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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Green No More, Part II"
Original Air Date: 09/28/94

Featuring footage from:
Toei's Saban-exclusive Zyuranger season 2
#24 - Tempered Shell! Brai Dies Again...
(Fake Title)
Red Dragon Zord repeat footage from:
Dairanger #05 - Aa Tama Kitaa
(The Spheres Came)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-213
*13th episode aired
*73rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Stewart St. John Director: John Stewart

Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Walter Jones _AS_ Zack (Black Ranger)
Thuy Trang _AS_ Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Jason Frank _AS_ Tommy (Green Ranger)
Austin St. John _AS_ Jason (Red Ranger)

Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Richie
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Romy J. Sharf _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ Turban Shell (voice)

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Turban Shell continues his slow trek uphill, finally reaching the boulders and calling out, "Come out, come out, wherever you are! Hiding is futile, cowardly Ranger! I'll find you sooner or later!" Tommy is rested up against the largest of the rocks, mere feet away from the hardly mobile creature. He finally finds the chance to strike, standing up quickly and using the rock as leverage, he sends his feet flying into Turban Shell. The monster is knocked over and sent rolling down the hill. He regains his standing soon, finding Tommy awaiting him out in the open, saying, "I'm no coward, worm face! You want me? Come and get me." Turban Shell plans to make the "horrible human" pay for that, as he whips out his shell-staff and pokes Tommy in the chest with it. He then lifts it upwards, sending Tommy flying through the air, landing on the grass near the monster. Turban promises, "That's just for starters! I'm going to perforate you!" Tommy hops up and gets to running, racing off into the field with the creature slowly giving chase with his tiny legs and massive bum-shell. Tommy darts away from the monster, until he spots a ditch, and leaps into it, falling out of sight. He lies low, catching his breath, as Turban Shell follows, grunting, "Without your powers, you don't stand a chance against me, Green Ranger. Admit it!" Tommy's running out of time, so he starts crawling quickly through the trenches, heading into taller grass. Turban continues egging Tommy on, "Why don't you just give it up and come out now? I'll take it easy on you. You have my word! Haha!" The monster searches for Tommy in the ditch, but finds no sign of him. Tommy's ducked between the blades at the end of the ditch, likely thankful no snakes or scorpions exist in the Otherworld. Turban Shell waddles over to the end of the ditch, near a steep hill, remarking, "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell something green & dumb!" Suddenly, Tommy reaches up, grabs Turban's leg, and yanks it out from under him! The creature ends up rolling down the hill, this time going a lot farther than last. Luckily, he appears to be a soft-shelled monster, as he rolls over it and it seems to be made of foam rubber. Turban ends up at the bottom, and shakes off the dizziness, by jumping into the air and landing back on top of the hill! Tommy quickly scrambles to grab Turban's shell-staff he dropped on his way down. Unfortunately, he doesn't get time to use it, as Turban grabs the staff and heaves Tommy away from it instantly. Tommy's tossed back into the field, no better off than he was when the episode began. Turban Shell notices the signs of defeatedness on Tommy's face, remarking, "You look a little down, Green Ranger. No rest for the doomed! Ehahah!"


The Command Center is visibly surrounded by a barrier of white energy. For such a dark being, Zedd sure likes white magic, doesn't he? Inside, Alpha ay-yi-yi's, "I still can't break through Lord Zedd's energy field, Zordon!" Big Z says, "We must not allow him to keep us cut off from the outside world, Alpha." The automaton reads a printout, "And there's more bad news! Computer data reveals that the energy field around the Command Center is rapidly compressing!" Zordon makes it clear that they must find a way to stop it or else the pressure will cause the Command Center to implode. Alpha can do nothing but whine, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Where in the world are the Power Rangers?!" They're not in the world, but rather, in the Otherworld, still trapped in their own small cell. Goldar hovers around them like a vulture, growling, "Look at you pathetic Rangers! Please, master, can I crush them now?" Zedd tells him absolutely not, so Goldar begs, "Oh please, do not deny me that pleasure, oh great one!" Lord Zedd quiets the fool, and states, "They have foiled enough of my plans. I am sending them back to Earth. Where, without their precious powers, they will be forced to stand helpless by as Turban Shell destroys their city! Yes, a fitting punishment! You will suffer the agony of knowing you can do nothing to save Angel Grove!" Goldar & Zedd laugh horribly, as the five Ranger teens hear every terrible word. Lord Zedd raises his Z-Staff and covers them with the white electricity again, teleporting the five back to the park. Once back on Earth, Jason tries once more to contact Zordon via Communicator. Billy explains, "The frequency is still jammed. But I might be able to figure out a way to break through the energy field back at my lab." Zack calls this their only chance, because if Zedd is sending Turban Shell to mess up Angel Grove, they don't have much time. Kimberly agrees, also noting that they still have to find Tommy. Quickly, our heroes sprint off to Billy's homestead

