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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Rescue Mission"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:10/9/99
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-903
*18th episode of PRLG
*311th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Steve Wang
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger; voice only)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger; voice only)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
Jeff Hightower _AS_ Hargan
Elissa Llamido _AS_ Collins
Ed Neil _AS_ Jasper
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Rescue Squad Member #2
Kirk Thornton _AS_ Alien (voice)


[scenes from "Destined For Greatness" & "Stolen Beauty"]
Another space soaked day on Terra Venture, as Mike enters the Command Headquarters in time to check out the distress signal on the screen. Everybody's watching the statical image of a strange creature pleading for help in plain English, as his ship is under attack and they can't defend themselves much longer. Commander Stanton tries contacting him, but when asked to identify his position he fails to respond. The signal finally dies off, Stanton ordering alert status as he has Kai attempt to locate the location of the signal. Stanton then tells Mike to compile a report and meet him at High Command, Mike following orders like a good right hand man would.
Distress Signal [opening credits, yet another new cast shot for Leo; both Trakeena & Bulk removed]
Up at High Command, the signal is replayed for the shady mysterious overlords of the Terra Venture space station. High Commander Renier asks Stanton what they do know, Stanton stating they do know its location. Cueing up a hologram image map of the stellar system on the table, he points out they've traveled from Earth on a certain course toward the Yarolian Galaxy. He points to an area slightly off the course, Renier clarifying they'll have to divert off their charted journey to help those aliens. The other overlords agree, Councilor Brody mentioning their purpose is to find a new world in the Yarolian Galaxy (it is? Thanks for letting us know finally!), and they're not equipped for risky rescue missions. Mike begins to speak out, but backs down suddenly, Renier asking him to continue with what he was going to say. Mike gives his two cents, about their mission not spelling out them helping others in need, as it doesn't have to be spelled out. Helping those in trouble should be second nature, and the day may come when they have to send a distress signal of their own, Brody is put speechless by his speech. Renier thinks it well said, having Stanton put together his best rescue team right away, Mike smiling over his victory.

