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Power Rangers Special
"Power Playback: Power Rangers Funniest Moments"
Original Air Date: 6/13/98
*Official Fox Kids Show Number KS-124 (Kids Special)
*Filmed around the time of PRIS#25 "Always A Chance".
*Promo promised only Bulk & Skull hosting.
*Promo also made the show seem like just clips of bloopers & outtakes.
*Aired only once, as a part of the "Fox Kids Pick Of The Week" series.
*Paved the way for the banner name of PR reruns entitled "Power Rangers Power Playback".
*Only the end credits of this special are close captioned. Although various clips are, this special was chopped together so quickly, they never had time to get it all captioned.
*The choice of using a clip from "Wild West Rangers, Part 2" came about from a crew member more or less polling fans at the alt-mmpr IRC chatroom.
Writer: Margo McCahon Director: Peter Herschko
Hosted By:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Himself
Paul Schrier II _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason A. Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Jack Banning _AS_ Professor Phenomenus

Sanford Hampton
Judd Lynn
Scott Page-Pagter
Paul F. Rosenthal

Michael Montgomery

Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Featuring Footage Appearances By:
Nakia Burrise
Steve Cardenas
Blake Foster
Jason David Frank
Karan-Ashley Jackson
Amy Jo Johnson
Walter Jones
Austin St. John
Hilary Shepard Turner
Catherine Sutherland
Thuy Trang
David Yost
Romy J. Sharf
Kenny Graceson
Richard Wood
And Many Others Who Shall Remain Nameless.