Back at the Otherworld, Tommy is weary from the rigors of battle, but tries to hold strong. Turban Shell approaches, gloating, "Time to say good-bye, Green Ranger!" Suddenly, Goldar teleports next to the monster, exclaiming, "Step aside, underling! I shall finish this!" Turban gives a 'no way' to this, claming the green one as his own. Goldar demands, "Obey my order, worm. Lest I feed you to the birds! Our master has other plans for you! Go!" Turban Shell obliges reluctantly, teleporting back to Angel Grove. Goldar then greets the Green Ranger, "Or should I just call you Tommy? How does it feel to be stripped of your powers forever? Ehahaha! Are you green with envy? Ahaha! And your humiliation is far from over!" He then opens his golden paw, prompting a small mechanical device to appear in his palm. Goldar exclaims, "You will soon pledge your allegiance to me!", to which Tommy tells him, "No Way!" They will soon see, as Goldar tells him to behold, as the device in his hand fires off a small, rectangular image. It's of the Green Ranger, taking on a Z-Putty, from a previous episode. Goldar asks Tommy if he even recognizes himself, pointing out how much of a gallant hero he used to be, always willing to sacrifice, always ready, and always there when the other Rangers needed him. Tommy collapses to his knees as he listens to Goldar putting his current status of lacking power. The Power Playback portal shows images of the Green Ranger fighting the Invenusable Flytrap, as Goldar notes, "You must have saved your friends a hundred times, and think of all of Rita's monsters you destroyed. You and your powerful Dragonzord!" The portal shows the Dragonzord arising from the sea, a shot that could be from any one of a hundred episodes. Goldar laughs triumphantly over the kneeling Tommy, telling him to, "Witness the greatness you once were, Tommy. Because it's all over now! Hahaha!" Tommy does so, lowering his head in defeat.

Meanwhile, in Billy's Garage Laboratory, he's busy running a scanning device over his Communicator. Zack asks him how it's coming, and Billy tells him & Trini, "I've finally got a breakthrough. My Communicator locked onto the electric forced field surrounding the Command Center. I just need to input it into the computer." Billy does so, typing away at his small PC. Trini asks if it'll figure out how to dismantle the force field, and Billy tells her that it won't exactly, but it may tell them how to break through it and establish contact with Zordon. He continues typing, as a nearby television set (which was quiet a moment prior) suddenly comes on by itself, with an anchorman speaking, "We interrupt this program for a live report. Local government sources have confirmed that the creature known as Turban Shell has begun another assault on Angel Grove." The three Ranger teens turn and watch the report, witnessing footage of Turban stomping through a large open area between buildings in the city. Zack quips, "Aw man, attack of the 90 foot worm!" The anchorman continues, "The attack, for the moment confined to the business district downtown, comes less than 24 hours after its first attack was repulsed by the Power Rangers. The origins of the monster are a mystery, but the main question of the moment is, where are the Power Rangers when we need them?" (oddly, it's been FAR less than 24 hours since the last attack, and you'd think if they knew the monster's name, they'd know it was sent by the same person responsible for sending every monster within the past several episodes! Also notice one shot of Turban shows his head as pure white, as he'll only appear much later). On the Moon Palace (which from this overview shot, appears to be on the orange sand surface of the Nemesis Planetoid!), Lord Zedd is back at his throne, thinking aloud about how much it must hurt the pathetic Rangers to sit idly by while his monster destroys the city. Goldar is there as well, chuckling maniacally. Zedd claims, "Very soon now, the next phase of my plan begins," and Goldar adds, "We shall conquer the Earth, my master!" Zedd agrees with his loyal warrior, explaining that the Zords will be reprogramed, then the Dark Rangers will make their wicked debut and the Earth shall be his! Meanwhile, at Billy's Lab, the brainiac continues typing away, as Kimberly & Jason regroup with their teammates. Where they've been, I have no clue. Kimberly rushes in and asks if they've seen the news, which they have, as the TV is still on the report. She gasps as she notices that Turban Shell has destroyed another building, the reporter mentioning that the monster continues to rampage unchecked. Zack is frustrated, exasperating, "Man! We got to get our powers back!" Jason adds, "Before it's too late", as the reporter mentions, "We have, as yet, no reports of any injuries..", but it doesn't mean there aren't any.


