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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Sunflower Search"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:4/10/99 Based On:
Gingaman #19 - - Fukushuu no Kishi (The Knight Of Revenge)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-810
*10th episode of PRLG
*303rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Jewelia Zaferes High _AS_ Hostage Girl
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Treacheron (voice)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Fish Face (voice)
Ryan James _AS_ Zika (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2," "Homesick" & "The Magna Defender," which lends credibility to the "This is where I last saw Mike" line being edited wrong originally. It seems Leo was talking about seeing Mike as MD! Someone kill the editor, right away!]
Magna Defender is still on Terra Venture. It's late at night, and as he stares out to the stars illuminating in the cityscape, he thinks back 3000 years. He vows he'll never forgive Scorpius for what he did to Zika, and their home planet. We see his world from years ago, under attack by a gang of monsters. Explosions rained about, many of his people seem to have been destroyed (including one seemingly dying under a ton of rubble). The group of Scorpius' monsters begin looting gems & jewels amid the fire and destruction (monsters include Radster, Motor Mantis (from a later PRLG ep), Impostra (also from a later PRLG ep) and an unnamed Blue Beetle Monster (related to Gasser in Gingaman, slightly officially named "Sledge" in PRLG). Magna Defender stumbles forward, telling them to drop the items, they won't need them where they're going. He's weak from the constant attacks, but when the monsters taunt him, he calls for backup. His mighty Torozord stomps in from behind him, ready to make manure out of evil. Suddenly, Magna Defender notices Scorpius and several Stingwingers approaching. He tells Magny he has something he wants, and there stands the monster Fish Face, holding a little Magna Defender child named Zika! Magny is shocked to see his own son is being held captive by his enemies, and has no choice but to call Torozord off. The gang of creatures take advantage of his disillusioned state, striking in unison (notice Captain Mutiny standing & laughing in the shot). Zika yells for his father, as the monsters overtake him, and Scorpius spouts out electricity, frying Daddy Defender. Magny falls to the ground, and begs Scorpius to let his son go, which he has Fish Face do. Zika's thrown down, but he grabs onto his Defender Dart, pointing it at Fishy & Scorpius, before making a run toward the slimy mastermind with it. Scorpius fires off another deadly bolt of power, striking Zika fatally. The monsters leave, successful in mentally crippling one of the only forces preventing them from total control of the universe. Magna Defender crawls over to his dead son's body, cradling it in light of the fires bathing his destroyed planet. Magny finishes his flashback on TerraV, grasping his son's dart, vowing revenge on Scorpius.
[opening credits]
The Scorpion Stinger is approaching the area of Terra Venture once again. Treacheron has installed a surveillance system inside the Power Pad, capable of eavesdropping on the plans of the Rangers. Scorpius takes this plan with a grain of salt, since all others to find the Lights Of Orion have failed. One thing Treach has to make sure above all else, get them before Magna Defender does! Trakeena gets a line in, mentioning those irksome Rangers mustn't get them first either. Speaking of Irksome, Maya & Kendrix are hanging out in the ever popular Kitchen area of the Power Pad. Kendy brought some sunflowers for Maya, both admiring the plants beauty and power. They quote-unquote "light up the world." In Maya's world of Mirinoi, statues of them not only adorned the temple gates, but were believed to hold the secrets of the universe. Treacheron is scanning what they're saying, letting Trakeena, Fish Face and the rest hear the girls' blown out of proportion conversation on sunflowers. They take things too literally, thinking this a code for where the Orion Lights are hidden. Scorpius thinks it's stupid, but Trakeena backs up this claim by mentioning several sunflower statues on TerraV. Scorpy is all for the plan now, sending Fish Face down to break the statues open and find those Lights! He takes his blast bag, spouting sand to do the deed, just accidentally getting the Scorpion Stinger full of sand before leaving. The first target is located in front of a busy plaza on Terra Venture. Fish Face & Stingwingers teleport in, and he starts firing off his bomb dirt at the statue. As quickly as they came, so does Magna Defender, slicing the bag out of Fishy's hand. They've got some unfinished business from long ago, but first Fish Face deploys some Stingys to get sliced into defeat by Defender's saber. Fish talks tough, but Magny readies his sword for payback.
