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Power Rangers In Space
"The Enemy Within"
Original Air Date: 11/7/98 Based On:
Megaranger #43 - Makenai! Kessen wa Kurisumasu Ibu
(We Wont Lose! The Decisive Battle Is On Christmas Eve)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-720
*36th episode of PRiS
*286th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red (voice)
Michael Maize **AS** Psycho Black (voice)
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow (voice)


[Recap of "Five Of A Kind" & "Silence Is Golden"]
The Megaship races through space, inside the Rangers are wearily searching everywhere in the universe for their stolen Mega Voyager! Scanning comes up with nothing so far, but they decide to listen to Carlos and follow the trail path of Psycho Black's vortex. Elsewhere, Dark Specter, his color drained from red to blue, meets once again with Astronema on their usual space backdrop spot. She keeps lying to his ugly mug, saying she's tracked down a few informants, but none have given any information as to who is draining his powers. He trusts her, whether it's the draining effecting his judgment over the former traitor, or just his arrogance in thinking her completely on his side, we don't know. Dark Specter teleports away, as Ecliptor joins his Princess of Darkness. She gloats that Specter is almost completely drained, but Eclipty cautions her that the Psychos are losing patience and will strike out on the Rangers alone soon. She sends her trusted confident off to make sure the Psychos use more energy, but do not destroy the Rangers yet. Specter is just about finished, she wants to kill eight birds with three stones!
[opening credits]
The three surviving Psycho Rangers plot their next move, in the hanger of the Dark Fortress, where the Mega V's are currently held. Psycho Red's obsession with Red Ranger overpowers his loyalty to Astronema, and his two Psycho companions try to warn him not to cross their master. Waiting is not his strong point, so Psycho Red finally makes his choice of either being Astronema's puppet or destroyer of Red Ranger. He chooses the latter and they tag along with him. Later on the Megaship, the Rangers still toil away at finding the Mega Voyager. Suddenly, Ashley spots one of the search screens, the individual Mega V's have been found scatter on the surface of a planet in the M94 galaxy (anywhere near M51, home of the Zeo Crystal?)! The Rangers take the news well and head off to rescue the Megazord. Zhane stops them in their tracks, smarter than he looks, he knows this has got trap written all over it. The others chalk the Psychos' move of leaving the V's to sloppiness. The teens finally listen to reason, or at least Zhane's plan of appearing to be going in alone. Soon, our heroes run and Rocket to the docking bay, and board the Megatank. As stealthily as they can, the Rangers drive the tank onto the planet. Near the Mega V's, the Psychos await their targets. Above them, the Mega Winger swoops down and transforms, bringing along Delta Megazord for assistance. Psycho Yellow follows their plan, and goes off by herself, as the other two Psychos grow into monster form! Zhane pilots the Mega Winger & Delta Mega against the terrible twosome, as the Megatank burrows through the ground and pops up near the Mega V's. The Rangers hop out and run to their Mega Vehicles, as Psycho Yellow chuckles nearby and forms into yellow energy. Everything appears to be working fine, so the Rangers bring the V's together to form Mega Voyager once more. The Megazord joins Silver Ranger in helping to defeat the Psycho Rangers permanently. The second the Mega Voyager steps into action, it begins spinning out of control before stopping dead in it's tracks! The Rangers try figuring out what's wrong, as all systems become infected by a virus! The said virus comes on the speaker, it's Psycho Yellow, and she's taken control of the Mega Voyager! The Rangers at first fail to accept she means business, but before their eyes they witness the control joysticks being operating themselves!
The Mega Voyager, controlled internally by Psycho Yellow, gyrates and finally swings around, punching & kicking the Delta Megazord & Mega Winger! Our heroes can't get control of the berserker Megazord, so Zhane loses focus on defenses, giving Psycho Red a chance to help out on the attack, as Psycho Black backs Silver Ranger's Zords against a wall. He spouts beams that form energy chains, preventing the Delta Megazord or the Mega Winger from breaking free! The Rangers are helpless inside Mega Voyager, nothing they do can break Psy-Yellow's hold. Psycho Red walks over and puts his ugly face in the window of the cockpit. He torments Andros, knowing fully well Red Ranger is his to destroy now. Before Psy-Red gets a chance to get dangerous, he is warp teleported away to the hanger of the Dark Fortress! He's back to normal Psycho form, the culprit behind this act is none other than Ecliptor. He warns Psycho Red about not following Astronema's plans, but this sets off the unsettled Psy-Red. He pulls out his Psycho-Blade and rips into Ecliptor. The two lock swords, exchanging eye beam blasts and battle away. Psycho Red's desire to destroy Red Ranger is too strong, and somehow he's able to win out and teleport away, making sure Ecliptor gets word to Astronema he's no longer playing the pawn. Ecliptor doesn't accept defeat well, and vows revenge.
