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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Green Courage"
Original Air Date:10/27/99 Featuring Footage From:
Gingaman #36 - - Muteki no Haruhiko (The Invincible Haruhiko)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-909
*24th episode of PRLG
*317th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger; voice only)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
Ed Neil _AS_ Jasper
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jasper's Partner
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Cannonbrawl (voice)


[scenes from "Heir To The Throne", "An Evil Game", & "Memories Of Mirinoi"]
Deep in outer space, a meteor field presses on like the galactic force of cosmic nature it is, smashing through a small planet. The exploding remains then become a part of the field that destroyed it, and the cycle continues anew. On the space colony Terra Venture, Commander Stanton walks with the two biggest bigwigs in the station, High Councilor Renier & Councilor Brody. He debriefs them about the meteor field heading in their general direction in about two hours, they'll be safe if they change course. He hands Renier some official papers on the status & progress of events, Renier telling him he has everything under control and to carry on. They walk past Damon, who's busily fixing a terminal screen, when he spots Renier drop one of her documents on the floor. He rushes off to pick it up, but when he attempts to hand it back to her, the two GSA guards (one of which is Jasper from The Rescue Mission, the other, his partner also from that episode, both frequent PR guest actors) grab him and hold him back. He tells them to chill out, Renier calling them off as it isn't against the law to be polite, Damon returning the paper to her. He leaves fingerprint smudges of grease on the status report, Renier flirty pointing them out as she and her associates walk away, Damon apologizing for that before turning back to his menial duties.
[opening credits, same as last episode, Mike-less, yet Mike is prominently featured in this ep!]
The Scorpion Stinger is on its usual course of evil, when the exploding planet's charred remains rip into the hull of the alien ship! All aboard are shaken up, Trakeena & Deviot with their Stingwingers in the central chamber most of all. Kegler's waddling down to the engine of the Stinger, a huge mechanical heart of the living craft, when the debris rips past him and into the engine room! This fries out all kinds of circuitry in the place as Kegler remarks, the source of the disaster a small meteor chunk that quickly cools. Up in the throne room, Deviot goes off at the large Shakespearean collar, saying they must have been attacked and for the Stingwingers to be ready for battle against the foolhardy space trash! Space trash is right, Kegler shows up holding the meteoroid and showing it to Trakeena, she's left with the task of calming Deviot when he thinks it's an explosive device. Kegler tells them it's not time to relax as that was just the first wave of a huge meteor field heading right for them, meteors the size of firetrucks! Trakeena orders him to change course, but he explains the meteoroid smashed into the engines and they aren't going anywhere. She yells for him to get down there and fix it as soon as possible, as the Scorpion Stinger floats defenselessly in the void. Kegler & Villamax go into the engine room, Keggy gets nowhere as every piece of it is frazzled. Trakeena impatiently asks him how long until the engine is fixed, he tells her two or three. Deviot queries it being minutes, but Kegler meant centuries, as he's never worked on anything like this in his hard-barreled life! He insists they need a real mechanic, Deviot quickly coming up with an evil plan to get such a person.

Soon on Terra Venture, Renier & Brody, along with their two guards, exit a building where several apparent civilians stand around outside. One of the guards stops to look at one person standing at attention, and notices the guy's shadow is that of a Stingwinger! The ruse ruined, the buzzbrains reveal themselves, surrounding the group. The guards fire and fight, but are no match for the evil space drones, Damon exiting the building as well with his toolbox and spotting the ruckus. He quickly hides, Goes Galactic, and leaps out onto the scene as Green Ranger, knocking down the Stingys and leading Brody & Renier to a safe place. He doesn't get far when he's hit in the back by a blast from Cannonbrawl, a monster resembling Bomberman from the games of the same name. Cannonbrawl tells the Councilors they're coming with him as two Stingwingers try to recapture them, Green Ranger holding them off while the Councilors make a run from Cannonbrawl. While the monster keeps Damon busy with his cannonarm blasts and brute force, a Stingwinger overtakes the guard and snatches High Councilor Renier. Green Ranger beaten and held off by a buzzdrone, Cannonbrawl introduces himself as he aims his cannonarm at Renier, Damon escaping just in time to lunge towards the cannonarm blast! The energy discharge passes right by him, striking Renier and teleporting her away against her will, Green Ranger asking Cannonbrawl where she is, and he tells him he'll find out soon enough as he & the Stingwingers teleport away. Damon collapses to his knees on the spot where Renier was taken, her status & progress report papers still laying on the ground. He crumbles the greased stained report he saved for her, regretting and apologizing for not doing the same for Renier herself.
