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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"A Red Romance"
Original Air Date:11/2/99 Based On:
Gingaman #32 - - Yuujou no Kidouba (The Maneuvering Grounds Of Friendship)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-913
*28th episode of PRLG
*321st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger; voice only)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger; voice only)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger; voice only, but not her's)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger; voice only)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Etty Lau _AS_ Ginger
John Koyama _AS_ Colby
Heide Karp _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Brianne Sidall _AS_ Maronda (voice)


[scenes from "Heir To The Throne", "An Evil Game" & "Mean Wheels Mantis"]
Aboard Terra Venture, inside a park somewhere a girl named Ginger rides her bicycle casually down the path. Suddenly, a woman and her Dalmatian appear from out of nowhere in front of her, causing Ginger to swerve and lose control of her bike. She slams into a cement bench, and is thrown from her bicycle into the air. Luckily, Leo is nearby, spotting this he runs and leaps for her, catching her before she hits the ground hard. He asks if she's okay, she removes her helmet and says she is thanks to him as she makes dowy eyes at Leo. Before the chivalrous flirtation can continue, Leo is grabbed by a man claiming to be Ginger's brother, asking what Leo thinks he was doing with his sister. Leo doesn't get a chance to answer before being hurled across the ground, almost bonking his head on that cement bench. Colby, as we discover his name is, is preparing to smash Leo to a pulp, when Ginger stops him and reveals that Leo saved her after she crashed her bike. Colby notices the wrecked bicycle nearby, and apologizes to Leo, no hard feelings between them so they shake hands and smile over the bruising misunderstanding. Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot presents Maronda, a snakelike woman-creature resembling Impostra from "Shark Attack", who Deviot calls one of the most evil creatures in the universe. Trakeena gives Maronda a full body inspection, asking the Robotic Bard what makes her so evil, Deviot having Maronda show her. She waves her arms in a charming motion while facing a Stingwinger, suddenly causing an energy beam to slither out and form a snake around the buzzbrain. It recoils back into energy and traps the Stingwinger inside the amulet placed firmly between Maronda's firm rubber bosoms. Trakeena calls this ability very nice, smiling devilishly at Deviot over his wise choice.
[opening credits, still Mike-less.]
Later on Terra Venture, inside Colby's repair shop, he fixes his sister's bicycle good as new. Leo turns his eyes off Ginger long enough to notice a dirt bike sitting nearby, Ginger mentions that's Colby's pride & joy. Colby offers Leo to take it out for a test drive, handing him the key and to have a good time, Leo smiling as he soon hops on the bike outside in the parking lot. He races it around all over the empty concrete and fenced areas like a pro, performing quick tricks and standing up on the seat as Ginger giggles and Colby seems a little impressed by his skills. Leo's daredevil motorcycle rodeo time up, he hands the dirt bike back to Colby and tells Ginger he has to get going. He asks if she'd like to hang out at the park tomorrow with him, Ginger looking at her brother and nervously telling Leo she'll see if she has time. Leo tells her he'll talk to her later, telling Colby good-bye, Colby grunts out a "Later", Leo walking away backwards as he waves to the smiling Ginger. Leo ends up backing into a canister, but quickly sets things straight and tries to act cool. Ginger remarks to her brother what a nice guy Leo is, Colby remarks he seems okay. She tries asking Colby about going to the park tomorrow, but she doesn't get any words out before he knows that she wants a ride. She promises to help clean his bike, and he agrees on dropping her off for her date with Leo.

The next day, Leo & Ginger walk around in conversation, Leo wearing a red & white flowery shirt that he seems to have borrowed from the Ernie & Lt. Stone signature series. Ginger apologizes to Leo for her big brother being too overprotective, Leo saying he understands as his own big brother Mike can be the same way (Mike who? Oh, right. Almost forgot!). Leo decides it's time to start showing off again, and tells her to watch as he does some backflips down the sidewalk to her amusement. He has perfect form, and the judges would give him a 9.7, but while he's busy pointing to Ginger, he stumbles behind and steps on a tennis ball, causing him to slip onto his sorry ass. They have a heartily laugh over his broken tailbone, and soon the token romantic montage begins. It appears to be the next day in this collection of sappiness, Leo & Ginger frolic in the park with a kite, as an actual song plays! Would you believe it, something that isn't actually the theme song, nor is it recycled orchestral music! The gist of the song and scene is they're living, they're lovin' and chasin' and huggin' till tomorrow, when Leo gets the kite caught in the tree. The scene ends, the two part ways at the plaza, Ginger says she had a really great time and they agree to see each other tomorrow. Ginger walks off with the kite, when she discovers people running in panic from the area she's headed. She peeks around the corner and spots Maronda adding a woman to her snake-captured collection, and alerts the monster to her presence by dropping the kite. Ginger runs for her life, but Maronda gives chase, her motives adding people to her amulet necklace is completely unknown. Maybe Trakeena's after beauty again? Or needs more people for her game of Lost Galaxy Bridge?
Ginger runs, and hides behind a pillar, but Maronda stills finds her pretty easily. Ginger tries to escape, but Maronda finally launches an energy snake her way, ensnaring the girl in the large purple snake. Leo suddenly appears, jump kicking through the air and hitting Maronda dead on, then trying to free Ginger until Maronda gets back up and tosses him aside like a second skin. Maronda grabs Ginger and says she's going to make her part of her collection, Leo yelling for the creature to let her go, but instead she turns Ginger into energy and imprisons her in her amulet. Ginger beats on the glass, asking to be let out, and thankfully Maronda listens to her and lets her go. C'mon, why does everyone always ask to be let out when they get captured by a monster? Does it ever work?! So anyway, Leo attempts to kick Maronda, but she teleports away before his feet can hit her. Soon, Leo heads to the garage, finding Colby working on his bike and wondering why he's back so early. Leo begins to break that bad news of his sister, about the monster capturing Ginger at the plaza, Colby quickly racing out to the scene of the crime. He discovers only Ginger's sandal left on the ground, turning around and yelling at Leo about how he trusted him to take care of her, asking why he escaped and she didn't. Colby thinks Leo ran and he's a coward, Leo attempting to hug his troubled future brother-in-law, but he smacks Leo's hands away and vows to save her himself. Leo rushes after him, and they confront once more, Colby says Leo should have protected her, and Leo is sorry. Colby yanks off his hat and stops for a moment, telling Leo that their Mom & dad had dreams for Ginger to become someone, and when she & he left on TerraV he promised them he would take care of her. Colby flashes back to when Ginger stole his hat and he had to beat her up like normal siblings do. He shouts at Leo, because thanks to him he broke that promise to take care of his little sister. Colby angrily stomps away, as Leo finds nothing he can say to stop the rage of an abandoned brother.

