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Power Rangers In Space
"When Push Comes To Shove"
Original Air Date: 3/27/98 Based On:
Megaranger #06 - Yatta ne! Bakusou Dejitanku
(We Did It! The Explosive Dashing Digitank)
*5th Regular Season Continues
(6th Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-608
*8th episode of PRiS
*258th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Aloma Wright **AS** Adelle Ferguson
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
? **AS** Elephantitan (voice)


[Recap of "A Ranger Among Thieves"]
Cassie is sitting in the Surf Spot, writing in her diary, taping a picture of her and Ashley from their Turbo days onto a page. Adelle comes by and they talk about her youth and her own experience with having a diary, which makes Cassie late for school, so she packs up her books in a hurry, leaving her diary behind! Elsewhere, Professor Phenomenus holds a press conference in front of some huge glass skyscraper about his new plutonium fuel (as seen in the previous episode). With it he plans to send Bulk & Skull into space to find aliens. Problem is that the fuel is extremely dangerous and if released could destroy the whole city. He hides nothing on that regard, telling the reporters like it is. He'll be keeping it in his lab at the top of the skyscraper, as if that's any consolation. Phenom accidentally knocks over the large container of the fuel, but luckily Bulk fumbly grabs hold of it, saving the scared newspeople. Astronema is thinly disguised in the crowd, having a vivid daydream about the building falling over, and Angel Grove going ground zero!
[opening credits]
In the halls of Angel Grove High School, Cassie & Ashley talk about their dreams while walking to class, when Cassie realizes she left her diary at the Surf Spot. What's the big deal if someone finds it, they'll just be greeted with hundreds of pages on how hot Phantom Ranger is, right? It might have a picture of her morphed in a Pink Ranger outfit inside! While in a rush to get there, they literally bump into a blonde dopey guy named George and a tall dark haired mute lunky guy named Lenny. George has a proposal for Cassie, if she goes on a date with the Lenny, they'll give her the diary back (which they found at the Surf Spot, yet supposedly didn't open). If not, George'll crack it open and do some reading. She has no choice but to meet them at the park at 2 PM, blackmailed into a date with a guy she doesn't even know. Later on the Astro Megaship, TJ & Carlos are introduced to the Megatank by Andros. TJ asks the most logical question: "Why do we need a new vehicle?" Andros makes the case that on their quest for Zordon they might need to travel on planet with rough terrain. Carlos just thinks it looks cool, and the other two guys have a laugh at his expense. Meanwhile down in Angel Grove park, Cassie meets up with Lenny & George. George spends the whole time bragging about Lenny's athletic accomplishments, and Cass asks why he never talks. George says he never talks except to him, because he always says something stupid (look who's talking, bonebrain)! Cassie fakes a thirst, sending George to get some drinks, giving her & Lenny a chance to ditch the third wheel. They hide behind a tree, where the shy Lenny finally speaks when pressed by the lovely Pink Ranger. Cassie wants just the two of them to go off and have fun together, on the condition that she gets the diary back at the end of the date. The bashful Lenny agrees on a pinkie promise, and they rush off to spend the day alone together.
Lenny & Cassie are oof on their date, getting balloons from a clown (Pineapple, is that you?) in front of the skyscraper. She has Lenny decide where to go next, and he mentions a restaurant on top of the building. So, they run over and head to the top of the glass building via an elevator & shadowy Megaranger footage. Once in the restaurant they head to the window to check out the view, suddenly below them on the ground floor some weird monster named Elephantitan shoves his head into the side of the building shaking everything up! The patrons run for the doors, trying to escape the tilting tower, but Cassie wants to stay behind to Morph. Lenny won't leave her and soon he gets bonked on the head by some falling ceiling debris. Over at the Surf Spot, Carlos & Andros are playing chess while Ashley & Teej watch, when Alpha contacts them with news of the monster. They quickly "Rocket," and head to the Skyscraper, trying to rescue the