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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Two For One"
Original Air Date: 10/24/94

Featuring footage from:
Dairanger #05 - Aa Tama Kitaa
(The Spheres Came)
Dairanger #06 - Kaze Yo Butchigire
(Wind, Tear Them Apart)
Pursehead monster suit from:
Dairanger #02 - Kiryoku Daaa!!
(Spirit Power!!)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-219
*19th episode aired
*79th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Douglas Sloan Director: Jerry Jacobs

Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Walter Jones _AS_ Zack (Black Ranger)
Thuy Trang _AS_ Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Austin St. John _AS_ Jason (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Richie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Romy J. Sharf _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Saba (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Pursehead (voice)
? _AS_ Lipsyncher (voice)


[Opening Credits: Season 2 Version 2. New White Ranger related footage added, plus the cast credit designs get an upgrade as well.]

Kim & Tommy go on a date in Angel Grove Park. Kim brings the same purse with her that her mom brought on her first date with Kim's dad. Everything goes fine, until a platoon of Putties attack, and steal the purse. Lord Zedd turns it into the Pursehead monster, and uses a tube of lipstick from within said purse to create a Lipstick monster. The White Ranger & Saba take on Pursehead, while Pink & the other Power Rangers confront Lipstick.

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