ADR session, while apparently holding out for more money. This lead to them being fired/quitting. Episodes are filmed weeks in advance of doing the audio looping, so while they're seen still on the show for another 8 or so episodes, here's where their absence really began.]

Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Curtis
? _AS_ Richie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Romy J. Sharf _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ Turban Shell (voice)

[Today on MMPR; Opening Credits]

The recycled aerial view of the Juice Bar highlights the location. Nearby, we find Tommy playing a game of one-on-none basketball, sulking alone and dribbling slowly. Kimberly walks up, saying hi to him and mentioning that Jason told her where to find him. She asks him how he's doing, and he claims he's alright, the results of the bioscan Alpha ran on him should be in tomorrow. Tommy then tosses the ball towards the hoop, but it rolls along the rim and doesn't make it in. The ball bounces off down the street, Tommy just lets it go, having as much power to chase it down as he does power as the Green Ranger. Speaking of which, Kim tries to cheer him up by hoping, "Well, maybe Zordon can find a way to increase your powers." Tommy sighs, "I don't want to get my hopes up, Kim. Lord Zedd's been after me ever since he took over Rita's place. And he's not stopping till i'm stripped of all my powers." The two fellow teammates and part-time lovers stand awkwardly, neither quite sure of what to say or do to make Tommy feel anything but depressed over the impending loss of his Green Ranger powers for a second time. Suddenly, a loud crash of thunder booms around Kim & Tommy. They look around in shock, as bolts of white lightning begin to surround them. Kim takes Tommy's hand, as a lone bolt creates a half-faded image a few feet in the distance. She brings the image to his attention, and both are stunned by what they see. It's Tommy, wearing similar clothes to what he has on at the moment (a green sleeveless shirt and black pants, though the image's shirt is a little more looser and has a pocket over the left breast, plus he's got quite a sweat stain around his neck). Kim & Tommy walk cautiously over to the image, and it walks closer to them as well. Tommy states the obvious, "It's me!", just before the flickering image begins to speak. "I'm you... from the future. The final battle... Remember.. Communicator. That's all I can... tell you. Don't give up! We'll meet... right after..." Just as quickly as he appeared, the image blinks out of the time stream in a flash of white energy, leaving Tommy & Kim baffled. Kim wonders, "What was that all about?!", and Tommy explains that, "It was some kind of warning... from the future!"

Meanwhile, inside the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd sits on his throne and proclaims, "The moment has finally come! The end of the Green Ranger is at hand, and this time, there is NOTHING that can save him from destruction!" Goldar raises his sword upwards in a cheering moment, as he grunts, "We revel in your evil brilliance, Lord Zedd!" Zedd continues his ranting, "And when the Green Ranger is no more, then comes the final phase: total annihilation of all the Power Rangers! Hahaha!" His throne revolves back around, leaving us with a shot of the large metal Z adorning the backside of it.


Later that day, at Angel Grove High School, Billy & Zack walk down the stairwell. Billy asks Zack, "When did you say your cousin was coming?" Zack claims he should be here by now, and he's beginning to worry about him. Billy "hmm"s to this, just as they reach the bottom of the steps and notice a young black teenager entertaining a large crowd. Zack chuckles upon spotting his cousin, who hams it up for attention by busting some moves he likely swiped from the Zack man at the last family reunion. The teens watching him are all smiles, especially Richie, who has a disturbingly wide grin on his face as he checks Zack's cousin out. Billy & Zack are also quite happy, Zack remarking, "Man, don't tell me!" for some odd reason. His cousin eventually does a moonwalk and turns to his kin, "Yo, Zackman! What's happening?" Billy has to state the obvious, "Boy, your cousin knows how to make a grand entrance!" Zack tells his brainy buddy that he can say that again! His cousin finally finishes up his dance routine, and the crowd roars with applause. He picks up his portable boombox (they allow those in AGHS?! This really IS fiction!) and slaps his cousin five, informing him of what is up with a "Hey, Cuz!" Richie (who is wearing a black shirt with a predominately white vest over it. No, kids, he's not going to be the White Ranger) heads over and sings badly acted praises, "Man, you are really good!" The cousin responds with a quip, "Runs in the family, right Zackman?", to which Zack agrees and slaps him even more hand gestures. Zack introduces his cousin, Curtis, to Billy & Richie. As per all relatives you've never seen before, he just moved to Angel Grove from out of town.

