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Power Rangers In Space
"Carlos On Call"
Original Air Date: 10/31/98 Based On:
Megaranger #39 - Bareta ze! Mega Reddo no Shoutai
(Exposed! Mega Red's True Identity)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-716
*32nd episode of PRiS
*282nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Juliet Naulin **AS** Silvy Larson
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red (voice)
Victoria Davis **AS** Psycho Pink (voice)
Michael Maize **AS** Psycho Black (voice)
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow (voice)
? **AS** Datascammer (voice)


[Recap of "Dark Specter's Revenge, Part 2" & "Rangers Gone Psycho"]
Another day at the Surf Spot, Carlos is busily straining to beat a dusty old WWF Superstars arcade game (I guess Adelle keeps only the most modern technology around)! A little girl with brown hair stops by to watch him fight with the machine, and finally losing. The girl's mother then meets up with her, and recognizes Carlos as one of her best students at Angel Grove High School (in the past tense, what did they graduate off screen? probably in the flipping end credits they always cut out!). She introduces her daughter, Silvy, to him. She then leaves Silvy with him and goes to get a drink, so Carlos shows Silvy how good he is at the game, losing right in front of her. He says the game's broken, but once Silvy pops in a quarter (despite there having been 14 credits in the game a minute ago), she quickly masters the machine and astonishingly proves him wrong. Carlos walks away, beaten by a little girl at a game older than she is! Good thing Carlos doesn't want to have fun, because his communicator goes off, leaving him to sneak off to find a place to Morph. The back area of the Surf Spot is occupied with a few people, leaving him only one choice, that being an empty Photobooth! He hops in, and from what I can figure, the Morphin sequence sets off the camera, taking pictures of his entire human-to-Ranger Morph! We then cut to the waterfront, where Black Ranger joins Blue, Pink & Yellow in searching for a monster DECA detected. It winds up finding them, and despite looking harmless, it fires a few dangerous blasts at our heroes! Meanwhile at the Surf Spot, Silvy wanders around, and hears the Photobooth finish developing pictures. She takes them, recognizing Carlos, and immediately figures out from the obvious pictures that he's the Black Power Ranger! (Note: In the 'scenes from next time', & 'previously on' footage concerning this episode, Silvy actually witnesses Black Ranger exit the booth. For dramatic effect, this scene was reedited for a better lead in to the opening credits)
[opening credits, featuring a few scenes of Mega Winger, & Psycho Rangers]
The Ranger continue fighting Datascammer, who not only knocks them around, but flashes like a lightbulb every now and then, scanning the Rangers. Red Ranger finally joins in the fight, and evens it up a little. After an Astro Blaster shootout, Datascammer runs away. Soon on the Dark Fortress, Astronema rewatches the battle, and is pleased of the information Datascammer was able to compile. Psycho Red wants to take on the Rangers alone, even without the info, but Psycho Black thinks he's better and should do it instead, the two twisted Rangers arguing. Astronema turns them both down, telling them they underestimate the Ranger's strength. Psycho Yellow talks back to their princess of evil, saying it she who underestimates their's. Later on the Megaship, Carlos is doing some research, while working on his laptop. Taking a brief break, he's got mail! It's from someone unknown, stating they know his secret Black Ranger identity! He's shocked, and reads on to find the person wants to meet him at the Fun Center at noon. Knowing Psycho Rangers are fun loving guys, he thinks it is they who have learned his identity, AND email address (wasn't too smart to register ''). The next day, he goes to said Fun Center, waiting for the culprit, and instead, Silvy shows up. At first, he doesn't get that she's the one he's there to meet, but after she calls him 'kinda slow for a Ranger,' he puts 2 & 2 together successfully. He tries playing it off, telling her she's mistaken. But when she shows him the pictures, Carlos slaps his head & kneels on the ground, realizing his stupid mistake, as Silvy prances around him.
The day winds down, as Silvy & Carlos sit, along with bags of toys and other kiddie items. It's been a long and stressful afternoon for Carlos, Silvy taking advantage of blackmailing the Black Ranger. It has to end for now, so she gives him a pager, to use whenever she needs to have him on call. When he objects to being her slave, she goes to tell everyone the news about his duel identity, so he unenthusiastically agrees. After taking her home, he returns to the Astro Megaship, telling his tale of woe to his Ranger pals while eating, and they tell him he shouldn't have to take it. He wants to put his foot down, but can't for fear of being exposed. His pager goes off, and it's time to attend the Fun Center again, riding the marry go round, taking out his rage on the bumper cars, and spinning around until he almost vomits on the teacups. Once again, the day is over and Silvy is brought home, with items won at the center. She tells Carlos he has one more thing to do for her before she'll give up the photo, and this is get her a rock from the moon. This is the straw that broke the Ranger's back, as Carlos yells at Silvy furiously, at how spoiled she is, and that he's stuck catering to her every need when others need his help for more important things. Carlos seems either ready to pop a vain, or beat the poor child into the ground! Carlos doesn't care who she tells or who she shows the picture to, he has bigger worries and storms off. Silvy tries stopping him, but the angry Black Ranger isn't listening.
