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Power Rangers In Space
"Silence Is Golden"
Original Air Date: 11/6/98 Based On:
Megaranger #42 - Furikire! Jakku na Tsuisekisha
(Lose Them! The Evil Stalkers)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-719
*35th episode of PRiS
*285th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red Human Form
Michael Maize **AS** Psycho Black (voice)
Michael Maize **AS** Psycho Black Human Form
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow (voice)
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow Human Form


[Recap of "A Rift In The Rangers" & "Five Of A Kind"]
Andros marks another Psycho Ranger off on a scoreboard which contains pictures of their twisted doubles. They're still upgrading their systems on the Megaship and scanning for any Psycho activity, but so far so good. Andros fears this is just the calm before the storm. Meanwhile on Earth, Cassie is taking a blissful walk through Angel Grove Mall, and the courts throughout. She's shopping like an ordinary teen, obviously trying to relax after the Psycho mayhem of late. She sneezes, her allergies acting up. Elsewhere on the Dark Fortress, the Psycho Rangers are rewatching some Ranger battle footage, recording Rangers' voice tracks into their helmets. They plan to go down to Earth, and scan for their voice prints, if any Ranger speaks they'll hear them & attack! Astronema sends them down to do the deed, but stressing they should only capture, not destroy the Rangers just yet. They teleport off to do her will, as Ecliptor questions why she isn't having them eliminate their enemies so soon. She seems to no longer remember the Rangers' identities thanks to all the Darkonda-induced brainwashing, but is sure the Psycho need a good challenge in defeating the Rangers. This will drain more of Dark Specter's energy, and soon enough the grand monarch of evil will be no more!
[Opening credits]
Yellow, Red & Black Psycho Rangers teleport to the Angel Grove Mall, where they focus their energies and create human forms, to better scout for Rangers with. Black & Red look nothing like their Ranger doubles, but Psycho Yellow resembles Ashley a slight bit. They begin scanning the passerby's, listening to hundreds of people a second, searching about for recognition of the Rangers' voices. Nearby, Ashley is in a phonebooth, talking to a relative (sister? brother? mother?) on the phone. She's there trying to figure out something to get her Dad for his birthday. The booth provides no solitude from the Psychos, as they detect her talking and rush to the scene. Red cautions Yellow, but she cannot wait any longer and teleports over to attack Ashley in the booth. She reaches in and grabs the yellow clothed female, only to find it's not her! Some other girl who looks similar to and wearing the same clothes as Ash just happened to need to use the phone after she did. Psycho Red confirms the voice doesn't match the tape, this is the wrong girl. Around the corner, the real Yellow Ranger notices the commotion and watches the Psychos torment the lady, hearing their plan of finding the Rangers by sound. The Psychos split up and continue looking, as Ashley takes advantage of being only one step ahead of them and gets running!
On the Megaship, the guys are modifying the Astro Blasters in the work bay, when a breathless Ashley rushes into them. She quickly tells them she saw the Psychos in human form, after all of them, using voices as a means of identification! TJ goes to contact Cassie, but Ash warns him if Cassie speaks, it's over for her. Plus, the Psychos know the sounds both the communicators and Astro Morphers make, so how can they reach her? Andros has the answer, and they head to the bridge. On Earth, Cassie is walking down some stairs, when her pager goes off. It reads for her not to say a word, and to call the number, which she reluctantly does (notice the dates on it are 7/15 & 7/17/98, one is Patricia Ja Lee's actual birthdate!). She walks over to a phone booth, unknowingly passing right by the three Psycho humans, and calls the number. Alpha intercepts the phone lines, and Andros begins telling Cass about the situation. They're looking for her, and she can't utter a word or they'll be on her like bees on honey! Cassie fearfully glances around, as she walks out of the booth, following Andros & Ashley's instructions not to make a sound, but to get as far from there as possible. As she walks off, a grungy looking fellow taps her shoulder. She believes it's a Psycho, but the guy is just giving her the bags she left at the booth. How does she thank him? By bowing slightly and walking away from the scruffy looking gent. She walks quickly though the mall, bumping into a grumpy old man. He demands an apology, but being quiet as possible she runs over and grabs a flower out of a nearby fountain, giving it to him, along with one of her million dollar smiles. As she runs once more through the courtyards, her allergies begin acting up! As few tugs on her nose shuts them up for the time being, just as Psycho Yellow appears not far away, keeping an evil ear out for our heroes.
