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Power Rangers In Space
"Survival Of The Silver"
Original Air Date: 10/3/98 Featuring Footage From:
Megaranger #22 - Nukedase! Akuma no Rabirinsu
(Break Out! The Devil's Labyrinth)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-704
*20th episode of PRiS
*270th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)

Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
? **AS** Lunatick (voice)


[Recap of "Flashes Of Darkonda," "The Rangers' Mega Voyage," "True Blue To The Rescue" & "Invasion Of The Body Switcher"]
The Rangers are collecting egg samples (why exactly they don't say), on an apparently deserted planet called Kadix. Carlos thinks he sees something lurking around, and while nobody listens to him, there are in fact little jawa-robed natives sneaking around disguising themselves as trees. For lack of any name, we'll call them Kadixians. Soon enough, the planet natives gang up on the Rangers and our heroes run away. Finally reaching the spot where the Astro Megaship is parked, the Rangers face front against the horde of Kadixians and rocket into Morphin' action. They fight off the druidly dressed aliens, while trying to secure the eggs they dug up.
[opening credits]
Realizing they're outnumbered, the Rangers have the Megaship prepare to liftoff and they high tail it into the ship. With quick use of their Astro Blasters, the Kadixians are pushed back enough for all of the Rangers to board the ship and seal the hatch. The angry aliens then take out their frustrations on the exterior of the ship, but Andros has DECA immediately blast off. The little mean men are tossed aside as the Megaship gets off the planet and back into space. Unfortunately, the Megaship has sustained serious damage from this, ontop of the weakened systems by the Darkonda fight a few shows ago. Malfunctions occur all over the place, accelerators also overheating, so while Andros mans the helm of the ship, the others head to down to fix the engine room. The four Earth teens rush down and quickly restore the engines to working order. While things appear to be in order for the moment, Cassie spots a mysterious door opening in the corner of the engine room. She goes over to investigate the secret area, and Carlos follows with her. Already dumbfounded as to finding this room, the two get an even bigger surprise when they find the cryogenic tube in it. Carlos yells for Ash & Teej to come see it, which from apparent viewing contains someone in a Ranger costume, frozen, on life support. As soon as Ashley asks the obvious question of his identity, Andros is there to answer it. It's Zhane, the Silver Ranger!
Andros continues walking to the Cryogenic chamber room, spilling out the secret of the Silver Ranger to his newfound friends. Zhane was Andros' best friend, together they were an invincible power team, until the day Dark Specter and his forces attacked KO-35! Andros recalls that day, in which Piranahtrons overran the streets, trashing and destroying all, along with spacecrafts blasting from above. Aside from KO-35 planetary defense troops, Andros & Zhane fought together against the relentless army. KO-35ians ran helpless about, dodging P-Trons and bolts from above. A monster of Dark Specter's, who looks just like Ghoulum from Beetleborgs, was among those trying to destroy the planet. The Ranger duo attempted to stop it, but Andros fell before it and was about to be killed, when Zhane jumped in and took the blow meant for him. The monster was destroyed, but Zhane was badly injured in the process. Andros then took Zhane and froze him cryogenically to keep him from dying, hooking him up to a machine that would over time heal him. So far he's been in the tube two years! The Ranger teens understand he did what he had to, and they all head back up to the bridge to check out the damage status of the ship, leaving Zhane alone in his icy tomb. Once on the bridge, Andros sends Cassie down to the cargo hold alone to being back that egg sample they swiped from Kadix. She heads down to retrieve it, finding the pod has hatched into a horrible Kadixian Pod Monster (named "Lunatick", according to the episode script)! In the initial surprise of finding it, Cassie drops her Astro Morpher. When she reaches for it, Lunatick grabs her arm, just before she uses it to hit him. She then makes a dash for the door to get help, but Lunatick intelligently presses a few buttons on the control panel and seals it! Cass is forced to go at the slimy foe at full kicking force, knocking him toward the cargo hold door. She snatches up her Morpher and hits the button on the panel and opens the cargo bay doors. Lunatick grabs onto a net, and hangs on, while Cassie herself barely keeps from being sucked out into the inky void of space! Finally, the net breaks and the monster goes flying out the hatch, but the tail end if the net gets caught up when Cassie reseals the door. She rushes over to toss the rest of it out, but little does she realize that Lunatick is far from gone. Our lovely Miss Chan heads back to the bridge to tell her tale, when the weakened Megaship engines cause the ship to be overpowered by the planet's gravitational pull. They're going to have to make another landing on the hostile terrain, and if that wasn't bad enough, the Kadixian Pod creature is hanging onto the ship, tearing up the hull! The Rangers quickly prepare for a crash landing on Kadix.