Tommy remains huddled on his knees in the Otherworld, as Goldar balks at him. Goldar talks about the purpose of his little Time Device, as he tells Tommy, "Before I send you spinning into space with this Time Device, I want to hear you say I am your superior!" Tommy, drenched in his own sweat, looks up at Goldar repeatedly, while slowly giving in to Goldar's demands. Tommy looks pained as he begins to say, "Goldar... you are..." Goldar keeps goading him on, until Tommy finishes his statement, ".. Out of your mind!" Tommy leaps magnificently up into the air, having caught his second wind, and falls to the ground with his fist aimed directly towards the stunned Goldar's metal chest. "Go Green Ranger!" plays in the background, as Tommy kicks Goldar's sword out of his hand, and proceeds to beat the snot out of his snout. Goldar manages to knock Tommy down, and is ready to make him pay for that, as he tosses Tommy's body across the field. Tommy's once again down, but not out, as Goldar approaches him, boasting, "I've wasted far too much time on the likes of you! Now I shall finish you, Green Ranger, once and for all!" Tommy stands up, and faces Goldar, quickly kicking the Time Device out of the henchmonster's hand, and grabbing it before it can hit the ground. Instantly after grabbing it, Tommy does a spin kick, knocking Goldar to the ground. Tommy's turn to make the grand speech, as he tells the creature, "I almost gave up on myself, Goldar. But your little picture show reminded me of how much good i've done, not only as the Green Ranger, but as me. Plain old Tommy." Goldar growls and staggers back into battle, only to get beaten back by Tommy's renewed vigor. The monster wants the Time Device back, so Tommy obliges by aiming the small mechanical object at Goldar, and pressing a button on it. Sparks of fire spew forth, engulfing Goldar and teleporting him away to parts unknown..

Tommy basically pats himself on the back for getting rid of Goldar, but wonders how he's going to get out of the Otherworld himself. He remembers that the Time Device is some kind of Time Device, and comes up with a plan to contact himself in the past. Tommy presses a button and yanks on a dial, causing the sound of thunder to sudden surround him. Flashes of lightning fill the sky above, Tommy "whoa"s the phenomenon, and is soon surprised by a hologrammatic image of himself appearing a few feet away. The image of Tommy is apparently that of Tommy from the previous day, judging from his slightly different looking shirt (around the sleeves). It speaks to the Tommy of now, saying, "It's a time warp... I got... message.." The fading image of Tommy past hands Tommy present a Communicator, which somehow slips the bounds of time and space and is able to become corporeal the moment Tommy present touches it. Notice, both Tommy present & Tommy past are wearing their Communicators, so why Tommy needed another Communicator, and where he got one from, is unclear. Plus, we never see Tommy present contact Tommy past with the message he witnessed the day before! Only explanation for this scene is a whole lot of anomalies going on. Or else a whole lot of stuff offscreen going on. Anyway, the image of Tommy past vanishes in a stroke of lightning, leaving the present Tommy to shout, "Yes! I'm home free!" as he places the Time-Displaced Communicator over the one on his wrist, and presses the teleportation button.

