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Power Rangers In Space
"Flashes Of Darkonda"
Original Air Date: 5/16/98 Featuring Footage From:
Megaranger #31 - Tomeru ze! Gireeru no Bousou
(Stop him! Guirail's Wreckless Run)
Forest Flashback Footage From:
Megaranger #20 - Tanomu ze! Shin Robo Deruta Mega
(Please! The New Robot Delta Mega)
*5th Regular Season Finale!
(6th Season By Series Continues)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-616
*16th episode of PRiS
*266th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Steve Kramer **AS** Darkonda (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
Roger Morrisey **AS** Skygantor
? **AS** Mutantrus (voice)
? **AS** Lots & Lots Of Unnamed & Recycled Monsters


[Darkened Recap of "TJ's Identity Crisis"]
Andros' bedroom is where we begin. He lies sleeping (fully clothed in his Megajammies, sorry ladies!) and remembering through dreams a recent offscreen meeting between him and Darkonda. They're dueling in the forest, Darky mentioning he's hurt Andros doesn't remember him, as they met long ago. The fight gets cut off when things are getting heated up, as Andros immediately awakens in a puddle of sweat. He's been shaken by Darkonda's words, DECA assures him it was just a dream. The next morning, he heads to the bridge of the Megaship where Carlos & Ashley take their AMScanners and greet him on their way out, Cassie & TJ also heading out with them. They say they're going to check a planet in the Degeba system where Zordon may be, so they'll be gone for a few hours. Andros is left to sit around with DECA, who is still searching for Zordon through algorithm scans. He decides to cue up his old memory disc of 'The Karone Kidnapping Caper,' all the while reflecting on Darkonda's words. Suddenly, he glances over to see Karone's kidnapper on the screen. The image becomes clearer than ever, and Andros realizes that after all these years, it was Darkonda who stole his sister!
[Darkened Opening Credits]
Inside the Astro Delta Megaship Hanger, Andros storms down to the work bay, with DECA trying to talk him out of his angered state of realization. He checks a map of the galaxy, pointing at a planet called Onyx. DECA tells him it's in a prohibited sector and he must not venture there. Andros tells her she doesn't know where he's gone, before he slides into the Jump Tube, teleporting off to his destination. Onyx is reddish planet with large yellow rings. On one area of it, we find ourselves at an old western style saloon, which are frequented by Tengas, Quantrons, Piranahtrons, and a gaggle of old Rita years monsters as well as new freaky looking ones (some from "beetleborgs"). Why, there's our old pal Octophantom leaving Ye Olde Monster Saloon now! He walks right past Andros, who is hiding behind some stairs, donning a dark hooded robe and face veil. Inside the Onyx Tavern, Sinister Simian plays a jaunty tune on the piano! One freaky female monster croons out a tune to the music, the place is rocking with all sorts of weird characters. At the bar, an ant creature gets served a sugar bowl zinger, Darkonda sitting next to him telling the monster he reminds him of his aunt! The bug thing doesn't find the joke funny, as Darky heads off upstairs to a room, where he harasses an Elf. Darkonda wants a vial of strength potion from the little man. Elfy goes into his room to retrieve what he needs, but he's not alone, as Ecliptor hides in the shadows giving the Dwarf a tainted vial of potion. Darkonda takes the vial not suspecting his worst enemy plotted ahead of time against him. Downstairs, a group of monsters play a not-so-friendly game of cards (they look more like coasters to me). Darkonda joins in, and soon so does the disguised Andros (whom i'll call Androbed). The stakes increase, the game really moving along. A Metal mouthed monster named Skygantor runs out of gems and jewels, giving up some key cards of his into the pot. Another monster (who resembles the Wizard Of Deception) argues they're worthless, but Skygantor says he stole them from Zordon while they were battling on Eltar. Darkonda inspects and assures they are priceless. Soon enough, Monsters know when to fold them and it looks like Darkonda wins (he beats three Zenabas with five Zenaba-tars)! Before he can grab the loot, Androbed plays his hand of a Zinta and breaks the bank! Skygantor can't believe this, and being a sore loser, pulls a laser gun on him for 'cheating.'
Androbed pulls a leg kick on Skygantor, and swipes his gun, warning him to back off. He does, and Androbed takes his winnings over to the bar. Darkonda is intrigued by this and follows, complimenting his skills as both a player & fighter. He even buys him a drink (seems this place is the intergalactic equivalent of a juice bar)! Darkonda tries to offer money for the key cards, thinking a traveler like him will have no use for them. Androbed says he plans to use them to get information about anything of value on KO-35. Darky is familiar with the planet, having pulled a job there some time ago before it was deserted. Androbed passes the cards to him and learns the job was kidnapping a little girl while her and her brother were playing. Andy crushes his drink upon hearing this. He quizzes Darkonda some more about whatever became of the girl. Darky begins to tell him that she's alive & well and he won't believe where she is now, but he spots the Astro Morpher on his wrist! Darkonda mentions he'll take a stab at his true name, whipping out his Extenda-Sword and striking! Andros leaps over and snatches the revised Marvo the Meanie's sword and duels with Darkonda! They battle all over the bar, in true Zorro-like fashion. They end upstairs, locked sword to sword with each other. Andros winds up sneaking the key cards out of Darkonda's possession during this and jumps off the upper