Leo Corbett is sulking in his room, remembering his dead brother Mike once more. He holds Mike's GSA Dogtags, glancing at a picture of the siblings from years ago. Alpha chimes in, telling Leo there's trouble at the plaza, so off he rushes, tossing the Dogtags onto the picture frame.

Fish Face
Magna Defender has waited an eternity for this opportunity, Fish Face holding his Fish Stick (sword, whatever) engages in combat with Magny, as well as a few Stingwingers surrounding him for good badguy measure. The already Morphed Rangers make the scene, noticing several civilians in the line of their fire. Their first concern is the powerless ones, so Red Ranger strikes Fishy with his Quasar Saber. Magny continues slashing off Stingys, telling the Rangers to lay off his intended foe. They don't, and get beat around by Fish Face. Time to call for Quasar Launchers, but like Judd Lynn in trying to explaining their origin, they fail. Fishy bats off the energy launches with his Fish Stick, the Ranger surprised to see their cheap plotdevices fail! Fish Face opens up his bag of whupdust, spraying the Power Rangers into pain. He makes a break for the statue, but Magna Defender stands in the way, busting a few caps off on his (finally named) Magna Blaster rifle. Fishboy rolls over in front of the defenseless humans, Magny doesn't let that stop him from unleashing some more stray blasts in his attempts to shoot Fish out of the barrel. Red Ranger jumps at him, trying to keep him from hurting innocents, but Defender throws him down, and fires again. This time, the rogue energy bolts cause debris from surrounding buildings to crumble upon the humans. Fishy's still dodging a world of hurt, rolling back near the statue. Blue & Green Rangers hold Magna back from firing again as people run for safety in the area behind Fish Face. This gives the monster time to open his blast bag, and bust open the Sunflower. Nothing's inside, so before Magna can shake off the Rangers and fire again, he teleports away in a blast of sand.
Green, Blue & Pink Rangers rush to aid the injured civilians of Terra Venture, Red & Yellow facing the Magna Defender. They tell him he's out of control, not even caring for innocent lives. He calls the humans insignificant and not his concern, but they're the Rangers' concern, so the heroes continue trying to talk sense into him. They offer assistance in completing his mission, but what he must do he must do alone. Magna Defender walks toward the park area, thinking to himself the Rangers will never understand his pain. Suddenly, a streak of fire rips through outer space, and somehow gets into the domed TerraV, crashing near the park. Magny is pleased his ultimate weapon has arrived. Later, the unmorphed Rangers discuss their problems with the reckless Defender at the Power Pad. More about how he doesn't care for human lives. Leo stares out the window, finally speaking his two cents on he thinks Magny's mission is a personal vendetta. His anger so great is consumes him, something he knows all too well. Alpha beeps on the Transmorphers, the Rangers are needed. One quick Morph offscreen, and they make it to the next Statue, where Fish Face & Stingwingers are making a commotion trying to reach the Sunflower amid a crowd of screaming parents and school children wearing Japanese elementary school outfits. One little girl drops her bear, but has to leave it behind as mommy runs for their life. The Rangers show up, and your average "Rangers use Sabers on Stingwingers while Red Ranger takes on the main baddie as well, like, what's so special about Leo" battle happens. They believe they've run Fishy off, but he's just wobbling over to the Sunflower Statue. Doesn't make it, as he's struck by Magna Bullets. Getting annoyed with Defendy, Fish Face and the horned one face off finally. Things don't get too involved, before that little girl returns for her teddy bear. Given Magny's slow walk, Fish Face is able to run all the way over to grab the girl and hold her hostage. The Rangers watch from the sidelines in shock, Magna Defender experiences a Deja Vu flashback to Zika's death. The Rangers throw down their Quasar Sabers, giving in to the Terrorist fish's demands. Once his trip down painful memory lane is through, Magna Defender presses on, walking toward Fish Face with his sword drawn. The Rangers, ever the cautionaries, yell for him not to take the risk. Red Ranger runs over and jumps on him, trying to keep him from getting the girl killed. Fish Face uses this at his advantage, popping open his bag and firing explosive dirt at Leo's back. Red Ranger continues holding on to Magny, telling him to think of the girl and get a grip on his anger before she's hurt. Fishy fires again, this time striking both men, Magny losing his sword as they fall to the ground.
