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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Rangers Back In Time, Part I"
Original Air Date: 02/04/94 Featuring footage from:
Dairanger #25 - Zorozoro Ura Sentai
(Opposite Teams In Great Numbers)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-229
*39th episode aired
*99th total Power Rangers episode
*Production Note: This two parter was the last set of
episodes shot of the series before the cast went to
Australia to begin work on MMPR:TM. Thus, they had
them do very little, and fill out the rest with their
younger selves, the usual stock footage, and 2nd unit stuff.

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Terence H. Winkless
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
Maxxe Sternbaum _AS_ Young Kimberly
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Justin Timsit _AS_ Young Billy
John Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Steven Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Michael O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull
Additional Cast:
Royce Herron _AS_ Ms. Appleby
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Photomare (voice)

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[Today on MMPR; Opening credits]

Another school day at Angel Grove High. In Miss Appleby's class, we find the usual Ranger teens, sitting among a bunch of nameless extras. Ms. Appleby reveals that the assignment for the day was to bring in a childhood photograph and to share with them their most memorable experience at that age. Our heroes seem particularly excited to show off their old pictures, and when Appleby asks who'd like to begin, EVERY one of the Ranger teens raises their hands. Bulk & Skull, sitting in the back of the class directly behind the Rangers, don't even twitch. Aisha is chosen to go first in presenting her old photograph. She hops up from her seat and holds up a pic of her as a very young girl, wearing yellow tights, with her arms up in the air as her grandmother hugs her (note, that either this is a different grandmother than in "Stop The Hate Master", or Granny put on a lot of weight since!). Aisha explains, "This is me after my first dance recital. This is so special because my grandmother, who was sick, was able to come and I made her real proud." As Skull cleans out his ear behind her, Kim giggles to Aisha, "You looked SO cute!" Aisha giggles back with a smile, as does Miss Appleby, who quickly ceases the smiles by asking Kimberly if she'd like to go next. Kim is a bit stunned, but decides rather quickly to go with a chipper, "Sure!" Aisha sits down, Kimberly stands up and takes her place in front of the class. Kim shows us her pic, her as a young girl in pink leotards, showing off for the camera on a blue mat. Kim explains, "Okay! This is me in my first gymnastics competition. I was kinda bummed though cause I lost, but you know what? It taught me to be a good sport, and that has helped me a lot." Ms. Appleby tells her, "Very nice, Kimberly", as the Ranger Teens respond to Kim's story with goofy, sheepish grins. Even Bulk & Skull can't help but smile, though doubtfully not for the same reasons. I suspect they may have farted.

Meanwhile, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd's on the balcony. He growls out loud, "Ahh, the dawn of another glorious day! Whose sunset shall witness the final destruction of those Power Brats!" He peers down to Earth via his red Zedd-vision, and views Kimberly and her childhood photo. The picture of the Pink Ranger as a child gives Zedd an idea, one which has him asking Baboo & Squatt, "Why didn't you fools think of this before?!" Baboo & Squatt huddle together near Zedd's throne, whimpering like cowards. Squatt replies to Lord Zedd by groveling, "Sorry! I guess we weren't thinking. Uh... what were we talking about, anyway?" Zedd explains, "The Rangers met Zordon as teenagers. If we turn back time and return them to childhood, they will be powerless!" Goldar kisses up, "An excellent idea, my lord. But how will we accomplish it?!" Zedd shoves him and says, "You fool! With the Rock Of Time. By calling forth its power, we cause the Earth to begin spinning backwards, and time along with it! Those worthless Power Geeks will become ordinary children!" Zedd walks over to his throne as he says this, with Squatt & Baboo not far behind. Obviously, they've grown slightly less afraid of him over time. Goldar likes this plan, noting, "We will stop them before they can grow up to be Power Rangers! Heh heh hahe!" Lord Zedd sits down on his throne, and slowly growls, "Yes... exactly."


