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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Chameliac Warrior"
Original Air Date:11/3/99 Based On:
Gingaman #37 - - Pukuratesu no Yabou (Pucrate's Treachery)

Previously Unseen Footage Montage From:
Gingaman #04 - - Aasu no Kokoro (Grounding Of The Heart)
Gingaman #08 - - Aijou no Ryouri (The Cooking Of Love)
Gingaman #33 - - Akogare no Saya (Saya Is Adored)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-914
*29th episode of PRLG
*322nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger; full appearances, but morphed voice still not her's)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Michelle Tillman _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Julie Maddalena _AS_ D.E.C.A. (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Tom Fahn _AS_ Chameliac (voice)


[scenes from "Heir To The Throne", "An Evil Game", "Mean Wheels Mantis", & "A Red Romance"]
Inside the Terra Venture Forest Dome (although from the outside it looks like the Mountain Dome), Mike takes a jog through the lush surroundings. He's getting some exercise in his grey tank top, considering he hasn't done much Defending lately. He overhears the voice of Villamax nearby, yelling at a Stingwinger he calls a 'drunken buzzard-brain' as he orders him to be more careful. Mike sneaks over to the area he heard the voice, and hides behind some trees, watching as a small army of Stingwingers are hauling machinery through the dome. Villamax boasts about how this scheme will finally put an end to those kaleidoscopic kooks, as he orders the buzzbrains to move faster and be more careful with the equipment. Reminding them this isn't an ant farm retreat, he threatens to clip their wings if they drop anything as several fly overhead. Villamax remarks to Kegler that his plans are coming along nicely, Keggy agreeing and eventually tripping over his own two stubby legs. He thinks he may have split a splat, but he actually dropped a small disc on the ground, ignoring it as he shakes off the sudden fall and follows the gang of evil. Mike's spying comes to an end when he decides to walk over and pick up the disc, thinking everyone gone from the scene. Suddenly, the Chameliac Warrior & a few Stingwingers appear, Chamely asks what he's doing as he doesn't belong here, Mike spouting back that he's the one who doesn't belong. They aim their fists at each other macho-like, Chameliac asking what he's going to do about it, Mike whipping out his Magna Morpher, locking the pieces together and calling on Magna Power now! With a quick flash, he Morphs into the Magna Defender, pulling out his Magna Blaster and cocking the handle, ready to do battle. Chameliac activates his eyes, scoping out the Magna Defender as he flips through the air, firing off his Blaster at the bugdrones around him. Chameliac's scanning complete, his head symbol shifts to black, while Magna Defender pumps some energy lead into the Stingwingers. Before Mike knows it, Chameliac activates his own Magna Power, firing his own Magna Blaster at the stunned Defender, taking him down and causing him to drop the now-damaged disc. Mike asks how he knew his moves, Chameliac stating he not only knows them but he knows them better than even he does, the warrior jumping into the air, now handing the Magna Saber. He does the charged flip attack on Magna Defender, giving the Ranger ally a taste of his own Magna medicine. Finally, the Power Rangers make the scene, leaping in front of Mike and attempting to confront Chameliac, but he's vanished along with the Stingwingers. Mike tells his brother he's alright, but Villamax is up to something and that disc just might tell them what it is.
[opening credits, Mike credited again, of course.]
Later in the Astro Megaship Infirmary, Mike is bandaged up and lying on the exam table being checked out by Alpha. He tells his Ranger pals (Valerie appearing as Kendrix here for the first time in quite a while) about how Chameliac had powers just like him and knew all his moves, it was like fighting himself as there was nothing he could do that the warrior didn't already know how to defend or counterattack. Leo stops to ask Alpha if he had any luck with the computer disc, Alpha tells him he's had no luck since it was badly damaged in the fight. Kai wonders what they could be hauling into the Forest Dome, Leo says that's what they have to find out, Mike begins to get up to go with them but Maya tells him he's not going anywhere for a while. Kendrix tells him not to worry because they'll check it out themselves, the five Ranger teens exiting the Infirmary, Mike asking Alpha to let him see the fried disc. Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena knows the Magna Defender is down for the count, but asks Chameliac if he can he do the same against five Power Rangers. He promises her in his robotic tone of voice that once he's completed his analysis of the Rangers, the chance of failure will be zero, pressing a button on the control panel and initiating the computer database. Five hologram images surround Chameliac's head, he comments Trakeena has excellent archives as he begins the scanning of them before Trakeena & Deviot. He analyzes Red Ranger, and footage of his Fire Power attack Gasser from "Homesick" is shown, followed by his Quasar Saber charging attack against Radster from "Race To The Rescue". Next, Chameliac analyzes Green Ranger, watching footage of Green fighting Dolmar from "the Magna Defender" episode, in footage from Gingaman never used! Then footage of his Orion attack from "Green Courage", and a few other Transdagger attack moves I don't recognize from any PRLG episodes. As a note, on the side of some holoscreens, we see this: "Power Rangers status: Human beings with super human strength and abilities, dedicated to protecting any lifeforms in peril or need of emergency assistance. Fighting skills far exceed any other human and many non human lifeforms." Chameliac then analyzes Yellow Ranger, watching Yellow battle an unused redhead monster in a multicolored coat from unused Gingaman footage. Then Yellow Transdagger attacking Dolmar in even more unused Gingaman footage as well! Next is Pink Ranger analyzing time, watching a few shots of her jumping around from "Double Duty", followed by unused Gingaman footage of Pink Ranger taking on Rykon from "Memories Of Mirinoi", using several Transdagger attacks! She also does the ground scratching maneuver we've never really seen her use often in PRLG, but for later footage's sake, it's necessary. Blue Ranger is analyzed next, with footage of him battling Quake Maker from "The Blue Crush", likely some unused footage in there. Analysis of lost scenes complete, Chameliac is ready to take on our heroes!

