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Power Rangers In Space
"True Blue To The Rescue"
Original Air Date: 9/19/98 Featuring Darkened Footage From:
Megaranger #33 - Ukiuki! Tsuki kara Kita Koibito
(Cheerful! The Lover That Came From The Moon)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-702
*18th episode of PRiS
*268th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Space Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema

Blake Foster **AS** Justin Stewart (Blue Turbo Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Hilary Shepard Turner **AS** Divatox
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Michael Cunningham **AS** Doug Stewart
? **AS** Lionizer (voice)


[Recap of "Flashes Of Darkonda, "The Rangers' Mega Voyage," & a few other PRiS tidbits]
On an unnamed orange planet, somewhere along it's desert surface, lies the two living vehicles Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. Since their capture by Divatox's forces some time ago, they've been harnessed for slavery by Piranahtrons. P-Trons lead them across the barren landscape, amid chains and shackles. Whipped into submission, they haul large crates of unknown origin for reasons undisclosed. Lighting Cruiser suddenly stalls, giving the Piranahtrons cause to unhook some of the restrains to see what's the problem with it. Bad move, as LC blasts them off with it's guns! It then takes off and quickly circles around, blasting free Storm Blaster! Taken off guard while trying to recapture Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster makes a break for it, and even when the P-Trons realize what's going on and hop on their bikes after SB, it's too late. Storm Blaster teleports off the planet!
[opening credits, featuring a few scenes of Mega Voyager]
Astronema (now wearing a short black wig sprinkled with silvery strands) rushes to the bridge of the Dark Fortress to receive a call from her old rival, Divatox! It seems Diva wants Storm Blaster back, and is asking Astronema is she sees it to give her a call (Divatox kisses up, trying to get Astronema to do her this favor). Astronema quickly snaps back, calling for finders keepers on the ancient battle vehicle! Divatox loses her temper and starts mocking our princess of evil before she cuts her signal off. Astronema has Ecliptor release the Velocifighters to go after Storm Blaster, which is zooming through space as she speaks. Couple of V-Fighters hunt SB down and fire upon the blue jeep. Alpha 6 on the Astro Megaship detects this event occurring, and alerts the Rangers. All but Andros react to the news with concern, but they fill him in on their way down to Earth, where Storm Blaster is making landfall. No rest for the weary vehicle, as Quantrons storm around it in a parking lot. The Rangers rocket on down to help, but even as they beat off Q-Trons, Astronema & Ecliptor make the scene. She wants that powerful living jeep, and if the army she has assemble isn't enough, out comes the gold cannon carrying monster named Lionizer! The Rangers try their best to fight off the crew of Creatures & Robots, but they beginning to overwhelm them, so they have Storm Blaster drive off. Black & Yellow Ranger are blasted by Lionizer's cannon trying to protect SB's getaway. The complete power team defeated, and being dragged together & chained, Storm Blaster cruises off for help!
Somewhere under the night sky, Justin Stewart views up at a shooting star. His wish is for his old friends, The Power Rangers, to be alright wherever they are. We then catch a flashback montage of scenes from "The Wheel Of Fate" (TJ & Justin talk about homework), "Trouble By The Slice" (Justin plays soccer with Carlos & others, and hangs out with Carlos at the Pizza place), "Little Strong Man" (Justin lifts a Piranahtron up with his hand), and lastly "Chase Into Space, Part 2" (Justin watches the shuttle take off). Justin then heads inside to bed, where his dad tucks him in and tells him he's going to be busy at work tomorrow. Justin is hurt by this, because they had plans, but makes due since dad's a workaholic. He lies down, but before he can drift to sleep, lights outside begin flashing causing Justin to take notice and check out the disturbance in his driveway. Sure enough, it's Storm Blaster flashing it's headlights! Justin is excited to see his old exhaust spewing friend, and climbs out his second story window to visit him. Justin tries finding out what the deal is with it's escape, but SB wants him to come along for a ride. Justin knows there's nothing going on here at home sweet home, so hops