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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Until Sunset"
Original Air Date:11/16/99
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-923
*38th episode of PRLG
*331st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)

Additional Cast:
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Barbarax (voice)
Randy Swerdlick _AS_ Rojomon (voice)
Flashback-Only Cast:
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Richard Grant _AS_ Jera (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ The Original Magna Defender (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Ryan James _AS_ Zika (voice)
Victoria Davis _AS_ Psycho Pink (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Beware the Mutiny" & "Grunchor On The Loose".]
On the home planet of Captain Mutiny I like to call Dytanix, Red & Green Rangers run for their lives. Seems they've found the place at last, only to now be chased through the desert by a gang of Swabbies! They end up coming to the end of the line, a steep cliff is all that's left for them to head for as the Swabbies surround them. Deviot & Barbarax are there as well, the Robotic Bard explaining to them this is all about their complete and total destruction. He fires his gauntlet blasts at them, causing both Rangers to go tumbling over the cliff, and rolling down the long hillside. Swabbies are still on their tail, following our two heroes down the hill as Deviot & Barbarax stand at the top laughing evilly. Barb orders the Swabbies to get them and bring them back to camp, and before you know it, the beaten & bruised Damon and Leo are unmorphed and chained up. Held back to back with their arms raised above them in shackles, the two hang helplessly as Deviot aims his gauntlet their way, stating he finds great pleasure in this moment. Barbarax stops him from firing, saying Captain Mutiny wants to destroy them himself, Deviot mentions that is fine except for the little fact that Mutiny isn't here, so he'll take care of it in his stead. Barb grabs Robobard and tells him to wait as Mutiny will be there at sunset, which Deviot notes is in a few more hours, glancing up at the sun overhead with the Jolly Mutiny flag waving in the breeze underneath. He decides to give Captain Mutiny that much time to do the job, telling Damon & Leo to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day because he can assure them it's their last! Barbarax, Deviot and the Swabbies laugh heartily over this, before turning away and teleporting off, leaving the two Rangers struggling to escape their scorching prison.
[opening credits, Trakeena added again.]
Leo remarks he had a bad feeling about them coming back there to spy on Captain Mutiny and knew they shouldn't have come. Damon yells about him telling him that before they came out there, Leo realizes that would have been a good idea, but neither remembering that Kai said in the previous episode that Mutiny's planet dropped off the scanners, so they shouldn't have been able to find their way back there! Damon makes the best of a bad situation by saying at least they'll get a good suntan before getting destroyed, the two young men chuckle as they sweat heavily under the blistering heat. Leo tells him not to worry as the others will be right behind them, Damon overjoyed that Leo told them where they were going, but Leo says he didn't, since he told him to! Damon screams that he didn't tell them anything, so the two Ranger teens lose hope, Leo pointing out nobody knows where they are (so maybe that "no scanners pick up the planet" thing may still hold water). Damon suddenly starts to laugh, Leo asking what could be so funny right now, and Damon says he was just thinking about how Leo is always in trouble. When they first met he was a stowaway on Terra Venture, Leo says he wasn't getting into trouble, he just didn't want to get left behind since it was a chance of a lifetime!
["Blue Danube Waltz" Shuttle scene from "Quasar Quest, Part 1" plays.]
Leo gives a voice over of how he knew he had to get on Terra Venture somehow, and sure was nervous. The space colony was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen while watching outside the window of the shuttle at Terra Venture as it docked. The scene ends, and Damon says he remembers the time when Kai showed up and said he was going to take the Astro Megaship into space. Leo says he must have thought he was crazy, Damon says he did, and he was right!
[Kai recommisioned the Megaship scene from "Quasar Quest, Part 2" plays.]
Damon remarks they got the old girl flying again after all. He then mentions when they pulled the swords, what a rush it was, like being struck by lightning!
[The Rangers pull the Sabers from the stone scene from "Quasar Quest, Part 2 plays.]
Leo gives commentary about how Furio then turned all of Mirinoi into stone. He then remembers when Mike fell and how he was afraid he'd never see him again.
[Mike falls into the crevice scene from "Quasar Quest, Part 2" plays.]