The Astro Megaship skims along Kadix's surface, utilizing crash landing footage from "From Out Of Nowhere 1." The makeshift parking job causes Lunatick to be thrown from his position of destruction, at least. Everything comes back online inside, and everybody's alright. Problem is they're going to have to make some repairs to the outside of the ship, which they can't do just yet, as more Kadixian natives approach! The whole team rushes out and Morphs, ready for more battling of the angry little people, whom are now lead by the Pod Creature! Despite taking on an onslaught of their kin, several of the aliens make it past the Rangers and get into the Megaship. DECA seals most of the doors, but the door to the bridge begins to get overtaken by a few intruders. Outside the ship is getting torn apart by the aliens, as well as Lunatick, whom is also tossing around his old buddy Cassie. All of this is taking a toll inside the Megaship, where the healing chamber of Zhane's begins to malfunction and thaw out! The Power Rangers barely hold on against the Kadixian aliens, even while using their Megaweapons. Zhane's life support finally dies out, and apparently so does he, as his life sign monitor goes flat line! Andros suddenly senses something's wrong with his best friend, and totally loses it, collapsing midbattle. He only grieves for a moment, because he has vengeance to enact! He picks up his Spiral Saber and is ready to teach these brainless aliens a lesson. Red Ranger tears into the crowd of Kadixians, shelling out some pay back, but the Pod Creature takes him from behind. Meanwhile, the bridge's door begins to give out, with Alpha 6 cowering at the sight of the evil aliens preparing to violate the inner sanctum of the Megaship. Elsewhere, Zhane's life line kicks back up, and he starts to awaken from his long iced slumber! Andros fights off the pod creature, and even when the beaten and weary other Rangers join him, they're no match for the monster. Suddenly, as the aliens are about to break into the bridge, Silver Ranger tosses all of their mangy hides out of the ship! All are aghast at the sight of the silver clad Ranger, whom steps off the access bay, having a hard time figuring out what's going on. He spots Andros, and realizes there's trouble abound when he meets the pod creature. Quickly, he makes a power leap over to a nearby rock, and calls forth the Super Silverizer, his powerful arm blade! For a guy who's been frozen for two years, he sure wastes no time slicing and dicing Lunatick, trashing and bashing until the evil creature explodes in a fireball behind him. The Power Team runs over and Andros reunites with his old buddy, but not for long, as Lunatick is back and he's mutated into huge Zord fighting form! Our heroes rush into the Megaship, and call forth Astro Megazord transformation sequence (obviously they've repaired it better than we've been told). Zhane visits the bridge and meets Alpha 6, as he watches the Zord-forming for the first time. The Astro Megazord lands on Kadix and searches for the monster, which is already aware of where they are, striking the ground with a power blast. This causes the Megazord to sink into the ground, quicksand style! Stuck in a rut, Red Ranger calls for the Delta Megazord to help them up, and link together for the AstroDelta Megazord. Flying power punch finishes the gnat-winged Lunatick monster off once and for all.
The Rangers are returning to the bridge, wearing their Megaship uniforms, relaxing after a long day of fighting for no reason! As they approach it, Zhane is telling Alpha some of his monster fighting-adventures. Andros, of course remembers it differently, and once the de-helmeted Silver Ranger turns around we finally get to see his bleached blonde head. Andros introduces him to the whole team, but it's Ashley he likes best, kissing her hand, which makes Andros none too happy (One thing of note, Zhane says he's never met a female power ranger before, as a pick up line of sorts. What, is Cassie chopped liver? She just introduced herself to him a minute prior!)! Zhane's last memory is of KO-35 under attack, so Andros takes him off to fill him on everything that's happened since he started his silver nap.
[scenes from "Red With Envy"; end credits]

[As of this episode, all PR Episodes Bloopers are completely covered with ads for Fox Kids. They're still made, but only in other countries are they seen. Some rare occasions cause a few bloopers in following episodes to be seen, but for the most part, they're gone for good.]

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