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Power Rangers In Space
"Dark Specter's Revenge, Part 2"
Original Air Date: 10/29/98 Featuring Footage From:
Megaranger #36 - Habatake! Sora ni Mau Kibou no Tsubasa
(Flap Your Wings! The Wings Of Hope Dancing In The Sky)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-714
*30th episode of PRiS
*280th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Tony Randel
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
John McGee **AS** Commander Norquist
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Steve Kramer **AS** Darkonda (voice)
Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
? **AS** Frightwing (voice)


[Recap of "Dark Specter's Revenge, Pt.1"]
The Mega Voyager, Delta & Astro Megazord continue pushing past their limits, trying to keep the asteroid from smashing into Earth! People all over the planet run around in panic, knowing the end times are at hand! Not their attempts at stopping the unstoppable are failing, the Rangers prepare to be among the casualties of the Asteroid. That is, until they spot another Megazord floating towards them! It's the Mega Winger, piloted by their old friend, Zhane the Silver Ranger! His new vehicle joins the other Megazords in trying to shove the Asteroid out of harms way. All four machines give it their all, and it pays off! The Asteroid is swerved out of Earth's path and spins off into outer space. All the Rangers are relieved to see Zhane in the nick of time, as the people down below cheer and celebrate their victory of winning a second chance of life. Commander Norquist hugs the news reporter, happy to have the Rangers on their side to save the day once more.
[opening credits]
Onboard the Astro Megaship, Zhane is reunited with his teammates, telling them the Mega Winger was built by his buddies, the rebels of KO-35 (as seen in "Zhane's Destiny"). His homecoming is short lived, as DECA informs them the Dark Fortress has been located not far off, behind planet Vraden. Zhane is filled in on the startling news of Andros finally finding his sister Karone, in Astronema! Of course, Zhane knew there was something good about her. He joins Andros on a mission to rescue her, mentioning he has an interest in her too, confusing Andros. Meanwhile in some kind of desert, the experimental space craft Professor Phenomenus stole from NASADA has crashed landed in the middle of nowhere. Bulk, Skull & Phenom are alright, having survived the impact, but where exactly are they? It seems like Earth, but the nutty professor assures them there may be aliens lurking nearby! Elsewhere, Red & Silver Rangers ride through space on their Galaxy Gliders, searching for a way to get inside the Dark Fortress, when they spot a lone Velocifighter. Both Red Andros & Zhane leap from their boards and hide amid the tail-wings of the V-Fighter, unbeknownst to the Quantron inside!
The Velocifighter makes a decent toward the Dark Fortress' hanger bay, where hundreds of Quantrons scurry about, making good use of themselves. Andros & Zhane are still stowaways on the back of the V-Fighter, trying to sneak in the Dark Fortress without any of the many Q-Trons spotting them. They hop off, and make a run for it, and soon demorph behind a huge crate. Unseen, Andros is a little disturbed that Zhane dated his sister, although Zhane assures him it wasn't really a date. All this bickering almost leads to some Quantrons seeing them, but instead leads to more talk about the date. The two rogue Rangers hear Darkonda nearby, telling Elgar to be on his toes, and the Rangers may be coming to get Astronema back. Darkonda leaves Elgar to tighten up security, just as Andros & Zhane overtake two Quantrons and strip them of their uniforms (I shudder to think what lies under them)! They try fitting in, even as Elgar asks them if they've seen anything suspicious. They play dumb, and the goofy monster lets them go, not realizing two Rangers were under his nose. The Quantron-disguised Ranger Duo then sneak off to the control room, where they find Karone, sitting at her command table with the little action figures on it. The guys take off their helmets, Andros calling out to his sister, telling her they've come to rescue her. She turns around in her chair, to reveal some extensive circuitry work on her face and skull! Astronema is back, more cold, distant and evil than ever! She calls for Ecliptor, who then gets in battle with Zhane. Andros tries reaching Karone, but it's too late, the programming of Princess Of Evil has replaced his sister once and for all. Andros then has to deal with a few Q-Trons, as Zhane tosses his outfit aside in the fight with the rebuilt Ecliptor. He tries getting Andros out of there, but he won't leave without Karone. Zhane urges him to leave, she's been brainwashed and they can't do any good here. Reluctantly, Andros throws his Quantron costume at