Damon lifts up Leo's depressing memory spirit by saying then he became the Red Ranger as it was his destiny.
[Leo leads the first Quasar Saber Galaxy Ranger Morph from "Quasar Quest, Part 2" plays.]
Damon asks that who would have believed them becoming Power Rangers, Leo mentions that if they saw them right now, then nobody would believe it! The two chuckle as they continue hanging around in the squelching heat.
Leo & Damon start to show signs of dehydration while bearing the sun beating down on them from above, their lips all powdery and their speech slurring. Leo asks Damon if he remembers the first time Magna Defender showed up, Damon says yeah as that guy has some serious stuff on his mind, such as Scorpius destroying his son and being in that hole.
[Magna Defender recaps his fall into Mirinoi & merging with Mike scene from "Redemption Day" plays.]
Damon mentions Magna Defender would walk right past them and say "I don't have time for you, i'm on a mission", Damon doing a pretty good scratchy voice rendition of the original Defender. Leo gets a laugh from that, saying Magna Defender sure had a mission as that day in the cave when he saved his life.
[Magna Defender carries Leo out from the Cave of Orion scene from "The Magna Defender" plays.]
Damon shakes his head over the 3000 years of anger that guy held inside.
[Magna Defender secures the Rangers with his Saber, then proceeds to jump into the fire pit scene from "Redemption Day" plays.]
Damon gives the voice-over on the scene, saying at first they didn't know whether he was their friend or enemy. Leo finishes it off about how in the end he sacrificed everything to save them. The scene ends, as Leo says he knew from the beginning there was something about him that reminded him of his brother.
[Mike returns to the land of the living scene from "Redemption Day" plays.]
Leo comments that Mike finally came back, once the scene is over he says that was the happiest day of his life. Damon remarks that the Magna Defender then lived on through Mike.
[Magna Defender passes the power to Mike scene from "Destined For Greatness" plays.]
Damon says they were a team of six, totally invincible.
[Montage of various Power Ranger scenes; Jet Jammers, Astro Cycles, Capsular Cycle, Quasar Launchers, and Transdagger Star Formation action shots; The Rangers with their Orion Armor on, concluding with the five Rangers & Magna Defender posing together from "Green Courage" Sentai footage.]
The heat is on, Damon & Leo are totally dried of sweat, and very soon will be dried of life while awaiting the scalding sun to set. They're silent while hanging in their small teepee-like jail, until Leo musters up the strength to ask Damon if he's okay. Damon groans he couldn't be better, Leo tells him to hang in there, to which Damon remarks isn't funny. They chuckle and Leo apologizes, before mentioning he was thinking, asking who Damon thinks is worse: Scorpius, Trakeena or this Mutiny guy. Damon says Scorpius was pretty bad and ugly, but he wasn't bad enough!
[Scorpius gets his slimy ass killed by the Power Rangers scene from "Heir To The Throne" plays.]
Leo says Trakeena was just like her dad, evil to the bone, Damon agreeing and saying she's tough as nails, both guys speaking in unison that she's cute, too!
[Trakeena threatens the Rangers for killing her father scene from "An Evil Game" plays.]
Leo says that the Psychos were the worst, even worse than Trakeena as they just didn't stop.
[The Space Rangers make the scene and join up to battle the Psycho Rangers scene from "To The Tenth Power" plays.]
Damon mentions it's a good thing they got some help from some old friends, the scene (and all scenes) devoid of any Space Rangers speaking, so they don't have to shell out any money. Leo then mentions that thanks to Psycho Pink they lost Kendrix and that was the worst thing to ever happen to them.
[Edited (Cassie removed as well) Kendrix sacrifices herself scene from "The Power Of Pink" plays.]
Leo says that he knows they're going to see her again someday. Damon tries lightening the mood by saying Karone fits right in, Leo remarking that she really saved them.
[Karone Morphs into the new Pink Ranger scene from "Protect The Quasar Saber" plays.]
[Deviot reads the Keonta Spell from the Galaxy Book and becomes a monster scene from "Enter The Lost Galaxy" plays.]