level to the chandelier! On his way out, he calls for his Galaxy Glider and it's waiting for him to jumpflip on to and ride on out of there (which he does, Morphing in midair). Darkonda yells for Quantrons to go after him, the drones using motorcycles and Velocifighters to chase the fleeing Red Ranger. Red Ranger is already gliding through the streets and sidewalks, dodging Piranahtrons and other baddies. The Velocifighters streak in, firing all over the place with little regard to what they hit. The aerial dogfight concludes with a spectacular jump by Andros off his Glider over a V-Fighter and then back onto the board, causing two of the Quantron ships to collide with explosive results! Andros quickly heads back to the Astro Delta Hangar, where the rest of the team is baffled as to where he's been for so long as he walks onto the bridge. He shows them the fruits of his labors, Zordon's Key Cards, having Alpha check out them out to verify their authenticity. Darkonda sends a short transmission to the Megaship, telling Red Ranger to give up the Key Cards if he wants to know where his sister is. The Rangers are shocked to learn their new foe was behind their new friend's long torment. Alpha confirms that they are genuinely Eltarian, and Andros takes them in his hand. He walks over to the Megalift, ready to go down to Earth and finally find his sister. The rest of the team is coming with him whether he likes it or not, in a scene very similar to the one from "From Out Of Nowhere." They all telemorph down and greet Old Gold Teeth in the streets of Angel Grove. They refuse to give the cards until they get the scoop on Karone. Darkonda gulps down his vial of strength potion, and begins to pulsate with electricity. Powered up, he races toward them, running circles around and through our heroes! His strength increased and far greater than the team of Rangers, he jumps overhead and rains down on them all his own brand of lightning!
Darkonda comes down on the Rangers with his super powered Extenda-Sword, slicing and dicing like they were made of butter. He then swings around a hook and chain at them, charging it into a laser lash, striking the whole team. He wants those key cards at any cost, but still Andros and friends stand their ground. Darkonda unleashes yet another wave of electricity upon our multicolored avengers. Just as he closes in to rip the Key Cards for Red Ranger's injured body, his powers begin to go all crazy on him! He starts dripping goop all over the place, realizing the potion's been spiked! Darky has no choice but to teleport away, baffled as to who did this to him. The Rangers lick their wounds and also wonder who tampered with Darkonda's miracle drink. Darky hasn't teleported far, and is nearby in a parking garage getting Darkondgoo all over the place! As he collapses on the ground vowing vengeance on who did this to him, Ecliptor appears from the shadows confessing that 'twas he who hath killed the beast, not beauty! Clippy teleports away triumphantly knowing he's ruined his foe possibly for good. Darkonda lashes around violently, and suddenly grows huge, tearing through the roof of the garage. The poison altered his look and now Darkonda is extra spikey and extra mad! He shoots eye beams down along the cityscape, the Rangers watch from the line of fire. They then call for the Astro Megaship, which they board ready to form the Megazord (including a rare look at them heading into the cockpit through the background door). The dashboard flips over, Red Ranger places the Battlizer clip into the slot and the AstroDelta Megazord is quickly arranged and brought down planetside to fight. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema is annoyed to see Darkonda about to battle the Rangers without her knowing. Ecliptor eggs on her displeasure, pointing out he told her Darky couldn't be trusted. The twisted and poisoned Darkonda begins to slash at the AstroDelta with a spike & his sword, as well as using his eye beams blasts to blow up more innocent buildings. The explosions are striking them as well, so Flying Power Punch is initiated, but the fists are reflected back at the Megazord! Defense systems are off-line and the Rangers are running out of power and options. No use in calling the Saber, he's too strong for it! Andros comes up with a plan to channel all their main energy into the convertor to create an energy cyclone. Darkonda continues barreling down upon them with beam blasts, as they use their last remaining power supply to pull the plan off. The Energy Cyclone spins the Megazord into a streak of fire, launching into the air and swooping back down, shooting through Darkonda's chest, leaving a blazing trail behind them. Darky falls and explodes, the AstroDelta Megazord is barely holding on as it is. The Rangers begin to think they're victorious until Darkonda emerges from the ashes, ready for more!
The Rangers watch with horror as Darkonda stumbles toward them, a piece of himself dropping off and creating a separate creature! It's a weird looking crab-like thing, which is named "Mutantrus" according to the VCD set. The two monsters fire upon the double decker Megazord, completely draining and smashing it as if it were the one you buy at Toys R us! Mutantrus then grabs hold of the powerless AstroDelta Megazord, unleashing some energy attacks, before tossing it down the streets of Angel Grove, with the Rangers trapped inside it's damaged hull! They scrape down the road, out of control and out of time for this episode!
[To Be Continued...; end credits]

Andros returns to the bridge and suffers from TJ's amnesia; TJ & Cassie get Degoba double mumbled; A Female Monster gives a joke as bad as she looks; DECA informs Andros of his lack of geography, and he flicks at the planet icon.

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