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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 1"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:10/16/99 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gingaman #29 - - Yami no Shounin (The Merchant Of Darkness)

Some Footage From:
Gingaman #30 - - Hagane no Seijuu (The Steel Star-Beasts)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-904
*19th episode of PRLG
*312th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender; voice only)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Stephen Mendel _AS_ Dr. Kovak
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Destined For Greatness", "Stolen Beauty" & "The Rescue Mission"]

On a mysterious orangy/red planet with rings we'll call Stackurn (I need a quick name, so sue me!), a strange ship flies through the stormy desert areas. It carries a large whale-shaped cargo by a chain behind it, finally detaching and letting the shrouded Zenith Carrier Zord land softly on the desert floor. The small ship then takes off and approaches the Scorpion Stinger, entering and encountering Stingwinger resistance. The figure that exits the ship offscreen walks slowly through the bugdrones, knocking them over as if an afterthought, heading to the Stinger bridge where Scorpius is lazing around near the cocoon he coughed up a few shows ago. His Stingwinger guards get tossed aside, as the intruder answers Scorpius' request on his uninvited identity, he's Deviot (and he looks like the robotic version of the Bard himself, Shakespeare to me. You know, the whole Ruff around the neck thing and accent? Oh well, Robobard is his nickname from now on!) announcing he's his loyal servant. The Stingwingers regain their ground and swarm on him, but he warns before Scorpius overreacts he has something of interest to him, a remote that controls three of the most fearsome Zords ever created! Scorpius finds it very tempting, asking what he'll get out of this deal, Deviot saying he wishes to be second-in-command. He then brings up he heard his daughter, Trakeena, rejected the position, but he wants it. He wants to step into the cocoon and become invincible, Scorpius firing a mouth laser at Robobard as he approaches the cocoon, saying that is for his daughter only! Deviot says she's long gone, Scorpius growing angry as he asks for proof on the power of these evil Zords, Robobard quickly coming up with a plan to reveal an example of their strength.
Deviot (a.k.a. Robobard)
[opening credits, Leo's other cast shot returns; Mike removed! (but he's listed in the end credits).]
Inside the Terra Venture Science Division, every brainiac and tech-head work tirelessly in deciphering the Galaxy Book retrieved on the rescue mission last episode. Kendrix running scans and tests on various photocopies of the pages of the old, brittle book as well as her coworkers. Commander Stanton drops by to ask the man in charge, Dr. Kovak, is he's having any luck, the doc saying he can't even figure out the title of it yet, they just aren't getting anywhere! Stanton sighs, as Kovak states they're in the dark but are sure they'll come up with something soon. As he speaks these words, Kendrix flips through the rotting parchment, and discovers a familiar sight, a page containing crude drawings of the five Galactabeasts! It's torn in half, but the intelligent Pink Ranger knows fully well the origins of this book may be more important than just the identity of some dead aliens on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile in the Forest Dome (or Jungle or Mountain, take your pick), Maya meets with the Galactabeasts, asking why they called for her. They speak in their usual groans and growls, Maya answering back that she knows, she sensed it too. Elsewhere, Kai paces back and forth as Damon works on his Venture Vehicle. It's broken down, Kai's stranded in the city and needs to get back to the Power Pad, he's got dinner on the stove! He grows inpatient with Damon's inability to fix the thing and plans to walk, when Damon tells him its as good as new, better even. They hop in, Damon driving, when suddenly it gets blasted by Deviot standing on a building above them! Kai thinks this proof of Damon's lack of mechanical skills, so the two get out and start walking when Deviot blows the Vehicle up behind them! The explosion knocks them down, Damon remarking about the fact in light of this baddie being the source of the blast, he did indeed fix it. They stand up, Go Galactic (with split-screen Morphing), and do their little stances before jumping at the maniacally laughing Robobard. He quickly smacks them back down where they came from, finding their moves impressive but not match for his own. He gives them no real time to catch their breath, rushing them and beating Green & Blue Rangers all over the area with his robotic physique. Tossing them one last time, he ends their little game by charging up his gauntlet guns and zapping the two into unconsciousness. He mentions now they're coming with him, telling the two to sleep tight as he reaches for them and they black out.

