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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Grunchor On The Loose"
Original Air Date:11/15/99 Most Grunchor Battle Footage From:
Gingaman #49 - - Kiseki no Yama (Miracle Of The Mountain)
Gingaman #50 - - Ashita no rejiendo (The Legends Of Tomorrow)

Grunchor Tunnel Footage From:
Gingaman #48 - - Mooku no Saigo (Mooku's Final Moments)

Some Deviot Footage From:
Gingaman #47 - - Akuma no Sakuryaku (The Devil's Device)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-922
*37th episode of PRLG
*330th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Michael Bayer _AS_ Cadet
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Barbarax (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Enter The Lost Galaxy" & "Beware the Mutiny".]
As seen in the final segment of "Beware The Mutiny", Stanton orders some GSA troops to open up the gift box from Captain Mutiny. The Rangers Jet Jam in, jump off, scream for them not to open it, too late, Grunchor comes out, fires at them, and burrows into the ground. The Rangers stand around the hole left by the escaping snakelike creature, along with bystanders, and instead of Mutiny welcoming us to the Lost Galaxy, we get this scene continued. Red Ranger speaks to Mike & Commander Stanton, explaining they tried to get back in time to warn them that Captain Mutiny has no intention of helping Terra Venture get out of the Lost Galaxy. He wants to capture the ship and make everyone onboard his slaves, Blue & Green Rangers mentioning they saw the thousands of slaves on Mutiny's planet. Stanton seems outraged and betrayed, and after the Power Rangers take off to follow the monster (jumping into the hole out of the question), Stanton distraughtly tells Mike that he never should have trusted Captain Mutiny. Not about to give up the ship, Commander Stanton orders Mike to get all available personnel on search teams and to put out an alert to clear the streets, planning to find that thing before it finds them! Speaking of that thing, Grunchor chomps his way underground through the busy Terra Venture streets, leaving marks in the ground like a gopher would. Not ready to do his best "Caddyshack" impression, Grunchor causes all the ground around him to shake, debris falling across the space colony like a violent winter snow and people running for their lives like a violent TV talkshow. That is, lots of people running and falling and getting bonked on the head, etc.
[opening credits, Trakeena removed.]
Terra Venture still floats in the mysteriously exuberant tapestry of the Lost Galaxy, and inside of it, GSA armed guards storm the streets. Announcing City Dome mandatory evacuations, underground facilities unsafe, and to clear the area immediately. Ever so uncalmly, the citizens of Terra Venture make mad dashes from the buildings as instructed by the GSA forces initiating martial law. Nearby, the Power Rangers regroup as Red & Pink return from sewer searching, having not found a trace anywhere. Alpha contacts them via Transmorpher and says he detects the monster by the Highway Tunnel, so they get right on it. Grunchor is getting right in it, popping up inside the enclosed area by eating his way into the middle of the road and appear before a car. It comes to a halt before the dangerously grinning, slime-spewing, sharp-clawed creature, and the drive makes a run for it before we can even see his Japanese stock-footage face! Grunchor must hate that brand of car, because he coughs up some acid-vomit for no real reason, the purple ooze melting the vehicle into nothingness. He seems to think its funny, barking out an evilly monstrous cackle over his indigestion attack. The Power Rangers race up to the tunnel entrance, realizing they're going to need some firepower, they each pull out their tiny crystals (given to them by the Guardian). Slamming said crystals into the pavement and calling on Quasar Launchers, they instead get the beefed-up Galaxy Quasar Launchers appearing in their grubby little hands in a flash of gold light. Energy launching in unison, our heroes hit the oversized target of Grunchor with precision, causing it to dig deep once more into the artificial Earth of the Terra Venture colony. Leo shouts in defeat that their attack didn't work as the creature got away, forced to return to the task of scouting out the twisted dirt-muncher.

