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Power Rangers In Space
"Grandma Matchmaker"
Original Air Date: 4/25/98 Based On:
Megaranger #28 - Oteage! Bakuretsu Baachan Senpuu
(I've Had It! The Explosive Grandma Cyclone)
*5th Regular Season Continues
(6th Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-613
*13th episode of PRiS
*263rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Aloma Wright **AS** Adelle Ferguson
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
? **AS** Grandma Hammond
? **AS** Termitis (voice)
Jackie Marchand **AS** Mamamite (voice)


[Recap of "The Great Evilyzer"]
Ashley is sitting in Angel Grove Park, quietly reading a book, as a taxi cab pulls up near her. A weird old lady in bright colored clothes watches her with binoculars inside it. She gets out of the cab and throws a manilla envelope at an unaware Ashley, who's reflex actions kick in, catching it before it can hit her in the face. The mystery lady is revealed to be none other than Ashley's Grandmother! She's come to visit for a few days, and inside that envelope is Ashley's future husband! Explanations are in order, for sure, as Ash hops in the cab with granny (who gives her a well deserved slap on her well shaped rear-end), departing the park. Meanwhile, on the Dark Fortress, Mamamite meets with Astronema and tells her she's laid millions of her eggs under Angel Grove, which will soon hatch and eat the city. Astronema gets anxious and has her go to Earth and make them hatch A.S.A.P.!
[opening credits]
Grandma Hammond shows Ashley & Adelle the pics of a possible future Mr. Ashley at the Surf Spot. Tons of pictures and info of guys Granny wants Ashley to hook up with lay on the counter. Ash tries talking sense into the senile old bag, but she yammers on, even talking about Ash breeding with some of these freaks! Carlos walks up to the ladies and immediately Ashley gets an idea. She jumps up and introduces Carlos as her boyfriend of one year (an in-joke to the fact when they first appeared in Turbo, their characters were to be romantically linked)! Adelle seems as surprised of this news as Carlos is. The two Ranger teen's communicators go off and they have to ditch the nosey Granny by having her order drinks. They go off to a secluded area to 'rocket,' but Grandma follows! The annoying senior citizen blabs about the juices at the Surf Spot, delaying the two from joining the other Rangers. Speaking of which, Mamamite is attempting to wake her baby termites up in the middle of the city, when Pink, Blue & Red Rangers confront her. A fight breaks out, Mama proving too much for the Ranger threesome, until Black & Yellow finally get there to help out. The Quadroblaster is formed, along with the Astro Blaster extension Spiral Saber mode, and together they blast Mamamite into sawdust. Back up on the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor reports Mamamite's demise to Astronema, who impatiently awaits the hungry city-eating baby termites' hatching.
Once again in Angel Grove Park, The Ranger teens discuss the Grandma Hammond situation. Carlos wants to tell her the truth, since they can't go on with this farce forever (as Teej mentions, they'd eventually have to get married). Grandma shows up and attempts to take a picture of the 'lovebirds' when Carlos spills the beans. Granny isn't discouraged and somehow finds a way to twist their words of liking each other into their first date together! She even has matching tacky tropical shirts for them to wear during it. Cassie, TJ & Andros get their own little Granny binoculars and get a kick out of watching the two on the Merry Go-round in their matching outfits. Granny soon calls Ash up on a cell phone, asks her what they're talking about. Ash tells her just stuff, and they're going to get something to eat soon, but first, Granny tells her to hold hands with Carlos on the ride. Later, at the Surf Spot, Ashley and Carlos share a milkshake together, thanks to Grandma. Luckily, Alpha beeps the communicators, so they start to take off away from Grandma. Without warning, the whole building begins to shake! The people evacuate outside, where the baby termites have finally hatched from the crumbling streets! They are spreading everywhere through cracks in the ground, eating everything from Cars, to lampposts, to buildings! Ashley is forced to take her whiny Grandma back home, because the old fart won't go by herself. The others Morph into action, and try using their Astro Blasters to destroy the millions of swarming termites. Still more hatch and forcing them to call out their Megaweapons. Yet even those are gobbled up by the ever-hungry termites (Andros is shocked, as they were made from Hardened Universal Steel)! Ecliptor informs Astronema of the termites' success, and she smiles evilly. Suddenly, all the termites come together into the form of a monster named Termitis, who looks just like Mama. The Rangers attempt to squash him, but Termitis tosses them all around in the battle, really putting a hurt on them when he uses his eye beam blasts twice.
Ashley & Grandma Hammond are rushing through the debris filled streets, trying to get home, when Ash is contacted by Alpha. She's badly needed back with her friends, but Granny is being a baby and won't let her go back alone. Finally, Ash stands up for herself and yells at Grandma, telling her she's being smothering too much. Ash hands granny over to a nearby police officer and heads off to join the other Rangers. Grandma is still fidgety and assaults the police officer by throwing him over and taking his car! Granny recklessly drives the cop car all over, swerving while trying to find her granddaughter, who runs by her in Yellow Ranger form. The rest of the Rangers are getting creamed by explosion-happy Termitis, until Yellow rushes in, Blaster ablazing. Yet, even she gets overtaken by the crafty insectoid, lasers wrapping around her and tossing Ashley across the street. Termitis walks over to finish her off, when Granny in her cop car speeds toward him like a maniac! She takes him down on the first pass, but on her way back around, he begins firing at her, causing her to lose control of the brakes (actually, she can't seem to reach the petal or something). Grandma takes off dangerously down the road, and Yellow Ranger goes after her. Granny takes out a few benches and Yellow grabs the passenger side window and hangs on for the ride. Luckily, Grandma finally hits the brakes just in time to miss a front end collision with some stairs. Yellow talks to Grandma, who whines about only wanting to help but always ruining things. Ashley realizes she wouldn't want her Granny any other way, vaguely thanking her before taking off back to help her friends. The Rangers are still trying to take Termitis down to no avail. Yellow finally makes it back, and this time it's personal! She uses her Star Slinger (the only Megaweapon not snacked on), rushing at him, dodging his eye blast attacks. Finally she goes in for the kill using her Lightstar Helmet enhanced Blade Arm move! He's almost exterminated when Astronema has Satellasers fired on the buggy baddie! Termitis grows and the Astro Megazord is formed in kind to do battle. Yellow takes front seat for Astro Megazord operations, but Termitis eludes them by dissolving into termite form. He does this again, but swarms the Megazord covering almost the entire exterior. No other options left, the Delta Megazord is called by Red Ranger with his Battlizer. The Gyro Blasters ward off the termites, which reform into Termitis. Ashley initiates AstroDelta Megazord link up, and Termitis is not impressed. AstroDelta fires a freeze ray with The Megazord Blaster, freezing the monster in place. Flying Power Punch strikes down, shattering the termitesicle into harmless vapor!
The Ranger teens help take Grandma's bags to her taxi outside the Surf Spot, as she prepares to leave Angel Grove. Unfortunately, she's still matchmaking, this time trying to find a man who loves good cooking for Adelle! Everyone bids good-bye, as Grandma tries to find out the marital status of the Taxi Driver, proving she'd be prime material for casting director of "Love Connection."
[Scenes from "The Barillian Sting"; end credits]

[Bloopers have NEVER been aired, thanks to Fox Kids' policy of replacing bloopers with stupid commercials]; Granny messes herself in the Cop Car.

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