Back at AGHS, Ms. Appleby finally lets Kimberly sit down. As she does, Aisha erupts with applause, the only person in the room to do so. Appleby then tells Tommy that he's next, and without hesitation, he obliges. Kim is back in her seat, and for some reason she turns back to Skull, who waves at her with his usual goofy gum-chewing grin. Tommy's photo is of him as a young child, in his white karate uniform, doing the splits on a floor and holding a large trophy. Ouch! I'm in pain just looking at it! Appleby remarks, "You look so proud in that picture!" Tommy explains, "Um, this shot is really important to me. This is when I first learned about dedication and hard work." Kimberly smiles and applauses, as Aisha giggles about how cute he was. Billy's next, holding up a picture of him as a boy, with an open vacuum cleaner on his living room floor. Billy explains, "I learned about determination here. It took me four hours to get my mom's vacuum cleaner back together." Kim quips, "Bet she was impressed!" Rocky's next, with a pic of him as a boy with his black & white dog. Rocky reveals, "This is my dog, Buster! I learned about responsibility here." Miss Appleby simply nods and smiles. Next, Adam's got his youth picture, showing him and his dad standing in front of a car with its hood up. Adam explains, "I like this picture because it shows my dad and me doing stuff together. He loves to work on cars!" And lastly, Bulk & Skull stand in front of the class together. Skull holds up the pic, of them as kids, wearing their usual punk clothing. Skull puts his arm around Bulk as he explains, "And that's when I discovered that Bulk & me were meant to be lifelong pals!" Bulk sighs and corrects him, "No, that's when you stuck a grape popsicle down my back and I decided not to clobber you!" The picture appears to back Bulk's side of the story up, with young Bulk looking like his ass is freezing. Skull says that this was exactly his point, and the classroom is filled with laughter. Then applause, as the screen showing us three clappers, Billy, Adam, and some old looking guy in a purple shirt.

On the moon, Lord Zedd continues spying on our heroes. He remarks aloud, "Oh, aren't they all just SO adorable?" Goldar grovels, "When you activate the Rock Of Time, they won't be talking about their childhood, they'll be reliving it!" Squatt & Baboo giggle and clap their hands like trained seals while hopping up and down. Zedd charges up his Z-Staff and aims it towards the Earth, quipping, "Well, there's no time like the present... or should I say, the past!" He unleashes a squall of energy towards the planet, laughing with evil glee the whole while. The bolt of power strikes what appears to be a harmless rock, near the side of a rocky, boulderous mountain. The thick stone glows golden following the first charge, its strange chronoal energies surging to life. Zedd continues firing at the rock from the safety of the moon, causing the rock to glow even brighter, and pulsate even faster. He eventually ceases, prompting Baboo to snivel, "A brilliant maneuver, my lord! Simply stunning!" Squatt adds, "You ARE the best!", as the two minor lackeys applaud for their master. Zedd doesn't let the admiration go to his head, as he explains, "Now, all we have to do is wait for the Earth to spin back in time, reducing the Power Rangers to puny, powerless children!" Goldar cheers, "At last, the final victory will be ours!" Zedd returns to staring at the Earth, as a ball of red energy pops out of the golden glowing Rock Of Time. He explains what's happening, "Watch, as any moment now, the Rock's powers will take effect!" We see the spinning globe known as Earth, as the ball of red energy grows larger, and begins to circle around the planet. It goes in a clockwise motion, while the Earth travels at counterclockwise. After one rotation around, the ball of power causes the Earth to cease movement, stopping dead in its tracks. The ball continues circling around the now time-frozen planet. It should be noted, that this is an Earth-specific event in the space-time continuum. All of the monsters on the moon, and everyone out there in outer space is unaffected. This is an unusual method of time reversal, one not usually used in science fiction stories (due to its improbable physics), but PR shall use it here and in the later "Rangers In Reverse". Lord Zedd gloats, "Say good-bye, Power Rangers. Your lives are about to change forever!" The ball of red energy cuts through the Earth's center, exiting along the Equator. Immediately upon passing through the planet, it starts spinning around the globe again. This causes the Earth to start spinning once more as well, but in a clockwise motion, following the red light. Zedd cheers it on, "Now, spin! Spin back, to your powerless past!"