Sleeptime on the Megaship, Carlos lies in his bed, pondering about Silvy, still mad as a wet space hen. Ashley knocks on his door (which seems to be open anyway. "Still awake?" He is now!) and comes in, with news about Silvy which he must know. Sometime later, Ashley & Carlos are at the Angel Grove medical center, as a Doctor tells him about Silvy's personal family history. Her brother became ill, so they moved to Angel Grove to get special help, which didn't work as he died a few months ago. Doc shows them a picture of the two kids, holding a rocket in front of a picture of the moon. He asks what they're doing, and the Doc says they wanted to grow up and be astronauts, she promised she'd bring him back a lunar rock. Carlos realizes how cruel he's been, and quickly rushes out of the doctor's office. Ashley follows, and Carlos hands her his pager, heading off alone, boarding his Galaxy Glider and taking off into space. Meanwhile, Silvy visits her brother Troy's grave (a PR first, an actual cemetery!), promising she'll make him proud by becoming a great astronaut one day. Suddenly, Datascammer surprises her (I guess he could sense her Ranger connections or something) and chases her off to a phone booth, where she calls the pager, really needing Carlos this time. Ashley reads the message on the pager, and knows something is deadly wrong. Datascammer continues following the girl, through a field, until she's finally cornered on the ground, surrounded by spliced Megaranger footage (you can tell, especially when Silvy goes from a brown haired Caucasian to a black haired Japanese girl)!
Just in the nick of time, The entire Ranger team shows up and Astro Blast Datascammer away, giving Silvy a chance to escape his clutches. Red Ranger gets a few Battlizer powered punches in, then it's time for our heroes soon form the Quadroblaster & Spiral Saber Booster Mode. These blast Scammer a reading of some powerfully painful info! Astronema has the Satellasers fired, and Datascammer grows. Call the Megazord? Not yet, gang, let's fire our Astro Blasters at him, it worked earlier, right? Or not, so it's Mega Voyager time! It forms, and starts kicking & punching Datascammer around, so the monster starts making the lights flash around the Mega Voyager like they're in a disco! Since the 70's were a dangerous time, it disorients our heroes, and Data goes in for the kill, only for the huge Megazord to disappear! It's right above him, in the skies. The Winged Mega Voyager swoops down, and blows Datascammer back into megabytes with the Mega V3 Missile mode. Astronema is angered she's failed, but when she turns around to blame the Psycho Rangers instead, only Elgar is there! Ecliptor tells her they went to Earth to take on the Rangers alone, and our brainwashed Princess of Darkness is not happy! The Mega Voyager stands triumphant, as Silvy waves to them from the ground, when all of a sudden Psycho Red grabs hold of her, using the girl as bait for the Rangers to come out & play! They take it, hook, line and Psycho (I take it the rest of his evil teammates are busy somewhere else)! Red tosses her aside, pulls out his hot Psych-sword and starts tearing through our heroes, like they were Butter Rangers! Andros puts up the most fight, but even a quick jolt from Psycho Red's Psych-blast can bring down the best, as the twisted Ranger pins the Power Ranger to the ground, ready to finish him off with his Psych-sword! Who saves the day with a flash of smoke? Psycho Black! He doesn't want Red taking all the glory, so he grabs hold of the warped villain and they both teleport off, vowing to be back when our heroes least expect it! Silvy runs out to reunite with her savior, Black Ranger, who lifts her up and promises the Rangers will always be there, whenever she calls for help, cause that's what they do.
Astronema is mad at her Psycho Rangers, for screwing things up. Psycho Red & Black still bicker with each other, but Astronema will have none of that. They should save the fighting for the Power Rangers, and from now on, they take out one Ranger at a time, starting with Pink Ranger! Psycho Pink is ready to do the job, even if Astronema has her doubts about them, her evil force will prove their worth. Elsewhere, Carlos takes Silvy home safe & sound, and as he leaves she gives him the pictures, apologizing for being so stubborn & selfish. He accepts the apology, and suddenly remembers something, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a moon rock. She's surprised by the present, and takes the hunk of lunar, giving Carlos a hug. He promises they'll always be friends, even if she's not blackmailing him! Soon, Black Ranger takes Silvy up into space on his Galaxy Glider, showing her off the wonders of the solar system (good thing there's a limited breathable atmosphere in space in the PR-verse)! She tells him she no longer wants to be an astronaut, but a Power Ranger. He's worried for the future of the world, you can bet that. Next stop, the moons of Jupiter, then the rings of Uranus!
[scenes from "A Rift In The Rangers"; end credits]

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