Billy shakes Curtis' hand and says, "Pleasure to meet you, Curtis. Richie here is new to town, also." Curtis & Richie shake hands and gaze into each others' eyes lovingly. Curtis states, "I bet you know all the Angel Grove hot spots!" Richie replies, "Well, somewhat. Hey, c'mon, i'll fill you in over lunch!" Curtis slaps the guy five and they walk off together, Curtis remarking, "Now this is what I call the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Of course, the two soon become canon fodder for many homosexual relationship stories, needless to say. Richie is overheard saying, "First place you've got check out is the Youth Center, i've got a job there with Ernie..." Billy & Zack shrug their shoulders, having no qualms about that kind of thing, I suppose.

Tommy walks over, a little late (as always) to catch the hip-hop fun. He's quite depressed as usual anyway. Billy greets him, "Hey Tommy, Kimberly told us what happened to you outside." Tommy seems to have totally forgotten everything his future echo told him, exclaiming, "Man, it was really weird! There was some guy who looked just like me!" Billy's more on the know with the time flow, explaining, "You know, it's quite possible that he appeared through a rip in the space-time continuum." Before he can say any more, two large green recycling barrels begin rolling down the empty hallway towards Tommy. Zack cries, "Look out!", Tommy does so and begins to leap over the moving objects. Despite being safe on the stairs, Billy & Zack join Tommy for a fun round of "hop the can." They avoid the barrels, and discover that what's inside them inside quite trash, but close. Bulk & Skull stumble from within the barrels, both looking quite frightened and having gone through a harrowing ordeal to have ended up in the garbage. They regain their balance and bearings, just in time to turn towards Billy, Zack, & Tommy, and begin to gasp in fright. Billy scolds them, "You guys could have hurt someone!" They're not afraid of the bookworm, but rather, the five dangerous teenagers with attitudes marching down the hall. Bulk stutters to Billy, with both his & Skull's eyes wide open, "Well-ll-l, s-sss-ssorry!" Zack realizes something is amiss, asking, "What's wrong with you guys? You look scared!" The bumbling duo quickly point over the three Ranger teens' shoulders at the source of their terror.

