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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Beware The Mutiny"
Original Air Date:11/12/99 Rocketron Related Footage From:
Gingaman #48 - - Mooku no Saigo (Mooku's Final Moments)

Titanisaur Rising Footage From:
Gingaman #01 - - Densetsu no Yaiba (The Legendary Swords)

Titanisaur Awakening Footage From:
Gingaman #41 - - Majuu no Fukatsu (Revival Of The Demon-Beast)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-921
*36th episode of PRLG
*329th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
William H. Bassett _AS_ Ghost Commander
Jeffery Stackhouse _AS_ Slave
Ed Neil _AS_ Jasper
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Barbarax (voice)
Glen McDougal _AS_ Rocketron (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Facing The Past", & "Enter The Lost Galaxy".]
The Scorpion Stinger floats through outer space, right into the direction of the kaleidoscopic conundrum raging forth caused by the reading of the Keonta Spell! All aboard are thrown about by the turbulence, Villamax reaching the control panel and proclaiming the Rangers won't get away that easily, setting a course to follow them. Trakeena stumbles over while calling him a fool, pointing out the Rangers have entered the Lost Galaxy, Kegler mentioning it's the most mysterious place in the universe. People go in but never come out, Villamax realizing the Power Rangers are gone forever just as he flips across the room. Kegler tilts over as the Scorpion Stinger gets sucked into the galactic ripple, but Trakeena won't let that happen so easily, taking the controls and steering her buggy ship out of the range of the portal to the parallel dimension! Meanwhile on Terra Venture, the Rangers noticing the fancy clusters surrounding them in the open corridor once again. The scene replayed (with some dialogue and footage missing) for those who missed it, right up to the point where Kai mentions that they're now in the Lost Galaxy!
[opening credits, everyone credited.]
Terra Venture hovers in the unusually colorful interplanetary space, as inside the Command Tower, Stanton and Mike walk through the halls going over reports. Seems the power is back on, Mike giving Stanton a report on how they have no clue where they are now, as the computers can't tell one direction from another and there's no stars to navigate by. Commander Stanton keeps calm, and he & his secondhand man enter the Command Headquarters as usual through the sliding doors. Something's amiss this time around, as the doors open and on the other side is the surface of a barren world! Both are puzzled, but they slowly press on and enter the room, finding the way they entered missing and nothing but an orangy starfield sky above and strong winds blowing Stanton's papers all over. Mike & Stanton's eyes widen when they notice the phantom spirit of an old man before them, the credits call him the Ghost Commander, and he kinda resembles Old Saint Nick! The Ghost Commander raises his head and tells them time is short, they must leave this wretched hive before it is too late. Stanton asks how they get out, the Ghost tells him the same way they entered and to never look back, lest they vanish without a trace! The specter fades away suddenly despite Stanton's urgings otherwise, Kai putting his hand on the Commander's shoulder and causing both he & Mike to awaken from this weird vision. Commander Stanton and Mike look around to see that they've been in Command Headquarters the whole time, brushing off the strange phenomenon and returning to normal duty a bit shakened by the ghost's words. Kai mentions all systems are scrambled, even the clocks, as all clocks in the space colony begin to roll backwards at a rapid rate! In the Science Division, specially bred plants begin to regress into seeds at an accelerated rate, none of the brains in the lab know just how. Stanton is speechless by these weird events going on all around him, as Terra Venture floats past a rocky orange planet.