Damon storms through the streets of Terra Venture, Leo & Maya following and reminding him that the GSA is searching for High Councilor Renier and to wait for them to do their job. He can't, telling them he had the chance to stop the monsters from taking her and he messed up, his mission now is to find her no matter what, even if his friends won't help. Maya tells Leo he has to talk to him about this, but Leo says he'd probably do the same thing if he were in his grease covered jumpsuit. Later in Command Headquarters, Councilor Brody meets with Commander Stanton (and standing next to him are Kai & Mike), asking if he has any idea where they took Renier. Suddenly, on the viewing screens all over the space colony, Trakeena takes the airwaves, telling them she has someone they want and they have someone she needs. She wants to bargain with them, Damon stopping in the streets to watch the transmission along with the rest of the people. Stanton contacts her and asks what she wants, she tells them her engine seems to have "malfunctioned". The meteor field is coming, and she demands them to send her their best mechanic, Damon realizing his day for his own focused episode has arrived! Stanton asks for proof of Renier still being alive, and Trakeena shows them High Councilor Renier struggling with a Stingwinger. She keeps telling Commander Stanton to do not do what Trakeena says, the High Councilor willing to give up her own life to destroy her enemies, it seems. Trakeena then comes back on the screen, telling them they have ten minutes to decide, Brody speaks to Stanton and suggests sending someone to fix the ship, Stanton agrees with Renier in that they shouldn't risk another life. Before they can argue on the matter, Damon speaks up in saying he'll go, walking into the silent room with all heads turned his way. Commander Stanton reminds the Ranger teen it's dangerous, Damon stating someone has to try, and nobody knows more about engines than he does. Brody seems to give his stern approval, Stanton okaying it by telling Mike & Kai to prep the Heliship fast, then extending his arm and shaking Damon's hand.

The Heliship floats out of a hatchport of Terra Venture, flying over an unnamed dome that seems to contain a farm in it. Damon is inside the Heliship, polishing his tools before being called to the front by Mike. Mike and someone else is piloting the Heliship, as it approaches on the disabled Scorpion Stinger. The other pilot removes his helmet to take in the grand scope of the Stinger, his identity revealed to be that of Leo, Damon surprised and asking what he's doing there! Mike mentions a little backup never hurt, Damon smiling and calling Leo once a stowaway, always a stowaway. Leo tells him he didn't think he'd let him all the fun, did he? The Heliship soon docks with the Scorpion Stinger, Damon exiting into the slimy ship with two large toolboxes, Stingwingers buzzing and directing him to where he needs to go. One his way through, we're treated to the home-hive of all Stingwingers, what I like to call the Catacomb Of Honeycombs! He's lead through the corridors until he reaches the throne room, tossed in violently before Trakeena, who is shocked when she recognizes him as the Green Ranger! He asks where High Councilor Renier is, she tells him he'll find out once he fixes the engine, sending him off and telling him not to try any tricks. Stingwingers grab him and drag him to engine room, Kegler urging him on to the heart of the ship. Damon looks around and notices the heart term is literal, going Boney on us and telling him he's a mechanic, not a doctor! Deviot tells him not quit complaining or Renier is a goner, as the group enters the engine room, and Kegler orders Damon to get to work. Damon's in either awe of the massive engine, or in shock of how he's going to fix this huge alien mechanical mess. Elsewhere on the Stinger, Leo hides out from some Stingwingers, sneaking around trying to find High Councilor Renier!