The High Council
Soon, he takes a Venture Vehicle to a park in the space colony, hunting down his brother Leo, who is playing with a large group of children. Leo peels the kiddies off him for a second as Mike asks him for an important favor. Later, Leo & Mike are suited in GSA battle gear along with five others, Mike thanking his bro for coming along as he feels better with him around. Up in Headquarters, Kai continues filling in Stanton on the position situation, the Commander wanting to maintain a safe distance from the distressed ship. The mysterious spaceship is within viewing range, all in awe over its alien majesty. The Heliship exits TerraV's hatch, inside the GSA Rescue Squad doing another weapons check. Mike enters the cockpit and peers over the pilots' shoulders to see the ship, reporting to Stanton there appears to be no sign of an ongoing attack. Stanton orders them to find a safe place to dock and go in for a closer look, the Heliship pilots do as he says, floating over the strange craft slowly but surely.
GSA Heliship
The Heliship finds a proper place to dock, the GSA soldiers soon frying a hatch open and making their way inside, blasters at the ready. The well-trained team sneak in one by one, keeping a close eye out in the cobweb covered darkness. Mike's got a camera in his helmet, telling (and showing) Stanton they're making their way to bridge amid the weird web strewn metal interiors. Kai's keeping good track of them from the space station, as per Stanton's request. In the alien craft, one GSA solider, Hargan, mocks the 'rookie' female solider Collins with some eerie sound effects.
GSA Rescue Squad
Mike halts the crew, as he's stepped in a pile of goo! Wiping some off his shoe, he wonders what it is as he rolls the slimy alien mucus between his fingers, following its trail of goop across the way to a closed hatch. The ooze is oozing out, the GSA soldiers rush over and open it up, to find a cobweb covered alien corpse as the source of the slime! They wonder what it is, Hargan mentioning it looks like it was trying to get out. Mike contacts Stanton to tell him he thinks they found one of the crew members, or what's left of him, Commander telling him to be cautious. Leo calls out from nearby, the team running off to see what he's discovered, that begin a slime & web covered doorway to the bridge, Hargan getting squeamish. They make their way in, checking out the surroundings and noticing that the distress signal is playing on a continuous loop on a viewing screen! Leo approaches the captain's chair, the dead web-blanketed alien body still clutching something to its chest.
Alien Pilot Corpse
Leo's able to reach and slowly pry what appears to be a leather bound book from the rotting flesh. He shows it to his brother Mike, both intrigued by it. Mike gives another contact to TerraV, telling Stanton all about what they found on the bridge and whoever it was on the signal is long gone. Kai suddenly notices an odd anomaly on the tracking screen, showing Commander the display of what seems to be an unknown life-form rapidly approaching the GSA crew. Kai remarks nothing moves that fast, Stanton quickly trying to tell Mike to abort the mission and get out of there, but the transmission is breaking up between them! Unable to hear a word he said, Mike & Leo are then shocked by the sounds of blaster fire as the rest of the team is firing at the alien life-force outside the bridge. By the time they get there and have the soldiers cease fire, the creature is missing, and according to Collins, so is Jasper! Stunned by the swiftness of the lose of one of their teammates, Hargan begins to crack up over the thing getting them next. Mike pulls him aside to give him a stern shouting-to to get his head together, which he barely seems to do. The rambling stopped, Mike has Hargan go back to the Heliship to wait for them and cool down. Mike makes another Terra Venture contact attempt to no avail, and on the space station Kai explains the hull of the ship is ruining the signal connection. Failing to make contact, Mike orders his rescue team to do what they do best, rescue, this time themselves! The team follows the leader, into the belly of the strange alien beast of a ship.
Alien Craft
As the mysterious alien craft floats not far away, Terra Venture's Command HQ is full of uneasy tension over the lack of communication with the rescue team. Kai informs Stanton they're too deep in the ship for him to track, almost all hope is being lost by the second. Kendrix comes walking in suddenly, urging Kai to come with her, Kai having one of the extras cover him as he takes off with his Pink Ranger pal. Back on the craft, the GSA team journeys through the web & dust filled corridors, hearing odd metal clanging noises all around. They finally rest for a moment, when a drop of slime splatters on Leo's blaster from above! Leo & Mike give each other a look, turning their attention quickly upwards, yelling to the crew that it's above them! Little warning does them no good, as the alien falls from the rafters, attacking the entire team with rapid slashing. Knocking them down left and right before they can blink, let alone fire, the bastard son of a Predator & Alien alien disposes of every blaster in sight with his elongated claws.
Elsewhere, Hargan nervously lurks around the craft as he hears the sounds of battle somewhere nearby, shaking his blaster and chattering his teeth, and likely wetting his uniform. Back at the battle, Leo fends off the thing, grabbing his blaster and unloading enough firepower to run the creature off The alien hops on the walls like a spider, climbing under other rafters and popping up right beside Leo! Pushed up against some railings, the Galaxy Book falls from Leo's backpack off to who-knows-where as the creature prepares to make a Corbett-meal. Luckily, Mike is there, firing his blaster as the creature's back enough to make it retreat by jumping up and scurrying away like before. Mike asks Leo where the rest of the team is, he tells him they've all been defeated by that thing. He's not about to let them die, Mike & his weary brother prepare to make this rescue happen one way or another. Leo realizes the Galaxy Book is missing, but has no idea it's fallen below, where the alien is picking it up from the rotted remains of another alien it fell on. The crest/symbol marking glows green as the creatures takes the book, hmm, wonder what that means (Lost Galaxy foreshadow)? Meanwhile, Leo & Mike finally find the creature's web-encrusted lair in the center of the craft, discovering several cocoons with their teammates in them! Mike frees a much alive (but shaken) Jasper, as Leo wakes Collins up from her web-nap.
Galaxy Book