Speaking of our heroes, they sneak about the Forest Dome, watching Stingwingers flying strange parts over a local pond, following them to their destination (notice Valerie takes these next scenes off and her double, not Carolyn Pickets, does the shots). Elsewhere, Kegler remarks to some buzzbrains that things are coming together well, directing pieces to go various places around the giant laser cannon they're building. Villamax spots two Stingwingers lounging around and cooling themselves off, yelling for the bugs for brains to get back to work, which the drones quickly do as ordered. Stingwinger assembly lines always the quickest, things being built for the laser rather fast. A Stingwinger spotted the Power Rangers following it and reports to Villamax, he tells Kegler the bad news, but Keggy isn't ready for them yet, so he calls on Chameliac. Chamey is nearby, glad to handle this little problem, racing off to do battle. Villamax wishes he could be there to see Chameliac wearing them down until their laser can finish the job! The Ranger teens race to the scene is halted by Chameliac, who says he knew they'd show up but didn't think they'd take so long. Leo asks the warrior what they're doing out here, Chameliac shows he's not only the master of mimmic but the master of mocking as he tells him their purpose in the Dome is for him to know and them to find out. The teens Go Galactic collectively, the screen featuring all five Morphing sequences at once, the Power Rangers facing the group of Stingwingers Chameliac just called upon. While our heroes battle with the buzzbrains, Chameliac waits a moment, before diving into action himself.
Blue Ranger flips a Stingwinger, Yellow Ranger kicks their legs, and Pink Ranger does twirl flip kicks into them. Green Ranger does his flying back kick into one, and Red Ranger pulls out his Quasar Saber to take on Chameliac. Chamey initiates his Red Mode, the symbol on his head turning said color as he races forth and clashes with Leo with his own clone of the Quasar Saber! Red Ranger does his Fire Powered Saber slash, but Chameliac dodges it and knocks Leo back. Chameliac wants to show him how it's supposed to be done, using his cloned Saber to mimic the attack, charging up and slicing Leo down, thinking this too easy! Green Ranger flips onto the scene, Chameliac goes into Green Mode and meets Damon midair with a mock flip, striking him down. Damon lands and pulls out his Transblaster, Chamey doing the same with his own Green Transblaster, the two firing back and forth, but the warrior hitting his target dead on. Yellow Ranger hops to action, Chameliac initiates Yellow Mode, dodging all of Maya's attacks, blow for blow. He even slams her to the ground, and drags her by her neck across the gravel, a move we've never really seen her do before! Pink Ranger scratches at the dirt like a Wild Cat, before leaping at him, Chameliac going into Pink Mode and striking back before she can touch him. Blue Ranger rushes toward him carrying his Quasar Launcher, Chameliac goes to Blue Mode and pulls out his own Quasar Launcher, firing a blast of energy into Kai before he can even blink! The Rangers regroup together, beaten and shocked the monster knows all their moves, except Chameliac remarks he makes them look good! Chamey boasts anything they can do, he can do better, Damon says they've got to put this guy away and now, Leo telling them to do it.