Back at Billy's lab, Billy's toiling at the computer finally pays off, as he has broken through the force field surrounding the Command Center. A visual display should come onscreen any moment now, as Billy and his teammates watch anxiously. Suddenly, Tommy teleports in behind them! Kimberly quickly throws herself at him with a hug, as he exclaims, "Oh man, am I glad to see you guys! I've got a lot to fill you in on." Zack shakes his hand and says, "Same here, man." Surprise after surprise, as Alpha 5 quickly pops up on the computer screen, calling to Rangers, telling them there's no time to lose! Zordon speaks to his wards, "Rangers, Zedd's green crystal must be shattered to return things to normal. And only a non-Power Ranger may enter Zedd's dimension undetected." Tommy realizes that's him, since his powers are totally drained now. He hands Billy the Time Device and Time Displaced Communicator, as if they were nothing, which is true, since they're never seen nor mentioned again! Jason tells him, "No way, man, it's too dangerous." Tommy refuses, claiming he has a personal score to settle. Zordon tells Tommy that Alpha will teleport him to the Otherworld, and that Alpha does, the other Ranger Teens seem fearful of their teammate's decision, but quietly accept it. Tommy teleports away in his usual swarm of green energy. He ends up landing on the side of the mountain overlooking Lord Zedd's location in the Otherworld. Zedd's talking to his Dark Rangers (with Goldar on the side, apparently having landed in the proper place and time... or did he?), telling them that their Zords are ready and that their service & allegiance to him begins. As he's distracted with his brainwashed minions, Tommy sneaks up and grabs the green crystal off the platform with a loud grunt. This announces his presence, with Zedd exclaiming, "Tommy?! It's impossible!" Tommy tells him, "Fraid not, Zedd. Game's over.", as he lifts the crystal high above his head and slams it down against a rock. The crystal shatters into many small pieces, losing its green glow instantly. Zedd curses aloud, as the Dark Rangers demorph, their brainwashing ending suddenly. They look around at each other stunned, until they suddenly teleport back to Earth by forces unknown. Zedd complains about how this can't be happening, but Tommy assures him it has, "You should know by now, you don't mess around with the Power Rangers!" Tommy teleports back home, leaving Zedd grasping at his head and whining, "I can't be defeated! Nooo!" Goldar is noticeably cowering behind Zedd, apparently a bit afraid of Tommy after their last battle.

Once more at Billy's garage lab, we find the Ranger Teens standing around. Tommy teleports in behind them, with a loud chuckle. They notice not only has Tommy successfully returned, but so have all of their Power Morphers! Tommy slaps Kimberly five, and says, "After touching that crystal? Man, I feel like I can handle one more fight." The team is excited to have their teammate back, if only for one last fight, as Jason leads the charge with a mighty "It's Morphin Time!" The Six Power Rangers Morph, including Tommy, into the Dragonzord-powered Green Ranger for the last time of his career. The Power Team flip onto the scene, as Turban Shell is marching around the city in full growth mode. He spots them and boasts, "You don't know when you're licked!" The team quickly gets to the calling of the Thunder Megazord, as all five Thunderzords roll in (after the usual Dino-Thunder transforming sequence) and connect into the Megazord. Turban Shell hops over to fight it, calling them "Lunch in a can." The monster gives them what he calls "shell shock" as he leaps in the air and lands somewhere near them, causing the Thunder Megazord to spark badly. Turban Shell sucks his body, and arms and legs, into his shell, and seals up the holes. He then launches himself at the Thunder Megazord. Upon impact, a massive explosion causes four of the Power Rangers to be thrown from the cockpit, and hurled to the ground. Red Ranger is the only one left, as it appears that the Megazord has broken down into just the Red Dragon Thunderzord in Battle Mode. It doesn't last long, before it gets knocked over and taunted by Turban Shell. The Red Dragon-staff is whipped up, prompting the monster to tsk, "You shouldn't play with sticks like that!" Turban Shell fires beams from his eyes, which go from two yellow streaks on a straight line, to two various colored beams which circle around the Red Dragon and eventually blast into it. The Battle Moded Red Dragon Thunderzord collapses, and lies on the ground unmoving, as red energy crackles over it slowly. Eventually, the Battle Mode switches over to normal animal mode, and the Red Dragon takes off into the air, its eyes flashes red as it growls and flies into the dark stormy clouds above.