Not an evil space alien or walking bath, it's five badass punks! The blonde female (who wears Pink), answers Zack by saying, "That's because they ARE scared!" The three turn around and take a good look at the cruel fivesome, finding them to be almost dark reflections of the main five Power Teens! The one with the scarlet red shirt on adds, "They're scared of us!" Bulk & Skull continue to be frozen with horror, simply nodding with their mouths & eyes wide open and their hands pointed. The short Asian wearing Yellow sarcastically asks, "Enjoy the ride, boys?" The African-American teen next to her snickers evilly to this, as do the others. Bulk stutters out another answer, "Y-yy-yeah well.... sure! Aha. We gotta get out of here!" Skull finally unfreezes, "Yeah, we got.. Power Rangers to find!" They chuckle nervously, before racing off down the hall, fleeing from further beatings by the new punks on the block. The pink punk feigns a small wave good-bye to them, all five of the punks filled with sadistic glee. Our heroes don't like this much, Zack asks, "You guys, uhh, new around here?" He begins to get closer, but Tommy halts him quietly with a touch to the shoulder. Suddenly, the door to a classroom between them opens, and out steps the uber-nerd Stewart. With his buck teeth, pocket protector and glasses with the tape between the eyes, he's the stereotypical geek, even more so than Billy. The punks grab his bookbag, snatch his pocket protector, and shove him around. He blurts out, "Hey!", to which the yellow punk mocks back at him over and over. He's eventually pushed back into the classroom, where he remains scouring. The blue wearing punk (who also has glasses on) states in a voice similar to Jeb from VR Troopers, "Yeah, we just transferred in." The red punk tosses Stewart's bookbag to him, when Tommy reaches over and grabs it, yanking it out of the blue punk's possession with one hand tied behind his back, essentially. Tommy gets aggressive, walking up close to the red punk and saying, "Then I guess you don't know all the rules around here, do ya? But i'm sure you'll learn" The red punk is more than happy to have a face off, telling Tommy, "Actually, i'm used to making the rules where I go." The black punk joins in, telling Tommy, "We're sure that's something YOU'LL learn." Tom just gives a sly smirk, knowing these guys don't know who they're dealing with. Red punk tells his gang that it's time to go, they all head off, pink punk dropping the pocket protector in Tommy's hand. They exit, laughing evilly, slapping each other five over their cruel conquest, and pushing people out of their way. Tommy picks up the dropped pocket protector (which he caught perfectly a second ago, but is now on the floor), and turns to Zack, who is trying his damnedest to remain calm. Billy calls Stewart out of hiding, informing the fellow nerd that they're gone. Tommy hands Stewart his belongings back, to which the geek gives thanks and shuffles off into obscurity once more (Stewart, btw, being the name of the episode's director, and last name of the episode's writer, who both may be the same man). Our three heroes stand around for a second, not saying a word.

Up on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd approaches the balcony, having liked what he just saw. Squatt & Baboo cower in the background, as Zedd asks Goldar if he saw that too, "They're absolutely perfect! Those five surly teenagers shall become my evil superheroes-- the Dark Rangers!" Goldar calls this, "A Stroke of genius most foul, Lord!" The golden griffen/simian holds a rather small light green crystal with five pointed segments on it in his hand, asking Zedd what the purpose of it is. Lord Zedd explains, "When the Green Ranger is no more, the crystal will be fully charged. And I will use it to destroy Zordon and his Command Center!" Goldar claims, "I can feel it siphoning off the Green Ranger's power! Hahaha!" His diabolical laughter grows quite hearty, until the scene wipes. The next morning on Earth, in the Command Center, Tommy has come to find the results of his bioscan. "So what's the verdict, Zordon?" he asks impatiently. Zordon informs him, "I'm afraid the news is not good, Tommy." The green teen shakes his head and sighs, asking about the results. Zordon tells him, "The scan came up negative. Our last effort to restore your powers has failed. Tommy, you may have enough power for one last fight." Tommy refuses to give up, asking, "But what about that vision I had from the future, Zordon? What did it mean?" Big Z says, "Alpha is still trying to pinpoint its origin. But there is one thing significant about your vision. Although you were in the middle of a battle, you were not wearing your Green Ranger costume." Tommy wonders aloud about how if he's going to fight without his powers, how can he possibly win? Answer unclear, ask again later.

