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Power Rangers In Space
"Five Of A Kind"
Original Air Date: 11/5/98 Based On:
Megaranger #41 - Kireteru! Ao no kyoufu Neji Buruu
(Psychotic! The Blue Terror, Neji Blue)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-718
*34th episode of PRiS
*284th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger/ Psycho Silver)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red (voice)
Michael Maize **AS** Psycho Black (voice)
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow (voice)
Wally Wingert **AS** Psycho Blue (voice)


[Recap of "Rangers Gone Psycho," "Carlos On Call" & "A Rift In The Rangers"]
Dark Specter meets with Astronema somewhere against a star filled sky. He's flashing like a neon light, with news that his power draining is coming from somewhere on Earth. She suspected as much, and vows to find the traitor, her armies ready to spring into action any moment. He knows she will not fail him, considering how deep her reprogramming is. The two part ways, not knowing that the traitor he sent her to seek out was standing right before him. On the Megaship, the Rangers continue devising plans to beat the Psychos, using action figures on a chess board for demonstration purposes. Psycho Pink is down, but there's still four left. TJ suddenly gets an idea, about how the Psycho's brain drain gave them info on each Ranger's skills. The Psychos want, need and can only achieve true victory by fighting against their color counterpart, so he switches the figures around, planning to turn the tables on the bad guy's game. The Rangers love his plan, and will get a chance to test the mix up mission, since the Psychos are attacking the Plaza on Earth!
[opening credits]
The Four remaining Psychos torment the citizens of Angel Grove, marching through the fleeing crowds, awaiting their enemies to appear. The Power Rangers show up just in time, and get right into battle, focusing their powers on fighting the Psychos of a different color than their own. Cassie, as of late, has no such problem, her counterpart is dead! Psycho Blue gets wise to these actions, and takes Carlos down with an elbow slam, before going after TJ, leaving Psycho Black to go after his own heroic double. The fight rages on, Cass & Ash double teaming against Yellow Psycho, and Andros now battling Psy-Red again. Things are tilting towards the Psycho's favor, until the Silver Ranger drives up to the battlefield on his Silver Cycle. Zhane's there to help out his friends, but where to start? Cassie gets thrown from the fight by Psy-Yellow, who wants to take on Ashley alone. Zhane helps her up, but fails to defend TJ, whom gets overtaken by Psycho Blue's Psycho Ax attack, swooping around in an energy burst & striking him in his shoulder blade! The smoking wound takes down Blue Ranger, leaving him helpless as Psy-Blue comes in for the kill. Just as the Ax falls, the Super Silverizer blocks it from hitting Teej, and is able to get the twisted Blue Ranger away from our beaten hero. Zhane doesn't fare well against the determined Psycho, whom tears through him and goes back after TJ. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema & Ecliptor watch the fight, when Dark Specter pops on screen, announcing he's being drained at that very instant. Knowing she's cutting it close, she plays along with her overlord's wishes and leaves for Earth to 'find who's draining his powers', but silently gets Ecliptor to call off the Psychos. Just as the battle seems lost for the Rangers, a warp wave washes over the Psycho Rangers, teleporting them back home! Our heroes breathe a sigh of relief, but TJ passes out in Zhane's arms from his injuries!
The terror of the twisted Blue replays in TJ's mind, reliving his recent and worst defeat yet, he jumps awake in the Mega infirmary. His head bandaged (nothing said about his back), but he's recovering nicely, for a second relapsing into his amnesia by thinking the Psycho attack a dream. He's informed it was anything but, and becomes distraught over his color-scheme scheme having failed, but his friends tell him to lie back & rest and they'll take care of making a new strategy. On the Dark Fortress, the Psycho Rangers are frustrated over getting pulled from battle as they had the Power team on the ropes, Psy-Blue angry most of all. Astronema & Ecliptor listen from nearby, as the Psychos need to destroy the Rangers is fueled by this interruption from Astronema. The Princess of Evil formally known as Karone is pleased, since this will get them to burn off even more of Dark Specter's energy. Later on the Megaship, Cassie comes down to the infirmary to give TJ a synthetron cooked meal to help him feel better, but she finds the entire medical area empty! She searches a bit, hearing a television playing, and finds Teej rewatching the battle from earlier. She reminds him he should be resting, but even damages can't sustain this Ranger's spirit to win. Cass joins him in watching the tape, trying to find a weakness in the Psychos. Suddenly, the editing machine screws up, and they lose color onscreen. Faulty craftsmanship? Nope, it's the seeds of TJ's next idea on how to win! The proverbial lightbulb goes off in Blue Ranger's head, and he rushes up to the Bridge with Cassie, along with a can of blue spraypaint. The other Rangers gather round, and watch as Teej sprays the Ranger action figures on the chessboard blue. The Psychos want to be picky about who they fight, they won't know the true colors when they all look alike! Later on Earth, The true Blue Ranger meets the four Psychos amid a trashed and run-downed factory area, ready to fight. Alone? Far from it, as soon Andros, Cassie, Carlos & Ashley show up, appearing as Blue Power Rangers! Psycho Blue has no choice but to battle them all himself if he's going to find the sole object of his killer rage. Psycho Red & Black can't let blue do this alone, what if he takes out their color Ranger before they do? So the other two psychos join the fray, as Psy-Yellow teleports away, knowing patience is the key to finding her counterpart. Everytime one of the Psychos thinks they've found the color Ranger they seek, they learn things are not what they seem! Just as confusion sets in among Psycho Blue's attempt to find his opponent, he gets stuck with an Astro Blaster bolt from the real TJ! The other Rangers rally together with him to keep the illusion up, with suddenly, silver lighting bolts begin striking all around our heroes!