[Footage of Bulk & Skull crashing their patrol bike into the docks from "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie," in partial widescreen.]
[Footage cuts to "Turbo: Behind The Scenes" video, Skull welcoming us to behind the scenes while holding a fish from the crash.]
[Opening montage begins, using that from the behind the scenes T:APRM video, with the PRPP Logo dropping in front of it. Extensive backstage footage appears, as well as credits for this special. Said Turbo special was available only through a send in food promotion tie-in.]
Johnny Yong Bosch pokes his head out of the doors of Saban Studios, in the Studio 4 building. He notices the coast is clear, and comes walking out. Then he stumbles onto a video monitor, and begins watching himself in it. Professor Phenomenus waddles toward him, telling him to watch his back. Someone hit him on the head, and stole his van! Johnny asks him if he saw who it was, but the Prof just says they sounded like robots and said they were going to film a Power Rangers Show. The voice he spoke of asks if there's a problem, and the old coot runs away, wetting his lab coat, i'm sure. Johnny spots where the voice came from, Professor's van, now rigged as PALS: Production Automated Location Studio. Two robotic voices talk to him, telling him they're the film crew for the special he's hosting. They're state of the art, and much cheaper (and we know how much Saban likes cheap)! John's confused on how those supposed computers can do the job of hundreds of production workers, so thinking to better settle his nerves, PALS has Professor come running out with a slate board. He sets the place for take one, cutting his thumb upon clapping the board down.
[Divatox from TAPRM: "Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps".]
[Tommy telling Kim "I've been wanting to do that for a long time" from "Green Candle Part 2"]
[Adam at a soccer match, yelling to a player "You Stink!" from PRT's "Drive To Win"]
Johnny asks PALS what that was, and they say it was a computer malfunction. Now Johnny is directed to a TelePrompTer, reading off a line to the camera on why kids around the world love Power Rangers. It suddenly begins to smoke and catch on fire, Professor running around like a loon spraying a fire extinguisher.
[Justin from TAPRM, with binoculars going "wow"]
[Mindwashed Bulk & Skull from TAPRM asking "Who is this Bulk And Skull?"]
[Jason & Kim from TAPRM saying "There is something weird with those two."]
[An annoyed JDF on the set of TAPRM saying "That, I really don't want to talk about." Looped three times.]
[Alpha 5 from MMPR saying "Ay-yi-yi."]
Johnny is losing patience with PALS' "computer glitches," but they aren't talking.
[B&S again from TAPRM in an accent "You are speaking to us?"]
[Divatox TAPRM "I have a date with destiny."]
[Justin TAPRM "You guys are the Power Rangers?"]
[Marge from "Peace, Love & Woe": "Exactly!"]
Johnny's sick of the malfunctions, and tells PALS he's taking over, follow his lead.
[Jason from the MMPR Fan Club video, congratulating us on becoming members.]
The MMPR theme is still playing, Johnny has PALS cut it out. He begins to suspect he knows their voices from somewhere.
[Divatox TAPRM smooching her lips for her mirror.]
[CS interviewed on the TAPRM set, discussing Maligore's evil intents.]
[Adam from TAPRM saying "What's going on here?"]
[AJJ busting into laughter while being interviewed on the TAPRM set.]
PALS tells Johnny this is live TV, and they can't erase his mistakes. He tries taking control again, asking them to run Action & Humor clips. Especially some from the "Wild Wild West" episode, before walking off.
["Bomb Dancing" End credits sequence from "MEGARANGER" begins to play.]
PALS thinks they're getting Japanese television, but notices a tiny Power Ranger in the corner. The Bulk-voice says it's signing for deaf kids.
[Divatox "Goosebumps" line.]
[JDF begins to talk of the basic plot of TAPRM. Jason Narvy says it's the plight of the human race, Paul Schrier tells him to shut up.]
Johnny is back, telling them to run the clip he asked. PALS tells him it's not something that's funny, and they like Bulk & Skull better. He threatens to unplug them, sirens on the van begin to go off and he reaches for the plug.
Right before Johnny pulls the cord, the Skull-voice tells him alright, they'll run his clip.
[Scene from "Wild West Rangers Part 2" White Stranger vs Putties plays.]
PALS mentions Kim being in old west Angel Grove. Skull-voice remarks about Tommy coming to save her as not being funny. Clip soon stops, PALS talking about Johnny blowing it, not realizing he can hear them.
[Clip of "WWR2" featuring the Old West Ranger/Putty fight, ending with White Stranger putting his hat back on.]
PALS asks Johnny if he's happy, he says it was great action with humor, what Power Rangers does best.
[Bulk & Skull screaming in bus from "Green With Evil Part 4"]
[Behind scenes TAPRM, Paul & Jason trying to get JDF to talk about something he really appears not to want to talk about.]
[Adam: "You Stink!"]
Johnny tells PALS for a computer it has a bad attitude. PALS tells him he's the one with the attitude, he says "you squawking at me?" PALS mocks his Deniro impression, saying he probably liked that clip because he secretly wanted to be Tommy, ride on the white horse and lock lips with another Ranger. Johnny gets angry, beats on the windows of the van telling them to come out.
[Tommy & Kim's kissing scene from "Green Candle Part 2."]
PALS gets nauseous over the mushiness. They rewind the clip, Skull-voice dubbing over Tommy saying it was worse for him. Bulk-voice dubs Kim, saying she hated the kiss, his lips were cracked, ugly & scabby.
[Divatox TAPRM "Goosebumps."]
[B&S Screaming in the Bus again.]
Johnny continues beating on the windows, wanting their names. PALS says they're robot nobodies. Johnny gives up.
[Bandora Palace landing on Earth from one of the last "ZYURANGER" episodes, featuring Bandra singing in Japanese and dancing along with her monster crew.]
PALS says they're receiving a transmission from the Hubbell telescope. They recognize Rita right away, thinking they're on the planet Uranus.
Johnny tells PALS they're never going to work in this town again. They still say they're just computers, he walks off telling them to play something funny.
[Adam Vs Shawn from Zeo's "Game Of Honor" Kung Fu Championship match.]
PALS rewinds and enjoys watching Johnny get kicked down in the footage. Johnny yells for them to stop, saying he beat that guy. They continue rolling the footage, until finally Adam is declared the winner.
PALS asks John if he's happy now, he tells them he wants funny clips. No more Tommy and no more karate. They agree.
[clip of Jason David Frank's Karate Video.]
Johnny gets mad at them for ruining his big chance at hosting a TV Special, doing the only thing he can, firing PALS! He calls for security, and two guards come running out to the Van. They enter it, and we hear monkey sounds as a fight breaks out inside.
The guards bring out the culprit, Professor Phenomenus! He says he just dropped by to use the potty, and Johnny has them let him go. PALS closes up the Van, promising to be good. John starts playing by their rules, asking if they remember the next clip.
[Bulk & Skull first food fight from MMPR's cleverly titled "Food Fight."]
Johnny's a little happier, PALS calling Bulk & Skull comedic geniuses.
[Montage of various Bulk & Skull exploits from throughout MMPR, set to their theme song. No, i'm not going to name where they're all from. Maybe one day.]
PALS asks Johnny if he remembers when Bulk & Skull made the Turkeyjerk Monster. He begins to recall why they did it, when the clip starts.
[B&S create Turkeyjerk scenes from "Storybook Rangers, Part 1 & 2."]
PALS tells Johnny he's running out of time. When he begins telling them the show should go out with something really hot, they say they don't think so.
[Adam: "You Stink! You-you-you Stink!]
[End credits sequence from "KAKURANGER" featuring dancing Dorodoros plays.]
[Video featuring tons of MMPR Season 1 footage plays, closed captioning says the song playing is "I Will Win," but instead we hear the never before heard extended version of the PRT Song "You Are The Power Team."]
PALS tells Johnny it's a wrap.
[Early Season 2 MMPR Cast yells "Bye!" on the steps inside the high school.]
[CS tells us bye from the TAPRM set and smooches Paul on the head.]
Johnny thanks us for being with him, wishes us fun & good fortune. He tells PALS they'll talk later and heads back inside the Studio 4 building. PALS mentions JYB has entered the building, Skull-voice thinks he's comically challenged. Johnny pokes his head out the door again, and tumbleweeds roll in the wind behind the Van. The back door of it begins to finally open.
The voices behind PALS revealed, as Bulk & Skull sneak out of the Van. Johnny is standing right there waiting for them, and they say they didn't mean harm, just wanted a job. Skull asks if Johnny's going to use his karate on them or something, John says Power Rangers don't hurt people, but there ARE some guys who want to teach them a lesson. He walks away, just as several monsters swarm on the bumbling duo (Eyeguy, Lizwizard, Lunatick, Spikey, Primator, Batarax, a Red Plant creature that later appears in 'CTD', and a blue dangly-antenna wide-toothy Monster that also appears in CTD). Johnny finds it really funny as Bulk & Skull run for their lives down the street, being chased by the gang of rubber monsters.
[end credits.]