Damon works long and hard with many strange tools, tinkering with the Scorpion Stinger engine. He persistently fixes away on the endless amount of circuitry and alien technology making up the engine room of the Stinger. Outside, the Heliship hovers behind, Mike picking up the meteor field fast approaching on the radar screen, urging his friends to hurry up in there. Damon welds a piece of metal with a small blowtorch, stopping only to wipe the sweat from his bald brow as Deviot rides his tail about hurrying it up. Elsewhere, High Councilor Renier is being held in a small slimy prison-cell, surrounded by Stingwingers, who are busy occupying themselves with an arm wrestling match (note the human skeleton in the cell in the foreground). Leo lurks about, spotting Renier and planning a stealthy escape plan as he searches around him and finds a chain hooked into the ceiling. He begins to climb up it, only to lose his footing on a pillar, causing him to go swinging right in front of the entrance way, alerting the buzzbrains! He smiles until they rush at him, Leo hops off the chain and flings it at a Stingy, wrapped around its arm he yanks it back. Leo then fights his way through the small set of Stingwingers, taking them out easily with only slight element of surprise at his disposal. He then approaches Renier's cell, she asks who he is and he tells her he's the stowaway. Leo then turns away and contacts Damon on his Transmorpher, asking him to open the cell door, Damon hearing him over Kegler's whining about the repair job taking too long. Damon walks over to a control panel, sifting through an amass of wires and find the one, but before he can cut it, Deviot tells him they're running out of time. Damon shakes his head and thanks his lucky meteors that Deviot didn't notice anything, snapping the wire which opens Renier's cell, Leo leading her out. Speaking of meteors, the field is beginning to smash into the Scorpion Stinger and rocking the place once more. It stops, just as Damon completes the final repair on the engine, and then follows Deviot, Trakeena, & Kegler back to the throne room. Keggy tries the main control panel (one that was seen in unused footage for 'Sunflower Search' from 'The Magna Defender' scenes from next time section), pressing a few bug shaped buttons and activating the heart of the Scorpion Stinger! It's beating anew, Kegler gleefully mentioning they'll be up and running in a few moments, Trakeena breathing a sigh of relief.

Damon picks up his tools and tells them he'd like to stay for dinner but he's got a Heliship to catch, Deviot standing in his way. Trakeena says he isn't going anywhere, Damon bringing up the promise to let him go, the queen of evil devilishly stating she's evil, and she lied, smiling at his betrayed face. The only monster with honor on the ship, Villamax, isn't around to hear this, but he does make the scene to tell them High Councilor Renier has escaped! Deviot is stunned, Villamax taking a quick shot at how brilliant Robobard's plan was, but he turns the attention from himself to Green Ranger for helping her escape and warning him that for spoiling his perfect plan he'll pay dearly! Before Damon can lose his head from a gauntlet blast, the Scorpion Stinger is hit by the meteor field, shaking the throne room up, giving him time to slip away. It doesn't go unnoticed, alarms sound, Villamax & Deviot take Stingwingers to chase Damon, as he Transmorpher communicates with Mike to bring in the Heliship. Mike does so, docking up once again, as inside Damon meets up with Leo & Renier. She's appalled to see the grease-monkey who saved her status report there, mentioning she told him (being a Terra Venture resident) not to come, he apologizes once more. They continue their escape, but when they sneak past Stingwingers they bump right into Cannonbrawl, dodging a cannonblast by ducking out of the way. Damon rushes into the monster, distracting him long enough for Leo to get past with Renier, who doesn't want to leave him behind. Damon dukes it out with Cannonbrawl, but ends up brawl-beaten to the floor. Leo & Renier hop into the Heliship, but Renier doesn't want to leave Damon behind, turning around and almost getting fried by Cannonbrawl! His cannonarm attacks get deterred when Damon returns and throws himself forcefully at the creature. He just ends up kissing Stinger-carpet, Renier grabbing a large metal box from the Heliship and throwing at Cannonbrawl. Canny stomps her way, and slips on the metal box as it slides under his feet, tripping him long enough for Damon to get up, run up and leap up off his broad shoulders, grab a tube full of steam and blast Cannonbrawl on the way down! The monster on his back, Damon enters the Heliship and Mike steps on it, flying it as quickly as he can away from the Scorpion Stinger, and toward Terra Venture. Leo & Mike cheer and get excited, Renier coughing politely and the two boys immediately become calm once more.