Red's teleporting lands him on his back on the ground near the Megazord scuffle. Monster-Black stares down, asking him what he thinks he's doing, the obsessed Psycho Red tells him to buzz off, and spouts an energy streak up to the Mega Voyager cockpit, teleporting Red Ranger down to join him in combat! Disoriented by the teleporting, Andros is taken by surprise and Psycho Red flattens him with some kicks. Psycho Red pulls out his blade, and is doing some more damage to Red Ranger, before Andros finally whips out the Spiral Saber! This provides a good offense/ defense against the twisted terror, as the Reds spar to a backdrop of waterfalls. Andros is losing, but after getting knocked into the lake, he pulls off a laser beam maneuver from the Saber. This new move does no good, Psycho Red disrupting it and sending it back in spades! Andros is grounded, as Psycho Red grows tired of fighting, he slams the blade into the ground, sending shockwaves across to Red Ranger!
Andros lies on the ground, with Psycho Red about to decapitate him with his Psycho-blade. Suddenly in the skies, Psycho Red spots something, which provides a quick distraction, enough for Andros to Astro Blast his foe away from him! He takes a look up, and the object with gave him a second chance was the Astro Megazord, piloted by Alpha! Red Ranger runs as Psycho Red fires Psycho-blasts, before finally leaping into the cockpit of the good old Astro Mega! Psycho Red is red with anger, and grows back to monster size, trying to take out Andros anyway he can. The Astro Megazord swats the Red Monster aside, and supercharges up the Astro Saber! Psycho Yellow makes the Mega Voyager put up a fight, but Andros attacks back anyway, trying to use the Saber to fry the Virus out of the Mega V's system! His friends inside get an extended jolt, but it's necessary for Andros to rid Psy-Yellow from the Voyager! The Astro Megazord saber continues draining energy into the Mega Voyager, an electrifying sight to behold. Psycho Yellow is faltering, but Psycho Red tries breaking up the battle. Psycho Black tries keeping him from ruining yellow's possible victory, but Red's obsession with killing Andros is far too great, he goes after the Astro Megazord, interrupting the Power Surgance. Blinded by rage, Psycho Red lashes out on the Mega Voyager, wanting to be the only one to destroy Andros, this move does what no other could, it sends Psycho Yellow flying out of the Mega V's systems! Carlos regains control, and the two Megazords join forces once again. Psycho Red continues his insane desire to wipe out Red Ranger, firing strange beams upon Psychos Black & Yellow (this making Yellow grow to monster size). He doesn't want their help, but accepts it despite each Psycho wanting to be sole destroyer of the Rangers. Astro Megazord frees the Delta Mega & Mega Winger from the Psycho-bonds, so now it's four on three!
An old fashioned Ranger brawl ensues, the Rangers touting teamwork as their key to victory. This gives the Psychos a plan, as they stand together and focus their evil energies into a concentrated blast on the set of Megazords! This sends the giant monster-fighting robos falling on their Megabutts, the Rangers need a new plan. Ashley comes up with it and they decide they need to absorb the Psychos unleashed energy, refocusing it back on the villains, magnified by their own Zords! The AstroDelta Megazord links up, and the three Ranger Megazords get close. The Psycho Monsters fire another triple-charged blast, but this time the Rangers soak as much of the power in as they can, the Megazord capacitors overloading. The attack eases up, the Psychos powers apparently waning, the Rangers have to release the energy as soon as possible! All focusing the power on the Mega V3 missile, it fires off and gives the Psychos get a Megadose of their own energy, increased & Rangerfied! The Missile hits the Psychos, and in an explosive fireball flash, all three Psycho Ranger Monsters disintegrate in a row. The Rangers wait for the smoke to clear, and when no sign of their dopplegangers appear, they cheer, having finally beaten their worst enemies for good! The Saga of the Psychos comes to a close, for now at least.
Inside the Dark Fortress, Astronema reports to a reenergized Dark Specter, that she had the Psycho Rangers destroyed. He's pleased to find out his loyal princess didn't fail him in finding those crazy perpetrators behind his draining. Elgar tries correcting her on that it was the Rangers who did the destroying, but she snips at him. Once Dark Specter's offscreen, Astronema shows signs of frustration of not being able to kill Dark Specter and take his place. Elgar questions which side she's on, she proclaims it being her own side, and fries Elgar in the butt with her Wrath Staff to keep him quiet on what he knows. She makes a pledge to herself that soon both the Rangers and Dark Specter will bow down before her. Finally, on the Megaship, Andros marks off the final Psycho Rangers on the scoreboard. All of our heroes breath a collective sigh of relief that chapter in their lives is done for. TJ goes to reset the computer to search for Zordon, and Andros goes to bed (Ash says she'll wake him up in a little while, innuendo MUCH?). While shuffling to his room, Andros spots the shadow outline of a Psycho Ranger around the corner! He creeps up on the suspect, and from out pops Psycho Red, who grabs Andros' apple! Still on edge over recent events, Andros proceeds to beat the snot out of Psycho Red, until the helmet comes off, revealing Zhane pleading Uncle. He tries passing it off as a joke, but once he gets on his feet, Andros tells him it was a good one, and immediately flips Zhane over!
[scenes from "Andros & The Stowaway"(sometimes omitted); end credits]

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