As Fish Face gloats over taking them down, Green Ranger gets the girl's attention. As she slips away, Fishy notices, so Damon has to come out firing with his Transblaster at him. The girl is reunited with her mother and teddy bear, and she rushes off to safety with Ranger aide. Fishy sandblasts the multicolored heroes, and has to deal with the recovered Magna Defender. This time, it's personal (just like before, but you get the point), Fish Face uses his Fish Stick to tear through Magny's defenseless defenses. Red Ranger crawls over to the Magna Saber, and throws it toward his uneasy ally. Magna Defender leaps up, grabs it midair, and lands with a powered slash attack onto Fish Face. All of this fighting has weakened Magny, so Fishboy is able to recover quick enough to make it over to the statue, blow it up and find nothing in it. Rangers and Defender on his tail, Fish Face chugs down some Mountain Dew, and grows to a big Fish in a little colony! The Rangers quickly appear in their Galactazord cockpits, initiating Megazord transformation. It comes together, and gets into battle with Fishhead. He's able to knock them down and stare striking ballistic, but Red Rangers has the Quasar Saber (even the Megazord's sword is named that, how original) hook him off. Condor Galactazord Missile Mode is ready to fire, but Fish Face opens his Blast Bag and it hits the Galaxy Megazord dead on! The backlash is strong enough to disengage the Transformation, throw the Rangers off to the ground and revert the Zords into beast mode! Fish Face appears to be winning, but the rumbling of a Venturequake occurs, and the artificial ground rips open, something is approaching! Fishy is shocked as the Rangers are to see The Torozord charging his way! Magna Defender is happy to see his old pal, it shoots down eyebeams, which cause Magny to grow Zordsize! He himself is armored up, leaping atop his trusty metallic oxen, taking the reins and charging toward his enemy!
Fish Face takes the bull by the horns, literally, and is barely able to shrug off the charging Torozord. Magna Defender jumps off it with two metal blades, and the two longtime foes begin to duel. Fishy's Fish Stick provides enough power to temporarily get the vengeful Defender off him. He closes in to strike, when Red & Pink Rangers fire upon him with their Transblasters. He's only mildly annoyed, but before his Fish Stick can slice them to ribbons, Magny's up and at em again. Torozord's a little lonely, so he charges up his horns, and stomps Fishy's way, powerfully picks him up and throws him over head! Magny calls for Defender Torozord to activate, and the ground below Torozord lifts up, as he twists and spirals around into battle mode. The full-grown Magna Defender adds his power to it, transforming himself to lock inside Torozord, becoming the centermass and head! The Rangers stand astonished at this sight, Fish Face quickly is gutted into oblivion when Defender Torozord courses with energy, spinning around and ripping through Fish Face with it's staff. After thousands of years, Magna Defender has his revenge on but one of those responsible for his son's murder.
Aboard the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius is far from pleased over Magna Defender regaining his Torozord. Treacheron boasts he beat him once, he'll do it again, for 10,000 years this time. Trakeena mocks him, saying she's sure their great General will come up with a plan, and laughs. Back on Terra Venture, the unmorphed Rangers race to the reverted to normal mode Magna Defender's side. They plead with him to get a grip on his anger, when he finally breaks silence over the story behind his rage. Zika's death scene replays once more, as he tells them Scorpius took his only son away from him. He'll not stop until he has his revenge by destroying the slimebag. Leo says he knows how he feels, but until he gets control on this anger, it'll make him as bad as they are. Magna Defender ignores the words, walking off alone into his never-ending mission once again.
[scenes from "Silent Sleep"; end credits]

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