Later, on the lakeside, Kimberly sits on the shore with Billy. They're collecting seashells, while Jason & Zack practice karate moves perfectly in time with each other nearby. Kim mentions to Billy, "Hey, I talked to Trini today. She's staying with her grandmother." Billy asks what she said, and Kim mentions Trini said she's worried about Tommy too. Kimberly is apparently quite down about Tommy as well, prompting Billy to tell her not to worry, that they should find out how his powers stand shortly. Kim suddenly spots what she calls "a funky looking shell," which is quite large and pointy, with yellow coloring smeared all over it. She puts her hands on the strange crustacean, only to have her fingers stepped on by the black boot of the blue punk! In a twisted doppleganger meeting, blue pink remarks to pink punk, "Aww, searching for seashells," and the pink punk finds this, "How sweet!" The other three punks join them, as Kimberly & Billy stand up together. Kim has her pink bucket with the shells in it in her hand, until the pink punk knocks it over, causing Kimmie to squeal with shock. Zack & Jason have joined the fun as well, Zack groaning, "Oh great, you're back," and Jason asking, "Hey, what's the problem?" Red punk grasps his fist and proclaims, "Angel Grove belongs to us now! We want to make sure you understand that, loud and clear!" Kim gives a scoffing look to this group of hoodlums, as red punk slaps fists with black punk, and yellow punk acts all skanky as usual. Our four Ranger Teens just stare at them with more disbelief than fear. In the moon palace, Zedd is enjoying the scene, "Ahh, you see Goldar? Arrogant, nasty, disrespectful... Those are my five warriors! The final element to complete my plan!" Back at the lake, blue punk & black punk slap hands all macho-like with red punk (btw, in the closed captions for this scene, the names of two punks are revealed. Blue is Justin, and Black is Zane!). Red points his finger at the Ranger Teens and boasts, "When we're doing with you guys, you're going to start seeing things our way!" The punks prepare to bust some heads, getting into fighting stance. On the moon, Zedd proclaims that it is time while laughing evilly. He readies his Z-Staff, charging it up and aiming it towards Earth, shouting, "Now to summon the Dark Rangers to my playland. To... the Otherworld! Hahaha!" Before the punks can throw a single punch, they're quickly engulfed by an onslaught of white lightning, similar to that which preceded the future Tommy vision. The punks are surprised, but can do nothing, as they vanish from the beach before the Rangers' eyes. Kim looks around, asking what happened to them. Billy doesn't know, looking towards the sky and saying that "They just disappeared! Hopefully Zordon will have the answers."

In what appears to be the standard "mountainous area near a large cave" shown in many PR episodes, we find Lord Zedd, Goldar, and the five punks. Zedd has the green crystal standing atop a small pedestal in the foreground, as he exclaims, "Welcome to my Otherworld! You have been chosen to be my Dark Rangers. And together, we will conquer the Earth!" The five punks stand totally still, their faces revealing that they're all in a trance, their will at the mercy of evil. Goldar makes a mention, "But master, the Green Ranger still has strength left!" Zedd promises, "Not for long! The crystal is draining Tommy's power. Soon, I will send down my newest monster, and when the Rangers battle him, Tommy is sure to join the fight!" Goldar sees where he's going with this, "Yes! And use up the last of his strength!"

The two evil space aliens cackle maniacally together, raising their sword & staff into the air as they snicker sinisterly. It ends quick, for as Zedd says, "The time has come. Inspired by little Kimberly's seashells, it's my latest, most devious creation! Behold, Turban Shell!" The white energy from his Z-Staff charges off to the lake, striking the funky-shell Kim found earlier (but left behind in a hurry, apparently, as her dropped bucket is still laying there as well). The shell transforms into a much larger form, with a pink worm-like creature with a great head poking through it, with a small staff and a medium sized shell atop it. Turban Shell speaks his first words, "Yes, i'm here, Lord Zedd! Your wish is my command! I'll take care of those Power Rangers for you!" Turban's tiny little legs and huge shelled rear-end cause him to move slowly, even with the film sped up considerably!

At the Command Center, the four Ranger teens have joined Tommy. Tommy is not wearing the outfit he had one when he came to the CC, but is now wearing the exact same one as he wore in his future echo! Guess he doesn't want to tempt fate. Zordon tells Alpha to contact Trini, and the droid does so right away. Kimberly asks Tommy how his test came out, he tells her, "Negative. I got maybe one more fight left." She sighs his name and places her hand on his arm, trying to comfort him. The alarm begins to blare, and the five turn towards the Viewing Globe as Zordon warns them of trouble in Angel Grove. They spot Turban Shell, now fully grown, stomping around, crushing a highway overpass with his feet. Jason states the obvious for a change, "One of Lord Zedd's monsters is tearing up the city." Zack figures from one quick glance, "This guy's tough! We'll need major Zordpower to stop him!" Tommy nods and states, "You can count on me!" His teammates look concerned, but feel it's his decision if he wants to waste the last of his powers so soon. In the Otherworld, Lord Zedd apparently has an insight to the Command Center, as he remarks, "Ah, yes, Tommy! Help your puny Power Ranger friends! Because then, you shall lose your Green Ranger powers, forever! The moment I have been waiting for is at hand! Hahaha!"