On said planet i'll name Dytanix, there seems to be a rather large ocean. Deep beneath it lies an odd rock formation, which begins to crumble and rise from the fathoms almost on cue, reaching the surface with a large castle atop its structure. Inside the waters drain down from the steps of a throne room, the place drying up while candles light themselves around the room and on the chandelier. A flag with a hook and skull symbol on it is unveiled, and under it is the Space Buccaneer creature with a big boat for a body, Captain Mutiny (no, he did not say you have cute knees)! He speaks in your usual piratey voice, giving an ahoy to his Swabbies, which are an army of orange creatures that resemble circus peanut pirates. All give an "aye" to Mutiny's ahoy, including the robot menace of the episode, named Rocketron. Capt. Mutiny arrr's out that a scurvy spaceship has entered the Lost Galaxy and it's time to welcome it, apparently these guys lie in waiting in suspended animation for such an occasion, I assume. Barbarax, the spikey Space Android, says Rocketron is the perfect monster for the job, he's unbeaten in battle and they have everything already planned. Barb says nothing can wrong as he points to said plan pasted against a board, Rocketron noting that the firepower to back him up is strapped to his back in the form of a huge rocket! Barbarax asks the Swabbies if they're ready for battle, they all shout out in recognition, awaiting some pillaging and plundering. He orders them to move out, the overanxious Rocketron following them out the door, as Captain Mutiny remarks they've first got to get this vessel back into tiptop shape. The rock formation surrounding the castle starts to crack & shatter, revealing itself to be more like settled barnacle with a living creature underneath! The steering wheel spins itself, as Mutiny tells Titanisaur to come alive, the final pieces of dirt flakes go flying off in a flash of light, Titanisaur moving its dragon-like body around for the first time in ages. Captain Mutiny shouts for a shivering of his timbers, just as Titanisaur slams its tail down in the water and splashes the screen. Back on TerraV, High Councilor Renier & Councilor Brody speak with Commander Stanton on the subject of their new universe. Renier suggests they turn Terra Venture around and backtrack where they came from, Stanton says that unfortunately they don't know where they came from as none of their navigational programs seem to be working in the Lost Galaxy. Mike comes onscreen and tells Stanton a vessel is approaching, the Commander asks what kind, Mike telling him it's a castle sitting on a dinosaur flying towards them! Hearing the shocking news, Stanton exits the High Council's chambers and returns to Command HQ, staring at the viewscreen along with his crew. Titanisaur is floating at them through space, Stanton calls this crazy but gives the alert for the defenses immediately!
Terra Venture hovers against what looks like a pink starfield background, as the Godzilla-esque Titanisaur swims through the void of Lost Galaxy space. Once in range, two small rowboats exit the Titanisaur castle, rowed by Swabbies who are ordered to put their backs in to it by Captain Mutiny. He says it's time they board that vessel and introduce themselves, laughing snarly. Inside TerraV, an announcer alerts all citizens in Dome 07 that they're being boarded by an alien and his staff, telling people to be clear of the plaza area. Stanton, Kai & Mike make the scene, while below in the lower area of the plaza, authorized personnel is only allowed past the barriers guarded by GSA soldiers. Karone, Maya, Damon & Leo are among those in the crowds, everyone staring upwards as the two rowboats enter the Dome by warping through the glass! Stanton checks out Captain Mutiny by binoculars, Big Boater doing his popeye impression by stating for someone to blow him down, this is the biggest ship yet! Commander Stanton calls this whole situation mad, while his troops ready their laser rifles and surround the landing rowboats. Mutiny has his Swabbies run out the gangplank, a red carpet tossed that creates a magical set of steps for the Captain to step down the hovering boats from. He walks into the center of the plaza area, shouting an ahoy as he welcomes his new mateys to the Lost Galaxy, assuring them there's no need for weapons as he comes in peace. Captain Mutiny states they're all his guests, the humans talking amongst themselves about the strange creature, Leo asking Karone if she's ever seen this guy before, but despite her Astronema days of evil ruling, she knows nothing of him! Mutiny has two Swabbies bring out a huge treasure chest full of gold to be presented to Terra Venture, a gift from his humble ship to theirs.

Commander Stanton, with Kai & Mike, approaches the cackling Captain, Stanton waving for the soldiers to lower their guns for a moment. Mutiny figures he must be the master of this fine vessel and bids him great pleasure, Stanton introduces himself and the space colony, stating they were caught in an energy storm. Capt. Mutiny knows their tale of getting tossed on the shores of the Lost Galaxy all too well, they're not the first spacecraft to end up there as it happens every hundred years or so, Stanton and the crowds astonished by every word. Mutiny points his hooked arm at Stanton as he tells him to have no fear as he's at their service, they'll all be home by the time the sun sets over the yardarm! He mentions he has a fancy machine that'll smooth out the galactic wrinkle they fell into, it's back on his home planet so they'll have to follow him to retrieve it. Stanton remains silent in suspicion, watching as the Swabbies shove off the rowboats back into space, leaving the gangplank carpet behind. Mike tells his commander that he doesn't trust Mutiny, Stanton remarks they don't have many options, ordering Mike & Kai to take a Heliship to get the machine, hoping that it works. Karone says that it was just too easy, Leo agrees and that they should go check him out, the four Rangers taking off to do some investigating. Titanisaur returns to the planet of Dytanix, with the Heliship following close behind, Mike suited up in his GSA battle gear and ordering the pilots to follow in flight pattern delta. Surrounding the Heliship, are the five Jet Jammers, each filled with one of our heroes, following along. Soon, the Heliship has landed and GSA soldiers march about the landscape, Swabbies making a bit of noise while they load a net around a large box that supposedly contains the machine. The five Rangers sneak through the background, not being spotted by anybody, luckily. Captain Mutiny orders his lily-livered landlubber crew to move faster, before handing a small key to Mike, telling him everything they'll be needing is right inside. Mike turns a glance at his Ranger pals a few feet away behind some bushes, and has the Heliship move out. It takes off with the box in tow, Mutiny tells them good luck and have a safe journey home.

