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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Turn Up The Volume"
Original Air Date:11/10/99 Decibat Monster Suit From:
Gingaman #10 - - Kaze no Fue (Flute Of The Wind)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-919
*34th episode of PRLG
*327th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger; voice only)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger; voice only)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger; voice only)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Benny Grant _AS_ Baxter
Mike Batayeh _AS_ Cadet #1
Curtis Brooks _AS_ Cadet #2
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Decibat (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber" & "Facing The Past".]
Inside Terra Venture, Damon is busy at work in repairing some circuitry while listening to music on his headphones. Karone races down the hallways of the space colony, hurriedly blounging into an extra on the way by, frantically rushing up to Damon and calling his attention away from his job. She grabs his arm and says she's got something to show him, he tries telling her he's got to finish up what he's doing there, but she insists it'll only take a minute. Damon's reluctantly drug off from his toolbox left behind, as Karone yanks him all the way to the Comet Cafe (Bulk & Professor Phenomenus either off that day, or fired already). She pushes him up to the Job Board, he apologizes to the extras he cut in front of and tells Karone he already has a job. She knows, but excitedly tells him to look at one posting in particular. He reads it, "Wanted, Chief Mechanic for the GSA. Those interested should create a device to improve the Terra Venture. Please submit all designs to Commander Stanton." Damon then asks Karone what the big deal is, she mentions that everyone is always saying he's the best mechanic on the ship (although how she'd know what everyone there says already is beyond me) and he'd perfect for the job. Damon doesn't know, as it's a pretty big position and he doesn't know if he's qualified enough. She tugs at his arm again when he begins to walk away and tells him that of course he's qualified, all he has to do is come up with the device to improve TerraV and he should go for it. Joe Pesci wannabe extra of the day walks up, and scoffs at the idea of a "grease jockey" like Henderson getting this so called "real job". The Daniel Stern wannabe extra of the day tells him that besides, their boy, Baxter, already has that job in the bag. Baxter sits at the counter, turning around to tell Damon he wouldn't even waste his time if her were him. Karone slinks over to the nerdy nobody, and says in a sly & sultry voice that Damon's going to come up with a device that will blow everyone away. She asks Damon if that's right, and he reluctantly coughs out a "yeah, uhh, I hope so!"
[opening credits, Mike removed.]
Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, everyone aboard is covering their ears as Decibat squelches out a loud, deafening sound! Deviot's bottle of Slurm (Favorite soft drink of contented Wormulans, try Slurm today!) shatters from the noise, as does Kegler's green glasses while still on his face. Trakeena screams for him to stop that noise, Deviot shouting that's enough and ordering Decibat to stop by pushing him over. Decibat apologizes, Deviot tells him that he should be sorry, as Trakeena sits back on her throne with a migraine headache from the annoying sound, Villamax trying to clear his helmeted head in the background. Decibat asks if they heard it okay, she tells them they did, loud & clear. She then orders him to go to Terra Venture, Decibat says that sounds great and does so in a bat-like teleportation. Back on TerraV, Damon walks down some stairs outside (one of the most popular places on the show of late), as Karone chases after him to ask what kind of device is he going to design. He yells for her to tell him instead as the whole thing was her idea! Elsewhere, Baxter pulls up to a building in his Venture Vehicle, likely going to return his glasses to the Billy Cranston Museum where he swiped them from. Decibat teleports onto the crowded sidewalk behind him, telling everyone to tune into this, as he activates his shoulder-speakers. The people panic about, covering their ears while the noise blasting all around them causes windows to smash, water coolers to crumble and Ed Neil to tumble!

