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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Dream Battle"
Original Air Date:11/17/99 Featuring Footage From:
Gingaman #46 - - Ikari no Kaze (Winds Of Hatred)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-924
*39th episode of PRLG
*332nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Theresa Clayton _AS_ Terry
Scott Michael Guess _AS_ Delivery Boy
Patrick Wolff _AS_ Soldier
Michelle Tillman _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Hexuba (voice) [Note: Better known as Delphine from MMAR!]
Walter Emanuel Jones _AS_ Nightmare The Monster (voice) [Note: Played some guy named "Zack" in MMPR.]


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Beware the Mutiny", & "Grunchor On The Loose".]
On the bridge of the Titanisaur, Captain Mutiny addresses Hexuba, a gold faced lady-creature of Egyptian appearance. He tells her she must destroy the Power Rangers so he can capture more slaves for his camp, Hexuba says it's funny he should mention it, as she already has a plan! Mutiny scoffs at her mentioning of a plan, calling her all talk and what he wants is action. She bows before him, flirtily calling him a big salty dog as she agrees to show him some results, Mutiny tells her to hurry up and if she fails he'll make her walk the plank. Hexuba shivers and quickly stands at attention as he points at her with his hooked hand, giving her Captain an eager "Aye-Aye"! Elsewhere in the Lost Galaxy, the space colony of Terra Venture gradually floats through a massive cosmic storm cloud. The electromagnetic impulses from the ball of galactic dust batter about the hull of the space station, sending people inside scurrying around. An evacuation has been ordered in one sector due to unsafe electric instability in most of he buildings, but one young lady named Terry can't seem to get her Venture Vehicle started. A GSA Solider stops to tell her to move along for the streets are unsafe, but Terry tells him her vehicle won't move or start. Damon pulls up behind her in his own little Dome Buggy, telling the soldier he can help out here and sending him on his way, while Damon sticks around to check under Terry's hood (so to speak, since the engine is located in the back). Damon pops open the panel on the electic-motor, fixing it in the blink of an eye and making it good as new. Terry thanks him and introductions are exchanged, the two shake hands for a moment and smile back & forth. She finally hops back in her repaired ride, they wave good-bye to each other, Damon & Terry parting ways just as swiftly as they met.