Say, see that empty seat in front of Billy? Let's pretend there was someone sitting there offscreen! This unseen teenage girl is standing in front of the class, doing her presentation like we actually are supposed to care about her childhood. She says, "This is a picture of me with my horse Blue. I started riding when I was six years old, and I almost quit when I was seven 'cause I fell off. But my dad always taught me to face my fears and conquer them, so I just kept getting on that horse until my fear went away!" Check out Billy's reaction to this never shown female. He's unusually excited and smiling, fidgeting in his seat while everyone else around him remains looking like zombies. Sheesh, is the girl one of Billy's numerous girlfriends or something? Anyway, Appleby rounds out the cast, nodding and smiling. Lord Zedd responds to the female's story on the moon, clutching his staff and tapping his silver studded fingertips against it and remarking, "You don't know the MEANING of fear, little lady!" Goldar adds, "But soon she will!" Zedd turns around and exclaims, "Imagine, Goldar! No more Power Rangers!" Goldar basically calls his lord Skeletor, as he notes, "Once again, you'll be master of the universe!" Zeddy comments, "It almost seems TOO easy. In a moment, they will be gone, and I barely lifted a finger!" While Baboo shivers next to him, Squatt realizes, "You know, he's right! It DOES seem too easy!" The dark lord overhears him, and points to the lackeys, growling, "You dare to doubt me? You two will live to eat your words!" Now that the girl who was talking offscreen has fallen into a wormhole and faded from existence forever, Miss Appleby walks over and exclaims, "Excellent job, everyone!" The entire class erupts in applause for themselves, except Bulk & Skull, of course. Who likely are basking in the indirect admiration. Billy glances over at the metallic wall clock, and ceases clapping a bit earlier than the rest as a confused look comes over his face. Personally, i'm wondering why they're all still in class just a few minutes before 4:00. But Billy's confusion comes from the fact the hands on the clock are now rapidly running backwards! Ms. Appleby remarks to the class, "It was so interesting to hear you tell about the events that have helped to make you who you are today." Billy raises his hand and mentions to his teacher, "Uhh, Miss Appleby? That clock seems to be acting rather oddly." Kimberly looks up at it, also a tad on the confused side. Tommy & Rocky also look, though their wooden reactions could be the same as if staring at a piece of bread. The clock now reads closer to 5, as it continues running backwards at an accelerated rate, now apparently reversing on the scale of days. Appleby blurts, "Oh my goodness! That IS rather odd, isn't it? What should we do?!" The class, possibly effected by this time reversal, just sit there looking quite stupid and non-panicking.

On the moon, Lord Zedd answers the teacher's question to himself (he really needs to get friends of his own), "Do, dear lady? There's nothing you CAN do! Hahahahah!" Goldar recommends, "Maybe she's just impatient, Lord Zedd. You can always speed things up a little!" Zedd agrees, whipping his staff around widely, charging it up with white energy and firing it towards the Earth while exclaiming, "Yes, that can be arranged!" The bolt strikes the golden throbbing Rock Of Time (didn't Grant Morrison write a JLA story about it once?), causing yet another red ball of light to burst out of within it. The ball adds to the one already circling the Earth in a clockwise motion, and supposedly increases the reversal by double. The clock in Ms. Appleby's class seems to always be around 4-5 O'clock when reversing. Time always drags around quittin' time, don't it? We hear the students talking amongst themselves loudly, yet we see Billy, guy in purple shirt, and Adam, and none of them really look concerned. In the Command Center, the little flashing light spins and the alarm blares. Alpha presses some buttons and tells Zordon, "There is an irregularity in the Earth's rotation." Zordon wisely realizes, "I suspect Lord Zedd is behind this. I don't know what he's trying to do. Check on the Rangers, Alpha." The feisty automaton quips, "Right away, Zordon!" and rushes over to the Viewing Globe to do just that. Zordon adds, "Alerting the Earth's rotation will undoubtedly cause a catastrophic break in the space time continuum with unpredticable results." On the globe, pictures of Billy pointing out the messed-up clock, Kimberly looking confuzzled, and the ball of light circling the planet are shown. Alpha returns to the control console, noting, "They seem okay for now." Zordon states, "We haven't got much time, Alpha. We must determine exactly what Lord Zedd is up to." Alpha hits some switches and says, "I'll program the computer to monitor the Rangers while I try to return the Earth to its correct rotational direction."