Johnny yawns while waiting for a take; Lizwizard falls over during the chase; Lizwizard falls over again, from a different angle; Bulk & Skull's outtake from "A Different Shade Of Pink", while discussing Gunther as a possible spy, Bulk fails to sit properly in his chair, falling hard.

[end credits, which goes through crediting nearly every writer and director who ever worked on the show, among other essential information.]


Series Writers [complete to the making of this ep!]: Buzz Alden & charlotte, Brett D. Born, Shell Danielson, Jeffrey Deckman, Peter Elwell, Gary Glasberg, Richard Goodman, Terri Hughes, Mark Hoffmeier, Jerry P. Jacobs, Julianne Klemm, Steve Kramer, Joseph Kuhr, Shuki Levy, Ellen Levy-Sarnoff, Mark Litton, Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand, Mark McKain, Cindy McKay, Steve Melching & charlotte, Ron Milbauer, Peggy Nicoll, Barbara A. Oliver, Tony Oliver, Kati Rocky, Mark Ryan, Cheryl Saban, Daniel J. Sarnoff, Chris Schoon, Ralph Soll, Ronnie Sperling, Stewart St. John, Douglas J. Sloan, Jim Suave, Gilles Wheeler, Colleen White, Stephen J. Weller, Al Winchell, Tom Wyner.

Series Directors [incomplete]: Yuri Alexander, David Blyth, Vickie Bronaugh, Adrian Carr, Isaac Florentine, Armand Garabidian, Marco Garibaldi, Liberty Goldman, Robert Hughes, Jerry P. Jacobs, Worth Keeter, Shuki Levy, Larry Kent Litton, Judd Lynn, Robert Radler, Jeff Reiner, Koichi Sakamoto, Paul Schrier II, Lawrence L. Simeone, Douglas J. Sloan, John Stewart, Blair Treu, Jonathan Tzachor, John Weil, Al Winchell, Terence H. Winkless.

