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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Mean Wheels Mantis"
Original Air Date:10/28/99 Featuring Footage From:
Gingaman #09 - - Himitsu no Koneko (The Secret Kitten)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-911
*26th episode of PRLG
*319th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger; voice only, not even her own)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Michael McConnohie _AS_ Motor Mantis (voice)


[scenes from "An Evil Game" & "Blue To The Test"]
The scene is the Terra Venture Mountain Dome, Maya sits on a tree branch while listening to her Wolf Galactabeast growling a story to her. Leo comes walking up and finds it amazing, asking how she can understand them. She tells him it's not so hard, hopping down and walking with him up to the giant Wolf, telling Leo to listen with his heart as they speak feelings and not words. The Wolf roars the worst breath of the colony down on Leo, who gives it a try at Maya's insistence. She urges him to listen deep with his heart, he gives it all he's got, but fails to do much but rile up his intestinal tract and not his heart. Leo says he's got nothing and maybe he should just stick to magic tricks, Maya laughing and shaking her head. Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot approaches Trakeena, Kegler & Villamax, presenting the Motor Mantis as promised. The Mantis comes running in, telling Trakeena what a nice pit stop she's got there, making engine sounds with mouth and asking if anybody wants to race. Deviot mentions he's the perfect monster, as he's sneaky, underhanded, & devious, Kegler quipping he sounds a lot like Robobard himself. Villamax chuckles, as Deviot gets angry and shoves Kegler over. Deviot asks Trakeena to give Motor Mantis a chance to run the Rangers into the ground, Mantis begging please, so she tells him to do it. He's excited, racing off into the Stinger, and then appearing on the streets of Terra Venture on his Mean Wheels Cycle. He drives around, firing off beams that shatter buildings and send citizens running around as debris and sparks fly. He loves his job, riding his bike destructively at the fleeing crowds of people.
[opening credits, Mike removed again.]
Motor Mantis destroys a few more buildings with the headlight on his motorcycle, before finally Pink & Yellow Rangers leap his way. They too get blasted at while still in midair, landing flat on their backs abruptly but jumping back into action. Motor Mantis pulls over and greets them, Maya asking him what he's doing on Terra Venture, Kendrix, still not sounding like herself, tells him to leave or they'll make him. Mantis tells them he can't leave yet, he's got a big race to win first, revving up his bike and driving towards the two Ranger girls. They kick at him, and he stops to kick back, Pink Ranger getting scraped up by his front tire, but surviving unscathed as Yellow rushes to her side. Mantis tells them they deserve trophies for their fighting skills, and with the power of Shazam! he aims his fingers at Maya & Kendrix, morphing them into little gold statues against their will! Red, Green & Blue Rangers are unable to stop this as the make the scene with their Astro Cycles, Mantis turning to them with the offer of a challenge. Kai tells him they won't play his games, Mantis mentioning if they win they get the trophies, Damon remarks they don't need any trophies. Motor Mantis tells them these are special trophies, picking up the two gold statues that read "Pink Ranger" & "Yellow Ranger", each with golden action figures on the top! Leo orders him to change them back, Mantis saying he can but under one condition, Red Ranger asking what it is. Motor Mantis boasts he has the fastest wheels in the galaxy, they race once around the dome and if they win they get the female Rangers back. The three macho heroes won't race, rushing him for battle, so Motor Mantis just steps on the accelerator and takes off through them.

