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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Quasar Quest, Part 2"
Quasar Quest, Part 2
Original Air Date:2/13/99 Many Story Elements From:
Gingaman #01 - - Densetsu no Yaiba (The Legendary Swords)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-802
*2nd episode of PRLG
*295th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Julie Kliewer _AS_ D.E.C.A. (voice)
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Sebastien Guy Priddle _AS_ Guard #2
Doug Woodbury _AS_ Street Guard
Richard Grant _AS_ Jera (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest, Part 1"]
Kai shuffles slowly along to the transport back to Terra Venture. Worried he did the wrong thing by letting everyone else go, and not staying with them. The lunar troopers quickly hustle to the ship and take off back to the space colony. Meanwhile, on Mirinoi, Kendrix & Mike follow Maya through the jungles of her homeworld. Kendrix is still shocked that Mike had a brother he never told her about, but Mikey has good reasons, given that Leo does some crazy things. They continue on through the scenery, as Kai sits aboard transport and being haunted by Commander Stanton's words of never leaving a team member behind. Finally realizing he made a mistake, he feels all is lost, until he glances down at a flyer on the ground of the ship. It's for the Astro Megaship Museum aboard Terra Venture! Talk about blast from the past. He knows the only way to right his wrongs, is to steal the old decommissioned Megaship!
[opening credits, featuring a few new scenes, like the Rangers with their Quasar Launchers, etc. Plus Bulk & Phenom are removed.]

Astro Megaship
Kai heads over to the museum, and rushes everyone who's taking the tour out of the bridge. Alpha 6 wonders what's going on, and Kai dishes out the bull, saying the Megaship's being recommisioned for a top secret assignment. Alpha buys into it, ready for some action after those long, what, five to ten years since "Countdown To Destruction"? Kai attempts to take off, but mechanic supreme Damon Henderson shows up, with word that this old rusty vessel isn't going anywhere. It seems that offscreen during the time between PRIS & PRLG, the Astro Megaship collected dust and is nothing more than a relic. Kai's story comes into question, so he tells the truth about the dimensional portal and his friends inside. Damon doesn't believe it, knowing this hunk of junk can't fly and walks away. Kai doesn't give up, asking Alpha & DECA's help in getting the engines started. He doesn't do much but overheat the accelerators, cause the ship to wobble and the lights to flash, and make Alpha have a roboheart attack. Damon stuck around, and knowing he'll regret it, decides to take over and get things moving. Having spent [fill in the time here, Judd Lynn] working on the Megaship, he knows just how to handle her. Asserting total control, and after a few bumps into nearby buildings, the Astro Megaship is operational once more and ready to fly on out of there. Somehow it makes it through the access dome, and once out in deep space, a similar but larger portal to the one Kai's buds went through appears. Kai questions if they'll survive the energy flux, which Damon is worried about. Still, the crew presses on, and into the vortex the Megaship soars.
Back on Mirinoi, Leo wanders around aimlessly, and stumbles upon a gang of Stingwingers. He thinks he can take them on, but of course they outnumber and outmaneuver him, he goes flying into the bushes, right into his brother's lap. They lay low, and the Stingwingers lose sight of them, giving the gang of four a chance to run for it. Over in Maya's village, Furio is still peeved about not being able to release the Quasar Sabers from the rock. Old Dude, whom we call Jera, states the obvious, that he isn't worthy to possess them. Before Furio can put the smack down with his Furisword on Jera, Maya literally hops over the crowd and puts a halt to Furio's rage. She's joined by Kendrix, Mike & Leo, but Furio scoffs at such a small group tempting to take him on. Suddenly, Kai & Damon appear from the background, ready to show Furio no fear. Stingwingers attack, and it's your standard fight scene. The humans hold their ground, some, but are outnumbered by the horde of bugboys. Mike is taking on Furio, hand to sword, but when he's tossed against the Quasar Rock, he hesitantly pulls out the center Saber! Using it to block Furio's attack, everyone in the village is aghast at the sight of one who is worthy. Mike is surprised himself at the Saber's incredible power, and soon his friends press their luck by attempting to pull out Quasar Sabers on their own. Each one does, and with corresponding Ranger color coursing through them, they gain the Sabers. Leo pauses from his Stingwing tango to watch his comrades bask in their choiceness. Furio is furious and decides not to play fair. If he can't have the Sabers, no one will. He smashes his sword into the ground releasing a wave of gray, turning everything it encounters, from person to dirt, into stone. Our heroes makes a dash for it, but most of the villagers aren't as lucky. Maya wants to save Jera, but the old coot goes stone cold like that Austin fellow before her eyes. The group sprints ahead of the rockwave, taking their Sabers with them. As they appear to be making some distance, Furio & Stingwingers teleport ahead of them, and with sword a-charged, he smashes against the ground again. This time, Furio's power causes the ground to open up, with the Venture crew barely getting out of it's way. All but Mike, who is swallowed up by the chasm. Leo beats off Stingwingers and runs to his bro.