On the ground, Billy notes to his friends that their Zords separated. Kimberly wonders aloud on what they're going to do now. It's answered by the Green Ranger, who for some reason is nowhere near the team, as he reaches for his Dragon Dagger while replying, "We need Dragonzord!" His Communicator suddenly goes off, with Zordon on the line, explaining, "Tommy, the only way to defeat this monster is to hit his inner shell with intense heat, then the outside with water to freeze him. You must get inside Turban Shell's belly!" Tommy hears this plan and answers affirmatively. Soon, Turban Shell looks over and spots something which makes him rub his stomach. "Oh what have we here? Looks like lunch for me!", he says, as he looks at a small orange truck with a huge crate of watermelons stacked in the back! Deep within the lump of green melons, is Green Ranger, hiding among similarly colored fruit while remarking, "That's right, worm face!" Turban Shell notes how thoughtful it was for someone to leave this food for him after all his hungry work in destroying the city. The monster reaches down and scoops up the watermelons, and devours them whole with one gulp. He finds this yummy, and returns to work. Little does he know that Green Ranger is now inside of his stomach, having survived an offscreen trip down his digestive tract. Tommy is carrying with him a large laser gun, which has never been used on the show before, nor will it ever again. But it does the job, as he begins to fire it off at the stomach lining of the huge Evil Space Alien. It's indigestion time, as the bombardment of laser fire causes Turban Shell's stomach to heat up and begin smoking, making him turn his attention away from trashing the city. He groans, calling this "heartburn." Inside, Tommy fires off as much as he can, until it becomes too hot to even breathe in there. He collapses from the heat, as Turban Shell groans about how he knew he shouldn't have ate all those spicy foods.

Pink Ranger is concerned from the sidelines, wondering what's going on inside the belly of the beat. Inside, Green Ranger recovers, and notices how disturbed the creature's internal organs are becoming. Tommy knows the plan is working, but feels he has to keep going, despite the scorching heat. He returns to firing the laser gun into Turban Shell's sensitive stomach lining, making the monster promise to stick only to bland foods from now on. Outside, Kimberly urges Tommy on, confident that he can do it. Black Ranger suddenly says "Let me chill this dude!" for no reason, due to the line being reused from an earlier episode (see the note in GNM1's credit list). Kim knows what he means, remembering what'll happen to the monster as soon as he's hit with water. Zack exclaims, "Right! Come on, guys!" as he flips up into the air and lands over near a fire hydrant. Luckily, there's a large hose already attached to it, which Zack takes in hand and turns the nozzle on quickly. A recycled line, "Let see how you like my deep freeze!", paves the way for Black Ranger shooting a small fire hose at the large Turban Shell monster (why he didn't just hop in the old Mastodon Dinozord is unknown). Somehow, the water spray turns into a fine thick icy mist, covering the giant Turban Shell completely. The "water" manages to freeze Turban's head to the point it turn white, as the monster groans about getting an "ice cream headache". The monster's whole body becomes covered in ice, causing him to start sparking with small explosions, until the point he sort of "burps" out a small ball of green energy. It's the Green Ranger, who falls to the ground harshly, landing on his back but still grasping the laser gun in his hand. Tommy cries out in agony as his Morphed body writhes on the floor. Pink Ranger breaks off from Yellow & Blue Rangers nearby, and begins running towards her injured boyfriend in slow motion with her arms out, playing the situation up like a real drama queen. She rushes to his side and holds him in her arms, asking him if he's alright. Tommy clutches his smoking chest, but claims he'll be fine. He asks about the monster, and Kim tells him she thinks he did it. Yellow & Blue rush over, with Billy patting Tommy on the golden-shoulder, noting how they used great teamwork. Tommy hands the laser gun to Billy, saying "This Mega-Heater of yours worked perfectly!" Kim says there's no time to talk, as Trini puts up two fingers and says "Let's show him some Megazord power!"