Back over at the stairs, Damon & Karone's bickering ends when the Transmorpher beeps and the two quickly rush into a secluded area. Karone answers Alpha, who tells them there's an unwanted visitor at the Lecture Hall. Karone is excited about another Power Ranger experience, but Damon hushes her giggling and the they turn serious, as they both Go Galactic. Karone finally gets her Morphing sequence on a split-screen with Damon, and it just looks like they pasted her face over Kendrix' body! Soon our two heroes make the scene of the debris covered Lecture Hall, meeting Decibat, along with the other three Rangers who appear in no time. Leo gives him some friendly advice, Kai finishing the statement by telling him to get off Terra Venture! Decibat didn't expect a friendly greeting, so while the five Power Rangers surround him, he reveals he brought some Stingwingers along. The buzzbrains pop up at Decibat's whim, Red Ranger making his way through a few before flipping over and grabbing a Stinger's head locked between his legs, flipping him over. Blue Ranger throws one over his shoulders sideways, Yellow & Green do some kicking, and Pink Ranger does some punching, and eventually the usual footsweep and stomach smack. Karone tells Decibat it's time for him to go, he doesn't think so and tells the Rangers (who just finished off the bugdrones offscreen and are now regrouping around him) that it's time for a special announcement. Firing at our heroes with the intense sonic waves from his speakers, Decibat laughs evilly while the Rangers collapse to ground over the loud noise paralyzing them. Green Ranger has to stop it, since it's his focus episode, so he grabs his trusty Transblaster and rushes at the bat-monster and firing like crazy. The blasting works, Damon flips overhead and kicks the creature in the back before firing some more, Decibat's left woofer blown off in the attack! Damon tells him to get out of here, Decibat says they haven't heard the last of him as he does his lightning bat-teleportation move and escapes. He got away, but Karone remarks he did a great job, to which Damon thanks her, but needs to figure out some way to pull his plug for good.

Back at the Comet Cafe, the substitute stars of Home Alone bid good-bye to Baxter as they take off, leaving him there to work on his device plan. He's having a hard time and hitting the hard juice, when he overhears Damon walking down the hallway talking about his device being an asset to Terra Venture's defense. Baxter eavesdrops as Karone gets the name of the device wrong ("Ultra-sonar Trans-thingy") while asking why it would be good for the space colony, Damon correcting her on it being an Ultrasonic Transmitter. Baxter sneaks behind them, as Damon says the colony will need it to block the signal if that monster attacks again. Karone calls this perfect, as he'll get rid of the monster and get a new job at the same time! They walk off happy over this plan sounding great so far, but Baxter thinks it's only a great idea for him to steal. Later in Damon's little workshop, he burns the 11:07pm oil while drawing away at the design plans for the device. Karone drops by for a visit, Damon says he still has a lot to finish, but she's impressed by what little he's done so far. She tells him it's getting really late and he should get some rest, he tells her he'll rest after the deadline tomorrow. Karone tells him okay, punches him in the arm playfully and tells him to hang in there as she leaves the room. On her way out, she spots a bucket fall over down a dark corridor, asking if anyone's there. No answer, she figures it nothing and walks away yawning. Damon remains working on his sketches and schematics for the next few hours, stopping to yawn and shadowbox for a bit, and by 1:30am (Terra Venture Standard Time) he's passed out on his drawing board. Baxter sneaks up from behind the bucket he knocked over hours earlier (I bet he's got to pee like a rushing racehorse by now), approaching the snoozing Damon and taking digital pictures of all of Damon's plans!
The following morning on Terra Venture, Damon awakens to his drool covered design plans and a shock when looking at his clock. It's 9:34am, the deadline almost over with, he frantically grabs what he's done and takes off! Karone is at the stairway, impatiently looking at her watch and finally giving up, turning around and slamming right into Damon. His plans covering the ground (and Karone having brushed her chest against a man by accident for the second time this episode), Karone asks where he was and he tells her he fell asleep, and didn't get a chance to finish his design plans! He grabs his schematics and the two run to meet up with Commander Stanton, who has just finished speaking to a crowd of people. Damon rushes up to him, saying these are the unfinished plans to his device, and the rest is all up in his big bald noggin, Karone standing beside and nodding her head about it. Stanton tells Damon he's sorry but he's too late, they already hired a new chief mechanic in Mister Baxter! Baxter walks over arrogantly in his special white coat and shiny medal around his neck, Karone giving a grumpy surprised "Him?!" as the dork approaches. Stanton says he gave a fantastic new proposal for the Ultrasonic Transmitter, as it's just the thing they'll need if that monster attacks the colony again. Commander Stanton puts his arm around Baxter and tells him it's a terrific idea, Baxter thanking him and giving a smug smile. Damon looks shocked, but holds back any claims of plagiarism. Karone starts to speak up about the idea being Damon's, but Damon stomps on her foot to quiet her, finishing off her statement by calling his idea great. Damon says that Baxter must be real proud of himself, Baxter seems a little put off by the guilt, telling him thanks. Damon then leaves, Karone soon following behind, asking why he didn't tell them it was his idea. He says that if Baxter felt he needed that job so badly he needed to cheat, he feels sorry for him and he can have it, walking off in defeat as Karone fails to find the words to deter his demeanor.

