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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Blue To The Test"
Original Air Date:10/28/99 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gingaman #28 - - Papa no Hyouhen (Papa's Sudden Change)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-910
*25th episode of PRLG
*318th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger; voice only)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Rosario Gru _AS_ Jodie Stanton
Christopher Glenn _AS_ Cadet
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Icy Angel (voice)


[scenes from "Heir To The Throne", "An Evil Game", & "Green Courage"]
The space colony Terra Venture is approaching a red giant star, and inside Command Headquarters, Kai plots the distance. Commander Stanton asks his loyal GSA worker what the distance is, Kai stating it is 83.4 gigameters away from them. Procedures say they should change course in about six hours and twenty-four minutes, Stanton mentioning that's what the GSA rulebook says, but asks Kai what his instincts tell him. Kai is a little aback by this unregulated method, and tells his commanding officer he thinks they should change course now while they still have room to maneuver. Kai remarks you can never be too careful around a giant red star, Stanton agreeing. He goes on to say procedures are fine but you've got think for yourself, and trust your instincts, Kai smiling and giving him an affirmative 'Yes, Sir!' Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Kegler reads off technobabble Trakeena can't understand. She whispers to Villamax and asks if Keggy is even speaking English (of course, back in MMPR days we'd call Kegler's speech 'Billy-talk'), Villamax tells his princess yes, translating to her that Terra Venture is getting close to that star and if they lose power the gravity will suck them right into it. Trakeena is inspired by these words of the colony burning up in a star, standing up and happily remarking what a shame it'll be.
[opening credits, Mike is finally back on it.]
Terra Venture ventures closer to the star (using new TerraV model footage, finally), as Commander Stanton takes a break in the park with his daughter Jodie. He sternly reads some important documents while Jodie draws a crude picture of him with her markers, showing her father his uncanny likeness on the sketch. He walks over to her and compliments her on drawing skills, and as he admires Jodie's image of him behind a tree nearby lurks Icy Angel. She either looks like Archerina's frozen corpse, or Moonstone & Hawkeye's daughter. Stanton turns his attention from his daughter to the sound of demonic laughter surrounding him, as Icy Angel appears on the scene in a subzero twister teleport move. She then orders Stingwingers to attack, they pop up and scare off the civilians. Stanton hides Jodie in some bushes, while the park-goers get ice blasted by Icy Angel's frost breath attack. The Commander of the whole colony can't just sit back and let this happen, he tells his daughter to stay in the bushes while he leaves to help people get up and away. Icy Angel spots the man she was looking for, loading a charged arrow into her bow, the polar cupid releases the arrow and strikes Stanton in the arm! Jodie comes running out to him, he's unconscious and not responding to her pleas to awaken, Icy Angel & the Stingwingers surrounding them, Icy remarking how sweet that is as she loads another arrow. Before she can fire it, Red Ranger flying leap kicks her over, the Power Ranger team appearing to save the day. Icy Angel mentions she was only playing with them, Leo saying they don't like the way she plays, and she offers to play with them. The Rangers rush into their usual Stingwinger background battles, as Icy Angel attacks Red Ranger with her bow, which doubles as a sharp weapon. He finally gets overtaken by her, Kai jumping in to rescue him and ending up knocked back across the park. Green & Yellow Rangers come to Blue's aid, only to have Icy Angel blow some of her frost breath blasts on them. Before she can finish them off, Pink & Red Ranger kick her way, Icy Angel retreating the way she came in with a subzero twister teleportation before the kicks can land on her.