On the Stinger, Deviot informs Trakeena the engines are at full power, she orders Kegler to get them out of there, which he does with a few keystrokes. The Scorpion Stinger takes off swiftly from the path of the meteor field, Keggy says that was close, beginning to pat himself on the back for doing an excellent job when Trakeena quiets him. Trakeena watches the Heliship approach Terra Venture, ready to show the Rangers what happens when they mess with her, calling on Cannonbrawl to destroy TerraV! He teleports over, boating he'll blow them out of the sky as he aims his cannonarm at the Heliship flying overhead (although while it didn't just dock at the hatch is beyond me). He fails to fire, and instead is fired upon, hit in the back by a Magna Blaster blast, Magna Defender telling him he has the wrong ship as he leaps up and Magna Saber attacks the creature. Cannonbrawl defends against the Defender, tossing him into the ever abundant stock of empty boxes nearby. Three of the Power Rangers appear on the scene, Blue Ranger cannonblasted in midair, and Yellow Ranger & Magna Defender chucked against more boxes when they Saber tag-team him. Cannonbrawl fires another blast at the regrouped team (notice Pink didn't do anything), Blue Ranger deflecting the energy fodder with his Quasar Saber, but unable to do much about the impending explosions as they scatter among all five of them. Before Cannonbrawl can attack again, he gets shot at by Green Ranger's Transblaster, ready to end this Brawl with a Saber-wielding Red Ranger behind him. The two race toward the cannonblasting creature (Red Ranger checking on the others while Green does all the work), Damon flipping over the attacks and eventually spraying Transblaster power right back at him. Canny stumbles, as Green Ranger whips out his Quasar Saber, Red Ranger tossing him his own Saber, and the dual-sabered Damon leaps over the monster to give a dual-edged slash! Leo tells him good job as Damon returns the Saber to him as he might need it, the whole Power Ranger team facing Cannonbrawl and activating Lights Of Orion armor. By the time they get Armored up, the scene goes from warehouse to grassy area, Green Ranger jumping over his teammates and using Orion Power-Up Mode to turn into a ball of Green energy, ripping through Cannonbrawl! The monster explodes from the direct hit, instantly growing huge, followed by the Galactabeasts running and turning into Zord form. Green Ranger initiates Galaxy Megazord transform, Red activating the Orion Power-Up Armor on it. Cannonbrawl is ready to rumble, facing off with the Megazord as the largest swimming pool in Terra Venture is in the foreground. Canny fires his cannonarm, the blast deflected by the Orion-Powered Saber, but not well enough to keep the shots from striking the Megazord anyway. Leo calls on Stratoforce Megazord, and far away, Zenith Carrierzord's mouth is wide open as a fleet of five S-Zord components streak through the sky. They form together with the spirit of the Phoenix emanating from within, transforming together bit by bit until Stratoforce Megazord flies to the scene of the action. It enters with a high flying kick, Canny falling and getting up in time to take the charged Stratoforce Boomerang right in his kisser! Green Ranger activates the Galaxy Megazord Saber at full power, slicing through bomberboy and ripping him to pieces. The debris of Cannontop splashes into the huge swimming pool ("Lake" my Orion Powered behind) like a meteor field, as Stratoforce & Galaxy Megazord stand triumphant.
Sometime later, Damon & Leo are fixing some system on the streets of Terra Venture, when the High Councilor's guards (Jasper and that other one) reminds us of the two Ranger teens' last names and point them in the direction of High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody & Commander Stanton across the street. They run over, Damon begins to apologize for going against her orders to save her, but she cuts him off and mentions when a life is in jeopardy they sometimes lose sight of what could happen when they dive in to save it. She goes on to say sometimes they don't heed caution or commands, Damon answering each sentence with a "yes, ma'am". Renier says it takes someone with great courage to think of another without expecting anything in return, and hopes they should do the same thing if something like this happens again. Damon is surprised she's not angry, as she & Brody give them tokens of appreciation for their bravery. As the crowd of civilians applause, Renier places medals of bravery around their necks (the same exact medals given to Matthew way back in "Homesick"). She then tells Damon to raise his hand, his happiness turns to confusion but still does it, as High Councilor Renier gives Damon a high five!
[scenes from "Blue To The Test"; end credits]

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