Meanwhile on the Titanisaur (which seems to be resting in rock-form state back in the oceans of the planet I dubbed "Dytanix"), Captain Mutiny address Barbarax on how Terra Venture is a big ship, asking why he's so sure Grunchor can do the job. Barb boasts Grunchor never fails, he's too big to beat! The newest recruit to the Mutiny gang is Deviot, having recently repaired himself by sucking energy off Rocketron, he's joined up with the newest anti-Ranger squad. Deviot asks that they give him one hundred Swabbies and he'll ensure Grunchor's success by feeding him a strength serum. Captain Mutiny seems to know of Trakeena pretty well (theories of Scorpius' army coming from the Lost Galaxy may still hold water thanks to this), stating that she'll toss the great Captain overboard if she finds out Deviot's working for him now! The Robotic Bard says that he worries too much, just as the huge crowd of Circus Peanut Pirates called Swabbies come marching in. Captain Mutiny gives him his wish of the hundred Swabs, ordering only he get Terra Venture by sundown, Deviot says that it will be his pleasure. Soon, the Swabbies are stationed around a shipping yard on TerraV, carrying small tanks of the serum as instructed by Deviot. He walks along the tops of the huge shipping crates watching over his scurvy troops, yelling at them for dragging the tanks along the ground instead of picking them up! Grunchor will be here soon and he will be hungry, Robobard orders the containers be put in place while he manages the handheld scanner. Deviot calls out like a lord over his kingdom, telling the Swabbies to not be afraid as he is in complete control. The Power Rangers make the scene suddenly, Leo asking what Deviot is doing there (but none making a mention of how dead and slimy he seemed when last they met), to which Robobard states he is here to welcome them to the Lost Galaxy. Maya says he's not welcome here on TerraV, while Yellow Ranger gets to the Swab-boxing. The others do as well, punching & kicking the blade-swinging orange devils against the backdrop of an electrical plant that keeps switching to a shipyard between footage takes. Deviot stands his course, reading the scanner he spots that Grunchor is getting closer and the time is near for his feeding. Right on schedule, Grunchor's mouth-made underground tunnel devours its way into the area, the Rangers dodging out of the way while Deviot boasts his feast is about to be begin!
Grunchor on the way, Deviot clutches his scanner in delight, until Yellow Ranger disposes of her sparring Swabbies and heads for Robobard. Trying to stop him, she races up the sides of the cargo crate, grabbing Deviot's leg and yanking him off the side and dropping him to the ground. He lands on his feet, then shiny metal ass, causing his scanner to go skidding off out of reach and shutting off. Deviot whines as Grunchor suddenly turns back the way he came, the scanner/beacon device turned off, the creature no longer under Deviot's control. Leo picks up the scanner, only to be gauntlet blasted by Robobard who wants his toy back. Maya is still above, hanging on the side of the crate, at least until she decides to hop down with her Quasar Saber drawn out, slashing into Deviot as she lands in his place. He falls to the ground, Yellow Ranger about to toss another slice into his dazed noggin when Red Ranger blocks her attack with his Saber, saying they need him to tell them how to stop Grunchor. Maya would rather stop Deviot while they have the chance, but Leo ignores her cries for vengeance and interrogates Deviot on telling them how to use the scanner before someone tries to cut his visit short. Robobard feigns amnesia on how to use it, until Maya threatens him with her Saber again, which jogs his memory and in a quivering manner he blurts out that fire is the only thing that can stop the monster. He gets on his knees, remarking it'll take more than they have as he bows before Yellow Ranger and kisses the ground beneath her feet. The Rangers wonder how they're going to use fire to take out Grunchor, when Deviot grabs Maya's leg (little leg-payback from earlier) knocks her over and takes off on foot. Green Ranger is ready to catch him, but Yellow stops him, saying to let the coward run, watching Deviot retreat like a sissy. Leo gets the scanner working, following the green light that represents Grunchor, he discovers the monster is on the move, so the team takes the initiative to follow after it.

