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Power Rangers In Space
"Ghosts In The Machine"
Original Air Date: 11/13/98 Based On:
Megaranger #48 - Tsubuzu Ze! Hinera no kurori yabou
(Crushed! Hinera's Dark Designs)

Cruise Ship Scene Footage From:
Megaranger #46 - Somu Zo! Jigokuhe no Fune de
(Prevent It! The Ship Is Going To Hell)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-723
*39th episode of PRiS
*289th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
Juliet Naulin **AS** Silvy Larson
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red (voice)
Victoria Davis **AS** Psycho Pink (voice)
Michael Maize **AS** Psycho Black (voice)
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow (voice)
Wally Wingert **AS** Psycho Blue (voice)


[Recap of "The Enemy Within, "Andros & The Stowaway" & "Mission To Secret City"]
The Rangers are flying through the sky on their Galaxy Gliders, approaching a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. Alpha detected the missing people of Angel Grove in that area, so our heroes board the boat. The entire deck is deserted, so the Rangers split up and go below to find anyone captured by Astronema's forces. No one spots a single living soul, the entire ship about as crowded as the Titanic is right now (cept less fish and directors' egos). Ashley & Andros enter the dining hall, with recently prepared food still sitting on the table. TJ goes in a room, thinking he heard something. Giving a loud warning, he enters the bathroom where he hears a shower running. In a Hitchcockian way, Teej rips open the shower curtain and stabs Janet Leigh! No, wait, that's "Psycho". Foreshadowing, much? There's no one there, just running water in an empty tub. Cassie is alerted to a woman screaming, so she rushes Blaster at the ready to save a female in distress, but only finds a bad horror movie blaring on a TV set. The Rangers regroup, having found no trace of anyone on the cruise ship, they know whoever was just left in a hurry. Our heroes teleport off the ghost ship and to their Megaship, where Andros & Carlos quickly begin scanning again, trying to stay one step ahead of the princess of darkness.
[opening credits, new scenes of the Silver Cycle, Red Battlizer Armor, & Mega Winger added]
It seems the Rangers were close to the source of their search, as under the crashing waves of the ocean, lies the domed Secret City! In it's main tower, Astronema, creator of this evil place, has guinea pigs called in to test her data laser. Bulk, Skull & Professor Phenomenus are the test subjects, believing this is but a dream, until they realize the laser above their heads is very much real! They are zapped into information and stored on green data cards, at Astronema's disposal! Her laser works perfectly, so now it's time to start the mass production of captured Angel Grove citizens into Data Cards with which she will use them as her new evil army! The next group of people brought in includes Silvy, Carlos' young friend. She and many others are reduced to databytes, against their will. On the Megaship, the Rangers teens continue searching, Carlos still troubled over the loss of his young pal. TJ spots that one search has finally discovered the Secret City, underwater! Feeling dumb for not finding it sooner, Andros quickly comes up with plan to get into the City as the Rangers Morph and hop in the Megatank. It's launched to Earth, crashing into the surface and burrowing underground. They're going to come up from under the city, which is exactly what they do. Upon smashing through the wall, they exit the Megatank and run down toward the tower in the center of Secret City. Just as they depart, the Psycho Spirits form near the Megatank, following our heroes, awaiting vengeance. The Power Rangers sneak around the empty buildings of Secret City, things going too quiet for comfort. Suddenly, a gang of Quantrons attack, and the usual well choreographed fight occurs which the Rangers win. Ecliptor informs Astronema that the Rangers have shown up, which she was expecting. Andros & Cassie are searching for the captives together, heading up a weird stairwell to the top of the tower. They find a metal door at the end, which at first is locked tight, then mysteriously opens by itself. They approach with caution and Astro Blasters drawn, entering the odd looking laboratory. Finding once again no sign of life, the Data Lasergun lowers above Andros, just as Cassie spots it and pushes him out of the way, taking the Data laser directly! Red Ranger tries grabbing her from the beam's grasp, but is knocked clear from saving his teammate.
Pink Ranger is being transformed into data by the ray, Red Ranger helpless to stop it. Astronema is spotted in the control room above, and ignores Cass' pleas, saying in regard to remember being friends once that remembering is not in her programming. Andros is about to Astro Blaster the Laser beam, when his evil sister warns him if he fires, Cassie will be destroyed. He has no choice but to let his Pink Ranger pal be turned into a Data Card. The other Rangers make the scene finally, and somehow all four of them end up caught in the beam's path, digitally processed into card form! Astronema clutches the cards, having defeated the Rangers once and for all. The Psycho Rangers' Ghosts witness this act, and angrily prepare for their revenge on the Power Rangers. Astronema gives Ecliptor the Power Data Cards, and departs. She just misses the Psycho Ghosts setting off the Data Laser as their enigmatic ghost forms enter the machine, reversing the process of data transfer and giving themselves true material forms once more! Now back on this plane of reality, they storm into the control room, trashing the door open and confronting a shocked Ecliptor. They're planning on taking over, so he fires eye beam blasts at Psycho Red, which he deflects back at Ecliptor, causing him to lose the Ranger Data Cards. Clippy then does battle with the Five Resurrected Psychos, they not only outnumber but outmaneuver him! They pull disappearing acts one by one and then all appear surrounding him at once, laughing psychotically! All of the twisted Rangers stand in a circle and fire energy bolts at Ecliptor at once, frying him and sending him falling. Psycho Pink then operates the Data Laser, Psycho Red entering the cards and soon in the room below, all five of our heroes are brought back into Morphed Ranger form. They feel relieved to be de-dataed, just in time for the Psycho Rangers to appear in front of them. Reborn and ready to rock, the Rangers face their evil counterparts once again!