Damon gives a voice over about how his spell reading really got them into trouble!
[The Rangers notice they're in the Lost Galaxy scene from "Enter The Lost Galaxy" quickly plays.]
[Titanisaur approaches Terra Venture scene from "Beware The Mutiny" plays.]
Damon asks how weird this trip to the Lost Galaxy has all been, running into Deviot again and his new buddy, Captain Mutiny. He says he knew Mutiny was trouble from the get-go, the flashbacks end when Leo says that speaking of Captain Mutiny, it's sunset! The sun sets over the mountainous horizon, as Captain Mutiny approaches the scene with his entourage of Swabbies, Deviot & Barbarax. A fish monster who resembles something recycled from a Beetleborgs episode is with them, the credits name him Rojomon or something goofy like that, he wants to help destroy the Rangers, but Mutiny has him wait there. Mutiny calls the sight of Leo & Damon chained a fine catch, but it would have been better if there were all five, but these two will do for starters. Captain Mutiny unsheathes his long bladed saber from his belt-buckle, pointing it at Leo & Damon, asking if they do know why he's here. Damon quips that he guesses he's finally going to surrender to them, Mutiny tells him hardly, as it's time for the two mateys to walk the plank! Mutiny raises his sword in the air and prepares to chop Damon in half, when Leo shoves his way in front of his teammate, telling the Captain to just destroy him and let Damon go. Damon then pushes Leo to the back, telling Mutiny that he's the one he wants, Capt. Mutiny tells them to save the heroics as they're bringing a tear to his one good eye! Mutiny raises his blade once more, shouting he's going to destroy them both, but before he can slice & dice them, Mutiny is hit by rays from on high! The blasts come from the Jet Jamming other three Power Rangers, who fly in low and send the evil pirates ducking, Pink Ranger slicing Damon & Leo's chains on the way by. Mutiny orders Deviot to blast them, so Robobard quickly fires his gauntlet at the Jammers, but misses all targets. Leo & Damon are freed, both Go Galactic before the pirates can do a thing to stop them, Red & Green Rangers back with a vengeance! The other Rangers join back up with their partners, Karone asking if they're alright, Leo says they're never better. Rojomon asks Captain Mutiny for a chance to take them out, Mutiny tells him to go ahead as the Rangers sicken him, turning and leaving the scene with his crew as Rojomon states there'll be no more swashbuckling around! Captain Mutiny & Company teleport back onto the Titanisaur in the distance, leaving Rojomon to attempt to defeat them all. Leo halts his team and says this one is on him, calling on Red Armored Power Ranger power, whipping out the two keys given to him by the Warrior not long ago, and placing them together swiftly. The metal bird swoops in and the Armor comes together around the suddenly Orion Powered Red Ranger! Rojomon coughs up fireballs at the Armored Red Ranger, but he just walks past and through them, carrying the heavy load of machinery on his shoulders (in the exact same shot from the opening credits!). Rojomon thinks he can't defeat him with just that and refuses to be defeated, but Leo activates the Laser sighting and fires the Armor away, the multitude of energy lights frying the fish without a pan!
The Rangers all demorph and meet up together around the ruins of the camp, Maya asking why Leo & Damon didn't tell them where they were going. Damon mentions he told Leo to tell them, Leo arguing back only to get shoved aside playfully by his pal before they can fight any more on the now void issue. Damon asks how they found them anyway, Karone says it was with great difficulty. Kai remarks it should have taught them a lesson, Damon says to believe him, because it did! Leo reappears to push Damon aside in revenge, and then quip that the lesson he learned is to put on sunscreen before you go anywhere. The gang laughs over the fact everyone is free to wear sunscreen, Kai happily saying they should get out of there. Damon & Leo walk away with an arm over each other's shoulder, Damon asking if he was going to take the hit first. Leo says he thinks he was, they stop and Damon thanks him, Leo says no problem, besides, all those memories and sitting under the sun so long, he thinks he was delirious when he said it! Damon takes a swipe at Leo's head, but he ducks and points at his pal, chuckling a ha-ha like Nelson Muntz.
[scenes from "Dream Battle"; end credits]

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