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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Orion Rising"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:5/1/99 Based On:
Gingaman #22 - - Hikari no Shutsugen (The Appearance Of Light)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-812
*12th episode of PRLG
*305th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Denise Skinner Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Gayle Sanders _AS_ Little Girl #1
Raissa Fernandez _AS_ Little Girl #2
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Destruxo (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "The Magna Defender" & "Silent Sleep"]
On Terra Venture, inside the Girl-Power Pad (adorned with tribal artifacts on the walls & Maya's hammock, largely identical to the male equivalent), Kendrix finishes baking a cake. Presents and gifts litter the area where Leo is sitting, Kendrix remarks they're preparing to throw Damon a surprise birthday party. I assume he's told them when it is, for them to think he thinks they forgot. Ah, well, bygones, Mister Lynn. Leo tries getting a lick of the white frosting cake, by Kendrix smacks his hand away, sticks it in a container, and stuffs it in the Tupperware Cabinet. The two Ranger teens depart the Girl-Power Pad, and walk off to where, as Maya exits the elevator, just missing them. She comes into the Pad and plops down on her hammock. Her exposed tummy begins rumbling, the lady from the lost galaxy is hungry! She jumps up and raids the kitchen, searching to no avail for food. She might starve to death, or end up looking like the Mirinoi version of Calista Flockhart, but her nose knows. She senses the cake, opens up the cabinet, and upon discovering the container, drops the top in the rush to scarf it down!
[Opening credits, Amy Miller removed]
Maya is gleefully sitting in her hammock, her hands and face covered in cake & frosting! She devoured almost the entire thing, and Kendrix enters the room, she's shocked to see her hard work ruined. She yells at Maya, but the jungle woman didn't know better, and promptly plays dumb. They begin arguing over this, as Leo overhears it from outside the door hatch. Maya makes the case of people where she comes from would share, but Kendrix complains of her being an impatient pig. Kai notices Leo with his ear to the door, and joins in on the eavesdropping fun. Maya points out how there is no food left in the place, because Kendrix didn't go shopping like she was supposed to. Obviously still hungry, Maya takes it upon herself to go shopping right now. The still angry Kendrix picks up what's left of the cake, and throws it at her teammate just as she's exiting the Pad. It misses Yellow Ranger, but hits dead target on an unsuspecting Leo, and getting a bit on Kai! Elsewhere on TerraV, Destruxo and his gang of Stingwingers are placing a device to create a force field. The field pops up, it's purpose to keep the Rangers from getting in and interfering with his search for the Lights Of Orion. Destruxo tells the Stingers to hurry up and help him find the lights before the air runs out in the secluded dome within the dome. Kendrix & Maya walk apart from each other, carrying groceries. They are still squabbling, talking about splitting the refrigerator up so neither eats what belongs to the other. Too focused on fighting, the girls pay no attention to where they're going, and slam right into the invisible wall! The force field has spread throughout the entire area, with them and quite a large amount of other Venturians trapped inside! The wall is impossible to see, but apparently there as others are bumping into it as well. The females know fully well Scorpius is behind this, and rush off to investigate.

Destruxo & Stingwingers march through crowds of fleeing civilians, the monster's Orion compass locator pointing him to an area of lawn. He impales his staff into the ground, using it to bring forth the Lights Of Orion from deep underground. Maya & Kendrix spot the group of baddies, and quickly hit their Transmorphers, Going Galactic and Morphing on a split screen (I believe this the first time anyone has called their changing a "Morph" this series). Destruxo is stunned to see two Rangers have breached his force field, and dispatches his Stingwinger troops to get kicked around by Yellow & Pink Rangers. Once they're swatted off, the girls face Destruxo, pulling out their Quasar Sabers, charging them up and slicing them down on the monster! He grabs both blades, and laughs their power off before tossing them a few feet away. Ready to show them how it's done, he whips out his own saber. Nearby, Blue, Green & Red Rangers ride up on the force field, blasting it with their Astro Cycles. None of the laser attacks do a bit of damage to the invisible wall, so the guys will have to think of another way in. Inside the field, Yellow & Pink get sliced & diced by Destruxo's saber, he powers his up and really sends the girls down for the count! The three male Rangers can do nothing but watch as their feminine teammates fall to the ground, outmatched by Destruxo. Kai gets an idea to try going under the force field, so Damon & Leo go with him to see if it'll work. Destruxo starts gloating about the girls' lack of breath, pointing out how the air is running thin inside the force field. They gasp and watch as others of the colony trapped inside as well, faint and struggle to breathe. Kendrix tells Maya they need to find another way to save the people, but Yellow Ranger wants the direct approach, once again running towards the monster. He quickly strikes her down, Pink Ranger pulling out her Beta Bow and firing at the ground, creating cover smoke for the both of them to getaway. When Destruxo recovers from this, he sends Stingwingers out to hunt down the ladies of power.
