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Power Rangers In Space
"From Out Of Nowhere, Part II"
Original Air Date: 2/13/98 Featuring Footage From:
Megaranger #02 - Mite Kure! Oretachi no Gyarakushii Mega
(Look! It's Our Galaxy Mega)
*5th Regular Season Continues
(6th Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-602
*2nd episode of PRiS
*252nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani **AS** Alpha 6 (garbled old voice)
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (new voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)


[Recap of "From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1"]
The episode begins right where the action left off last time as our heroes rush to battle the Quantrons alongside the mysterious Red Ranger! Using both reluctant and experienced teamwork, they quickly overwhelm the metallic drones, who run off scared after a crushing blow by The Red Ranger.
[Opening Credits, Andros & Astronema added, Divatox removed]
The Rangers lick their wounds as The Red Ranger powers down in front of them to reveal a human appearance! Ashley walks over to him in amazement saying "You're Human?!" as she pokes him with her finger. He explains his name is Andros, and that he is indeed human but from the space colony of KO-35 in the Karova System. They introduce themselves to him (with Ashley batting her eyes the whole time). He shakes TJ's hand in childlike bewilderment over the strange Earth custom. DECA calls him back to the ship, on the subject of repairs. Carlos heads in to try to fix Alpha's speech board with DECA's help. Outside, TJ discusses their options with Cassie & Ashley. If the shuttle can't make it to Eltar, then they'll go after the Alliance of Evil on the Cimmerian planet, but Andros tells them that they've already left, with Zordon as their hostage, whom is being drained of energy. Andros plans to save Zordon by himself, but Cassie makes the case of them all being in it this together, which he ignores despite pleas all the way back into the Megaship. He really doesn't think they are cut out for space, since their limited Ranger experience comes from being stationed on one planet. DECA gets the engines running again finally, and Andros helps fix Alpha 6's voice, while trying to learn their mission from him. Alpha's new voice is remarkably similar to Alpha 5's, complete with "Ay-Yi-Yi's!" (although it's NOT the same person who did old Alpha 5's voice). Andros then prepares to prep the shuttle for a return trip to Earth, to take back the gang of four Ex-Turbo Rangers!
As Andros programs the Shuttle Earthbound, Ashley tries talking with him to learn more about his home and his reluctance to accept help. He gives her the brush off and soon leaves the Rangers on the planet's surface with the fueled up NASADA shuttle. He hurriedly takes off in the Astro Megaship as they wave good-bye to him. The Rangers are about to leave in their little ship to go back to Earth when they realize Alpha is missing! A Search for him planetside comes up with nothing, when suddenly Quantrons teleport in and attack! Meanwhile, Andros is greeted by a stowaway Alpha who tries to talk him into the whole "you all have the same mission" thing. Andros begins to replay the words of the Rangers in his head, about accepting help and being a team. A change of heart later, he asks DECA to turn the Megaship around! Back on the planet, The Quantrons beat the Rangers into submission and capture them. Astronema makes an explosive entrance in all her evil glory and tries to get the location of Red Ranger from them. They refuse to help her, so she orders them to be killed. Just then, a loud boom is heard and the clouds in the skies above open up, with everyone watching to see what's headed their way!
Waiting for whatever to appear from the clouds, Astronema teleports out just as the Astro Megship swoops down, blasting the Quantrons (and almost the rangers)! It lands and Andros rushes out handing the Rangers their Astro Morphers. With a quick "Let's Rocket!", they Morph, utilizing a mix of Megaranger and Saban made footage. The new and improved Space Power Rangers rush into battle, kicking the crap out of the Quantrons. They even get to use their individual special weapons (Spiral Saber, Lunar Lance, Star Slinger, Satellite Stunner & Astro Ax) on the robotic minions! Once the Quantrons are done with, Astronema has her Velocifighters swing down and fire at our heroes. The only choice left is to head into the Megaship, where Alpha is still trying to figure out the Black Box he found in the ruins of the Power Chamber. The Megaship takes off and is constantly blasted upon by Astronema's funky bullfaced spacecraft thing. Luckily, in the heat of battle Alpha cracks the code on the box, which is all apart of Zordon's master plan. It contains the codes for The Astro Megazord configuration (which links the NASADA shuttle to the Megaship)! Soon, Megaranger footage is deployed, and The Astro Megazord transforms into action! Astronema is not impressed by their impressive display of power. It doesn't take long for the Rangers to use the Astro Megazord Saber to cut right through the laser-happy alien craft, causing it to blow into instant space debris.
Andros gives the Rangers a tour of the Megaship, as well as their new Megaship uniforms. Before they can go to find Zordon, they'll need to upgrade the Megaship for a long voyage, and the place to get those parts is back on Earth at NASADA! So, Alpha helps DECA set a course, with the Rangers excited to go home, but leaving Andros a little down (he misses his own home I guess). As the Megaship ventures Earthbound, Astronema is watching them from her Dark Fortress, with plans to attack the Rangers on Earth, destroying the whole planet if necessary!
[scenes from "Save Our Ship" (aired once!); End credits]

The Rangers experience some laughter inducing turbulence on the Bridge of the Megaship; Blue Ranger has a nice trip; Once again, Ashley can't contain herself during the Megaship's firing scene!

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