The Rangers activate the Lights Of Orion, armoring up before Chameliac, who goes into Orion Mode himself, causing the Quasar Saber clone in his hand to become Orion armored itself (his head symbol now yellowish). The Rangers dart towards him, going into Power-Up energy ball mode, but getting kicked back by the ever alert Chameliac. The Power Rangers fall to the ground from whence they came, Pink Ranger mentioning he kicked them away like an old soccer ball! Chameliac then races at them and does his own Power-Up Mode attack, energy ball streaming through our heroes like they intended to do to him. He comes out the other side triumphantly, as the Rangers explode in a flash, and end up tossed down the side of a hill, Chameliac telling the Powerless Rangers good-bye! Soon, the weary unmorphed teens take a breather in a wooded area. Kai remarks about how he knew his moves perfectly, Damon helps Leo stand up against a tree as he mentions Chameliac even had a Transdagger like his. Maya holds the bruised Kendrix (Valerie returning again), saying it was almost like he knew what she was thinking, Kendrix shocked at how the monster even reproduced the Lights Of Orion. Damon tells his teammates they have to try again, since who knows what he could be building out there, Kai debates that unless they have a strategy they don't stand a chance. Damon tries to argue, but Kai points out Chameliac knows what they're going to do before they do it, he's like a computer: zero error! Leo uses his thinker and says that computers can make mistakes if fed the wrong information. He plans to make the monster think it's the year 2000, but he realizes the series takes place sometime in the future, so he cans that idea and instead tells his plan-hungry pals to follow him. The roughed-up Rangers pick themselves up and drag along behind their fearless leader.
On the Astro Megaship bridge, the bandaged Mike inserts the computer disc into a slot (with the good old M symbol on top of it). Alpha gives an Ay-Yi-Yi and tells him he should be in bed, but he's got work to do despite his injuries. DECA speaks once more as Mike works on reconstructing the disc's missing sectors and finding retrievable data inside. The screen reveals the schematics of a large laser gun, Mike wondering what it's for. Back in the Forest Dome, the Ranger teens run down the path frantically, Chameliac watching in hiding, saying this time he won't be so easy on them. Our five heroes approach the area near where the laser cannon is being built, watching as construction is almost completed. Kai wonders what they'd shoot at out there, Leo only knows it looks like they're almost ready to fire it. Chameliac tells them they are, as the Rangers quickly turn around to see Chamey, getting attacked by Stingwingers who pop from the place they just turned away from! Chameliac calls them predictable, as they brush themselves off and do another five-scene-screen Go Galactic, Morphing and engaging in battle with the buzzbrains. Leo also duels with Chameliac while Yellow Ranger takes the action up a large tree. The action soon spills out into the usual open mountain range like before, Red Ranger separated from the others as he faces Chameliac in his Red Mode! Chameliac tells him he knows all his moves and he can't win, holding his mock Saber at the ready, as Leo says they'll just have to see about how well he knows all his moves as he sheaths his Saber into his belt. He then does the Green Ranger stance position, leaping into the air and kicking rapidly on the way down, throwing Chamey for a loop! Chameliac calls this switch no fair, when Yellow Ranger appears to take him on, the warrior going to Yellow Mode. Maya pulls out the Blue Cosma Claw, attacking Chameliac off-guard and beating her chest like a Gorilla once he's taken down, asking if she made him blue. Chamey notices those were Blue's moves (it must have been the Blue's Clues), but can do nothing about it as Green Ranger shows up to play. Chameliac goes Green, but Damon begins to scratch the ground like a Wild Cat, hopping on the warrior and slashing away with his hands! Green Ranger flips back off and continues acting like Pink Ranger in her Catlike movements, saying he could get used to this. Before Chameliac can notice he has nail marks all over his face despite Damon not touching it, Blue Ranger hops to action, jumping on the monster and dragging him across the gravel like Yellow Ranger is said to do! Pink Ranger races at Chameliac with a Quasar Saber and a Transdagger in hand for her turn, Chameliac's symbols flashing all colors of the Ranger rainbow as his system freaks out over the mix up! He can't tell who is who, as Pink double slices him with her weapons in a Red Ranger like move.