in and gets auto-buckled up for Turbo charged ride! Back at the warehouse where the Rangers are being chained up, Lionizer attempts to get them to lower the shields on the Megaship to no avail. Justin & Storm Blaster arrive and watch the situation from outside, but Quantrons are already on them! Justin pulls out some karate moves from his days as Blue Ranger, and kicks metallic butt. He rushes off and hops back in Storm Blaster and they escape. Suddenly, SB turns back around and speeds directly at a warehouse wall! Justin is terrified by Storm Blaster's crazy move, but is quickly calmed by SB's glove box opening up to reveal a Turbo Morpher surprise! (Justin claims this is HIS Morpher, despite nothing on it differentiating it from any other Turbo Morpher)
Lionizer is ready to take out some Rangers with his cannon, when Storm Blaster crashes through a wall, scrambling off the bad guys in it's path. When it comes to a stop, Justin appears from it's driver's seat in his Blue Turbo Ranger uniform, fully Morphed! Cassie happily and stunningly recognizes him, as he goes into action against the armada of Q-Trons. He pulls out his Auto-Blaster and frees the Power Rangers from their chains, but they get no time to enjoy being unrestrained as they are tossed into the usual hand-to-hand-to-feet combat. TJ tries helping Justin out with a few Robo-goons, but is almost attacked by his friend! Teej explains it is he who has inherited the power of Ranger blue, and they immediately join up as a formidable fighting pair! Andros knocks around Ecliptor, like always. Meanwhile, TJ & Justin do a two blue revue on Lionizer! Once the Quantron army has been quelled, Storm Blaster gets its chance to release some energy blasts on the golden king of the jungle. Lionizer's cannon equally matches the power output of the living vehicle, but Teej & Justin tilt the odds by helping out with their own Blaster guns. Lionizer catches the backlash of the laser tug-of-war and is thrown outside, where the Rangers form up the Quadroblaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode. The combined forces of the weapons end the Lionizer's roar, but Astronema's Satellasers reverse this effect, causing him to grow up to building crushing proportions! The Rangers all call for Mega V1 (even though, it's really only Andros' Zord) and it rockets into battle with the large Villain. Not long into the duel, does Red Ranger call for Mega Voyager transformation mode, and despite the darkened night scene battle, it's easy to see Lionizer's explosive defeat with the Mega V3 Missile attack. Justin watches the confrontation with Storm Blaster from the ground, both are amazed by the new Megazord. The Power team joins him on the ground, and the question of Lighting Cruisers' whereabouts are raised. They decide to go help rescue it, with Justin riding in SB and The Rangers on their Galaxy Gliders. They reach the orange planet, where LC is still under control of Piranahtrons, and get right to liberating the living car by using their Megaweapons on their old fishy foes. The whole Piranahtron gang is no match for any of the Power Rangers, nor Justin in Storm Blaster, and the final batch of bad guys go down with quick swoop of Andros' Saber (well, all but that one, but he's just running scared).
Lightning Cruiser secured and the Piranahtrons off the planet, The Rangers all power down to their Megaship uniforms & reunite with Justin. They tell him they're all doing great, Ashley introduces him to Andros, and they shake hands. Justin has to get back home, but assures them he'll always be there for them if they need him. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger. Storm Blaster takes the pajama-clad tike back to Earth, where's it's already daylight. Justin's dad is leaving for work, when he spots a neighbor father and son. Realizing that kind of time is precious, he goes back in the house to take the day off to be with his kid. Speaking of whom, Justin has parted ways with Storm Blaster, and is sneaking down the street. He climbs up into his room through the window, JUST in time as Dad comes in walking in. He asks his neglected son if he wants to go fishing and Justin, despite being up all night & traveling to other planets to save old friends, gives a resounding yes! (notice in his room, a NASADA sign. Seems some things never change.)
[scenes from "Invasion Of The Body Switcher" (sometimes omitted); end credits]

[:20 seconds always omitted on Fox Kids]; Cassie unenthusiastically makes a failed jump for a chain.

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