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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Facing The Past"
Original Air Date:11/9/99 Magnetox Monster Suit From:
Gingaman #38 - - Hyuuga no Ketsudan (Hyuuga's Decision)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-918
*33rd episode of PRLG
*326th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)/ Astronema
Additional Cast:
James Lew _AS_ The Warrior
Kelly Ann Kelso _AS_ Little Kid
Michelle Tillman _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Dave Mallow _AS_ Magnetox (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink" & "Protect The Quasar Saber".]
On an unnamed world, Trakeena & Villamax stand atop a cliff overlooking a rock quarry of sorts. Below stands the long lost brother of the season 2 monsters Magnetbrain, named Magnetox. Trakeena addresses him from afar, telling him if he thinks he can beat the Rangers he has to prove it. He assures his queen he wants to and can, Villamax ordering Stingwingers to attack the large magnetic monster. They swarm around him, and he uses his magnet-staff to swat a few of them down, before turning a dial on it and calling on Magnet Power! He fires his magnet-staff at the fallen buzzbrains, causing them to be drawn to the energy emanating from the staff, until the ray beams over them and reverts them into small cockroaches. Magnetox bows successfully, Trakeena clapping over his skills while Villamax asks her if he did not tell her the monster was magnificent. Meanwhile on the Terra Venture Forest Dome, Karone chases a bunch of little kids around in a park. She plays with them well, that is, until Leo shows up and the kids flock to him, racing into him and tackling Leo down. They pin him to the ground and mess up his hair, Karone watching and giggling at the sight, Leo tells them their parents are waiting and they children rush off to greet them. Leo heads over to Karone, the kids waving good-bye as they leave their playmates for the day, the two Rangers waving back. Leo snatches a large plastic ball from Karone's hands and plays keep away with it as she tries to take it back. Leo calls her just a big kid, and her laughter ceases. She watches as the children exit the park with their parents, remarking that she guesses so. She suddenly has a flashback to her youth, as her brother Andros and she played on KO-35. It's the usual scene we've seen before, the telekinetically playing with the sphere, it floats off, Andros goes to get it while Darkonda lurks in the shadows. He then rushes in and kidnaps Karone, as Andros calls out as he hears her screaming. Karone returns to reality and mentions this to Leo, about she was about those kids' age when she was abducted by Darkonda, and it's because of him she became Astronema and learned to be evil. She tells Leo she never really had a childhood, and giggles like a schoolgirl as she mentions she guesses she's making up for it now. Karone grabs the ball back and holds it out of range of Leo, asking what his excuse is, Leo saying he doesn't know, he just never grew up. As they playfully tease each other, Magnetox lands in the park a few feet away, sending civilians fleeing in fear as usual. Karone & Leo go nowhere, standing their ground as Magnetox points at them and exclaims the Rangers will be his!
[opening credits, Leo's waterfall cast shot returns, Kendrix still credited, Karone stuck after Trakeena.]
Magnetox stomps towards the two Rangers, Leo shouting for everyone to get out of there, Karone even doing the same. He hesitates and barely manages to dodge a magnet-staff attack by Magnetox, who blasts a picnic table Leo rolls over. Leo jumps atop it and braves the explosions, calling for a Go Galactic and Morphing in a midair leap. He draws his Quasar Saber, but while coming in for a slashing landing on the monster, Magnetox aims his staff into the Red Ranger. Leo is thrown aback, rolling on the ground a few feet before getting up again, this time Magnetox shoves his staff right into him. Red Ranger gets a magnetized shock as his energy is drained from him, the intense draining only halts after Karone shouts out Leo's name. Magnetox removes the staff, and Red Ranger collapses to the ground, falling onto his back (and bending his rubbery Saber on the grass), and demorphing in pain! Karone rushes to his side, he clutches himself in agony as Karone gasps while looking at his totally fried Transmorpher. Magnetox prepares to make her next, until the other three Rangers come running in, Green says he doesn't think so as he fires his Transblaster into the monster. Blue Ranger helps Leo up and tells him he's gotta remorph, Leo trying to groan out a Go Galactic, but upon pressing the button, the Transmorpher just makes funny noises. Leo tells his teammates he can't Morph, Magnetox adjusts the dial on his staff and says soon the rest of them won't be able to either. Damon says they'll just have to see about that, aiming his Transblaster again, until Karone pushes her way through and tells them they have to retreat! Magnetox welcomes them to try but it won't do any good, Damon has his friends get Leo to safety while he holds the monster off. His excessive Transblaster firing allows them enough time to make an escape from the scene, Magnetox oblivious to where they've gone once the smoke clears.