Damon asks if it's back to Terra Venture they go, Leo says not yet since they don't know the first thing about Captain Mutiny. They plan to look around, following Mutiny and his Swabbies walking off to an area behind the mountain range. It's full of human (or alien) beings being forced into slavery by Swabbies, mechanical parts strewn all about, Captain Mutiny asking Barbarax if they've mined much treasure today. Barb talks about being behind schedule since the slaves are too worn out to keep working hard enough, the five Rangers scoping the shocking scene and spotting a rotting human skeleton pretty close nearby! Mutiny boasts it won't be longer until the new ones arrive, Karone whispering the term of slaves in horror at this sight, Kai remarking that Big Boater captures spaceships. The Swabbies below check out the buckets of gold coins the slaves have dug up, as Damon finishes the statement by noting the crews of the captured ships are forced to mine his treasures! Maya says no one should be forced to live like this and they've got to free them, Kai wondering what is in the box the Heliship took. Barbarax says the plan is working perfectly, Capt. Mutiny laughs about how soon his gift will arrive on Terra Venture and make all its citizens his slaves! Leo tells Kai they've got to stop the box from getting to the space colony as what is inside can't be good. One lone weary slave mining in the quarry along with thousands of others notices the Rangers up above on the mountain range, stumbling towards them and calling for their help. This brings the attention of our heroes to Captain Mutiny & Barbarax, Damon pulled back by Leo as he tries to rush down and help the man, the Rangers trying to sneak away while the slave is pummeled by some Swabbies with their big old sabers. Mutiny has Barbarax send Rocketron after the intruders, and the robotic creature soon cuts our heroes off at the pass, coming up around them as they run through a canyon, firing with his arm cannons. Rocketron calls them too curious for their own good while firing some more, finally sending in Swabbies to take care of them. Leo leads the team in a collective group Go Galactic, a five screen shot of their combined Morphing is shown, before the Power Rangers leap into battle. Tackling the circus peanut pirates as they would Stingwingers, the Rangers continue to fight while Rocketron cheers for the Swabbies to finish them all!
The Heliship returns to Terra Venture, carrying the box in the net below it, GSA soldiers rushing about beneath preparing to unload the cargo. Commander Stanton supervises, but has no clue anything is wrong with what lies inside. Back on the Dytanix planet, The Power Rangers have taken the Swabbie sweeping into a forest with a waterfall in the background, our heroes whip out their Quasar Launchers and swing them around into position. Green Ranger tells them it's on now, as he jumps into the air and pokes a Swab in the face with his Launcher, using it to smack the Minute Maid Men across the forest and into trees. Blue & Pink Rangers stand together and unleash some Quasar Launcher blasts on the gang of Swabbies, firing the Tang-colored terrors into submission. Over on TerraV, good old Jasper waves in the Heliship, the box is set down and the net drops, Stanton not paying attention to the bars on an opening to one side of it. The Swabbies won't cotton to being defeated, so Green Ranger strikes them physically (the Quasar Launchers ditched for some reason) chucking a few of them around. Red Ranger slashes back with his Quasar Saber, Blue Ranger gives one a helicopter ride on his shoulders before tossing it into his companions. Yellow Ranger finally gets to use her Launcher, firing at some Swabs from a bit of long distance range in an open field. Rocketron, a big Elton John fan, bends over and fires his huge rocket straight at our heroes, they attempt to dodge the missile and actually succeed! The blast misses the Rangers, they leaped out of the way in time, Leo jumps into the air afterwards and calls on Red Capsular Cycle. It appears out of nowhere, no Astro Cycle seen or uses beforehand, Red Ranger landing in it and speeding towards Rocketron. Fireball Mode launched, the Capsular Cycle shifts into a trailing blaze as it rips through Rocketron, he shatters into literally nothing. Leo comes to a halt only to spot Rocketron growing size even after of this successful attack, Rocky threatening to crush them as he slams his huge fist into the ground.