Leo reaches for his brother, but Mike is too far down. Climbing is futile, and Mike begins to give up hope. Leo tries to save his big brother, but instead Mike hands him the Quasar Saber, telling him how proud he is of him and to carry on in his place. Despite Leo's screaming objections, Mike lets go and falls into the bottomless pit, just before the ground closes up. Kendrix, Maya, Kai & Damon scream in shock at Mike's apparent demise, and Leo weeps but for a brief moment in mourning of his sibling. Standing up to Furio's evil threats, he is joined by his partners, and without realizing, the Quasar Saber he holds begins to surge with power! The other Sabers also begin pulsating with energy, as Furio can't believe his monstrous eyes! Each of the chosen ones hold their Sabers to the sky, letting the energy bolt out in lighting streaks, and it's a Morphin Time once more! The Morphing Sequence resembles the big budgeted one from the Turbo Movie (with Helmets forming over their faces, etc) and with their Galactasymbol behind them. With each of the five morphed and powered up, the new team of Power Rangers face Furio, whom if he had a jaw it would be dropping! They can't believe the power they possess, or quite grasp what's going on, but Ranger instinct sets in, and they rush into battle with Stingwingers, in the name of Mike.
Pink Ranger attacks first, slashing with her Quasar Saber at the insectious baddies. Red Ranger takes on Furio, giving the monster the first run for his money in his village trampling life! Leaping back and forth on trees, rolling with punches, Leo quickly gains control of the Powers, even if he can't take Furio down so easily. Blue Ranger throws some power punches at the Stingwingers and Damon demonstrates a flying attack move in which he jumps into the air and glides down, slashing all the way. Maya takes to the trees like only she knows how, and despite lacking a skirt, she does some sweeping kicks, taking plenty of Stingers down for the count. Red Ranger won't give up against Furio, and when the Furster fires some explosive charges from his hand, Leo returns in kind with a Quasar Saber Energize Slash! The blow sends Furio into damaging sparks, taking him down for only the moment. Kai is loving this, but once he spots the Rockwave spreading their way, he and the other Rangers begin their exit. The Stingwingers float around, not immune to the stone effects like Furio is. The Rangers rush for the Megaship, Leo wanting to stay behind to somehow find Mike. Kai won't let him, and the entire team makes a break for the parked Astro Megaship. Leo still believes his brother is alive, but has no choice but to get inside the Megaship and close the doors (just in time for a few Stingwingers to go splat against). Once on the bridge, Alpha is back to his Ay-yi-yi self upon seeing Power Rangers, not understanding where the power came from (possibly hinting at the notion that the Space Ranger powers were no more after the Zordon Wave) but glad the Rangers are back. Maya, Leo & Kendrix walk around the bridge in awe over the layout, and the Megaship takes off from Mirinoi. Furio sends his Stingwingers back to the Scorpion Stinger, not ready to accept defeat by not letting himself believe the battle quite over. Maya watches in depression as her beautiful green planet quickly turns to a lifeless ball of rock as she watches from the viewing screen. More pressing matters are at hand, as the portal between Galaxies begins to close! Damon tells everyone to hold on, and it's time for a Hyper Rush in the nick of time. Barely making it through, the team breathes a sigh of relief, and Maya retells the legend of the Quasar Stone. 3000 years ago, the Sabers just appeared there in a flash of blue light. Since then, everyone from all over the lost galaxy has tried to free it and claim it's powers. Of course, it turns out they are the chosen ones, chosen to defend that which is just and right, chosen to be Power Rangers! As they try to take this Ranger reality into their minds, Leo holds his Saber, dedicating his powers to his lost brother. Oh, brother.
The Astro Megaship comes in for a docking landing on Terra Venture (with no mention how they explain swiping it in the first place) and soon Kai & Kendrix slip into Commander Stanton address the crew of TerraV, as they are about to embark on the quest for a new world. Thrusters powered up, the massive space colony departs Earth's orbit, leaving many questions behind. Oh, well, toodles, Earth! See ya on the flipside of the Galaxy! Meanwhile, not far away, the Scorpion Stinger, a ship of incredible evil and resembling Serpentera's tail, slinks through space. Inside, Scorpius makes his first appearance, looking as slimy and ugly as his arachnid namesake.
The Stinger has entered our Galaxy through the portal, and it's up to Scorpius' General Furio to get the Quasar Sabers and destroy those who have them!
The Scorpion Stinger
[scenes from "Race To The Rescue"; end credits]

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