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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Shark Attack"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:5/15/99 Based On:
Gingaman #24 - - Budoo no Shuunen (Budoo's Spite)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-814
*14th episode of PRLG
*307th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Heide Karp _AS_ Alpha 6
[Note: Replacing Donene Kistler, whom had been Alpha since Season 3!]
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Julie Maddalena _AS_ D.E.C.A. (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Treacheron (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Pat Thomas _AS_ Red Shark (voice)
Tom Fahn _AS_ Green Shark (voice)
Ryan James _AS_ Zika (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Orion Rising" & "Orion Returns"]
The Scorpion Stinger swoops through space, while inside Treacheron vows to clear his bad name. He sits patiently inside his makeshift jailcell, awaiting redemption, when suddenly the ceiling opens up outside his cell. The Shark Brothers (no names, but just call them "Red" & "Green." Green sounds EXACTLY like Jabberjaw from the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon!) plop down from above and bow before their master. They know who set Treacheron up, and are there to rescue him, giving him back his saber. He's a bit surprised to learn Trakeena framed him, but quickly begins scheming how to get some good old fashioned payback.

The Shark Brothers
Speak of the devilless, Trakeena enters the holding area, so the Sharks duck around the corner. They listen uncomfortably as Princess Trakeena mocks Treacheron from behind the bars. He denies being a traitor and begs her help in proving his loyalty to her father, Scorpius. Treach whips out a map, on it the location of the silver goblet. He hands it to her, and asks she deliver it to her father to prove his worth. She snatches it up, feigns generosity, and leaves, ready to go after that goblet herself. Once the place is clear, the Shark Bros. return from hiding, questioning their master's motives. He mentions that map will end up proving who the real backstabber is, and Treacheron slices open the chains on his celldoor. Time for him and the two Shark stooges to get his revenge plan into action!
[opening credits]
Of all the places in the galaxy, Trakeena's search for the silver goblet bring her to the Terra Venture Forest Dome. Let's let the use of plotholeland slide since it's all a ruse by Treachy anyway. Trakeena has a few Stingwingers dig up the spot on the map where the goblet is said to lie. Soon, gold, err, silver is struck, and she's pleased to have the shiny object for her to admire. Treacheron is free as a bird, and standing within close distance, shocking the princess as to his appearance. He tells her the goblet's worthless, and the thing just dissolves in her hand. He and his Shark duo begin to slowly proceed towards her, confronting the bugbabe on her backstabbing ways. She tries playing it off, denying it and turning the blame on Treach, yet the guy may be evil, but he's more loyal than even Scorpius' own daughter. Dishonored by her tricks, he quickly slices through her Stingwinger protectors and prepares to enact vengeance. The Power Rangers have to show up and interrupt things, so Treacheron sends his two Shark buddies to keep them busy. They do so, but Red Ranger breaks through and begins sparring with Treach. Leo wants the monster off their space station. Treach refuses until he finishes taking out the princess. Speaking of whom, Trakeena takes off into the forest during the commotion. Treacheron attempts to chase her, but Red Ranger leaps in his way. Stuck fighting the persistent Leo, Treach orders the Shark Brothers to go after Trakeena instead. They've laid waste the other four Rangers, and gladly head off after the conniving princess. Treacheron is kept occupied by Leo, as more sword-swinging ensues. Trakeena must be in an exercising mood, as she could easily teleport out by now. Instead, she wanders through the woods, when the Defender Dart barely misses striking her head! Magna Defender has found to her, and has some big payback plans of his own. She tries attacking him, but he grabs her staff and tosses it aside. Magny's only son, Zika was taken away from him by Scorpius, as a flashback reminds us. Without the Lights Of Orion to use in destroying Scorpius, Magna Defender now plots to kill Scorpius' only daughter as equal justice! He lifts his Defender Sword and approaches Trakeena, but she pleads with him on her father committing an accident and not intending to kill his son. Magna Defender hears none of it and readies revenge.
Magna Defender is about to inflict the same suffering on Scorpius as he once had inflicted on him, the pain of losing a child, when he drops his sword! Magny buckles over in pain, unable to do much more than succumb to whatever it is that's been causing him hurt lately. Trakeena takes the incentive and runs for her life. Magna Defender grasps his chest, wondering what is happening to him, when suddenly Mike Corbett's voice is heard echoing. He talks about not giving into vengeance, but to seek only good. Nearby, Treacheron & Leo continue battling, when Leo hears his brother's voice surround him. It states good will always triumph, but that seems to be in error as Leo is stunned by hearing his dead brother speaking, giving Treacheron a chance to prepare an attack. Pink Ranger shouts for him to look out, but all it does his cause him to turn around just as Treach slices Red Ranger across his chest! Leo goes flying a few yards and smashes to the ground. The other Rangers (remember them?) regroup with their injured teammate, there to defend him. Treacheron hears a Shark brother calling, and has to cut short his victory over Red Ranger, running off to join his fish friends. The Rangers help Leo to his feet, and they all stumble away to get him some help fast. Treacheron bumps into the tree where the Defender Dart is still impaled, he grabs it worried his old foe may be in the area. The Shark Brothers teleport in with news Trakeena has returned to the Scorpion Stinger. He can't go home again before proving his worthiness, so he rounds up his servants and heads off to some little place i'm gonna call the Shark Shack. There, Treach talks about the fact with Red Ranger out of commission, the separated Rangers won't be able to call forth the Lights Of Orion. He & his two Shark pals will destroy the Rangers, proving his loyalty to Scorpius once and for all.