In Ms. Appleby's class, that darn clock is at 4-5 O'Clock again! Waugh! Anyway, Billy still has his fingers pointed off towards the wallclock, still sitting with purple shirt and Adam in the background. Billy apparently does his Fonzie impression, by saying, "Heeeeeeeyyyy!" in a trailed voice. Suddenly, he and his two companions are awash with white energy, as it spins around over each of their bodies in a spiral motion. When it clears, they've all reverted to childhood, the same ages we saw them in their pictures! Which is supposedly around second grade, roughly ten years from their current implied ages. A quick look to the rest of the class reveals that Aisha has also been turned into a little girl. Everyone is still wearing the same outfits they had on a few minutes ago, cept shrunk to fit their younger sizes. Ms. Appleby has also been deaged about ten years, as she stands in front of the class with much longer hair! The generalized event anomaly has caused the High School to basically become an Elementary School, with whatever class Appleby was teaching a minute ago to now be basic math! Appleby asks, "Alright, class. Who can divide 30 into 900?" Rocky & Tommy, both also deaged (though Rocky now sports a ponytail his older self didn't have), sit uncomfortably in their desks. Young Kimberly has her hand up, and Appleby asks her to come up. She does so, unaware that Young Bulk & Young Skull are plotting against her a few feet away. Kim goes to the head of the class, and begins to work out the math problem on the board. Bulk hands Skull a green balloon, and convinces him in whispers to place it inside Kimberly's seat. It's done successfully, without anyone noticing him do it. Kim finishes explaining how to do the question, the answer being 30, and Appleby compliments the girl, "Very good, Kimberly. I can tell you've been studying VERY hard!" Bulk grumbles to himself, "Teacher's pet." Skull makes kissing noises with his lips pouted, as if saying she's a kiss-up to Appleby. Aisha overhears this and rolls her eyes, shouting, "Grow up, Skull!"

Since Kim takes forever returning to her seat, the balloon drops out of her chair, despite having been lodged against the wooden surface quite well a moment ago. Bulk & Skull notice this and frantically drop to the floor to recover it. Kim ends up sitting in her seat as they do this, and accidentally stepping on the balloon with the back of her right foot. The balloon pops, and explodes with a burst of shaving cream! The class turns to the sound of the pop, and watch, all laughing, as Bulk & Skull stand up, with both their faces covered with more cream than would have been in that balloon. Bulk yells at his pal, "Skull, you were supposed to put it ON her chair, not UNDER it, you dimwit!" They then spit cream back and forth at each other, as Skull notes, "I did!" Ms. Appleby clears her throat angrily and storms towards them, asking, "Would someone like to tell me who is responsible for this?!", like the answer wasn't obvious. Aisha raises her hand, and tattles tall and proud, "Bulk & Skull put a slime balloon under Kimberly's chair." Bulk rolls his eyes and notes, "But it backfired." Appleby pinches both of the bumbling duo's ears in a display of abuse that would get her fired nowadays, as she growls, "I think i've heard enough! You two can spend the rest of the day in Mr. Kaplan's office!" Skull cries, "No fair!", and Bulk notes, "Yeah, it was Kimberly's fault!" Appleby shoves them off, saying, "Now, boys!" The Ranger kids get a hearty chuckle from this. The bell finally rings and Ms. Appleby breathes a sigh of relief, as she shouts, "Class dismissed. But remember to study for your spelling test tomorrow!" The large abundance of extras flood out of the room, leaving only the main cast member's younger selves behind. They swarm around Kim, who looks especially bummed out. Billy asks, "Are you alright?" Kim sighs, "Yeah. But my new outfit, it's ruined!" The outfit has strangely a smudge of cream in the center of the breast area, but none near her legs where the balloon exploded. Aisha saves the day as she removes a napkin from her notebook and hands it to Kim saying, "Don't worry. I never leave home without one." Kim thanks her and begins to clean off the cream or slime as they called it, from her dress. Tommy, with a goofy grin on his face, mentions, "Come on, guys! Let's go to the park!" They're all in agreeance, and the six all pile out to do this.