Once they awaken, they're on Stackurn with strange cuffs and devices around their wrists, ankles and neck and no idea what they're for or how they got there. Deviot is getting a kick out of watching them squirm, sitting nearby on his own special seat and explaining who he is and their situation. Calling them pathetic excuses for warriors, he explains they're his prisoners and they'd better not even think about trying to escape, they're under his control now! He has a Stingwinger insert his remote into a nearby machine control panel, then activating the device and causing Green & Blue Rangers to be overwhelmed with pain. The machine controls the devices on their body, forcing the Rangers to draw Quasar Sabers and attack each other against their wills! Deviot then has the machine shut down, Kai asking why he's doing this to them, Robobard saying the energy they expend fighting will power his Zords. The machine is turned on once more, the knobs cranked up as Damon & Kai can do nothing but follow the will of the devices! Under the crimson sky, Green & Blue Ranger duel with each other viciously, their Ranger-born skills once used for good, now used for their self-destructions. The machine's indicator shows the input of energy increasing slowly, while the two slash and bash themselves crazy. Deviot takes a seat, knowing it won't be long now before his evil Zords are brought to life. With Deviot (and even some Stingwingers) cheering the carnage on, Green & Blue Rangers battle fiercely, Saber against Saber, Ranger against Ranger. The two-man war wages on for quite a bit, until they become tired & worn from battle, the power input slowing as they both collapse before the annoyed Robobard. He orders them to fight, but when they can move no more, Deviot tells them to rest for now. Soon they'll battle to the death and empower his evil Zords for good, err, bad!
It's nighttime on the space station Terra Venture, in the Science Division lab, Kendrix continues burning the midnight oil on reading the Galaxy Book. Returning to the Galactabeast page, so runs her hand down the rip in the page, wondering what connects to it, suddenly hearing the sounds of voices nearby. She turns her head to see nothing, then turning back to the book, finally removing her glasses from the strain of the intense resolutionless work. Then she realizes she knows what it is missing, flipping through a stack of various page pieces she finds another drawing covered ancient pulp particle, placing it on the Galactabeasts image and discovering the two connect perfectly! A door opens, so she stuffs the newly found segment away and pretends like she found nothing, Maya then showing up. She's asks if Kendrix knows what time it is, Kendy yawning and saying she didn't realize. She then asks her alien pal if everything is okay, Maya hops on the table and says she doesn't know. She senses something in the air, the same feeling she had when they first found the Galactabeasts. Kendrix decides to show Maya the revelation of the Galaxy Book, the page once pieced together reveals three more Galactabeast drawings, eight total! Maya knows they're what she sensed, as they must be close to the space colony.
Galactabeasts Page
Speaking of close, Leo comes home to the Power Pad to find something smelling good for dinner. There's a pot on the stove, ablaze and smoking up the room, Leo rushes to toss it in the sink before the whole places catches on fire. He then heads over to Kai's bunk, beginning to yell at him for the fire hazard, but nobody's there! Maya then comes in, looking for Kai to tell him of the Galactabeast discovery, then asking Leo where the other guys are. He doesn't know, and to make things worse, Kendrix shows up with word that Kai didn't show up for his shift in command, something he's never missed! Leo tries contacting him on his Transmorpher, but getting no answer from either Kai or Damon! They know something is wrong, rushing off to likely the Megaship (not that we'd see). Back on Stackurn, Green & Blue Rangers are back in battle, Deviot giddy as an English poet as they rip into each other continuously! The controlling machine's indicator is reaching the yellow level, with little to go before the power to bring the Zords to life is reached. Kai & Damon start to tire again, but he warns them not to, with victory so close. Green Ranger is able to snatch Blue's Quasar Saber, and readies to use the both on the weakened Ranger who lies struggling before him. Damon finally drops one, clutching his head and saying he can't do this, despite the devices incredible hold on them. He tries to fight it, but he begins to lift his Saber over his head, telling Kai he sorry and suddenly falling over, tossing the Saber towards the input machine! The blow is swift, and the whole thing explodes much to Robobard's dismay. This sends the Stingys & Deviot for a wallop, as the Saber flips back into Damon's hand and the devices around each of the Rangers' limbs fry out and come off with ease. This their chance to escape, the Rangers take off into the strange alien terrain while Deviot recovers his remote from the debris. He then orders up a new batch of Stingwingers to give chase and go after the two, he's not through with them just yet.
Our battle-weary heroes make their way to a beach (notice the sky is now blue, and remains that way for the rest of the episode. Perhaps the atmosphere on Stackurn around the rings is different thanks to the oceans?), unable to go much further when Stingwingers & Deviot catch up and move in for the kill. Nowhere left to run, Green & Blue Rangers are about to be recaptured painfully when blasts from above take care of the bugdrones, the blasts coming from the three Jet Jammers above! Red Ranger hops out and lands next to his teammates, asking if they're alright, Kai groaning woozily that they're just fine as the Rangers get ready to take care of business. Pink, Yellow & Red Rangers combat with the Stingwingers, surrounded and outnumbered but still able to knock circles around them. Green & Blue take a breather while they watch their friends give the Stingys a beach-beating, until suddenly Deviot joins the fray! He targets Maya, separating her from the buzzbrains and attacking Yellow Ranger on a large rock near the water. He appears to be winning, but his upperhand doesn't last long as the Magna Defender makes the scene with a Saber slash through Robobard! Mike stands by Maya's side, both facing the twisted literary master from the Lost Galaxy together. Blue Ranger is still weak, but holds his own against a Stingwinger, same with Damon. They're both tired from the energy expending earlier, but when asked if he's okay by Kendrix, Damon tells her 'girl, you don't have to worry about me!" Nearby, Magna Defender & Yellow Ranger duel with Deviot, and despite his robotic good looks he appears to be a dangerous fighter as well. Beating the heroes back, the Rangers stand in unison and call on the Lights Of Orion, armor powering up before him (poor Mike gets nothing to show for that). Deviot stands his ground, telling them to give him their best shot, Magna Defender doing his Saber Flip Move, followed by the Rangers charging through him with an Orion power blast! Coming out the other side, Robobard begins to explode, but the fancy fireworks give way to his laughter. He scoffs at their stupid attempt to destroy him, having now powered his remote device with the energy he needed to call upon the most powerful Zords in the universe! They will follow his every command, speaking into the remote and telling Stratoforce & Centaurus to arise, the giant evil Megazords appearing instantly above the stunned Galaxy Rangers. Deviot then tells them to destroy the Power Rangers, both sinister-faced Megazords unleash an onslaught of power blasts down at our defenseless heroes!
The Evil Megazords