Elsewhere, Hargan wanders around, hearing loud booming noises from all about. He holds his blaster at the ready, shaking with fear and unsure of what lies behind one of the metal walls, falling down and back up, praying for dear life. He crawls backwards, when the extended Krueger-fingers of the alien grabs his shoulder! Ahhh! No wait, it's just a metal hook ship component that resembles his claw, but bigger problems arise when that metal wall blows open before him. It's just Blue, Pink, Yellow & Green Rangers, Transblasting their way into the alien craft, Blue says Hargan's name aloud (good thing he's too scared to notice) and asks where the others are. Hargan mumbles they're on the lower level, Kai having Damon & Maya get the woozy wimp back to the Heliship as he & Kendrix go to help the others. In the lair, Leo & Mike finish freeing the final few soldiers from the web-traps, Leo spotting the glowing emblem of the Galaxy Book in one and reclaiming his stolen treasure. As the team hurries back to the Heliship, Leo & Mike stay behind to keep the creature, who appears again hanging upside down and growling, busy. They grab a couple blasters and take off, as above Blue Ranger asks Collins where they are. He sends her and the rest along with the other Rangers to the Heliship as he goes to rescue the rescuers.

Mike & Leo are running for their lives through the corridors, the creature right on their tails as he lashes his arms about, and even takes to the crawlspaces above. The Corbetts never give up, keeping one step ahead of the alien, and finally unleashing a double barrage of blaster fire on the alien! Unfortunately, this also strikes some of the engine equipment in the background, explosions ensuing on a massive scale! Fires burst as things blow up around the monster, the alien standing there unharmed from seemingly anything, growling and howling like a primal force of nature. Realizing the whole place is going to go up in a fireball any minute, Mike & Leo grab the book and make a mad dash for their safety! On the Heliship, the Rangers get the rest of the team on board, having the pilots takeoff from the docking area. Elsewhere, Mike & Leo find an escape hatch, the door jammed shut, leaving them to do some more blasting. This one leads to the void of space, so both the Corbett brothers are quickly sucked into the vacuum, grabbing onto the sides and stopping themselves from flying out as the air isn't so lucky. Speaking of unlucky, here comes old crab-face again, Leo saying to Mike that it's not looking good, is it? Mike shakes his head, as outside, the Heliship slides up near the open hatch. They open the door, the Rangers & GSA rescue teamsters urging the two brothers to make a jump for it between the slight airlocks! Mike tells Leo to go first, Leo jumping out and landing inside the Heliship, then quickly turning his attention to his brother back on the other side, who also happens to be carrying the Galaxy Book. The creature is right up on him, when he makes a daring leap across the two spaceships, his foot suddenly caught by the alien in need of a manicure!
Mike's leg is being yanked on by the alien, while his brother Leo has his arm on the Heliship. The Magna Wishbone is playing human rope to a mid-airlock tug-of-war, stilling holding the book against himself. Mike urges Leo to save the team and let him go, but unwilling to have history repeat itself, Leo refuses to release his brother's grip. The alien craft exploding around them, Mike once again tells his brother to just let go, but Leo will never do that again, grabbing on with both arms to Mike's hand as he's held in by the others in the Heliship. The creature grows even more cranky, likely about to slice Mike's leg off when Kai soars toward them on his Blue Jet Jammer, slashing the alien's hands from Mike's leg with his Quasar Saber and enabling him to be pulled into the Heliship! No time to lose, the Heliship takes off as the alien spaceship blows up, piece by piece, falling apart destructively. The Heliship moves as fast as it can, but the craft's demise moves fast, explosions engulfing around the GSA shuttleship! Everyone in Command Headquarters watches in horror as the trouble alien craft ceases to exist in a glorious flash, seemingly taking the Rangers and their rescue team with it. This somber moment lasts but only that, when Mike contacts them to say they're coming home, Terra Venture overjoyed of this news. Everyone on the Heliship cheers about being alive, Kai giving a celebratory shout from his Jet Jammer nearby. As the Heliship returns to the space station, Leo & Mike sit down for a breather, looking at the Galaxy Book's cover. Mike mentions every book has a story, and he wonders what this one's is, running his hand along the cover, the mysterious crest appearing as mysterious as the book's contents!
[scenes from "The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 1"; end credits]

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