In the Command Center, the only two beings on the planet not affected by the time reversal (due mostly to their connections to things extraterrestrial) watch the strange scene with absolute distress. Alpha views the de-youthed Rangers on the Globe and exclaims, "Zordon! Lord Zedd has transformed our Rangers into children! They won't even know they ARE the Power Rangers!" Zordon adds, "I'm afraid you are correct, Alpha. They are too young to remember. Lord Zedd has used the Rock Of Time to send the Earth spinning into the past." Alpha laments, "Oh no! What can we do?!" Zordon tells him, "You must construct a remote molecular descrambler to restore the Power Rangers to normal. Only then will they have the knowledge and power to destroy the Rock Of Time." Alpha asks the big question, "Can't we just teleport them here?" Zordon vetoes this, "No, Alpha. They are children now, and it would be much too frightening for them." Alpha presses a few buttons and cries, "Frightening for them?! Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! I'm absolutely terrified! Oh!" At the park, our young heroes are playing around carefree. Aisha dances around, showing Kimberly a move that the girl finds cool. Rocky & Tommy seem to be inseparable today, as they're off practicing a kata together. Adam's with Billy, the two working on a kite. Adam asks his pal, "You really think this is gonna fly?" Billy comments, "It should. My dad helped me draw up the plans at home. I'd like to try to test the wind currents, then monitor them." They ready the kite, with Adam holding it for a moment while Billy runs with the string. Nearby, a middle aged couple takes a liking to our heroes. The obese man with a flowery shirt (not Ernie) has an odd looking camera in his hands. The wife says, "Oh, honey! Get a shot of those kids! They're so adorable!" Just as he's readying the camera, Bulk & Skull pop up in their faces, with hotdogs crammed into their mouths. The couple are taken aback, screaming. The wife ends up falling over into a garbage can head first. Bulk & Skull bump fisted arms at this, mumbling successfully. Kim & Aisha, despite being quite a ways away from them, have noticed what happened, and are disgusted. Kim says, "Those two really gross me out", and Aisha replies, "Tell me about it." The man rushes to his wife and drops his camera on the ground in shock upon seeing how she's too lazy to just stand up straight to get her head out of the garbage can. He helps her up, she has trash in her hair, and is quite angry. He tries to make up for the fact they took him by surprise, but she's quite disturbed about now being a mess.