The Red Dragon Thunderzord is still slithering through the skies. The hell has Jason been?! Taking it out for a bite to eat in China? It swoops back in, and returns to Battle Mode in midair. Pink Ranger mentions, "The Zords are back online, you guys!", as she, Billy & Trini leap back into their Thunderzords. Red Dragon links up with the power-restored Assult Team, and the Thunder Megazord is back in action. When the five Power Rangers do the usual command call inside the cockpit, they say "Mega Thunderzord, power up!" How easy they forget... The cold- headed and dazed Turban Shell whimpers upon seeing the return of the Rangers, no sarcastic banter escapes his crabby lips. Thunder Megazord charges its Saber, and drops it into the monster with one swift slash. Turban Shell, having been baked from the inside out, falls over, and explodes into a large puff of fire and smoke. The triumphant Thunder Megazord resheaths its Saber, and poses. His Shell is cracked, permanently!


Later that day, at the Angel Grove Youth Center, our heroes enjoy a victory... fruit smoothie. You ask me, those things drained more of Tommy's powers than Zedd did. Anyway, Billy & Trini are stuck at a separate table from their teammates, but manage to lean over to talk to them. Trini tells them, "Zordon said the Dark Rangers were returned home with absolutely no memories of what happened." Speak of the Dopplegangers! The Punks formally known as the Dark Rangers enter the Juice Bar, and head over to the counter. Their brainwashing experience has apparently taxed out their evilness, as all five are quiet and calm for a change. Red Punk asks Richie, who's taking the orders, for five sodas, and Rich tells them, "You got it!" Service with a brief smile, that's the Juice Bar motto. The Ranger Teens eye the punks cautiously, until Kim figures, "You know what? Maybe what they need are some friends." Zack nods, and Jason agrees, telling his pals to C'mon, which they all do. Richie hands the sodas to the punks and tells them it'll be 4.50, as Ernie walks over to him suspiciously (doesn't he have anything better to do?). Jason touches Red Punk's hand as he begins to pay, saying "I got this one", with a grin, as he reaches into his own wallet and shells out the money. Red Punk graciously thanks him, and Jason tells him it was no problem. The other punks are surprised he'd be so generous to them after everything that's happened. Jason tells Red Punk, "What do you say we start over?" Red looks to his partners, they all show gestures of agreeance, and he takes Jason's hand, shaking it in friendship, while saying, "Okay, why not?". The other Ranger Teens begin shaking hands with the former-punks, mostly counterpart to counterpart. Yellow Punk can be heard saying her name is Tina, meaning Pink & Blue likely have names similar to the Ranger doubles (as Black is Zane and Red is Justin, apparently. Maybe Blue is Bobby and Pink is Kayla? Make up your own name!). New friendships forged, these Dark Ranger Punks would never been seen, mentioned, nor thought of again. Wanna bet they got kicked out of school for a drug they like to call "Green Crystal"?

Later, at the Command Center, Zordon speaks to the six Ranger Teens, saying, "Once again, you've done great work, Rangers. Congratulations." Trini mentions, "So I take it the Command Center is back to normal?" Zordon confirms this, saying the force field disintegrated as soon as Tommy destroyed the crystal (obviously, since how else would they be in it now?!). Alpha exclaims, "You saved us!" to Tommy, who seems to almost blush at the success of his unmorphed heroism. Zack agrees with a pat to Tommy's back, "Yeah man, you saved us too. Thanks." Kimberly brings up what a big day he's had, "You fought Turban Shell, Goldar, and even went into Lord Zedd's Chamber without even having your powers!" (notice, Tommy never went to a chamber. You think Thomas exaggerated his humiliating experience in the Otherworld with something far fanciful and less embarrassing than what really happened?) Billy pats Tommy on the shoulder and calls him a "True hero". Tommy thanks them, "You know there was a moment back there when I almost gave up. But then I realized, it's not just the costume and powers that give me strength. It's who and what I am inside the really empowers me." Jason paints the depressing light of the Green Ranger's dying flame in a more optimistic color, by telling him, "You'll always be one of us, Tommy." (even though they said that last time he lost his powers, and look what happened! He vanished for a while!) Tommy smiles and sighs, saying, "I'm gonna miss you guys when we're on school break. But i'll hold you all close to my heart." The teens are somberly quiet, bidding good-bye to the Green Ranger for a second time. Tommy asks them to do it just one last time, as he extends out his hand. The others extend an arm as well, doing the ever-famous hand-huddle, lowering themselves down and breaking by jumping up with their hands in the air, screaming, "POWER... RANGERS!"

[end credits]

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