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Power Rangers In Space
"Always A Chance"
Original Air Date: 10/17/98 Featuring Footage From:
Megaranger #04 - Kudaku zo! Shiborena no Wana
(Smash It! Shibolena's Trap)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-709
*25th episode of PRiS
*275th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Space Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

Johnny Yong Bosch **AS** Adam Park (Black Dino Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
? **AS** Lizwizard (voice)
[Note about the monster, named Wizlizard originally, you can even see Astronema mouth his original name a few times!]


[Recap of "The Silver Secret," "A Date With Danger," & "Zhane's Destiny"]
At a nondescript top secret lab belonging to NASADA, Quantron soldiers stand guard as the scientist working there lay unconscious. Lizwizard, Astronema's newest monster, has his tongue attached into the computer system, draining information from not only it, but the minds of the scientists working there. The Power Rangers are on the scene (alerted to the disturbance by DECA's unused announcement heard only in the previous episodes' scenes from next time), and approach the lab with great caution. As the bad guys begin to take leave of the scene of the crime, the Ranger Astro blast in and try to stop them. Lizwizard quickly lashes his tongue out at Andros, and reverses their positions through tongue-teleporting, causes them to switch places. Lizwizard has access to the door the Rangers came in through, and he makes a run for it while everyone is stunned, pulling Red Ranger along for the ride.
[opening credits, Justin Nimmo is still listed]
Lizwizard yanks Red Ranger along on his tongue to a place outside the lab, where Quantrons begin piling up on him. His teammates rush to his aid and fend off the robotic attackers. While doing battle with both the monster and the Q-Trons, the Power Rangers each get to make use of their Megaweapons. Cassie pulls her Satellite Stunner on Lizwizard, but he tricks her into letting her guard down, wrapping his tongue around her arm! She can't get free, so Carlos launches himself off his Lunar Lance, into the air toward Lizwizard. Lizzy suddenly switches places with Pink Ranger, giving Black Ranger hardly no time to pull up from his attack, causing him to smash her shoulder with his Lance! Pink Ranger falls to the ground in pain, as Carlos stands shocked and horrified at hurting his friend. Lizwizard mocks Black Ranger, which turns Carlos' anguish into rage, but when he goes after the slimy creature, it teleports away. Carlos rushes back over to the others and Cassie to see if she's alright, blaming himself for her dismay (not his first time in hurting a partner, if you recall "The Accident" from PRT). Sometime later on the Astro Megaship, Cassie is recuperating in the infirmary while playing checkers with Alpha 6. She has her arm in a sling, as Carlos stops by to see how she is and to apologize. She'll be good as new in a few days, and she tells him not to worry, since it was a chance he had to take, it wasn't his fault she was injured. It's not good enough for the distraught Carlos, so he leaves, still feeling guilt. Meanwhile on the Dark Fortress, Lizwizard downloads the info he stole for Astronema. She's pleased, ready to have him use the information to create a grand weapon for her to take over Earth with. Lizwizard reminds her a key piece of information is missing, and will be needed before her plans can be fulfilled. She's angry, sending him to go get it, ASAP. Of all the places this info could be located, it happens to be inside Professor Phenomenus' head! So somewhere in Angel Grove, at Professor Phenomenus' Van, the Prof, Bulk & Skull are doing yet another hair brain scheme to find aliens, no doubt. The dimwitted wizard thinks Phenom is the genius he needs for the missing info, and ambushes the trio. Nearby on the rooftop of some warehouse, Carlos stares out over, remembering the awful event that injured his beautiful friend. Out of nowhere, Bulk, Skull & Professor run out from behind a corner below, fleeing from Lizwizard! Carlos heads down to help them, but while hiding behind some pipes preparing to Rocket, he can't bring his arm up to Morph! He's torn between not wanting to hurt anyone again, and helping the trio of losers, as Lizwizard fires green blasts at the bumbling threesome.
Still struggling with his inner demons, Carlos remembers Cassie's talk of taking chances, and finally he is able to get the courage to Morph into Black Ranger, leaping in front of the three goofballs. He tells them to get out of there, and boy do they! Carlos is alone against Lizwizard, who never lets him forget the accident from earlier. They start fighting each other, with Lizwizard disappearing off and on, leaving Black Ranger open to attacks he can't see ahead of time. Carlos takes a beating, getting knocked all around until finally laying weakened, not only by the fight but by his own inner turmoil, as Lizwizard is about to finish him off. Suddenly spins a mysterious figure in the air, jumpkicking the monster off Carlos! It's Adam Park, the former Black Mastodon/ Zeo 4 Green/ Green Turbo Ranger, whom passed his powers onto Carlos not long ago! He lends Carlos a hand in getting up, and together they both double team the slimy monster, Adam showing off the moves that kept him a Ranger to be reckoned with all those years. After an impressive fight, Lizwizard teleports out while he still can. Carlos powers down and is very happy to see his old coach from the Angel Grove soccer team. Carlos expresses the fact he's having some problems, and Adam is ready & willing to help him out anyway he can. For starters, Carlos tells Adam all about the accident. Adam gives him some great advice, noting that all Rangers have that same doubt, not wanting to make the wrong move in battle. They just have to press on, knowing no one is perfect and mistakes happen as much as successes. It's not enough for Carlos, so Adam takes him off and does