The blasts subside, as Rangers, Power & Psycho, watch in shock as Psycho Silver approaches the battlefield! He has no qualms about which Ranger he destroys, just as long as it's all of them! The Psychos still are hung up on color, and watch as Psycho Silver rips through the many Blues with his Psychoizer! The other Psychos don't want this newbie taking their glory, but before they can rush Silver, Psycho Blue attacks them! This infighting is going too far, so Psycho Red & Black warp-wave teleport out of there, leaving Psycho Blue to fight alone. Psycho Silver stands against Blue, which doesn't do any good, when Psycho Blue fires a blast and sends Psycho Silver on a collision course with the ground some feet away. Psy-Blue heads over to one of the many Blue Rangers, letting the color blind his judgment, when TJ hops onto Psycho Silver's shoulders and gets an airal boost! He comes down with his Astro Ax, slicing Psycho Blue badly in his eye visor, compromising his shielding! All the Blue Rangers stand in a row, and break free of their holo-disguises, revealing their true colors! Psycho Blue struggles to his feet, and witnesses Psycho Silver de-mask himself, to reveal Zhane! The entire battle has been nothing but smoke & mirrors, and the joke's on blue! He's not going out without a fight, so after a few token fireballs shot at our heroes, Zhane Morphs into Silver Ranger, as he & Teej rush towards Psycho Blue, firing Astro Blaster & Silverizer at an equal target. To finish off their foe: an Astro Axe/ Super Silverizer combo, and Psy-Blue goes psy-boom! Not over until the Psycho Fat Lady sings, Astronema has Ecliptor fire the Satellasers down to give the real form of Psycho Blue, an icy cold monster, a Zord crushing boost! Mega Voyager & Mega Winger are called to come help out and transform, and the Rangers hop right in their respective Megas. Since there's no place to go, Blue Creature makes it snow, makes it snow, makes it snow all over the Megazords! This provides a frozen distraction allowing him to get some hits in on the giant mechas. Mega Voyager's head & legs freeze over, making them useless, as Mega Winger continues battling alone (Zhane must have learned from his cryo-slumber and had antifreeze stocked up in the Winger)! TJ has the answer once more, and Andros turns up the Digital Thermo Meter in the Voyager, reheating the whole shebang! They keep the heat rising, as the windows fog, and focus the increased energy through laser blasts in the Mega Voyager's chest, which strikes Psycho Blue dead on. The Winged Mega Voyager forms together and swoops down with a good old V3 Missile at the former Psycho Blue, causing the monster to explode one last time. The snow continues falling, and the Zords stand side by side, one more Psycho committed into the ward of destruction!
Inside the Dark Fortress, Astronema & Ecliptor deal with losing another Psycho Ranger, especially considering Dark Specter's still ticking. The remaining three Psycho Rangers storm the bridge, wanting to finish the Rangers off before they finish them! Psycho Yellow tries threatening Astronema into letting them battle, but the threat is reversed, which the Psychos fear. The time to destroy the Rangers is upon them, and the princess of Darkness has another plan, which she lets them in on. Andros takes a long walk throughout the entire Megaship, preparing the Astro Megazord for the next fight with the Psycho Rangers. Every Ranger is busy repairing and upgrading, making sure things are in top shape for the next battle. Andros' last stop is the engine room, where TJ is adjusting the Mega Accelerators. Teej takes time out of preparations to talk with Andros over what's troubling him. Andros still hopes his now brainwashed sister Astronema will remember her good side, but her sending the Psychos seems to prove otherwise. TJ can't offer any real words of support, but just a reminder the three remaining Psychos may prove to be the toughest of all.
[scenes from "Silence Is Golden"; end credits]

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