While the city burns, our heroes stand around waiting for Trini to get there. Tommy mentions, "As soon as Trini gets here, we'll make our plan," like she holds some sway in the vote or something. The Yellow Ranger finally teleports in, asking "What's going on?" Billy tells her Zedd's at it again. Kim finally speaks up about Tommy's volunteering, telling him "We can't let you help us." Zack agrees, "Kimberly's right, man. We should handle it on our own!" Zordon vetoes this plan, "Maybe not, Rangers. Scanners indicate the creature's name is Turban Shell, and his power level is dangerously high." Tommy uses this as leverage, "You hear that? I'm going with you guys, and that's final." The expression of frustration on Kimberly's face is priceless. Zordon speaks to the green teen, "Tommy, only you can decide your own destiny." Zack wishes him good luck. Jason extends out his fist, and the others join in on their standard group hand huddle. Tommy is the last one, making him on top. No jumping excitement or shouting of "Power Rangers!", they break quietly, and get into position. Jason leads the charge with a somber, "It's Morphin' Time." Their six Dino Powers are called out, and all six Morph into the Power Rangers, instantly arriving in downtown Angel Grove. They rush into the falling debris-filled streets and check out the giant monster rampaging through the city. Black Ranger doesn't believe it, as Turban Shell continues pouncing the overpass. Turban Shell is quite happy to see our heroes, "Since I have orders to destroy you. Like this!", he exclaims, while ripping out the side of a cardboard explosive building. He claims they're no match for him, but don't they all? Red Ranger reveals, "This dude's going to be tougher than I thought!" Pink Ranger agrees, and Black Ranger puts his hand on Red's shoulder, saying "We need help!", but gesturing his arms as to him saying far more. Turban Shell lifts his hands to his face, and then releases a barrage of blasts from his beady eyes. The blasts strike all over the city, sparks and debris flying everywhere. Red Ranger leads the command as he shouts, "We need Dinozord power, now!" Lightning flashes, and the five Rangers call on their Dinozords, with the Thunder Power Upgrades. The Thunderzords rumble in, and the Thunder Megazord quickly forms. Green Ranger whips out his Dragon Dagger, and plays the chime. Up from depths rises the Dragonzord, making his way back to dry land through his usual route.

Turban Shell faces the Rangers' Zords, and shows no fear, shouting, "Prepare to eat your dust!" Our heroes do some gesturing, claiming Thunder Megazord is Battle Ready. It stomps into the streets towards Turban Shell, who crouches down and asks, "Where do you think you're going?!" The Thunder Megazord replies by focusing on its green chest piece, and releasing a burst of power along with a puff of smoke. The power streams along and hits Turban Shell, causing him some pain, and causing him to promise to make the 'power geeks' pay for that. Green Ranger plays the battle chime on his Dagger rapidly, making the Dragonzord respond by tackling Turban up close and personal. Since this is one of the final "Made for Saban by Toei/ Zyu Season 2" monsters, only Dragonzord shares an onscreen shot with Turban Shell. Dragonzord doesn't fare well, his physical attack blocked and returned with a slash to the chest. Dragonzord howls as it falls back, its chestplate smoking, but ready for more action. Turban Shell wants to finish the Rangers off, as he storms towards the Thunder Megazord and knocks it back. He then pulls out his shell-staff, which matches his butt, and aims it at the Megazord. It releases a spiral attack of energy from its top, blasting into the Megazord nonstop, and rocking the Rangers within. Dragonzord is also struck with the shell-staff blast, followed by the Megazord again. This eventually causes the Thunder Megazord to buckle under fire and fall over, sending all five of its occupants flying out onto the street. They land on the ground pretty much safely, as Green Ranger rushes to their side. Turban Shell gets to boast, "What's the matter, Power Rangers? Zords run out of gas? Just stay where you are, i'll be back to finish you off! Mwaha!" He then teleports away, his teleport method, btw, is that of turning into thousands of tiny shells and scattering in every direction. The Power Ranger recover to their feet and gasp as he leaves, Pink Ranger the only one speaking, saying "Whoa, he's gone!"