On the Megaship, Carlos tries contacting anyone he can in finding Cassie, but they're all out because it's the weekend. Andros remembers hearing a large clock chime while talking to her, which Ashley identifies as being in the Angel Grove Mall. Speaking of which, down below Cassie takes a brief stop to get an eyeful of her surroundings. She looks up and spots an unwatching mother's baby carriage being to slowly comes closer to the edge of a stairwell. Not enough time to run up before the child goes smashing down, Cassie throws out the rules of survival and screams "Look Out!" The baby is saved before disaster strikes, but the sound of Pink Ranger's voice travels and the Psychos are on to our lovely Miss Chan! She runs as fast as her feet can take her, but winds up cornered in a secluded area near the parking garage, all three Psycho Humans surround her! They try tormenting her to speak, to confirm she's their target, and not some other girl in pink in an awful rush. Cassie tries refraining from saying anything, as the Psychos get up uncomfortably close. Suddenly out from a nearby corner, comes a goofy clown! The annoying dolt prances about, offering balloons & candy, pulling his huge shades down in front of Cass to reveal Zhane in disguise! He gets in the Psychos' way, throwing them off balance in their attempts to interrogate Cassie. The clown runs away, but right after he leaves, the Psychos hear Cassie's voice around the corner! She & Zhane are supposedly talking about having the Psychos fooled, so the three villains leave the real Pink Ranger behind and go after the sounds. They instead find the clown costume on the ground, and before they can turn their attacks to a possible naked clown, the voices of the Rangers are still heard in the distance, coming from a stereo on Silver Ranger's back. The morphed Zhane drives off on his Silver Cycle, as the Psycho Rangers return to their regular forms & give chase! Cassie wipes her brow, and the other Ranger teens reunite with her, hugging and happy she survived the quiet treatment. Carlos didn't think she'd keep her big mouth shut for so long, so she playfully slugs him. The Psychos finally reach the end of their run, and they bump into the entire assembled Power Ranger team! The distraction was enough to keep the baddies busy while they Morphed & teleported over, and each Ranger sounds off (Power Black, Power Red, etc). Silver Ranger joins in on the fun, and it's time for the battle to begin! Two Rangers on every Psycho, using their Megaweapons at full blast, the Rangers still can't best the Psychos. They do manage an upperhand, teaming up and getting a boost in pairs of three, the Rangers utilize their weapons in a continuous attack! When that's over with, the Psychos spin around in defeat, and fall to the ground in a sparkful moment. It's too soon for victory, as the Psychos shed their armor and reveal their true monstrous selves!
The Power Rangers watch in terror, as the horrible true forms of the Psycho Rangers (Red represents fire, Black some kind of Charcoal, and Yellow a hornet or something)! The Psychos turn up the heat, giving themselves a growth spurt, ready to stomp the Rangers into power powder! Our heroes make due with the usual Mega Voyager transformation scene. Three on one is no fun, as Yellow & Red hold the Mega Voyager's arms as Black bashes away! Time for a little evening up of the odds, as Mega Winger fires from the skies. Silver Ranger pilots it, and with his own Battlizer, calls forth the Delta Megazord to come and help out! All three battle formed Zords stand together, and with a swift Gyro Blaster/ Wing Blaster/ V3 Missile attack, the Psychos go once more into a fiery death! The Rangers have finally beaten... oh wait, Psycho Black extends his arm and latches it onto the Mega Voyager, pulling the whole shebang towards him! The other two Psychos grab onto the Delta & Winger, keeping it from helping as the Psy-Black creature begins to rope the Mega Voyager into a transwarp hole! The Rangers attempt to use all available energy to break free, but the Mega V is hopelessly being stolen with them in it! Our heroes have to abandon ship, but Andros won't go! He can't let the twisted terrors win the day, so Carlos strikes Red Ranger's neck and knocks him out, taking him with them as the Rangers retreat! Andros awakens and witnesses the sight along with his friends, the Mega Voyager swallowed up by the Warp Vortex. His screams fall on deaf ears, and the Psychos teleport out, having taken a Mega Hostage! The Mega Winger & Delta Megazord lie on the ground defeated, and the Rangers feel their first Zord loss in months!
Dark Specter, flashing all sorts of colors from power dehydration, is meeting with Astronema again. She assures him once more her spies are on the trail of those stealing her energy and soon she'll find the traitor who is killing him. Dark Specter, on his last leg of life, hopes she's correct, not suspecting the mastermind was just in front of him! The Rangers rush to the bridge of the Megaship and quickly man their stations, scanning away. Earlier today, the Psychos did the scanning, now the Rangers have got to never stop searching, for their missing Mega Vehicles. The determined team focuses on scouring the galaxy with their instruments until the Mega V's are back in safe hands. Over on the Dark Fortress, Astronema is pleased with her Psychos. They captured the Mega Voyager, and Ecliptor has had the thing hidden well. Psycho Yellow doesn't think they're hidden well enough (as we seen next time, it's just in the Dark Fortress hangar bay), but Astronema explains this is all apart of the plan. The Rangers are supposed to find the Mega V's, and when they do, the Psychos will destroy them once and for all!
[scenes from "The Enemy Within"; end credits]

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