Hiding inside a stairwell, Maya & Kendrix have demorphed, still straining for air. Maya has a scrape on her face from the fight, Kendrix tries cleaning the wound with a cloth, but her teammate stops her, contending they need to get out there and battle the baddie. Maya thinks the only way to save everyone is to kick Destruxo's keister, but Kendrix knows they need to have a better plan, so Maya decides to go after him by herself. She leaps off the balcony of their hiding place, and runs off. Destruxo's staff begins to shake, and water gushes out of it into the air. The warrior knows the Lights Of Orion will be his soon, any minute now! Down below, Men of Morphin' race through the underground corridors trying to get through the force field. Red Ranger slams into the invisible wall, and falls to the ground. The field extends below the surface of the space station, so they need another plan and fast. Above, Kendrix goes all over the place, beating on the force field looking for a way out. Venturians are suffocating around her, she notices two little girls sitting on a bench huddling together. Either someone onboard has been cloning, or these girls just look remarkably like Kendrix & Maya (the Maya-kid even has a similar scrape on her face)! They're scared, asking for Kendrix to somehow make more air. She tells them she can't, they say they'll be fine, as they have each other, holding hands. Kendrix promises she'll find a way to get them breathing clearly again, and rushes off. Maya is sneaking around inside the force field, Stingwingers searching for her still. She spots a bakery, inside a birthday display with several cakes. Feeling like an idiot from another dimension, she understands finally what the cake was for, and why her friend was so mad she ate it. Too busy looking at the cakes, she doesn't see the Stingwingers surrounding her until it's too late! Luckily, Kendrix pops up and kicks the buggy-baddies off and rushes her friend to safety. Maya admits her mistake and apologizes, as where she comes from they don't have birthdays (reminds me of Andros). Kendrix tells her she shouldn't be sorry, it was just a mistake, as she wipes off Maya's bloody wound. The girls make a promise to bake a new cake together, after they find the source of the force field and get out of there, of course. They shake hands, friends once again.
Destruxo's staff is still spewing water, and suddenly sparks of light begins flowing out. Soon the Lights Of Orion will be his, and Scorpius'! One lone Stingwinger waddles over and informs the monster the Rangers are close to the source of the force field. He can't have them getting help from the outside with victory so close at hand, so he departs with the drone to take care of the girls once and for all. Speaking of which, Maya & Kendrix reach the force field device, ready to break it, when they hear a rumbling. Outside the field, their Ranger friends also hear it, and discover it's origin. Magna Defender stands nearby, annoyed to see them. He's calling for his Torozord to charge to his location near the force field, planning to smash it down. Leo tells him to stop, as there's too much energy flowing through the field! Magny tells him to save his breath, and has Torozord firing beams down to make it's master go Mega. Magny hooks up with his big old bull, and Defender Torozord strikes the field with it's Defender staff. Maya & Kendrix watch from the inside, knowing if he breaks it open, the energy backlash will tear apart the entire space colony! The guys Morph once again, this time onscreen, and quickly call their Galactabeasts (Damon's Green Condor is blue when flying, again). The three Rangers surround Defender Torozord on their beasts, trying to stop him from destroying the space station. Maya & Kendrix get back to business, running toward the field generator. Destruxo reappears in front of it, so the girls Morph while running. Still sprinting towards the monster, they leap into the air, and come down on him with their Transdaggers, and he deflects the attacks. They don't miss a beat, forming Beta Bows and firing energy arrows at him. He doesn't block, so the females think they're doing a little better at taking him on.
Meanwhile, Defender Torozord puts Gorilla Galactabeast down, gets swooped at by Green Condor, and fired upon with flames by Red Lion. He brushes the attacks off, but as he prepares to return the damage upon the Rangers, he grabs his chest and begins to stumble with pain. Before Red Ranger's eyes, Defender Torozord splits up, spitting Magna Defender down to the ground. He clutches his stomach, not understanding what's happening to him. The three Ranger guys hop down to see if they can help him, but he brushes them off, leaping away aching and cranky. He leaves the Rangers as dumbfounded to his problems as he is. Pink & Yellow continue their relentless attacks on Destruxo, every move counteracted with a more powerful one by the indestructible monster. He knocks them against the force field, and they stand right back up, not willing to give up. Proving their worth as a team and as friends, they work together in a rushing attack move, facing front against his blast attacks. Yellow keeps his weapon occupied as Pink jumps above and strikes him with her Quasar Saber. Destruxo finds this impossible, not only injured, but by two mere females! Time to complete their mission, Maya charges up her Saber with yellow power, and trashes the force field generator, causing the invisible wall to dissipate! All of the Venturians awaken from their breathless slumber, sucking oxygen into their eager nostrils like there's no tomorrow. The two little girls hop up and down, happy to be alive, as Yellow & Pink Rangers celebrate their victory as friends forever. Of course, Destruxo isn't finished by a longshot, but the two ladies get reunited with their teammates, pulling out Quasar Launchers together and energy launching at the unstoppable foe. The blasts did nothing but slow him down, proving he's still unbeatable and invincible. The Rangers are all shocked, but the biggest shock is coming, as the entire colony begins to quake! Destruxo's staff spouts more and more lights, energy swarming from within it, and causing intense winds all over the colony. The artificial sky turns grey, and the Lights Of Orion exit the staff, floating through the air. The ball of lights causes all seeing it to stand in awe, the weakened Magna Defender calling for it to come to him from nearby. It doesn't respond to neither him, nor Destruxo, who chases towards the lights, as they exit the space station, and streak out into outer space. The Rangers follow the monster, whom vows vengeance on them for interfering. Once he finds the Orion Lights, he'll make them pay dearly, and once he teleports away, Leo mentions not if they find the lights first he won't.
Once again we're in Terra Venture, Damon returns to the Power Pad after a long days work of doing whatever it is he does (probably cleaning up after the mess the Rangers made). The door slides open, and upon turning on the lights, his friends are all waiting, wishing him a happy surprise birthday! He's more surprised they remembered, and is greeted with a cake made by both Ranger girls (with just one candle on it, what is he, a newborn?) His friends rush over to hug him, and soon enough they've all enjoyed the delicious delicacy. Kendrix joins Maya in staring out the window, talking about wondering where the Lights Of Orion are now. They all know they're out there somewhere, and one day they'll be back. The guys join them in leering out into deep space, and at the camera for a moment.
[scenes from "Orion Returns"; end credits]

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