Later, Colby rides his dirtbike around the warehouse district, smart enough to realize monsters seem to flock to that area. He stops his bike and takes off his helmet, calling out the creature that swiped his sis! Meanwhile, Leo flashes back to Colby saying he trusted him to take care of her, and to Ginger telling Leo to come on, he decides to do what she said and come on, halting his wallow in self-misery to find her brother. Colby's request of a meeting with Maronda comes true, as she teleports onto the scene with laughter as Colby tells her he's here for his sister. Maronda lets him know she's here for him firing blasts from her fingertip, knocking the motorcycle gear wearing boy into some empty barrels. He finds a metal pipe on the ground and rushes at Maronda, she ducks every swing he takes at her with it, and kicks him a few times before tossing him into various construction equipment. Elsewhere, Leo beats against the garage door, calling for Colby to open up, until he realizes he isn't there. Suddenly, Leo's Transmorpher goes off, Alpha contacts him from the Astro Megaship, telling Leo he detects a disturbance in the warehouse district. Alpha asks if he should alert the others, Leo tells him not to as he wants to check it out first by himself. Colby gets smacked around into more empty items, Maronda preparing to let him join his sister, when Leo jumps onto her and saves Colby's cheese. Leo helps Colby up, but the disgruntled biker doesn't want any help, pushing Leo into a well placed stack of empty boxes that Terra Venture mass produces. Colby tries hitting Maronda with a wooden chair, but it smashes to bits without doing any damage, Maronda then knocking the well-beaten biker against a metal container. She prepares to attack him with her snake beam blasts, when Leo hops in the way, taking the brunt of the explosion and collapsing to the ground. Maronda laughs at the fun she's having as she leaves, Colby shocked to see Leo's bravery. Leo's perfectly fine, getting up and asking Colby how he is, and he's doing similarly. Leo orders Colby to wait there as he chases after Maronda, but Colby's not quite ready to go to commercials just yet!
Leo runs down the empty streets of Terra Venture, quickly Going Galactic while never skipping a beat, finally reaching a stairway area. There, Maronda leaps into action with the Red Ranger, the two sparring for a moment before Leo ends up thrown down to the lower level. He's then greeted by his Galaxy Ranger teammates, Pink Ranger asking if he's okay, he says he is but Maronda has Ginger (how'd he learn her name, anyway?). Maronda mentions it was nice of them to show up, calling on Stingwingers to destroy our heroes. An open stairway battle scene ensues, the scene resembling a similar area from "The Secret Of The Locket" and "Silence Is Golden", as the Rangers have a ball beating on buzzdrones against the cemented steps. Only Red Ranger gets to play with Maronda, they take their battle elsewhere, Maronda says he's no match for her, but he'll just have to see about that. They fight, Leo knocking her down and reaches for her breasts, not trying to cop a scaly feel but to snatch the amulet! Red Ranger flips away and is joined by the other Rangers, Leo tells the monster she's nothing without necklace, Maronda orders him to give it back to her, but wisely decides to instead take it. She jumps into the air and lands on her own Snake Cycle that appears under her rubber behind out of nowhere, racing towards our heroes. Red Ranger quickly calls on the Lights Of Orion, and the team gets armored, rushing at the speed demon they Power Up into energy ball mode, ripping into her Snake Cycle. Somehow, they're all deflected off the Cycle and the energy ball dissipates into each separate Ranger, scattering them about! The weary Rangers can't even recover before Maronda rides around again, smashing into the Rangers twice, knocking them against large crates in what appears to be a shipping area (although, why a shipping area is on a space colony is beyond me).