Reluctantly giving chase to get their friends back, they hop back on their Astro Cycles and race after him on the winding roads of what appears to be the Mountain Dome (or Forest, take your pick). Motor Mantis is really built for speed, the Rangers eating his exhaust as he races down the road, deciding it's time to cheat a little. He plans to take out Blue Ranger first, tossing off two devices on opposite sides of the road, apparently set to Blue only, or he just gets lucky as Blue pulls ahead of his teammates. The devices emit a laser rope, ripping into Kai and hurling him from his Astro Cycle, Damon turning and watching as Kai rolls around in the middle of the road. Green Ranger gets closer to Motor Mantis, firing off his Condor Astro Cycle's headlight beams at Mantis' bike, thinking he's doing some damage to the road raging maniac mantis. Mantis just fires his own headlight beam at the rocky cliffs above, causing a rockslide to crumble down and litter the road with boulders. Damon's riding skills not up to par, he eventually slams right into a large rock and goes flying over it. Leo asks if he's alright, Damon says he is and to go catch him, staying behind to feel the agony of defeat as he beats his fist against the pavement. Red Ranger's Astro Cycle starts to pull up next to Motor Mantis, the monster reminds him that he cheats, reaching over and punching Leo. They both quarrel a bit, but Red Ranger is the victor, racing ahead and shouting he'll see Motor Mantis at the finish line! Said finish line right in front of them, with Stingwingers carrying checkered flags, Mantis firs his headlight beam at Leo, frying out his Astro Cycle long enough for him to launch his Mean Wheels Cycle into the air and over Red Ranger, crossing the finish first. The Stingwingers wave the flags and surround the egotistical Mantis, Leo telling him that was no fair as he would have beaten him. Motor Mantis boasts no one can defeat him and Red Ranger is just mad because he lost. Mantis taunts him like a three hundred year old monster, saying he's got the trophies & Leo's a loser! Red Ranger shouts that he cheated and to hand his teammates over, but Mantis just teleports away along with the Stingwingers. Leo collapses to his knees at the finish line, whining about letting Maya & Kendrix down because he couldn't defeat Motor Mantis, trying to think of a way to get them back.
Later on Terra Venture, inside what appears to be the Astro Megaship docking bay, the remains of the three Astro Cycles are being inspected by master mechanic Damon. Green & Blue Cycles are totaled and won't be back on pavement for quite some time, but the Red Cycle just has a burned out fuel jet system. Leo is anxious for a rematch, asking Damon how long will it take him to fix it, Damon telling him if he works all night he may make it by morning, but it's still not going to be perfect. Leo tells him to just get it running, walking away when Kai rushes over and informs him that even if he gets the bike running he still can't beat the lightning quick Motor Mantis. Damon shares some good advice about how this time Mantis just damaged their Cycles and next time he might not be so kind, he's too dangerous for him to go after alone. Leo won't give up his position, telling them to just get his Astro Cycle working so they can find a way to get Maya & Kendrix back, as he exits the scene. Damon asks Kai to help him in putting some roar back into the cycle, apparently Kai's day of running the colony quite over. Leo sulks outside a building while overlooking the forest, he suddenly hears Motor Mantis revving his engine and giving a yahoo! This is followed by the growling of the Red Lion Galactabeast, a sound Leo knows well and is glad to hear. He heads off into the Mountain Dome of its location, asking the huge beast what it wants, not understanding the roar of the Lion. Leo remembers Maya's words of listening with his heart, and gives it another try. He closes his eyes and looks in deep, hearing the growl of the Galactabeast and it becoming clear to him. Leo asks the Lion where he can get this extra power it speaks to him of, Lion roaring back, Leo understanding its his Astro Cycle, thanking the beast as he races away to save his gal pals.

Sunrise breaks upon the space colony's artificial atmosphere, as Leo sneaks around the corridors, watching out for anyone in view as he enters the Astro Megaship docking bay. Inside he finds Kai fast asleep on some Cycle parts, walking as to not wake him, Leo scopes out his repaired Astro Cycle, whispering they did a good job as he rolls it out past Damon, who is passed out on the floor. Soon, Red Ranger is Morphed and ready for a rematch, calling out to Motor Mantis on the empty streets, the motorcycling monster quickly appearing. He can't resist a good race, but mentions he already beat Leo once and asks why should he have to prove himself again. Red Ranger tells Mantis it's not only the trophies they have to race for this time, reaching into his belt buckle and unsheathing his Quasar Saber and presenting it in view. Motor Mantis is astonished, Trakeena would reward him handsomely if he won that Saber, accepting Leo's challenge. Within minutes, behind the finish line a display area is set up, Red Ranger inserting the Quasar Saber into a box (I assume the Saber will respond to Mantis correctly if Leo gives it up willingly, unlike in "Rookie In Red", where it was swiped), as Mantis places the Yellow & Pink trophies on a platform. He then gives Leo the rules, one lap around the dome and the first one back to the finish line wins everything. They both board their respective cycles as the moment draws near, revving their engines in preparation of the biggest race of their lives, or at least morning. The green light flashes, and the Red Astro Cycle takes off beside the Mean Wheels Cycle through the deserted roadway. Mantis pulls in the lead, telling Leo he's not good enough, but Red Ranger proves otherwise when he is able to suddenly race ahead of the monster. Ever the bad sport, Motor Mantis fires his headlight beams at Leo, sparks flying abound but the race continues as normal on this extremely low traffic day.
The Astro Cycle & Mean Wheels Cycle ride side by side down the street, until Motor Mantis leaps off and onto Red Ranger's back! He puts the stranglehold on Leo, but the Red Ranger is able to elbow the creature and grab his big buggy bow-tied head and chuck him back off onto his own bike. Mantis then kicks the Astro Cycle, forcing Leo into a sudden pit stop, smashing through construction equipment and the ever popular explosive empty boxes! Back at the Astro Megaship, Kai wakes up, likely with a stiff back and drool mixed with grease, to find the Red Astro Cycle missing! He awakens Damon to the sight as well, both confused as to where it went, but sure of only one man who'd steal a motorcycle with a Red Lion on it. Elsewhere, Motor Mantis is ahead by a large margin, the finish line just yards away and he can smell the victory! Red Ranger is right behind him, hearing the voices of Maya & Kendrix begin turned into the statues in his head and flashing back to them, he also remembers Maya's words of listening to his heart, and those growls of the Lion Galactabeast. Leo decides to go for it, calling on Red Capsular Cycle, positioning his arms into that of him Going Galactic, as his Astro Cycle Morphs into said Capsular Cycle in a golden flash! The increased speed of the new machine causes Red Ranger to race ahead of the Motor Mantis, who's distracted by the flashy new motorcycle long enough for Leo to cross the finish line first. Pulling over, Leo mentions he won the race and demands his friends turned back to normal, but Mantis won't take the easy honorable way so he leaves Red Ranger no choice. Leo drives towards the parked Motor Mantis on the Capsular Cycle, initiating Fireball Mode, as the cycle locks him inside and flames up outside. Ripping through Mantis with a flaming roar, the Capsular Cycle comes out the other side as Motor Mantis & his Mean Wheels explode in a fireball similar to the one that just hit them.