people from the falling debris. Astronema is also at the scene of the ruckus, giving the Rangers trouble by blasting at them with her Wrath Staff, before teleporting away out of the path of the collapsing building. Inside, Cassie keeps trying to wake the unconscious Lenny, but when things look grim she tries to Morph, just as he begins to stir and wake. She helps her dazed date up, commenting he should lay off the doughnuts (an in-joke to the Megaranger plot this is lifted from). Back outside, the Rangers clear all the people out of harm's way and are greeted by a vision of Ecliptor in the sky! He appears in his previous caped body form for some reason, taunting them about when the building falls over, the plutonium will spill and wipe them out first. They have no idea what he meant, so Yellow Ranger runs a Lightstar helmet scan search on the skyscraper, discovering that Cassie & Lenny are up in the building! Back up on the top floor, Cass & Lenny stumble through the shaking hallways, winding up taking refuge in Professor Phenomenus' lab where the Plutonium containment reactor is overheating and ready to explode! Lenny starts panicking and beating against the now locked door, whining nonstop, while Cassie calmly stands near the deadly device.
To get up to the top floor quickly, the Megatank is deployed for it's first field test. Yellow & Red Rangers hop in, leaving Black & Blue to stay behind to fight Elephantitan and get Black & Blue themselves. Cassie contemplates morphing in front of the whiny baby Lenny as the reactor continues to overheat. Carlos & TJ tackle Elephantitan by themselves and get trampled by the mighty beast. Bulk, Skull & The Professor watch from the front of the building as it is being trashed, Phenom's only successful work trapped up above. The Megatank rips through the bottom floor, and makes it way onto the stairs, heading up to save not only their Pink Ranger pal, but the city as well. Cassie finally gives up and starts to dial in 3-3-5 on her Astro Morpher! Luckily, Andros smashes through the wall of the lab in time to stop her before she hits the enter key. The two reluctant lovebirds rush to the Megatank, which now has the task of taking care of the dangerous fuel. Using the MegaClaw they are able to neutralize it with some weird liquid gel poured over the vial of plutonium, disarming it and saving the day. Blue & Black Rangers continue getting slammed into the building by the monster, until finally Astronema has the Satellasers fired and Elephantitan grows to the size of the skyscraper he's trying to topple. Teej & Carlos trying using their Megaweapons in conjunction with Astro Blasters, but it's nothing to the giant pachyderm. Elephantitan finishes the job of pushing the building over, just as the Megatank races down the stairs and out onto the streets safely. The building collapses over Bulk, Skull & The Professor, Killing them! No, wait, they're ok, just covered by debris, saved by being behind the Phenomenus Van. Lenny is once again passed out in the Tank, so Cassie heads out, yells at the monster for ruining her date and quickly Morphs. She has the honors of calling for the Astro Megazord to be formed and the whole thing comes together like always. The battle begins the evil Elephant monster. Red Ranger's joystick controlling pulls out some high gear movements, punching and chopping at the villain at speeds even Turbo didn't get to! Soon the Megasaber is used to give Elephantitan a finish he'll never forget, blowing dumbo into a billion ivory handbags.
A day or two later at the ever popular Surf Spot, the Ranger teens are playing a round of pool. Lenny & George meet up with Cassie to return her diary, Lenny finally speaking for himself in front of George. Len promises they didn't read it at all, and a quick inspection by the owner reveals that the picture she feared would blow her secret identity was of her & Ash unmorphed. She thanks them, but is a little miffed that Lenny had to use blackmail to ask her on a date. He solves the problem by giving her flowers and asking her out again. She says yes, but checks with Ashley first. It seems she agreed to double date, so Ashley is reluctantly dragged along as the now excited but ever-repulsive George's date!
[scenes from "The Craterite Invasion", end credits]

Astronema can't understand the Earthquake; Bulk hurts his butt while getting out of the van; TJ forgets his line while calling for Alpha.

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