In the Otherworld, Lord Zedd tells Goldar to pay attention, "The siphoning is nearly complete. When the Green Ranger is rendered completely powerless, I want you to see to it..." His instructions are interrupted by Turban Shell, who teleports in, at normal size now. Zedd is angry, "What are you doing back here, you worthless worm?!" Turban Shell explains, "I had to recharge my shell, your hideousness." Zedd reminds him that he's supposed to be fighting the Power Rangers. Turban mentions he had them on the ropes, which Zedd is most upset about, since he let them go when he could have finished them. Even Goldar finds this a dumb move, as he raises his hands to his head to gesture disbelief. Zedd calls the monster a Mollusk Brain, ordering him, "Get back down there and fight until the Green Ranger is through! Do you understand?!" Turban Shell bows and agrees, "As you command, oh patient one. I shall not fail you!" He teleports away once again. At the Angel Grove park, the five Power Rangers race up to Green Ranger, who sits slumped over against a tree. How he got so far away from them when just a second ago he was shown with them, is unclear. Maybe he keeled over while returning Dragonzord to the sea and they were off sending the Thunder Megazord home. Pink Ranger asks Tommy if he's okay, he tells her, "I'm okay. I'm just pretty weak." Black Ranger does something quite odd, commanding, "C'mon guys! We can't give up! We're the Power Rangers!" as he puts his hand on Green's shoulder. Why did he say this? Well, it's a recycled line. See the caption in the cast listing. Anyway, Zack is so busy making an uplifting speech that he already has said before, he and the rest fail to spot the huge bolt of white lightning blasting Tommy. He's sucked out of existence in the blink of an eye, leaving the Rangers stunned by his disappearance. Turban Shell's voice echoes in, saying "That's what you think!" Kimberly whines, "Tommy!", as they find no trace of him in the general vicinity.

Elsewhere, in the middle of a large field, the bolt of white lightning touches down once more. This time, it dumps out Green Ranger, in the very same position he was in when teleported. Tommy wonders, "Where'd everybody go? And where am I?!" He looks around, finding nothing but amber waves of grain as far as he can see, with mountains in the distance. Tommy realizes, "Somehow i'm... i'm all alone." Not quite true, as Turban Shell pops up out of the blades of tall brown grass and remarks, "It's just you and me, kid! Welcome to your nightmare!" He begins to beat Green Ranger severely with his shell-staff, knocking him down. Tommy tries to block a few strikes, but before he can throw a kick in return, Turban swings around and bashes Green Ranger with his body shell. He tumbles over, just as the body shell begins to glow gold, sucking up all oft he green energy from Tommy in an instant! Green Ranger suddenly demorphs as the energy flows off, leaving Tommy in only his regular clothes, and a bit on edge. Turban Shell's body swarms with green energy as he states, "You're through, Green Ranger! It's the moment we've all been waiting for. You've lost your powers! Haha!" Tommy breathes heavily, and sweats just as badly. He quickly crawls off into the grass, heading up the hill and towards a pile of boulders. Turban Shell gloats, "Run if you like, it will do you no good! You're mine now!" In the Otherworld, Lord Zedd holds the crystal up to the sky as the last of the green energy fills it up. He evilly announces, "At last, the Green Ranger is no more! His powers now belong to Lord Zedd!" Goldar is quite pleased, "Master, victory is finally yours! Ahaha!" Zedd reminds us while clutching the crystal in his hand, "With this new power, we begin the next phase of my plan. The elimination of the Power Rangers, and the rise of the Dark Rangers!" More wicked laughter from both of them, as the crystal glows green... with evil!