Rising from the ashes, Red Ranger yells for the Galactabeasts to arise, and apparently they pop up out of Terra Venture, and then I guess they beam themselves over to Stackurn and soon the Transdaggers are raised and The Galaxy Megazord is transformed! One quick Orion Power-Up armor mode later, they're ready to rumble. Speaking of rumble, Torozord is there too, Magna Defender quickly going Mega and hooking up to become Defender Torozord. The four Megazords face each in the field of combat, each sentient gestalt glaring at each other as Toro & Galaxy lower their weapons. The Transdagger devices powering the Galaxy Megazord slowly grin to a halt, the Rangers confused as to what's going on, Damon mentioning they've shut down! Torozord is completely silent, Mike apparently not in control of the oddly acting Zord. The clueless Rangers have no idea why their Megazord won't fight Deviot's, and he takes advantage of that, sending Stratoforce & Centaurus to attack the docile Zords intensely! Kicking, punching and generally knocking them around as Robobard laughs like usual, the two evil Zords then unleash some more power blasts on our heroes' useless Megazords! The attack sends both Torozord & Galaxy Mega falling over, the Rangers still have no idea why they won't work. Deviot knew this would happen, preparing his two twisted Megazords to show their true firepower, Stratoforce pulling out its huge boomerang and Centaurus its huge laser rifle. The Galaxy Megazord & Defender Torozord get back on their feet, just in time for Stratoforce to whip out a boomerang charged blast attack and Centaurus to pop some devastating laser caps in their metal hulls. Toro & Galaxy helpless and collapses on the ground, Deviot feels this has been proof enough for Scorpius, ordering his two evil Megazords to return to the Zenith Carrierzord! Leo wonders why they're leaving when they had them on the ropes...
Later on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius asks Deviot why he didn't destroy the Rangers when he had the chance. Robobard explains that was only a sample of his Megazord's power, he could have destroyed the Rangers whenever he wanted and likely will be able to again. Deviot brings up the topic of the cocoon, Scorpius firing at the robotic mastermind as he tries touching the slimy sack again. Scorpius tells him they can talk about that after he destroys the Power Rangers, Deviot walking away, vowing the pound them into dust this time, Scorpius telling he had better. Back on Terra Venture, Kendrix & Kai are in the Science Lab, working on decoding the Galaxy Book with the use of a computer. All searches for deciphering the symbols and writing turn up no translation, Kai thinking this impossible. Kendrix walks over to the display of the Galactabeast drawings, saying they must keep trying as the only chance at stopping those evil Zords may be in those pages. Kai knows they gotta go it quickly, those Megazords will be back to kick Ranger butt sooner than they're prepared for.
[to be continued...; scenes from "The Lost Galactabeasts, Pt.2"; end credits]

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