Over on the Scorpion Stinger, Decibat is being worked on by Kegler and a few Stingwingers, the monster asking if Keggy knows what he's doing. Kegs says of course he does, as he repairs Decibat's speakers, Deviot cursing the Rangers and asking when he'll have this blowhard fixed. Kegler tells him the repairs are finished and he's now tweaking him to make him louder than ever, Decibat says that he likes the way he thinks. Meanwhile on Terra Venture, in a well GSA-guarded room filled with scientific advisors and workers, new Chief Mechanic Baxter speaks to some associates about generating all the power they can for maximum range. Baxter begins to look over his plundered-plans again, pulling down the paper to see Damon standing before him! He asks how he got in there, Damon cutting to the chase and tells him there's something he needs to know. Baxter tries walking away as Damon says he never finished the plans he copied, he fell asleep that night (or last night, as he means), Bax acting innocent about stealing any plans. He says he's the one who designed the plans, and Damon's just jealous he got the job instead of him, Damon saying it's not about that. He states if the transmitter is built it could be dangerous, Baxter ignoring the words of warning and says he has no time for this as he has work to do, pushing Damon aside while he storms away in a huff, firing an assistant on the way out. Decibat returns to Terra Venture ready to pump up the volume and rock this town, and positioned atop a building, he aims his speakers towards the city and fires sonic waves. A building with an extensive amount of glass windows cracks into a shower of mirrored debris, in the only Ginga footage actually used this episode. People on the streets once again scream, run and hide while covering their ears and dodging falling debris amid the flaming destruction around them. It's so loud, it's even shaking up the Command Headquarters, Stanton tells Baxter it's time to put his device to the test. Moving out with a truck full of GSA Guards, scientists and the Ultrasonic Transmitter machinery aboard, Stanton & Baxter brace the noise and head for the city. Damon stumbles around, equilibrium all shot to hell by the ear-blasting sounds coming from the monster. He's too late to stop the truck from leaving, but he doesn't give up in letting the plans he made destroy anyone's life.
Decibat continues disproving that in space no one can hear your stereo system scream. Four of the Power Rangers come up from behind him, Red Ranger being the one who jump kicks him in the back and shuts him up for a moment. Decibat gets up and mentions he told them he'd be back, Leo says it's a decision he'll soon regret, as the Pink & Yellow Rangers leap forward and start the battle. Karone is taken down, Leo soon joining her when he gets smacked over by Decibat, but Pink Ranger isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. She hops back up and unleashes an onslaught of punches and kicks on Decibat, knocking him off-balance enough for Yellow Ranger to leap over her shoulders and kick the creature off the roof and onto the section below. The Power Rangers jump down to join the radar rascal, who thinks the cutesy stuff is done with and turns up the volume on his speakers, blasting high-intensity frequency sonic waves at our heroes. They end up pinned against the wall from the attack, Karone stating he's even louder than before, Leo shouts they need to use the Lights Of Orion, Kai yelling about how they can't without Damon, Maya wondering out loud where he is. Damon's running around like a drunkard through the alleys of Terra Venture, trying to beat the Ultrasonic Transmitter truck to its destination. Said truck reaches the range of Decibat from the street below where he's standing, Stanton ordering everyone but he & Baxter to stand clear as Baxter flips on the switches and aims the Transmitter dish at the monster. Decibat is confused by the sudden attack, turning his attention from the Rangers to the Transmitter, firing back his own Ultrasonic waves and overloading the machine! Decibat eventually falls from the strain, sending the Rangers doing the same as his sound waves come to a halting screech.