Backed against the crates, our heroes are done for, Maronda Snake Cycling at them, when Colby's dirtbike zooms over her head as he grabs her amulet she stole back from Leo recently. She smashes into some empty boxes, and Colby's bike lands safely thanks to good shocks in the tires. Red Ranger gets up quickly and asks Colby what he's doing there, Colby shouts out Leo's name. No, he doesn't recognize the Clark Kentian Leo as Red Ranger, but instead asks where Leo is, Red Ranger stuttering to find an answer. Blue Ranger coughs up an explanation that Leo called them to try and get his sister back, Colby buying the whole motherload. Maronda pulls up on her Snake Cycle, telling them they'll regret trying to stop her, Colby telling her to give back his sister, but Maronda taunts him to make her as she rides away. Colby revs off after her against Red Ranger's wishes, leaving Leo no choice but to call on the Red Astro Cycle. The Cycle appears from nowhere in a flash of fire (as something would if it were connected to his Galaxy Power, perhaps?), Red Ranger hopping on and crossing his Orion Armored arms and calling on Red Capsular Cycle. The Astro Cycle Morphs into Capsular mode, Leo racing off to even things up with the maniac motor maven. Colby chases Maronda, she fires her snake beam blasts at him, but nothing she can do throws him off her trail. She waits until he's ahead of her, and then begins to fire her Snake Cycle at his dirtbike, finally sending him skidding out of control. With this nasty case of road rash, Maronda prepares to run him over, when she's hit by red blasts from behind! She stops and turns around, Colby peering out with eyes that are not his own through his helmet, as the Red Capsular Cycle races down the strip after Maronda. She isn't ready to die just yet, playing a quick game of laser firing chicken with him on her Snake Cycle, and he with his Capsular firing headlight blast-beams. They fire at each other, and when the smoke clears, Leo turns his Cycle around to go after the escaping Maronda down the narrow spaces between the crates. More boxes sacrificed, they finally end up in more maneuvering space, able to kick and punch each other from the sides of their bikes. Eventually, they race at one another again, this time Red Ranger initiates Red Capsular Cycle Fireball Mode, the bike locks into place and zooms through her in a flaming flash. Her Snake Cycle explodes upon impact, and Maronda is thrown to safety against the harsh gravel. Leo parks the Capsular, telling Maronda it's all over as he hops off and stands next to his Orion Powered teammates for a quick victory pose.

Colby appears and is glad they defeated her, Red Ranger clutches the amulet in his hand and released the prisoners inside of it. Energy is released from the amulet, turning into a collection of several men & women from Terra Venture, including Ginger. Both Red Ranger & Colby rush to her side, bumping into one another, Colby gives Leo a strange look as the Ranger pretends not to care so as to not blow his unneeded cover. Colby hugs Ginger, the brother & sister reunited at last, safe and sound. The fun's just starting, as Maronda immediately grows huge above them, Kai ordering everyone to get someplace safe away from there. Ginger & Colby gone, Red Ranger calls for the Galactabeasts to arise, Zords to transform, and Galaxy Megazord to come together, and Power-Up to Orion Armor Mode. Maronda faces the Megazord, swinging her arms in her charming stance again, saying they may have stopped her before but there's no way they can defeat this next trick. She aims her arms at them, suddenly causing purple smoke to engulf the Galaxy Mega. Kai wonders where they are, as a quick inspection reveals they're inside some sort of freaky Snake Dimension! Maronda is master of smoke & mirrors here, appearing and disappearing all around, the Megazord unable to strike her with the Saber. She laughs at their blind attacks, before suddenly growing even huger and blowing a large gust of wind at them, knocking the Galaxy Megazord back into Terra Venture. Red Ranger calls on Centaurus to come online, and at the Zenith Carrierzord, the bottom compartments unfold. Several small C-Zords race out and quickly form together, transforming into the mighty Rhino Powered Centaurus Megazord. Gliding to the scene, it greets Maronda with a sudden elbow smack that sends her flying and down, giving Leo a chance to take her out. He calls on Galaxy Megazord Saber at full power, Orion Charging the Saber up and slashing down on Maronda. The scaly creature is torn to huge chunky pieces before the Galaxy & Centaurus Megazords. Hope people on Terra Venture love snake meat!
The next day on Terra Venture, Leo is in the garage with Ginger, who thanks him for trying to save her, as her brother told her. He nods his head (wearing a black & white shirt over his usual red one underneath, seems Leo finally decided to buy a new wardrobe), and tells Colby he'll see him later, waving to the ever grumpy biker who is working on some parts nearby. He leaves Ginger as well, and after he leaves, Ginger tosses Colby his helmet and tells him he can still catch Leo. Colby hops on his bike and stops Leo in the streets, telling him he owes him an apology as he's no coward at all. Colby really appreciates what he did for his sister, extending his hand and asking if there are no hard feelings, Leo shakes his hand and like before, of course there are no hard feelings. Course, I like to think, since we never see Ginger again, Leo dumped her and Colby ended up running over Leo's toes for it.
[scenes from "The Chameliac Warrior"; end credits]

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