Leo & Kendrix go to see if their friends are alright (and I could be wrong, but it sounds like Cerina may be doing some of Pink Ranger's lines this episode), and of course they're fine. Commander Stanton finally wakes up, Jodie hugging him in relief, as Stanton slowly succumbs to the effects of Icy Angel's spell arrow. Blue Ranger asks him if he's alright, Stanton responding he's fine in a flat, monotone manner. The Power Rangers think everything is well, leaving the park, not witnessing Jodie hugging her father and telling him she's glad he's okay. He reaches around, and pulls her off him, dropping her on the ground abruptly and walking away, stepping on her picture of him. Jodie goes over to the ruined picture, and begins to cry while her father walks away. He silently returns to Command Headquarters, where he suddenly tells Kai to shut down engines three and four. Kai's confused by his orders, as if they're shut down the space station will drift towards the star. Stanton grows angry of his questioning of his decision, Kai pretending he's not but he thinks otherwise, Stanton telling him not to think, but follow like a good solider. Kai can't believe the sudden change in attitude, as Stanton explains they're shutting down engines in the event they need extra power to pull away from the star. Reluctantly following orders as instructed, Kai shuts down the two engines, everyone in Command HQ baffled by this odd decision, but not speaking up about it. Later in the Power Pad, Kai is distracted while making dinner. No girl on his mind this time, he's lost in thought about Commander Stanton. The food is burning, Damon pointing it out to him as he finally snaps out of his own world. Leo asks Kai what's bothering him, and he tells them something is. Damon tells him to let it bother him after they've eaten because he's starving. Kai explains to them about Commander Stanton's order for engine shutdown and how according to his calculations they're going to drift into the star because of it. Damon chalks it up to Kai not being able to stand being wrong, Kai telling he isn't wrong, at least in theory. Leo mentions the Commander has gotten them this far and he thinks Stanton knows what he's doing, Kai only hopes Leo is right, but he's still worried.
The next day, Terra Venture floats closer to the red giant, and in Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton commands Kai Chen about another change of course. Stanton reads off vector 103.9, Kai checking his systems and is shocked by his findings, telling his Commander the heading will move them directly toward the star. Stanton goes into his wigged out Shatner impression, saying in the low orbit the gravity will allow them to gain incredible speed, causing them to reach the new world far ahead of schedule. Kai finally speaks up, telling him "No, Sir! You're wrong!", if they get any closer they'll be pulled in and burned up. Everyone in Command HQ gasps at this sight, the one-man mutiny unheard of on the peaceful space colony, Stanton asking Kai if he's refusing a direct order. Kai thinks for a minute, and eventually tells him he won't change course, sir! Commander Stanton walks right up on him and informs him he's suspended from duty, ripping off Kai's GSA badge from his right sleeve, saying he wants him out of the Command Tower now, calling in the guards to take Kai away. Kai is pulled out of the HQ yelling Stanton doesn't know what he's doing, as the icy Stanton tosses the GSA badge on the floor, and orders everyone to get back to their stations. He then grabs a cadet and sits him down, ordering him to change the course, the boy following orders without question, Stanton giving a dead stare at the camera. Terra Venture heads right at the red giant star, as meanwhile, Kai is thrown out of the building. He storms through the streets, thinking back on Stanton's speech about 'trust your instincts'. Kai then turns around and notices Commander Stanton is exiting the Command Tower, so he decides to follow him (and his words from earlier, obviously). Sneaking behind Stanton long enough, he finally discovers his Commander taking a leak in an alleyway!

No, it just appears to be that at first, but it's worse as Stanton is meeting with Icy Angel, who tells him to keep doing as she says and the colony will be history soon. Kai yells for Stanton, telling him and the monster they won't get away with it, Icy Angel asking if he's going to stop her as Stanton folds his arms with an evil look on his face. She didn't think he'd do anything, Kai apparently not willing to sacrifice his secret identity, so she fires some ice arrows at him, he flips and dodges both of them. Icy Angel orders Stanton to return to his command and not let anyone stop him, as she takes on Kai herself. He puts up some resistance, but eventually ends up throw to the harsh cement. Icy strikes with his bow, but the blow from the bow is deflected by Red Ranger's Quasar Saber! The Power Rangers, along with Magna Defender, appear on the scene, Kai glad to see his teammates, Pink helping him up (and that time, it definitely sounds like Cerina's voice and not Valerie's, for the record). He runs past his friends, telling them quickly he has to stop the Commander, Icy Angel preparing another arrow, only to have the Rangers & Defender gang up on her and distract her. Commander Stanton is walking through a construction site, when Kai leaps in front him, Stanton ordering him to get out of his way. Kai won't let him do that and destroy the colony, putting his hand on Stanton's shoulder he tells him he's under Trakeena's control. Stanton grabs Kai's hand and pulls it off before punching him in the gut, the two begin to battle as Stanton attempts to walk away as ordered by Icy Angel. Kai engages him in a fight, flipping all over some construction equipment and getting beaten by his superior officer. The bewitched Commander Stanton is taking this seriously, and sadistically loving it!
Terra Venture approaches the red star, closer still, as the people in Command Headquarters watch dumbfounded on the viewing screens. Meanwhile, Stanton picks up a pipe and strikes at Kai, the Ranger teen able to dodge most of the swipes, but still attempts to wake his Commander up from the spell. Elsewhere, The Magna Defender takes a barrage of ice arrows from Icy Angel, unable to block them all with his Saber he eventually falls. Before another can strike, Red Ranger deflects it, as the Rangers surround their teammate in defending the Defender. Kai manages to kick Stanton's pipe away and get in a few hits, but for someone who hardly sees battle, Stanton knocks Kai for a real wallop! Kai stumbles back against a door as Stanton approaches with a bloodthirsty look on his face, Kai checking to see the door is unlocked. Stanton lunges for him, Kai rolls off the door, around Stanton, kicking him through the door and into a room. Kai then shuts it and activates the security system, imprisoning Commander Stanton inside the dark room, as he demands for Kai to let him out. The weary Kai apologizes, but leaves immediately with Stanton now out of the way. Back at the Icecapades, Icy Angel unleashes another frost breath blast attack on the Rangers & Magna Defender. They fall, Icy mentioning they can't stop her, Blue Ranger shouts that he can as he jumps at her with his Quasar Saber, slashing her away as he regroups with his team. Kai tells her that her icy reign is over and they won't let her destroy Terra Venture, she tells him that they'll just have to see about that. Magna Defender leaps and does his Charged Saber Flip attack on her, followed by the Power Rangers activating the Lights Of Orion. Armored up, our heroes race at Icy Angel, Power-Up into the energy ball and ripping through her, coming out on the other side as she explodes!