Soon in the Astro Megaship docking bay, Leo is bandaged up in the Megaship infirmary, and is getting medscanned by Alpha. Alpha informs him all of his Ranger powers have been drained and he's unable to Morph without them, Leo states that worst of all, he doesn't know how to get them back. Maya wonders if there is something they can do, Alpha says they'll figure something out, as Karone slowly creeps away. She stands by herself and listens to her new teammates sorrowful over losing Leo's powers (having suffered enough from losing Kendrix, i'm sure), finally telling them that maybe she knows a way. She begins to tell them of a time when she was Astronema, she fought a powerful Warrior, who was an awesome opponent. We see Astronema with her original neon purple wig on, dueling with the Warrior on a jungle like world, fiercely battling until she uses her Wrath Staff to disarm him of his sword. She kicks him away, and watches as he reaches for two sharp objects on his shoulders, Karone explaining his powers came from those two keys, which when combined made him invincible. Astronema (with Ecliptor standing behind her) watches as the Warrior grabs the keys and begins to the bring them together, Astronema quickly fires her Wrath Staff at him before he can connect them and causes him to turn to stone! She made sure he'd never be able to use them again, laughing evilly over the cheap triumph of her powerful enemy. Karone ends the tale in sadness, Leo stumbling over without a shirt on, asking her if she thinks the keys still have power. She tells him she doesn't know as it was years ago, Kai says it sounds like a long shot. Leo turns around and clutches his rib injury, telling his team that the monster has his powers and is capable of anything, this may be the only chance to stop him. The shake their heads in agreement, when Mike comes running in to inform the team that the monster is attacking again, Damon, Maya & Kai say they're on it, telling Leo good luck as they exit the Infirmary. Leo mentions to Karone that they don't have a minute to spare, and soon the Astro Megaship takes off from Terra Venture and heads out into outer space.
Magnetox walks around Terra Venture, debris crumbles and flaming around him, people screaming in terror as they run for their lives from him. He says he's unbeatable with his new powers, trying them out by firing his magnet-staff at some people. Kai calls on him, and soon Blue & Yellow Rangers leap at him while firing their Transblasters, but he deflects the blasts with his staff. Green Ranger and the Magna Defender come around the corner, the Magna whipping out his Magna Blaster and getting his turn, firing on the Magn-named creature, who defends himself with his staff and then rushes at our heroes. Mike calls him strong, the team engages him in battle, but he uses his staff to take each of them down. Maya and her Delta Daggers, Kai and his Transblaster, Mike and his Magna Blaster, and even Damon and his Quasar Saber are no match for Magnetox. After beating the Power Rangers to a pulp, he aims his magnet-staff in the direction of some scared humans, Blue & Yellow Rangers take the brunt of the blast with their own bodies before telling the people to get to safety. Magna Defender unable to stop him, Magnetox turns his staff's dial and goes for full power, unleashing the magnetic abilities of the staff on Kai & Maya, draining them of the Morphing powers and leaving them weakened and demorphed! Their Transmorphers fried, Magna Defender helps Maya up while Green Ranger lifts Kai up, Damon stating he won't stop until he gets all of their powers. Mike tells him not to think about that right now, their first objective is to get Magnetox out of the City Dome where he can't hurt innocent people. They drag their beaten teammates along while Magnetox chases them, boasting this is even easier than he thought.