Speaking of Screech, Baxter boasts about how his device worked, until he notices the machinery pulsating with energy and getting ready to explode. Stanton asks him what's wrong, the boy stutters long enough for Damon to come running and shouting for everyone to get back! Commander Stanton quickly clears the area, Baxter stuck up next to the overloading Transmitter as it reaches critical mass. He's frozen in fear, saved only when Damon leaps up, grabs him and shoves him off of the truck as it explodes behind them (well, sparks a little)! With that threat over with, Decibat returns to focusing on the Rangers, who now have their Sabers drawn. Below, Stanton and company approach Baxter to ask what happened, he says he doesn't know but Stanton remarks that he designed it so he should! Baxter Stockman's evil scheme backed in a corner, he starts to speak the truth of the matter to his commanding officer, when Damon steps in and tells him that the boy just needs more time and maybe he can help. Baxter's stunned by his willingness to assist, the two once-rivals hop back on the truck together and get to work on bypassing the burnt out terminals on the panels. On the rooftops above, Decibat takes Blue Ranger down, before causing his face plate to glow in charging up for full power! Unleashing a sound blast more powerful than any before, the Power Rangers once again are thrown backwards, and below, Damon actually flips off the side of the truck. It's up to Baxter to save the day, braving the deafening noise (even to someone with earphones on) he manages to get the Ultrasonic Transmitter working again, firing it Decibat and knocking the guano out of him! The horrid sound silenced for good, Damon gets up and congratulates Baxter on doing it, Bax correcting him on the fact they did it together. They shake hands as the crowd behind them cheers, Damon leaves Baxter to take it from there, the former rip-off artist telling him thanks before he leaves. Decibat's speakers totally fried and thrashed, the Rangers stand back up while Leo tells him his singing days are over with! Green Ranger finally shows up on the scene, asking if they're okay, Leo says they are now. Damon tells Decibat they're tired of his noise, leading the team as the activate the Lights Of Orion, armoring up in the usual flash of light. Decibat cowers at the sight, thinking he'll be going now, but unable to escape as the Rangers Power-Up into energy ball Mode and ripping through the monster. They come out the other side and stand triumphantly, as Decibat explodes, the last sound he makes is that of being blown to bits!
Later in Damon's workshop, Damon asks Karone to hand him a wrench. She mentions that job should be his and she can't believe he let Baxter get away with what he did. Damon says the funny thing is Baxter is actually a pretty good guy, Karone finding that hard to believe as Baxter suddenly enters the room. Damon gestures to her with a cough as such, Baxter approaching and saying he was looking for him. Karone sarcastically points out it's the chief mechanic, Baxter correcting her on him being the former Chief Mechanic. He made up an excuse by telling Stanton he thought it would be too much work for him, having just resigned, Damon shocked as Baxter tells him he wanted the job so badly he'd do anything to get it, even steal. He knows it wasn't cool, and is sorry, Damon telling him to forget about it as they're both cool, they slap each other five. Baxter says he told Stanton he thought Damon should be Chief Mechanic instead, as he deserves it, Bax leaving the place while Karone tells Damon that maybe he's not such a jerk after all. Soon, Commander Stanton shows Damon & Karone to his new office. She's wowed over it, calling it not too shabby, Damon in awe of the lush surrounding, until Stanton slaps the desk Karone just began sitting on. Damon wonders what the new desk is for, Stanton says to do all his paperwork, as they'll be no more dirty hands for him! Damon inspects his hands and exclaims that he likes getting dirty, Karone giggling and Stanton saying that's very funny. He tells him he can finally get rid of those over coveralls, as he's got a new suit for him, the same white one Baxter was wearing earlier. Damon can't see himself in a suit, even though Karone tells him it would look great on him. Baxter just happens to walk by, Damon pulling him in and telling him he's been thinking and he insists that he should have the job instead! Stanton says it's still Baxter's if he wants it, and at the sudden urging of Damon, Baxter agrees on it, Damon shaking his hand, wishing him good luck and good-bye. Damon runs away, leaving Karone behind holding the new suit he'll never get to wear, finally stopping when he's safely where this all began, in a hallway on the space colony. Karone rushes off after him, and Commander Stanton crosses his arms and smirks. Either finding the whole situation amusing, or enjoying Karone in her leather outfit, you be the judge.
[scenes from "Enter The Lost Galaxy"; end credits]

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