Bulk & Skull, who must have skipped out on going to Mr. Kaplan's office, strut down the hill, past Aisha & Kim. The lady wipes herself off and calls them, "Rude little beasts!" The husband is so focused on getting back on her good side, that he forgets his dropped camera. Bulk & Skull snatch the kite and string from Billy & Adam's clutches. They attempt to fly it, but bumble around and get tangled in the string. Aisha & Kim find this funny, so Kimberly calls out, "Hey, Skull! How about a little kiss!" Skull's interested is piqued, so he turns his attention to her. Bulk reminds her, "She's got cooties!" Skull, asserting his heterosexuality, admits, "I like cooties!" Kim shouts, "Come get me!" Billy sneaks around the duo, grabs the kite, and when Skull tries running, he takes Bulk down with him. They drop to the ground, tied together in the mass of rope. Kim giggles and Aisha mocks them, "Serves you right!" Tommy & Rocky join their pals, with Rockster asking, "What's going on?" Adam tells him, "Bulk & Skull were just learning how to fly a kite!" The kids all laugh, as Bulk & Skull struggle to get themselves free. Bulk promises, "Skull, i'm gonna get you!" On the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd stands at his throne and laughs. Ever notice that he laughs more times in one episode than Santa Claus in December? For someone so wicked, he sure is jolly. Zedd mentions, "Ah, this is so amusing, I almost hate to see it end. But it must. Goldar!" Goldy replies, "Yes, my lord, it must! I am sending down a legion of Putties!" In the park, the six Ranger kids are playing dodgeball with a large red ball. Bulk & Skull sit on the sidelines sulking. Skull asks, "Don't you want to play dodge ball, Bulk?" Bulk replies, "Nah, that's a sissy game." Tommy yells, "I'm gonna get ya!", as he throws the ball towards his friends. Rocky catches it in his hands, and retorts, "Hey, Tommy! Think fast!", before he heaves it back at him. The ball ends up caught in midair by a Z-Chested Putty Patroller! It lands perfectly with ball in hand, between five other Putties. They prance in a line towards the kids, tossing the ball back and forth between each other.

The six Ranger youths stand together gasping at the sight of the strange set of evil space aliens. Kim & Aisha ask, "Whoa! Who are those guys, and where in the world did they come from?!" Billy stutters, "Uh, uh, uh... Another planet?!" The kids stick together, as per Tommy's discretion. The Putties begin to swarm around the bunch, leaping about and warbling aloud. Notice, now Adam has the ball back in his hand, and the Putties don't, despite never showing them toss it to the children. Bulk & Skull stare at the scene with as much confusion as the other kids. A Putty starts tapping Bulk on the shoulder, to which the moronic boy ignores. Eventually, Skull hears the warbling and turns to the creature in shock, pointing him out to Bulk. He turns to see the clay-face and red-mesh eyes of the alien drone staring back at him. Needless to say, he screams bloody murder, and grabs Skull as he runs for his life. The Ranger kids are still in a group together, with the girls in the center, being protected by the boys. Tommy protects Aisha quite prominently, while Billy gets awfully close to Kim. Bulk & Skull dive underneath a picnic table, and try to hide out there, as they watch the Putties continuing to circle around the others.


The Ranger kids, all in a row, with Kim pinned between the backs of Tommy & Billy now while Aisha has to fend for herself. Bulk has his arm around Skull as they remain lying in the ground under the picnic table. Rocky asks his pals, "Where did THEY come from?" Tommy wonders, "What do you think they are?" Billy (all the kids now looking far less panicked than they were a second ago) thinks, "Maybe we should ask them if they're lost or something." Kim wimps out, "You know, my mother told me never to talk to strangers. And they look pretty strange to me." The Putties hop around our young heroes some more. Aisha asks, "What do you guys want?!", while Adam walks over to one, and presents his ball, offering, "Hey, you guys want to play?" The Putty contemplates the notion for a moment, before slapping the ball and doing a backflip. There appear to be quite a few more Putties now than there were a few minutes ago. The kids back up across the park, trying to get away to no avail. Adam hurls the ball through the air, missing one Putty but hitting another in the head. The one he missed then charges towards the tykes, with his ghoulish hand extended. The kids run away from him, rolling on the ground and doing somersaults to escape the clutches of the alien drone. Soon, Aisha comments, "Something tells me these guys don't know the rules." Billy adds, "I suggest we.... run!!" He & Aisha do such, but end up bumping into the Putty who has the ball in his hands. As that Putty stands around gloating, Rocky sneaks up behind him and kicks his leg out from under him. The Putty drops, and Rocky reclaims the ball. He overhears Adam crying, "Let go!" to a Putty who is tugging on his arm. Rocky hurls the ball into the air, and strikes the Putty on the back. He goes flying, and winds up landing atop the wooden bench set next to the picnic table Bulk & Skull are under. Lucky for him, he had his hands out, so when his Z-Chest hit the bench, it didn't cause him to explode. Bulk & Skull scream as they see his face, especially when he turns his head sidewards in wonderment, warbling at their plight. The bumbling duo flee, with Putty in tow, as Bulk cries, "Ahh! The boogie man!", and Skull remarking, "You told me there was no such thing!" Bulk replies, "I lied!", as he and his pal race away from the Putty, as another joins in on the chase.