Meanwhile, the Astro Megaship approaches the green planet with white clouds i'll call Warriorworld. On the surface, Leo & Karone head to a cave, which is surrounded by human skeletons of dead soldiers covered with cobwebs. The stone warrior is inside the cave, but as the two reach the opening, a skeleton comes alive and speaks! It recognizes Astronema, saying she dared to strike down a warrior and return, firing purple energy at Leo and paralyzingly pinning him to the ground. The skeleton tells Karone it is time for her to face her past, as suddenly Astronema as she appeared the last time she was on Warriorworld teleports before Karone! The skeleton tells her if she's truly good, then she will prevail, Astronema aims her Wrath Staff at Karone and snickers that once evil, always evil. Karone tells her she's wrong, and a fight breaks out between the dark and light sides of her psyche. Leo witnesses the battle from nearby but unable to help, as Karone dodges most of Astronema's deadly attacks. Eventually, Karone goes on the offensive, striking back and grabbing the Wrath Staff and facing her evil self with a grin, before kicking Astronema away and taking the staff for herself! Astronema falls onto a rock, but quickly recovers by grabbing a dead soldier's sword and taking it for herself, flipping away as Karone fires the Wrath Staff at Astronema. The queen of evil grabs Leo and threatens his life with the sword, telling Karone she can't have it both ways, it's her or him! Astronema laughs evilly as Karone must weigh he decision in her mind for but a moment, before tossing aside the staff and telling her to take her instead. Astronema is stunned, her voice turning from more of a deadly tone to the innocence of Karone, questioning her decision to sacrifice herself in his stead. This act of kindness causes Astronema to vanish as quickly as she came, the skeleton tells Karone she passed the test and proven her worthiness. Leo is set free, and they both watch as the skeleton tells them they may now enter, lifting himself up and shaking his rusty bones before falling over in a heap. Karone & Leo smile, and suddenly the torches burn brightly, Karone walking over and lighting one to take with them as she tells Leo to come on.

Back on Terra Venture, the remaining Rangers race for their lives through an industrial area of the space colony. Magnetox catches up and flames them apart, snatching Magna Defender & Green Ranger and attaching them to his magnet-staff. He drains all of their powers into himself, before leaving bruised and beaten Damon & Mike behind, both Trans & Magna Morphers left fried! Magnetox thanks them for the energy boost, and raises his staff in the air, he prepares to finish them off. Damon hops up and slams into the monster, shoving him back far enough for Kai & Maya to get to Mike and help him. Damon holds Magnetox back, urging his friends to get out of there. They reluctantly do as he wishes, taking off up a stairway as Magnetox breaks free of Damon's hold and attacks. Maya calls out Damon's name as he's struck across the back by the magnet-staff, collapsing to the ground in a dramatic motion. She runs over and wakes him up, the monster laughing maniacally as Damon & Maya finally take off together, stumbling away for their lives.

Back on Warriorworld, Karone & Leo reach the end of the line in the cave, finding the stone body of the Warrior among other dusty old bones. Karone lights a lamp and Leo inspects the warrior's stoned hands and tells her the keys are gone. She checks for herself, and defeatedly tells him she thought they would be here, and she's sorry. Leo tells her it's not her fault, saying there's nothing more for them there so they'd better get back. As they depart, Karone returns the Warrior's cold statue structure, speaking to him directly. She doesn't know if he can hear her, but she did a lot of bad things in her past, she was angry at the whole universe she supposes. She begins to cry when talking of how he was only fighting for justice, she holds his stone hand and tells him she's so sorry she did this to him, and if she could she'd gladly take his place. She sniffles a bit and tears fall onto the Warrior's hand, Karone walks over to Leo and apologizes again as he gives her a hug. Suddenly, Karone's tears crack the stone surface of the Warrior, reviving his entire body to life! Leo spots his resurrection, and points Karone to him, she watches in shock as the Warrior tells her he forgives her, and it's time for her to forgive herself. He lifts the connected keys, which resemble a large ninja star with a green gem in the center, walking to Leo and handing them to him. He tells Leo to take them and carry on his mission as only the Red Ranger could, his powers will be restored beyond his imagination. Leo takes the keys and thanks the Warrior, telling him it would be an honor, as in a flash of red light, Leo's Transmorpher repairs itself.