Like most monsters of late, the explosion triggers her growth into a blizzard proportion, Magna Defender then calls on Torozord to charge. The Galactabeasts come running and turn into Zord form, Blue Ranger initiating Galaxy Megazord, as Mega Defender links up with Torozord to become Defender Torozord. Both massive fighting sentient machines face Icy Angel, who coughs up another frost breath blast attack, this one eventually causing ice to form around the Galaxy Megazord's feet & face! She continues spewing forth sleet, Defender Torozord deflecting it back on her by twirling its horn sword rapidly. She gets a taste of her own cold vengeance, Torozord then stabbing her with its horn sword, causing her to shatter into huge ice cubes! This lasts for only a moment, as she quickly reanimates into her chilling self. The Galaxy Megazord frozen solid, Kai suggests more power, Leo remembering the Lights Of Orion Power-Up Mode thing they sometimes used to do, and the forming of the Megazord's Orion Armor melts the ice. Defender Torozord does its Lighting Spin attack, tearing through Icy Angel, followed by a Blue Ranger induced Galaxy Megazord Saber slash. She explodes in a flash of fire, and let me say if it hadn't been for the Rangers, that star would have melted her soon enough anyway. Kai quickly demorphs, along with Mike, and rushes to the construction site where Commander Stanton is trapped. Unlocking him from the room, Kai is relieved to see Stanton is confused as to what is going on and back to his old self again. Kai informs him they'll let him know everything that happened later but now they've got to get back to the Command Tower! Speaking of which, the Tower is then shown the backdrop of the raging red star behind it, all inside staring at it helplessly. Mike, Kai & Stanton enter Command HQ, Commander regaining his barings and ordering a course change. Kai gladly changes course to 388, and putting all four engines on maximum thrust, Stanton orders Mike to divert every bit of energy they have to reserve thrusters. Terra Venture zooms away from the red giant star in the nick of time, all aboard breath a sigh of relief. Kai mentions temperature is dropping below critical, Mike smiling as Stanton tells Kai to resume cruising speed, Kai following the orders to the letter with a resounding "Yes, Sir!"
Things return to normal on Terra Venture, as Maya, Leo & Kai play football with Jodie in the park. She spots her father approaching in a Venture Vehicle, gleefully running to his arms as he calls her 'sugarplum' and hugs her tight. He's wearing civilian clothes (for the first time, I might add), handing her some papers & markers and asking if she can make him another drawing. She thanks him, and he tells her she's welcome, as the three Ranger teens watch nearby. Stanton addresses Mister Chen, handing him a white box, inside it is a new uniform with the GSA badge attached to the arm sleeve (as the one he's wearing now is missing it, I guess nobody in the future can sew). Stanton mentions to Kai he did such an exemplarily job, he decided to take the day off to spend time with Jodie and put him in charge of the entire space colony. Kai is shocked by this, Stanton leaving with his daughter and asking him if he's questioning his decision, but Kai happily tells him "No, Sir!" Kai puts on his new uniform (the same as the old one, but with a repaired patch), and heads up to Command Headquarters. Everyone is standing at attention, slowly beginning to applaud over his incredibly reliable instincts. Kai then orders a complete systems check on the engines, projected course & speed report, environmental generators, fuel levels, main thrusters. He finally orders full speed ahead, while looking out on outer space, a GSA folder is shown as our final shot for some good reason, i'm sure!
[scenes from "Mean Wheels Mantis"; end credits]

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