They pass GSA soldiers scanning the grounds for movement (or loose change as those metal detectors could imply), tracking the creature a much more effective way, but not letting the troops in on their lead. The Rangers reach a parking lot, when the Magna Defender joins in to see if they've found anything, Red Ranger showing him the scanner. Mike orders his teammates to split up to cover more ground, Mike & Leo taking the scanner and going off alone, while the others go somewhere else. Elsewhere on Terra Venture, Swabbies load out of a military truck and scare off citizens. Barbarax is in charge, his first-mate Swabbie running a new scanner to which he can't work and promptly drops, Barb calls him as worthless as the scanner and smacking him aside. Barb knows how to get Grunchor's attention, raising his ax into the air and slamming it down into the stairway they're standing upon. This shatters deep into the colony, causing debris to crumble inside an underground subway (a subway on a space colony?! Why?! Plus, for the love of Cap'n Crunch, why are people still in underground areas when there was supposed to be an evacuation of such?). The subway goers scream as the quaking shakes them up and honestly get what they deserve for snubbing the curfew if you ask me. Barbarax goes for another ax-grinding, but gets his trusty ax Transblasted by Damon when the Rangers make the scene. Barb complains they always show up at the wrong time, Maya asks what he's doing here, Barb (not to be confused with the singer of the same name, or else he'd be singing "You don't bring me flowers anymore" right about now) guesses they'll just have to show them. The Swabbies swarm in, Green Ranger draws his Quasar Saber and comes down hard on the poorly dressed orange lackeys. Karone gets good use of her Galaxy Quasar Launcher, blasting a few Swabs with pink energy. Kai uses his Galaxy Quasar Launcher as a giant Q-Tip, swabbing the Swabbies up like they were orange wax in the ears of justice! Maya just kicks and jumps around the floor a bit. Soon the Rangers regroup at the bottom of the stairway (which is likely the subway entrance), just as Barbarax hears the echoing howl of Grunchor in the vicinity. Karone remarks it sounds closer, Kai says it's getting closer, that proving to be an understatement when the ground shakes turbulently around them all. Two Swabbies guarding the Jolly Mutiny Flag nearby end up standing right where Grunchor's Bugs Bunny-like tunnel appears, tossing them down as Grunchor munches his way through the city again. Barbarax notes he's right on time, Maya tells him to get off Terra Venture, Barb says when they're good and ready, firing his eye beams down at our heroes and sending them smoking & sparking into an engagement with the pavement.

The Magna Defender and Red Ranger are running through the Mountain Dome, when Grunchor's tunnel comes borrowing right under them in the opposite direction! They leap out of its path safely, so Leo contacts his teammates on the Transmorpher to tell them Grunchor is in the Mountain Dome. Kai reads this loud & clear, the Rangers taking off to the Dome as Barbarax follows rather obviously behind. Soon in the Mountain Dome, the Rangers meet up with Leo & Mike, who last saw Grunchor heading under a nearby mountain. Barbarax shows up with his Swabbies, saying the Rangers never know when to quit, Leo says they sure do know and that would be never. Barb's had enough of them, hopping into action while Leo says they're going to give him more, the Power Rangers rushing into yet another Swabbie fight. Red Ranger & Magna Defender tag team on Barbarax, while also mixing it up with the Swabs in-between. Driving off the Tang-colored Terrors, the Power Rangers race through the flame filled field (how those fires got started when the Rangers only used Quasar Sabers is beyond me) to confront Barbarax. He's going to make them regret messing with him, but his charge into battle gets thrown off by the erupting Domequake suddenly occurring. Grunchor's tunnel appears and reaching a final point mere feet away from Barbarax, who tells the Rangers they're going to see what destruction really is as he coughs up some fire breath at our heroes. Barb tells the mighty Grunchor to arise, and the snakily creature finally does, while growling like his name ended with "Zilla". Barbarax laughs evilly after doing this, but not wanting to stay to be lunch food he teleports away in a sprinkle of gold & black light. Grunchor turns his hunger on our heroes, the five Power Rangers and Magna Defender stand beneath the upright creature once more in horror. Mike comes up with a quick plan for them to join powers, Leo thinks it's a good idea, so the Power Rangers place their hands together and begin to charge up. Each Ranger glowing with their own Galaxy Power color, the energy emitting down their arms and into the combined union resting inside Red Ranger's right hand. Grunchor growls in anticipation, when Red Ranger suddenly aims his right hand at the creature and spews forth a massive blast of firepower, the joined Ranger powers enhancing his scorching ability beyond belief. Leo calls for more power as he thinks it's working, continuing to unload a nonstop flame right into Grunchor's body, engulfing the creature in a massive fireball. The Rangers push their powers to the limit, until finally Grunchor explodes and the force knocks them all backwards. Smoke blankets the area heavily, Leo wonders if it worked while Maya is already cheering that they did it. Our heroes return to their feet, Red Ranger shouting that Grunchor is gone just in time for the smoke to clear and for Grunchor to appear perfectly unharmed! The fire did do something indeed, Grunchor suddenly Morphs from a small snakelike munching-mad menace to a huge, Zord-sized, chunky monster! Leo realizes he spoke to soon, the Rangers checking out the huge new form of Grunchor towering above them.