Meanwhile in the Astro Megaship Infirmary, scans are being run on the resting & recuperating Leo. He's stabilized, but took a pretty serve hit, all his friends (& Alpha 6) stand around worried. The Shark Brothers begin planting their trap, as DECA confirms what i've been saying all along and that the land of trees, mountains, lakes & Mirinoi plot devices is indeed called "The Forest Dome." She detects the two monsters, and the Rangers are ready to go right into their trap. Leo wakes up, sweating like a hog and bandaged up. They refuse letting him join them in battle, and he reluctantly stays in bed. The Rangers Morph offscreen, and rush over to the Dome, getting baited by the Sharks, hook, line, and sharp disc that strikes them! Treacheron is signaled to come on out of the Shark Shack, and join in the fun. The Power Rangers know they're outmatched by the Shark twins, so they call for the Lights Of Orion to activate. All the fancy movements do no good, as nothing special happens! Treach shows up, and gives away the loophole about how without Leo there, they can't use the Lights Of Orion. Red & Green Sharks start the attack, Treacheron in tow, the Rangers beaten into nothing less than canned tuna! Elsewhere in the Megaship Infirmary, Leo is in the middle of what seems to be a feverdream. His brother Mike appears ominously, calling his name. We see Mike's GSA Dogtags hanging mysteriously, and are privy to that ever popular flashback of Mike falling into the ground from "Quasar Quest Part 2." We get the "carry on Leo" line from a later flashback thrown in free. Mike appears again, telling Leo his friends need his help, and showing him just he's talking about. Leo views his Ranger pals getting the Quasar Ca-Ca kicked out of them, and jumps awake. Alpha 6 comes wandering in, offering Leo something, when he notices the injured Ranger is missing!
Near the Forest Dome River, the Rangers continue getting sliced, diced, stomped, stamped, beaten, kicked and punched (Not necessarily in that order) by the Shark Brothers & Treacheron. Just as the three stooges close in for the kill on our weary heroes, Red Ranger makes his way behind them! Overcoming his wounds, Leo is ready to save his friends and take care of his enemies in the name of something good, i'm sure. Treach sends the Shark Brothers after Red Ranger, and he jump kicks them out of the way before joining up with his teammates. They're thrilled to have him back, and even more thrilled as they can now call activate the Lights Of Orion! The Orion Armor flashes into place, modifying the Rangers both body & spirit. Leo charges up, and fires a bolt of energy, striking the Shark Brothers. Just one taste of Orion and they know they're up against something even they can't handle. Treacheron has nothing to lose, and stands unflinching against the Orion Rangers. Time for things to have an ending, he unsheathes his sword and calls Red Ranger out to duel to the finish. The Shark Brothers don't want their master to place it all on the line so quickly, but understand his dishonored position. Treacheron and Leo begin their intense swordplay, striking out at one another in perfect battle union. The fight goes from a backdrop of the rushing river, to a grassy area nearby. Things literally heat up when Red Ranger charges up his Orion Claw Gauntlet, and the surrounding becomes encased with flames. Treacheron may be countless eons old and skills incredible, but the power wielded by Leo at the moment know no boundaries. Leo manages to smash Treacheron's sword in half, which stuns Treach enough to enable Leo to charge up his Orion-Quasar Saber, in succession with the claw, strikes down upon Treach with enough force to do him immeasurable damage. He's thrown out of "flame land" and back to near the river, smoking and dying. He presses on with his stub of a sword, trying to take his antithesis, the Red Ranger with him before he dies. Weakened completely, he stumbles over and leaves Leo no choice but to go on the defense and Saber slice Treacheron one more time. The Shark Brothers watch in horror as their master falls to the ground, and explodes in a puff of fire. The Rangers stand together, as the Shark Brothers overcome their mourning to get vengeance on their enemies for killing poor old Treacheron. They cause themselves to grow to Zord crushing heights, so the Rangers call forth their Galactabeasts. Then, one Transdagger transform later, the Galaxy Megazord is born once more. Just as the Megazord is preparing to attack the Sharks, the Power Up Mode of the Orion Armor spreads outwards to encase the entire Megazord! The Galaxy Mega gets some Orion power of it's own, in the form of a beefed up sword and chest plate.
Galaxy Megazord
Red & Green Sharks are rattling their jaws now, but rush onward, weapons drawn, for Treacheron! Galaxy Megazord charges up it's Saber, and the Orion energy courses through. One quick slash tears through both Shark Brothers, causing them to shatter into nothing but meaty debris! The Galaxy Orion Megazord stands triumphant, and I miss those Sharks already.
The Scorpion Stinger continues it's trek through space, while inside Trakeena is getting some training in with her Stingwingers. They circle around her, attacking as she attempts defense and counterattacks with her staff. She's not very good, being insect royalty and all, and ends up breaking a nail! This sets her off, and she fires her staff at two of the Stingys, disintegrating them! Knowing she ain't no warrior yet, she comes up with a plan to find a trainer good enough to mold her into a worthy General of conquering the universe. She heads up to see her father, bringing up the fact with Treacheron dead he'll need a new General. She's able to talk him into considering having her seek out his next General, one capable of taking out the Rangers and getting back those Lights Of Orion. She fondles his tentacle disgustingly. Over on Terra Venture, in the Power Pad, Leo is standing around silently, when Maya comes in (or invited in). She asks how he's feeling, and he's defensive about the voice of his dead brother he heard. She states at first she thought it was all his imagination, but now she can somehow sense, that Mike is indeed alive. They stand looking out the window together, it kinda looks like he has his arm around her.
[no scenes; end credits]

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