In the park, the five Power Rangers remain flabbergasted by Tommy's sudden disappearance. Red Ranger speaks into his Communicator, "Come in, Zordon," but gets no answer. Blue Ranger spots the problem, "Something's jamming the Communicators!" Pink Ranger doesn't believe this, first Tommy is nowhere to be found, now Zordon is also cut off from our heroes. Before they can worry any longer, they begin to get struck by the bolts of white lightning. It starts out slow, until it engulfs all five of them, teleporting the Power Teens from the park, to the Otherworld! In said Otherworld, the five are dropped in by the white energy, unmorphed, and encased inside a half-invisible barrier. They're greeted by the evil laughter of Lord Zedd & Goldar, Zedd proclaiming, "Welcome, Rangers! Perhaps you're wondering where you are. Well you're now in my dimension, known as... the Otherworld! Hahaha!" The five teens reach around their backs, searching for their Power Morphers, but finding nothing. Zedd tells them that they'll find their Morphers useless there and Zordon cannot help them either. He holds up the green-glowing crystal, explaining, "With this crystal, I have sealed off his precious Command Center forever!" Zedd & Goldar do more evil laughing, leaving the Ranger teens speechless. Zedd steps away from the cave entrance behind him, and states, "Now, dear friends, it's time to meet your replacements!"

The five punks walk out of the cave together, all decked out in the Dark Ranger costumes. The suits are the cheapest of spandex, with large diamond shapes on the chest with a big Z in the middle. The colors match the Rangers', except are far murkier (especially Black, which looks more grey). They also lack helmets, having the spandex covering their heads, leaving only tiny slits for their mouths and eyes. Lord Zedd introduces them, "Ah, behold, my Rangers: the Dark Rangers! Hahaha! Victory is mine!" Our heroes try to find a way out of their prison, beating on the half-invisible walls to no avail. Zedd continues ranting, "My mortal enemy Zordon chose five teenagers to become Power Rangers and defend the World. I also have chosen five, my Dark Rangers, to destroy it! Hahaha!" Trini speaks up, "Your evil will never win out in the end, Zedd!" He asks her who's going to stop him, since it certainly won't be them, and with Zordon & Alpha locked in the Command Center, they won't be much help either. Zack tries stepping forward again, bumping into the barrier and getting a tiny shock, as he pleads to the Dark Rangers, "You guys don't know what you're doing!" Jason adds, "When Zedd is through with you, he'll destroy you too!" The Black Dark Ranger is the only one to speak, saying, "No one's ever given us a chance like Lord Zedd has! He's promised us his loyalty." Billy asks them to listen, as he notes that the only person Zedd is loyal to is himself. Zedd silences our heroes, having enough of their bleating, he has other matters to attend to, such as watching the destruction of the Green Ranger. Kimberly gets anxious, "What have you done to him?! Where is he?!" Zedd mentions that he's somewhere in the Otherworld, but powerless now and no concern to him, just like the five of them are now! He concludes his ranting, "What you are about to see, is my Dark Rangers taking their rightful places. Then, they shall begin the destruction of the world! Hahaha!" The powerless Rangers can do nothing but remain trapped inside the barrier, witnessing the beginning of the end in the form of their dark counterparts. Elsewhere, Tommy makes his way to the pile of boulders while fleeing from Turban Shell. As he crawls behind a large rock, Turban slowly shuffles up the hill (VERY slowly), boasting, "Hiding from me is useless, Tommy. You cannot fight me, the Green Ranger is no more! It's only a matter of time before I find you, and finish you! Give yourself up, Tommy. Don't you see? It's all over!" Tommy breathes heavily in fear and the sweat pours down his face, as his final battle reaches near.

[to be continued...; end credits]

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