Ecliptor & company, making a run for it, while his sister watches from afar, deadpan & gaunt. Zhane & Andros tear through tons of Quantrons, fighting as much as they can, while making a break for it. After a while, when their backs are to the wall, they Morph and even the odds. Outnumbered, Silver & Red Rangers each steal a Velocifighter, and get off the Dark Fortress while the getting's good! They return with their stolen vehicles to the Megaship, having failed at their mission. Zhane tells the others the bad news, as Andros sulks over the loss of his sister once again. Meanwhile, Bulk, Skull & The Professor wander the desert, and find what looks like a payphone with a shoe on it! This leads them to the important discovery that they're still on Earth, and a view from over the hills confirms a city near it. The trio of goofs feel let down, but get their blood pumping when they get ambushed by Fright Wing, Astronema's newest monster, sent to destroy them!
Bulk & Skull run for their lives from the monster, with Professor Phenom in toe. Fright Wing is after them, thinking they're the Power Rangers, but not even the shoe thrown at it can stop it from chasing them! On the Megaship, the Rangers get an alert that a monster is on Earth, and they rush to do their Ranger things they do. Our heroes head down to the desert, saving Bulk & Skull & Phenom just in time with their Astro Blasters. Fright Wing is dumbfounded as to who they are, but the Professor tells it that these are the Power Rangers, come to kick it's behind! The Rangers rush out, and do their normal routine battle, as the three stooges hide behind some rocks. Red Ranger pulls a Mega Power Kick, knocking Fright Wing down, but not out as the ruthless Astronema calls for Satellasers to make the monster grow! The Rangers call forth the Mega Voyager, which as soon as it makes the scene, is chained at both arms! Fright Wing uses their disabled position to fire at them, but with a Mega Power Boost, the Mega Voyager breaks free, and starts punching the bird brained menace. Knowing it's losing, Fright Wing takes to the skies, flying around and getting in the Rangers' hair. The Rangers need some help, which comes from what seems to be the Jupiter's Moon Base. The Mega Winger rolls out, and blasts off for Earth, giving Fright Wing a taste of some firepower on it's way down! Silver Ranger makes the Zord transform into Mega Winger battle mode. The other Rangers are in awe, as Zhane pulls out the Wing Blaster and gives the monster a blast beating. Fright Wing turns tail, and flies away from the force of the fight. Mega Voyager gets a little boost from Mega Winger, as the wings come off it, and reattach to the other Megazord to make Winged Mega Voyager! It follows Fright Wing in an aerial assault, finally using Mega V3 Missile mode to cook some Barbecued Fright Wings, before making a triumphant landing. Bulk, Skull & The Professor come out of hiding to cheer the heroes, as the Rangers come down and meet up with them. Thank you's are exchanged and the Rangers aren't able to learn that the reason the three are in the desert is because they just committed a felony! The Rangers offer the trio of losers a lift home, as Skull checks out the Blue Galaxy Glider, and happily hops aboard. Professor Phenom rides with Red Ranger, and Bulk sits his large self down on the Silver Galaxy Glider. The bumbling humans have a hard time holding on, as they hang ten for Angel Grove!
On the Dark Fortress, Darkonda whines about the Rangers having more power than before, since Silver Ranger's back with his own Zord. Not wanting to share domination of evil with him, the desolate Astronema, proving she's the true Princess of Darkness, has Ecliptor throw Darky out! The evilly grinning baddie is shocked to have his work turn on him, but telewarps on out of there before Astronema takes another one of his lives. She stands in new, more vicious armor, having been modified more than just personality wise. Meanwhile on the Megaship, Andros learns from DECA that Karone's emotions have been overridden by computer programming, but that his sister is still inside Astronema's head somewhere. Zhane assures Andros they'll find the glitch in that computer and bring Karone back. Andros vows the one day, he will get her back, for good. The computer image of a human head with the brainwashing device onscreen suddenly turns into the normal looking Karone, reminding us all they will never stop searching for a way to save her.
[no scenes; end credits]

[first 20 seconds not seen]; Zhane and The Rangers reunite with a good laugh together; Bulk & Skull do their Senor Winces impression with hand puppets after a slate clapboard shot (written on it, "Space Rangers," director: Randel & producer Rosenberg, and date of shooting 6/19/98. Not to mention production number gibberish).

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