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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"The Great Bookala Escape"
Original Air Date: 11/23/94

Featuring footage from:
Dairanger #14 - Iyoo Kekkon Jaa
(Well A Wedding)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-240
*36th episode aired
*98th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: John Stewart

Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
John Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steven Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ Bookala (voice)
? _AS_ Weldo (voice)

An intergalactic traveller from the planet called Bookala, of a race of the same name, lands in Angel Grove Park. His tiny spaceship is powered by a special diamond, which, if Lord Zedd can steal it, can be used to permanetly power the always-drained Serpentera. The Power Rangers get involved, beat the Weldo monster, and aid Bookala in escaping back into outer space. Zedd turns the "decoy toy Bookala" into an evil Bookala, which our heroes also destroy. In gratitude, the magical real Bookala makes it snow in Angel Grove.

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