Red Ranger wonders how Grunchor could ever have survived that, as the slime-covered creature stands silently for a moment, giving us a good look at his magenta talon-nails, pearly white fangs and sharp red eyes. The Magna Defender remarks this guy doesn't quit, when Grunchor suddenly screams out a massive wave of fire, basically giving back everything the Rangers tried to use on him! Not being able to stand the heat, the Rangers refuse to leave the kitchen and instead call for Galactabeasts to arise. Within moments, the Galaxy Megazord is charged up in Orion Armor mode, and Defender Torozord is on the scene as well (been a while since we've seen him). Seems Torozord has a new unnamed toy, i'll dub the Magna Axe, a huge golden dual-bladed weapon he seems to enjoying handling. Grunchor ignores the giant metal machines surrounding him, and instead opens up his huge gaping craw and sucks in some boulders off a mountain! Maya notes the more he eats the more power he gets, Leo says they've got to stop him now before he gets too strong. Meanwhile back on Dytanix, Titanisaur seems to be taking a bath as only the castle is seen sticking out of the water now. Inside the castle, some Swabbies come rushing in with news to report to Captain Mutiny in their indecipherable language. They tell him of the Megazord battle with Grunchor, one Swabbie presenting him with his own sword and apparently asking him to join the fight. Mutiny considers it with a "shiver me timbers!" as he takes the sword, telling them to never let it be said Captain Mutiny would shy away from a good battle! Asking his Swabbies if they're with him, they cheer out a collection of "Arrrr"s, Mutiny taking the wheel and calling for full speed ahead. He pops the clutch, causing Titanisaur to growl and dive deep into the waters, the castle detaching from its back, Mutiny promises it that they'll be back while the castle piece takes off into outer space!

Back on Terra Venture, the Megazords charge together at Grunchor, who is setting the forests ablaze with his bad breath already. Grunchor electroshocks them both away, proving just how tough he is with these ever expanding new abilities. Maya mentions they've got to get more power somehow, Damon suggesting they use their Ranger powers, Karone calling it too dangerous, but Leo thinks if that's what it takes he'll do it. Damon asks Leo if he's sure he should risk it, the Red Ranger states there is no other choice as he calls on the Galaxy Megazord Saber. He then charges up his whole Transdagger gear room with Fire Power, setting his surroundings on fire as he charges the Saber with his Ranger powers. Calling on full power, the Galaxy Megazord strikes its Orion Powered and Red Ranger energized Saber at Grunchor's body. All this does is send the Megazord toppling backwards from the impact, and allowing Grunchor to knock Defender Torozord down as he stomps away unfazed by the attack. Leo finally calls on Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, which pop out of the Zenith Carrierzord as usual in their separate C & S Zord components. This time though, both combining scenes get placed together on a double screen, allowing us to watch both Megazord forming at the same time (the remaining space in the backdrop of the screens filled with the funky warp field effect that resembles the opening credits of Doctor Who)! Soon, both Stratoforce & Centaurus appear before Grunchor, rushing into him at the same time and attempting to shove him back. Grunch turns up the juice, frying both Megazords with his new electricity ability. Working up a hunger for Megazord, Grunchor opens his big mouth and bites down on Centaurus' head! Stratoforce tries its best to yank open the jaws of the creature and save his pal but to no avail, but before we can reenact "Sleepy Hollow" with Centaurus as the Headless Zordsman, Defender Torozord's Magna Axe falls upon Grunchor! The four Megazords regroup together, which makes an easy target for Mutiny's Castle as it flies onto the scene, firing off energy rays at the Rangers. Setting his course for a good brawl, Captain Mutiny sets the castle down on the top of Grunchor's noggin, linking up with the creature and causing its talons to extend out even bigger! Leo notices Grunchor is now increasing in size, while Mutiny plans to show the Power Swabs who the Captain of the Lost Galaxy really is. Taking full control of the wheel (pretty spry for a guy with a hook for a hand), he fires off a Grunchor fire breath blast the four Megazords! The deluxe sized Grunchor slowly advances towards them, Galaxy Megazord attempting a Saber strike but ending up slapped aside, Defender Torozord trying to attack with the Magna Axe but it ends up grabbed by some of Grunchy's fingernails. Capt. Mutiny plans to keelhaul the lot of them, smacking Torozord down and trying to fire some energy rays at the downed Defender, only to have the blasts taken by Stratoforce & Centaurus, who both topple over afterwards.