the only other thing he can think to do to help: train him! Soon, the two Black Rangers are running, sparring, and all around working out. Adam is teaching Carlos not only how to be a more formidable fighter, but a skilled warrior as well. Finally, Carlos stands in the center of a mat in the park with a blindfold on, as Adam circle around him, ready to attack. Alpha is cheering Carlos on from the sidelines (hope nobody is watching)! Adam takes Carlos down many times, trying to teach him how to fight without relying on his vision, but his skill & instincts. Carlos finally is fed up with failing to counteract Adam's smooth moves, and gives up. Adam tries talking him out of it, but Carlos doesn't feel good enough to be a Ranger and runs off. Alpha & Adam are left behind, and talk about Carlos having to make his own decisions now. Adam tells his old robofriend he sometimes wishes he was still a Ranger, reaching into his backpack and pulling out a burnt out Dino Morpher, with the Mastodon Coin still in it (if you remember, the Ninja coins were crushed to dust, the original Dino coins were just fried & rendered useless after Rito's attack in "Ninja Quest")! Alpha has a fit upon seeing it, reminding him that Morphing with it could kill him, since the Power Coins were basically destroyed. Adam brushes the scolding off, saying it was just wishful thinking, but continues holding onto the toasted Morpher, as a momento of his powerful past.
On the Megaship, Carlos hands in his Astro Morpher & communicator, with the others standing around in disbelief. None want him to quit, TJ even laughs it off and hands him his equipment back, but Carlos refuses it and storms off. Ashley and Cassie try holding him back, but he leaves in a hurry, still believing he's a danger as a Ranger. The Megalift doors close and Carlos leaves his friends at a loss for words on his giving up. Over on the Dark Fortress, Astronema is fed up with Lizwizard's failure, Elgar hands her the power staff (which he dubs "Wrath Staff," the most of a name it's ever given) and she prepares to blow the monster to smithereens. He begs for a reprieve, saying he can destroy Black Ranger, whom Ecliptor mentions is alone on Earth. Astronema gives the monster a third and final chance to succeed, and stomps the Wrath Staff down on Elgar's toes. At the park, Alpha & Adam are geared up for another training session, but Carlos shows up with the bad news that he's already given up his powers. There's no talking him out of it, as Carlos walks away across the blue mat, suddenly fireblasts surround him, knocking him on his back! Lizwizard is at it once again, beating up a powerless Carlos. Adam tries to help, but a gang of Quantrons keep him busy on the sidelines. Even they are too much for the former Ranger, and as he watches Carlos fall to the monster's punches, Adam has only one choice left. He reaches into his backpack, pulls out the trashed MMPR Morpher, swings it into position, and as Alpha & Carlos both scream for him to stop, Adam yells "It's Morphin' Time!" An alternate shot of his Season 2 "Mastodon" Morphin graphic appears, instead of just standing there & morphing as we used to see, it's him from the good old days flipping the Morpher into position while shouting "Mastodon" (so really, something old that's new)! Once finished, there stands the (Second) Original Black Power Ranger, with the power of the Mastodon (or Black Lion, you know what I mean)! He leaps at Lizwizard, knocking him away from Carlos, whom he tells to run for it. He does so, and Adam is left battling the monster, powered by the ancient Dino power of the Morphin grid! Carlos runs away, but stops and realizes his friend needs his help no matter what mistakes occur. Black Ranger begins to get the upper hand, but his powers are fading, shorting out and partially demorphing at odd times and wearing him out in the process. He tries holding it together as best he can, but Lizwizard takes advantage of this and beats on him. Carlos rushes into the fray, jumping on the monster and pulling him off Adam. Lizwizard tosses Carlos aside, boasting he can't hurt him, being only human. Finally, the other Power Rangers get down there to help out, taking on Quantrons as Cassie tosses Carlos his Astro Morpher! He jumps for it, and reminds the creature he may be only human, but he's also the Black Ranger. He Morphs and uses his Lunar Lance to take on some Q-Trons as Adam fights the monster once again. Carlos rushes over, leaping into the air like earlier with his Lance in attack position, and like before, Lizwizard tongue teleports Black Mastodon Ranger into his place. This time, all the training pays off, Carlos' reaction time is quicker, as he hops off Adam's shoulders (instead of smashing them) and strikes his Lunar Lance down on the monster! The two Black Rangers greet each other, Morphin to Morphin, which really irks Astronema, so she not only hurts Elgar's hand, but has Satellasers blasted at the monster! As it grows, Adam's Mastodon Morphing powers painfully fade for good, and almost take him with it. Carlos tries comforting him, but he's a tough old guy and is already shaking off the taxed effects on his physical structure. The Rangers have a bigger mess to take care of, so the entire Space Ranger team unite and Astro Megazord is transformed. All it takes is a simple Megazord Saber slice to chop Lizwizard into worthless information.
The battle over, all the Ranger teens rush down the park to see how Adam Park is fairing after using expired Ranger powers! He's alright, but a little bruised and winded. Adam explains he took a chance, and made the right one despite the danger of it all. He also knew Carlos was around, because of that the odds were on their side. They shake hands and hug, before the others rush over, basically shove Adam aside (poor guy is still a little hurt from saving the day!) and lift Carlos up, for he's a jolly good fellow. And Cassie's arm is fine!
[scenes from "The Secret Of The Locket"; end credits]

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