Red Ranger calls for the Galactabeasts to arise, they do and apparently hop over to planet Dytanix, and after some quick footage, Galaxy Megazord forms away. The Megazord races through a barrage of wrist-cannon laser blasts by Rocketron, and attempts to slash at him with the Saber, but he grabs it and holds them back. Giving a kick, he's able to reposition himself into grabbing the Galaxy Megazord from behind, holding it tight. Rocketron's huge rocket backpack is activated as he states he's in self-destruct mode and guess who's going with him? Not wanting to go out like the Mega Voyager, Leo calls on Stratoforce Megazord, which takes off from the Zenith in its usual pieces form, coming together quickly with the power of the Phoenix and making the scene with its trademark high flying kick! Rocketron knocked loose of his grip on the Galaxy Mega, Rocky plans to destroy both of them as he rushes at Stratoforce. It throws in a couple of very well placed blows, dizzying Rocketron enough to grab him and pin him the same way it had done to its fellow Megazord! This gives the Galaxy Megazord Saber a clear target to do its multiple slice move, Rocketron totally weakened and left in the huge space between Stratoforce & Galaxy Megazord. His rocket-pack finally goes off, and instead of to infinity and beyond, he explodes into a white-hot ball of destruction! Red Ranger tells his teammates they've got to get back to the ship, and before you know it, the Megazords are missing and the five Jet Jammers streak into the sky. But little do are heroes know that Rocketron is not dead yet, Lost Galaxy baddies far tougher than the usual foes (although I still suspect there's a connection between the lot of Scorpius' and Mutiny's). His body still smoking from the fight, he cries over failing, when a strange robotic voice begins laughing at his loss. Rocketron glances at the source of the voice, finding Deviot, alive and well, in his half-creature form! Before Rocky can turn away from the horrible Robobard-beast, Deviot uses his oversized claw-hand to grab his arm and begin siphoning energy! Deviot laughs maniacally while draining Rocketron of all his energy and life-force, feeling it wash over him as he suddenly returns to his old self again (although likely still as powerful)! Good as new, Robobard shoves Rocketron over and walks away feeling bloody well chipper. Rocketron begs for him to give him his power back before it's too late, not able to finish his sentence as he explodes in another massive blast mere feet behind the resurrected Deviot!
The Jet Jammers return to Terra Venture, as Stanton has a GSA solider use the key Mike was given by Mutiny to open the lock on the huge crate-like box. Mike stands safely by Stanton's side, far enough away from it, as the guard unlocks the latch, and another guard begins to lift the wooden plank sealing the door. The Jet Jammers zoom through the sky, the Power Rangers leaping off and rush at the crowd, Leo shouting for them to wait! All turn around to see the Rangers racing to the rescue, but far too late to stop it from opening, as the door slowly becomes ajar, sending a powerful explosion forth, shaking the colony and tossing the two guards violently across the court. Mike helps Commander Stanton up, as the crowd of people flee the hangar bay in terror, the Power Rangers facing the gift from Captain Mutiny, a horrible skinny snakelike creature named Grunchor! He growls evilly while firing eye beam lasers into the Rangers, our heroes shunted aside like they were nothing. Grunchor continues to fire into the cemented ground, before slithering away into the hole he created. Leo and his pals recover, he asks where it went, and the Rangers approach the gaping chasm in the artificial Earth, Karone stating it looks like it burrowed underground. The GSA Soldiers and citizens return to the scene and surround the hole in the ground, while Captain Mutiny seems to be speaking to us, waving his hooked hand and welcoming us to the Lost Galaxy! Let's hope we survive the experience...
[scenes from "Grunchor On The Loose"; end credits]

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