Kimberly walks over a Putty who is lying on the ground, and dives between the legs of another trying to grab her. She turns around and kicks him in the ass, causing him to tumble over onto the already downed one. Other Putties end up tripping and falling into a heap atop one another, turning it into a Putty Pile in no time. Adam flees from the Putties, and eventually falls to the ground, causing one to leap over him. He stands up and wipes his nose, acting cocky like he outwitted the claybrain with some genius move. Tommy does what he's always known best, brute force. A quick stance and a "hiyah!", and he gets to kicking the Putties. Two are knocked down, and once he's through with them, he finds the one with the red ball in hand (not to be confused with the huge red ball of energy reversing time... I think. Wouldn't it have been neat had this ball been a metaphysical counterpart to that magical sphere? Would have given this scene a point!), still lying on the ground. Tommy grabs the ball, and pitches in across the park. By accident, it hits the Z plated chest of a Putty, causing the symbol to glow, and momentarily making the drone explode into many retreating pieces. The six Ranger kids, plus Bulk & Skull, regroup together. Tommy has an amazing discovery which he figured out quicker than his teammates did in "The Mutiny", as he exclaims, "Cool! Hit the Z! Aim for the Z!" The kids get excited and clamor about, causing the remaining Putties to tremble in fear of the weak-spot revelation. Adam tosses the ball, hits a Z, and a putty explodes. Billy tosses the ball, hits a Z, and a putty explodes. Aisha tosses the ball, hits a Z, and a putty explodes. Bulk tosses the ball, hits a Z, and a putty explodes. Kimberly tosses the ball, hits a Z, and a putty explodes. The last remaining horde of Putties, their chest symbols glowing from being struck, stumble around into each other, collapsing to the ground and erupting into a flying heap of clay body parts. The exhausted children sort of mimic the Putties, by falling to the ground and sighing over the grueling victory. Rocky & Tommy, though, are the only ones still standing, as they slap each other five and bask in the adrenaline filled afterglow of their first real battle. Tommy commends the others, shouting, "Hey, great game, guys!" They respond back with weakened grumbling.

In the Command Center, Alpha has been watching over our young heroes. He remarks, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Those little Rangers sure were lucky!" Zordon reminds him, "Remember, Alpha. We chose these young people to be Power Rangers because of their intelligence and resourcefulness. But you must hurry and get the descrambler working. Lord Zedd is bound to be furious and send in one of his monsters." Alpha picks up a small sparkily drill device, and promises, "I'll do my best, Zordon", as he begins to work on the descrambler. On the Moon, Lord Zedd stands at his balcony, glowing bright red with anger, and bashing his fist against the railing. He screams, "This is impossible! Noooo! I don't believe it!" Squatt & Baboo are hiding out behind their peepholes in the wall, to avoid the glowing crimson wrath of Zedd. Squatt remarks, "I KNEW it all sounded too easy!" Zedd proclaims, "Those Ranger kids defeated my Putties even without Zordon's help. They won't get away with this!" Goldar recommends, "Yes, my lord. Send a monster to finish them!" Zeddy agrees, responding, "Yes! I need a monster than can freeze them in time forever!" He does his Zedd-vision thing, where his visor beams down to Earth and scopes things out with red light. He spots the dropped camera, and decides, "With it, I will create the Photomare, and trap those Rangers in a photograph forever!" Baboo & Squatt get some evil gleeful laughter out of this plan. Lord Zedd picks up his Z-Staff and charges it up, aiming it to the Earth and shouting, "Victory will be ours... in a flash!" Goldar cheers, and Zedd laughs evilly as the bolts of evil lightning strike down, hitting the misplaced camera, and quaking the ground. The camera suddenly morphs into the Photomare monster, who, thanks to lacking the suit, appears only in stock footage. Her first shot is standing amid a grey backdrop which is located nowhere around the park. She has a large eyeball on her square-shaped metal chest, and judging from the way her headpiece has a light that zips back and forth, she appears to actually be more of a Xerox copying machine monster, rather than one made from a camera! Photomare's first words are, "Yes, Lord Zedd. I'm zooming in on the Power Rangers now!"