Director Of Photography: Ilan Rosenberg
Production Designers: Julie Bolder, Yuda Ako
1st Assistant Directors: Larry Kent Litton, Stephen Harrison
2nd Assistant Director: Cy Roscoe

Fights & Some SFX Directors: Makoto Yokoyama, Koichi Sakamoto
2nd Unit Director Of Photography: Sean McLin
2nd Unit 1st Assistant Director: Chris Auer
Stunt Choreography: Alpha Stunts
Special Effects: John Bordeaux
Locations: Carrie L.A.
2nd Unit 2nd Assistant Director: Lisa Stuckey

Art Director: Eric V. Clemons
Assistant Art Director: Michael Kocurek
Prop Master: Mark Richardson
Set Decorator: Siri T.H. Robinson
Costume Designer: Danielle Baker
Make-up & Hair Supervisor: Rosanna Montes
Animatronics & Monsters: John Lant, Ivory Stanton

Series Gaffer/ Key Grip: Dennis Bishop
Grip: Bryan Lynch
Series Camera Operator: Aldo Antonelli
Camera Operator: Mike Messenheimer
Series Sound Mixer: Chuck Buch, C.A.S.
Sound Mixer: Richard Lysacek

Script Supervisor: Helen Caldwell
2nd Unit Script Supervisor: Jody Blose
Production Coordinators: Shawn Tarkington, Jeffrey Weiss
Assistant Story Editor: Jackie Marchand
Production Accountants: Brett Born, Susan Foster

Original Casting: Julie Ashton
Casting: Iris Hampton
Extras Casting: Dennis Hansen
Assistants To The Producers: Jennifer Cadenhead, Nancy Kennedy, Lee Marshall, Kim Stretch
Production Assistant: Tom Herschko

Music By: Shuki Levy, Kussa Mahchi
Executive In Charge Of Music: Ron Kenan
Music Producers: Kenneth Burgomaster, Jeremy Sweet, Ron Wasserman, Mike Whittaker, Inon Zur

Music Supervisor: David Ari Leon
Music Editors: Drew DeAcentis, Paul Kristan
Music Engineer: Barron Abramovitch
2nd Music Engineers: Jim DiJulio, Tim Gosselin
Music Assistants: Juliana Bolden, Dusty Rabbin, John Sperger

Executive In Charge Of Post Production: Clive H. Mizumoto
Sound Supervisor: Doug Latislaw
Re-recording Mixers: Ed Suski, Tim Harsh
Dialogue & Effects Editors: Charlene Banta, Phillip A. Kovats

ADR Director: David Walsh
ADR Recordist: Anne Britt Makebakken
ADR Writers: Suzi Shimoyama, David Walsh
ADR Coordinator: Suzi Shimoyama

Developed From: Galaxy Rangers [aka Zyuranger], Dai Rangers [only time on PR it's ever credited by its non-translated name!], Kaku Rangers [never credited on PR before this mentioning!], O-Rangers [aka Ohranger], and Car Rangers
By Toei Company, LTD.
Select SFX Sequences By: Junichi Yajima
Original Concepts By: Saburo Yatsude
Production Services: Tri-Crown Productions, Co.

Executive In Charge Of Production: Eric S. Rollman
Post Production Coordinator: Sean B. Backus
Editor: Billy DiCicco
Assitant Editor: Damon Harman
Visual Effects Coordinator: Eric Rainey
Post Production Associate: Andy Reilly

Post Production: Modern Videofilm
Lab Services: Foto-Kem Industries
Camera Package: Keslow Camera
Grip/ Lighting Equipment: Cinemobile
Miscellaneous Equipment Provided By: Health-O-Meter, Slush Puppie, Bunn Corp.

[fine print-legal mumble jumbo]
(C)opyright 1998 Saban Entertainment, Inc.
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
and Toei Company, Ltd.
In Association With: MMPR Productions, Inc.

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