Meanwhile in the Industrial Dome, Damon & Maya cower behind some machinery. Mike & Kai finally stumble upon them, all weakened, powerless and frightened. Magnetox is also on the scene, blasting his way through some boxes as he says he's tired of playing hide and seek, it's time to take all of their energy! Before he can charge his magnet-staff, it's struck by a pink beam from above, the Pink Ranger in her Jet Jammer zooms in, says she doesn't think so and rides right into the monster's chest. Knocking him for a wallop, Damon's happy to see Karone, who flips out of her Jammer when Magnetox strikes her way. Red Ranger calls for the monster (suddenly knowing his name), and slowly appears from nearby, fully Morphed! Magnetox doesn't understand how he's back, Maya asks if he's Leo, and Red Ranger gives a "mm-hmm". Leo tells Magnetox they have some unfinished business, the creature changing the dial on his staff as he prepares to take in two more Rangers' powers. Leo doesn't think so, calling for Red Armored Power Ranger, connecting the two keys together before the monster. Suddenly, we get a shot of a cloudy blue sky, and a metallic bird like object floating through it. It stops and unloads two large shoes to the ground, Red Ranger appearing in this sequence in his Orion Armor against a black background, flipping into the shoes. He then looks upwards as the metallic bird opens up its top and reconnects itself around the Red Ranger, the supercharged and dual clawed Armored Red Ranger stands ready to battle! The Rangers are in awe over this new trick, but none wonder about using more metal against a magnet monster being a possible bad thing.

Leo clutches both sides of the clawed armor, telling Magnetox he has one last chance to get out of there, but the monster won't leave with so much power there to take. He races towards the Armored Ranger, Red Ranger lowering his left Armor-arm, causing the claw to rotate around. It extends outwards and fires, popping off into Magnetox' stomach and shoving him out of the building with a mighty charged push! The back section shifts off and floats in front of Leo's face, he sets the lasers to lock on, peering through the sights at Magnetox who is outside, saying he's not scared of him. Once locked on, Leo fires the lasers, and in a Technicolor hailstorm of energy, the Armor fires a few rounds off the shouldered structure, sending Magnetox down and exploding faster than you can say "toy tie-in"! Red Armored Ranger is somehow now right at ground zero of the Magnetox explosions outside the building, his Armor vanishing in a lighting flash (and leaving no key we see of). The others cheer of Leo, as the remaining powers the monster stole streak back into their proper Transmorphers, quickly repairing them all! Upon repairing, they also cause each of them back into Morphed form, the team regrouping around Leo for a victory cheer. Damon calls Leo's new powers da bomb, Mike shakes his little brother's hand over a good win, Kai tells him it's good to have him back, Maya calls his new powers amazing, and Damon calls them really high tech. Karone tells him the Warrior would be proud, Leo thanks everybody and the Warrior is never mentioned again. So did he go back into being a paperweight or what?
Later on Terra Venture, the guys are in the park engaging in a friendly game of football. Karone & Maya sit at a picnic table nearby watching the sweaty young men frolic about. Karone tells Maya for the first time in her life she feels like her past is behind her, and her future is a clean slate, she feels so alive! Maya says it must feel good, looking over at her macho teammates showing off their not so impressive touchdown skills. She grins evilly and stands up facing Karone, saying she knows that she's not evil anymore but whispers about doing a little mischief. Karone purrs that she's bad, asking what she has in mind, Maya whispers into her ear about the plan, Karone snorting into laughter once learning it. Soon, Damon has his back turned and loses the ball to Leo, when he's struck in said back by a spray of water! The girls are dousing Damon with a water house from nearby, and giggling like crazy as he ends up totally soaked against his will. The other guys start to laugh at him, when the girls turn the hose on them! Kai gets shoved into the line of fire, held as a shield against the oncoming water. Eventually Kai is soaked and the girls rush at the other guys with the hose, the wet and wild team bonding session coming to a close too soon before it really got interesting! I'm sure the wet spandex contest would have been a riot, but the fun would turn to tragedy when Alpha attempted it as well. Zzzzt!
[scenes from "Turn Up The Volume"; end credits]

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