The six Ranger kids march through the wooded surroundings of the park in silence. Bulk & Skull sneak around behind them, keeping mostly low and in the bushes. Tommy eventually turns around and states, "Hey, guys. We know you're there. You're scared. Why don't you just say so?" Bulk replies from the cover of shrubbery, "Who are you callin' a scaredy cat?!" Skull adds, "Yeah, we're protecting you!" Adam scoffs and smiles, saying, "Right!" Suddenly, Photomare pops up somewhere in the area, and shouts, "Smile for the camera!" Kimberly, back to her old vain personality, looks around, asking, "Camera?! Where?!" They spot the stock footage based creature behind them, as the monster tells them, "Hold still, everyone!" Aisha realizes, "I don't think this is like having our class picture done!" Photomare states, "Now, say 'Cheese'!" Billy, who for all his intelligence is taking forever to realize the large evil looking creature doesn't have the best intentions in mind, remarks, "Wait a minute..." Photomare faces towards them, and fires off her chest eyeball a ray of rainbow colors, and says, "Big smile for the picture you'll remember for a lifetime!" She laughs evilly, as the spectrum beam casts out over each of the six kids, freezing them in place, and causing each to glow with the color of their Ranger power. Notice, Adam has a horribly goofy grin on his face, with his finger pointed out, while the others look like deers in headlights, standing rather casual. Once the beam has fallen upon them all, the picture of this Kodak moment is created. Photomare adds, "Or should I say, a lifetime remembered in a picture! Ahahah!" The photo is ejected from her chest tray, and it slips out onto the ground. The picture, for some odd reason, has them standing in a rather open area, whereas the picture shown snapped a moment ago had some picnic stands and many trees surrounding them! They looks pretty much the same, except Aisha has her finger pointed at the monster as well as Adam. Bulk & Skull witness this from within the bushes, and are frightened severely, with Skull clinging to Bulk for protection.


The photo, with the six Ranger kids trapped inside it, remains lying on the grass. Photomare remarks from offscreen, "Now THAT'S still-life photography!" In the Command Center, Alpha continues toiling away at the molecular descrambler. You'd think they'd keep one of those things handy for such an occasion. Anyway, he fiddles around, saying, "If I can just get this wire over here connected like so..." He messes with said wire, and gets a shocking jolt of electricity. He's sent shrieking, as his body walks backwards rapidly into one of the consoles, a burst of power then jolting him away from it and across to another one, out of control. Basically, it's like playing life sized pinball with Alpha 5. Or maybe even Pong! Zordon calmly tells him, "The situation has become critical. The young Rangers have been captured inside a photograph by Lord Zedd's evil Photomare monster." Alpha recovers from his trip, and laments, "Without the descrambler, they will be lost forever!" On the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd exclaims, "Excellent! Hahaha! The Rangers are now trapped in that photograph, for all time!" Goldar calls this, "Perfect!", and erupts with evil chuckling. Baboo & Squatt stand in the throne room, clapping. Squatt is overjoyed, "It really worked! Oh ho-ho!" Lord Zedd twirls his staff around in his hands, and he comments, "Never will they hamper my evil deeds again. Victory is mine at last, and how sweet it is!" Wow, Zedd's quoting Gleason now. He MUST be happy! To the moon, Alice!

[To be continued...; End credits]

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