The Galaxy Megazord readies the Condor Galactazord Missile Mode, firing it with the added boost of Red Ranger's powers, but it just gets deflected back by Grunchor, striking the Megazord from whence it came! Defender Torozord is back on its feet and protecting the Galaxy Mega, as inside, Damon points out Leo is using up all of his powers, Leo collapsing from the strain of it. Grunchor is back on a rampage, so its up to Defender Torozord to confront him. Getting up close to the mighty creature only sends damage into the Defender, so getting a good distance away, Mike charges up the Magna Axe strikes it down right into the castle! Captain Mutiny is unharmed, boasting he'll have to do better than that and using the distraction to have Grunchor lash out at Defender Torozord. The Rangers call out for Mike as the Defender Torozord is struck with an overload of energy from Grunchor, apparently giving as much as it takes as Defender Torozord reverts back to Torozord form and is blasted far away from the scene! Grunchor is injured by this, Mutiny's castle taking the worst of the attack as it begins to explode, leaving Captain Mutiny no choice but to abandon monster. The castle takes off while it still can, flying back up into space and leaving Grunchor to fire on our heroes some more. Red Ranger collapses in his Zord-room, climbing back up to focus on his Transdagger gear-table, he refuses to quit standing up just in time to notice the rest of the Rangers standing there with him! They each have their hands out and above his Transdagger, saying they'll take care of Grunchor as a team, ready to show the creature what real teamwork can do. Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazords stand behind the Galaxy Megazord, placing their hands upon its shoulders, Leo telling everyone to give it all they've got! The Rangers focus their combined powers once again into a concentrated force, while the Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazord add a little of their own energies to the fire. The Galaxy Megazord charges up with an enormous amount of power, as Grunchor slowly approaches and the Rangers waiting for the right moment to fire as the room becomes filled with even more intense flames. The time has come, Leo calls on Galaxy Fire Power, the Megazord unleashing a huge blast of fire energy right into Grunchor. Our heroes give it their all on a galactic scale, drowning Grunchor in a sea of heat & flames until the moment when the huge creature finally dissipates into nothing but smoke and dust. Grunchor vaporized before their eyes, the three Megazords give a victory pose and Torozord is likely off licking its wounds.
Having returned to the planet Dytanix, Captain Mutiny, Deviot, & Barbarax walk through their collection of slaves hard at work. Deviot says that Grunchor was so close to almost having the Rangers defeated, Mutiny stating close won't defeat them and he's got a hankering to make Deviot walk the plank. Capt. Mutiny tells his scalawag to listen up good, he needs slaves, slaves, and more slaves to dig for his treasure! Mutiny runs his hand through a bucket of gems plundered from the dirt by his tireless prisoners that surround him in chains. Barbarax promises he'll get him slaves, Mutiny says he'd better or else he'll be digging right beside them until they sail into the sunset! Capt. Mutiny extends his hook into Barb's face and asks if he gets his point, Barbarax telling him not to worry as he can count on him (Deviot looks like he's about to wet his robotic shorts in the background). Back on Terra Venture, the Rangers finally appear unmorphed in the darned stairwell we've seen on about a hundred episodes lately. Kai runs up to his teammates to tell them that Captain Mutiny's planet has fallen off the scanners, despite the fact he had the coordinates to it. Karone calls it impossible, Maya sighs, and Leo puts his hand on Damon's shoulder, stating the've got to get out of this Lost Galaxy. The five Power Rangers stare up into the artificial sky, and just stand there staring, and I guess they come to the conclusion there are no clouds scheduled for today.
[scenes from "Until Sunset"; end credits]

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