Chameliac is thrown down and thinks this impossible, the Rangers rejoining together as Leo says it's entirely possible. Now to give him something 100% red, Red Ranger calls on the Red Astro Cycle, it rolls up by itself and he hops on. Telling Chameliac to Chameliac this, he drives at the checked warrior, initiating Red Capsular Cycle transformation, the Cycle morphing into its second form, before activating Fireball Mode, the Capsular locking into place and tearing into Chameliac like a bladed torch. The monster falls from the flaming attack, and Leo leaps off his Capsular Cycle, his teammates cheering on his good work in defeating Chameliac. Nearby, Villamax watches the monster lying on the ground through binoculars, telling the digital fool to get up and grow already! Chameliac struggles to his feet, knowing he must defeat the Power Rangers he causes himself to grow huge, and so Red Ranger calls on the Galactabeasts to arise. Back at the Megaship Bridge, Mike finishes the DECA decoding of the disc, discovering the laser is set to destroy at the Galactabeasts (the disc somehow containing the Galaxy Book images of all eight beasts). Alpha whines that Mike's got to stop them, and that's exactly what he plans on doing. Over at the Laser Cannon site, Villamax watches joyously as the Beasts make their way to the scene, Kegler tells him to prepare the laser. Villamax is at the controls, locking on the five targets with the massive device, the beam charging up as the Galactabeasts continue running (are they taking the long way around the Dome today?). Villamax wishes them good-bye, but before he can push the button, he gets kicked away by the Magna Defender! Stingwingers are ordered to get him, but Mike doesn't think so, pulling out the Magna Blaster and unloading energy blasts at the buzzbrains and the laser cannon. He cocks the Magna rifle one more time, ready to finish the job, he aims for the laser as Kegler & Villamax shout for him not to. Magna Defender fires, and the whole Laser Gun explodes, debris of the machine flying about in the explosion, along with flaming Stingwingers to boot!

Red Ranger is already inside his Galactazord, initiating Galaxy Megazord transformation, landing in range of the huge Chameliac warrior. He doesn't understand how the Galactabeasts are still here, Leo remarking they are but soon he won't be, as the Megazord approaches the monster. He still has a few tricks left, copying the Megazord's moves he pulls out his own giant Galaxy Megazord Saber, attacking our heroes swiftly as they would to him. Red Ranger takes the initiative to call on Stratoforce Megazord, the blue light on the Zenith Carrierzord lights up and within moments, five S-Zord fly out of its mouth. During this entire scene, we're treated to the return of the rocking Zord victory music last heard in some early episodes of PRIS! Stratoforce comes together with the power of the Phoenix Galactabeast, transforming before us and greeting Chameliac with a high flying kick in the kisser! Chamey recovers, having scanned this new Megazord before, he goes into Stratoforce Mode himself, whipping out a large Boomerang. Stratoforce instead pulls out the Centaurus Megazord's Laser Cannon and aims it at him, Chameliac at a loss for a mimic. Stratoforce fires the Cannon at him as his symbols flash a full spectrum, defenseless against this attack. Leo has the Galaxy Megazord Orion Power-Up, and with Chameliac dazed & confused, the Galaxy Megazord Saber is Orion Charged and slashing through his robotic body. Chameliac is torn to beefy pieces, hopefully tasting like chicken as some chameleon lizards do. Stratoforce & Galaxy Megazord do their victory poses for the camera, humming a tune of Karma Chameleon.
Sometime later on Terra Venture's Forest Dome, Leo & Mike jog casually together. They stop for a breather, when Leo notices the Red Lion Galactabeast above in the mountain range. He points Mike to the creature's growling, telling his brother he thinks it's saying thanks (so much for understanding them). Mike gives a 'you're welcome' to the Galactabeast, and it growls back, the brothers smiling over the Galactaday being saved, Mike wounds healed nicely I see.
[scenes from "To The Tenth Power"; end credits]

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