The trophies dissolve back into Pink & Yellow Rangers, as Green & Blue make the scene cheering, Kai picking up Leo's Saber. The two greet the revived female Rangers with joy, all witnessing Red Ranger hopping out of his new Capsular Cycle behind the burning wreckage. The group reunites with him, Leo mentioning he really thought he lost the girls, they hug him with thanks for saving them. Damon admires the new Cycle, calling it da bomb, while Kai hands Leo back his Quasar Saber, asking him to fill them in on the new wheels, Damon calls it amazing and Leo states it's the Red Capsular Cycle (Kids, go buy one now! They come in several flavors, including Magna Berry!). The explanations will have to wait, as Motor Mantis grows like the plague from the wreckage into a huge, bike-less mantis menace carrying a scythe. Galactabeasts are called to arise, all five do so (including the ever blue Green Condor), the Rangers leap atop them and with a Transdagger twists, Galactazords transform around them. Once inside, Red Ranger activates full power, and the Galaxy Megazord to come online, the Zords snapping together and becoming the big galactic robot once more. Motor Mantis is ready to fight, asking if they think they've beaten him just because they've got the Capsular Cycle, mentioning he's just as fast on his feet as he attacks with the scythe. It's a Saber/scyth battle, as both lock each others' weapons on each other, Leo wishing Mantis a nice trip as the Megazord kicks Motor Mantis over. Pink Ranger speaks, although I still doubt it's Valerie, calling on Pink Power as the Wildcat shoulder fires off a blast of energy at the Mantis. Red Ranger initiates Condor Galactazord Missile Mode, firing off a nosecone rocket, Motor Mantis runs out of gas in a puff of smoke & fire.
Later in the Mountain Dome, Leo is decked out in a bicyclists outfit, walking along with Maya, who asks how he knew about the Red Capsular Cycle. He tells her the Lion Galactabeast told him, she's shocked he actually understood the beast, he assures her he did as he listened with his heart. Leo goes on to say they talked for hours, all night long as he told stories of back when he was a baby cub Galactabeast growing up in a different galaxy. Maya doesn't believe him about the last part, and Leo admits that it isn't true. He does bring up that the Lion told him his Astro Cycle had more powers (further questioning the creation of the bikes; did Alpha build them, or were they a manifestation of the Galaxy Powers? Hmm), so Leo just crossed his fingers and went for it, Maya remarking he just got lucky, but he says it's a start. Damon & Kai are also ready to go bicycling, Kendrix stands there in plain view, but I can tell you that is NOT Valerie Vernon. Good try and close likeness though, and hopefully she was resting comfortably while this episode was shooting. Kai has a bike race to win against Leo, the three guys running off to their bikes as Maya tells the never-face-the-screen-or-speak Kendrix you'd think they'd have enough races for a while, both giggling. The three amigos take off on their bicycles down the mountain trail, the girls cheering them on.
[scenes from "Loyax' Last Battle"; end credits]

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