The Power Rangers are stunned to see the last five beings they'd ever thought they'd see again! Before the long awaited rematch can begin, Ecliptor eye beam blasts all the Psychos in the back, no one but Astronema will destroy the Rangers! The Psychos head over and beat the green & black tar out of Clippy, as our heroes sneak away. They get outside, only to be caught up to by their twisted nemeses. The battle will have to take prescience over rescuing the Angel Grovians for now, so the Rangers post dramatically, Lightstar Helmet Holograms lighting up. Then the two teams jump into the Ranger on Ranger fight, Megaweapons & Psychoweapons blazing! Each color fights his or her's twisted twin, a more even match if the Rangers ever had one. While locked Spiral Saber to Psycho Blade, Andros tells Alpha to contact Zhane and have him get down there to find the Data Cards. Having enough of getting tossed around, Andros calls for the Spiral Saber Booster Mode and the others the Quadroblaster. The collective weapons fires at the entire Psycho Ranger team, engulfing them in an amazing explosion! Did our heroes win again? Of course not, the smoke clears and through the fiery inferno the Psycho Rangers stand in their Monster forms, really cheesed off now! Meanwhile, the much absent Zhane has made it down to the Secret City, with no explanation as to where he's been (assume he was off with the KO-35 rebels again). He rushes through the streets, and just as he approaches the Tower, the Psycho-beaten Ecliptor stands in his way. Zhane doesn't have time to fight, so he Morphs and fires his Super Silverizer at the already weakened Ecliptor. Finally, the Silverizer Saber-mode slices Clippy down for the count, giving Silver Ranger a chance to get up to the control room and search around for the Data Cards. He finds them in a cabinet, and curiously looks around and finds the Data Laser machine. Not sure he can work it right, he takes three cards and presses his luck, as Bulk, Skull & Phenomenus reform under the Data Ray. The bumbling trio wonder what happened, and the Prof explains it all in surprisingly correct detail! Outside, the Rangers are no match for the Psycho Monsters, who in this state once trashed the Megazords, not to mention the Rangers! Zhane is happy he did something right, and begins to grab tons of Data Cards, turning Angel Grovians back to normal. He contacts Andros and has the Rangers run away from the battle they were losing, leading the Psycho Monsters back into the tower. Zhane de-data's the last set of people, which includes Silvy, as Alpha quickly teleports them back to Angel Grove. He tells Carlos that Silvy is fine (glad to know the guy who never once met the girl knows what she looks like) and in the same area the citizens disappeared from they are returned to. Silvy feels great knowing her Ranger friends didn't let her down, just as her mom shows up, happy to have her little girl back. Zhane fires up the Data Laser, just as his Ranger Teammates enter the lab. They relentlessly try to position the Psycho Monsters under the Data Laser, but the wily creatures put up a dangerous fight! Silver Ranger fiddles around with the targeting of the Laser, and finally locks on the Psychos and fires! The Power Rangers jump out of the way as all five Psycho Ranger Monsters are engulfed in the beam and converted into Data Cards! They wanted revenge, but that wish has now cost them their freedom once again. Psycho Red fires his tentacle out at Andros just as he's being dataized, and the Rangers try fighting it, TJ Astro Axing the piece of Psycho Red off, just in time to see the Psychos say good-bye for good! Zhane secures the cards, when suddenly the Secret City begins to shake. Systems have overloaded and the whole place is gonna blow, so the Power Rangers run out from the tower. Zhane drops the Psycho Data cards on the machines, just as they start to explode. The others run out from the tower and teleport away, barely missing the explosion of the tower, and the entire Secret City is reduced to mere cinders under the sea! Our heroes end up demorphing while teleporting, ending up on the beach (now wearing civilian clothes instead of Megaship uniforms). Everyone is fine, well, not everybody. Zhane is nowhere to be found!
The Ranger teen team scour the beach trying to find Silver Ranger, but no need to worry, there he is, right as rain. They all run over to greet him with open arms (Ashley, almost falling out of her tube top. Sheesh girl, some outfits you just CAN'T run in!). He was trying to get the Psycho Data Cards before the place went up, but failed. The Rangers are perfectly fine with that, of course. On the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor bows before his beautiful dark princess in shame, having failed against the sudden attack of the Psychos. She tells him not to worry, she has other plans. Astronema lifts up five Data Cards, ominously mentioning tomorrow being another day.
[scenes from "The Impenetrable Web"; end credits]

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