Meanwhile in a foggy room filled with mystical trinkets and other odd background items, Hexuba laughs evilly while waving her hands over her crystal ball. She says everything is going exactly as planned, those Power Rangers won't know what hit them! Captain Mutiny's ugly eye-patched mug appears on her ball, telling her this is excellent and for her to go and destroy them once and for all. Hexuba informs her captain that she'll be their worst nightmare, cackling yet again while her blue & golden eyes peer above a thin veil hanging on her face. Back in Terra Venture, a delivery boy heads to the Power Pad and rings the bell, Damon answers to find a delivery of flowers sent directly to him! He's surprised, thanks the boy and tells him to have a good day, the only tip he'll give the kid. Damon inspects the card to find it reads "To Damon, From The Girls". Realizing he knows no other girls than his Ranger teammates, he sniffs the bouquet of flowers and is overcome with a strange sensation. Damon yawns, stretches his arms and slowly staggers towards his bunk (the one at the bottom), lying down and taking a well deserved nap. Hexuba watches from her Viewing Globe, err, Crystal Ball, she purrs that it won't be long until his reality becomes her nightmare, wishing Green Ranger unpleasant dreams as she waves her hands over the ball some more. Damon drifts off to never-neverland, and discovers himself in a dream where he's Morphed into Green Ranger mode, wandering around a foggy forested area with his Saber drawn. Confused about his location, Damon walks towards a mountainous range, when suddenly the ground begins to lift up from below! It throws him off balance, and off the side of a cliff, sending Green Ranger plummeting towards a raging river far below.
[opening credits]
Damon's dream continues, as Green Ranger flips in midair while falling to his doom. He quickly calls out for his Jet Jammer, and it responds lightning fast, zooming up beneath him and causing him to land abruptly in his seat. Damon calls that one too close, while Hexuba sends blue & gold electric beams through her Crystal Ball while boasting the fun has just begun. Those rays strike the Jet Jammer from above, frying out his engines and sending Green Ranger dropping like a rock, crashing into the ground. He survives the impact, but appears in intense pain as he lashes around in the cockpit of the trashed Jammer sticking partially out of ground where it smashed into. Damon's eyes open and he jumps up in his bed, his bald head covered in sweat and his breathing rate increased dramatically, Leo & Kai are working over at the computer terminal nearby and witness his return to the land of the living. Leo walks over to assure him he just had a bad dream, Damon says it was so real, telling him about his Jet Jammer getting shot down and his extended amount of time spent falling. Speaking of falling, Damon hardly gets out those words before his eyes slam shut again and he drifts once more into the land of nod. Kai heads over to the kitchen table, picking up the bouquet of flowers and taking a whiff, asking Leo what they did to deserve this. He then hands it over to Leo who reads off the card and says it's from Maya & Karone (apparently, he knows of no other "Girls" either). Leo tells Kai to come on, they told Alpha earlier they were going to meet him at the Megaship, but Kai's begun yawning, saying to his teammate that he's feeling a little tired and will catch up with him later. Kai walks over to his bunk (the middle one), while Leo tells him it's no problem and he'll see him later, waving bye to the sleepy-headed Kai. Soon on the Astro Megaship, Leo enters the Bridge and calls out for Alpha, who yells back that he's in the other room. Leo follows his voice and discovers Alpha in the Jet Jammer docking bay, working on the Green Jammer! Alpha didn't know Damon was in a fight, but remarks he's never seen a Jet Jammer this damaged before. Leo's eyes are widened at this sight, telling Alpha he wasn't in a fight, but his engine was destroyed in his nightmare, which apparently has been made real! Leo grabs his Transmorpher and tries to contact Kai & Damon, neither answering his communication, Kai dozing into the same dreamword Damon is trapped in. Now in all his Blue Ranger glory, he asks Damon what's going on, to which Green Ranger gasps that it's happening again. He asks what is happening again, but gets to see for himself as a group of Swabbies come rushing in from the haze, attacking our two heroes! Green Ranger leaps into action, taking on more Swabbies than can fit on a poopdeck after lunch hour! Blue Ranger squabbles with his fair share of Swabs, his fight being dragged into a large puddle of muddy water (does this make it a wet dream now?).
Karone & Maya head back to the Girl Power Pad, chattering back and forth in giddy conversation, when they spot a bouquet of flowers outside their door. Karone picks them up, Maya jokingly says she's sure they're for her but gets disappointed when she reads the card to see it's "To The Girls, From The Guys". Karone says to never complain about getting flowers, the girls take the bouquet in with them, not looking a gift plant in the mouth. Hexuba's scoping them out on her Crystal Ball, saying now the girls will have a taste of her Flower Power, and with just one whiff they'll join their friends in her nightmare! As Hexuba chuckles and spies on them, both Karone & Maya drop on the floor from having sniffed the bouquet of doom, to which Hexuba gets a real kick out of. Inside the Dreamscape, Yellow & Pink Rangers find themselves in the strange foggy area with no clue where they are or what's going on. Suddenly, Blue Ranger is thrown onto the scene violently, the girls learn from the weary Kai that they're all caught in a nightmare! Swabbies attack, the odds a little more evened up with the arrival of Maya & Karone, but still our heroes remain outnumbered by the circus peanut pirates. They battle on as usual, Kai flips one into a large muddy puddle, Maya drags one across the ground in a move we never really saw her use before (but of course, Chameliac thought it was her trademark move, so perhaps she learned it from him?), while Karone pins a Swab between her legs.

Meanwhile in reality, Leo returns to the Power Pad in an attempt to wake Damon & Kai up to no avail. He then tries to contact Maya & Karone via Transmorpher, but nothing doing as the females are unable to respond. Leo finally tries contacting his big brother Mike, and finds he's not answering either. Out of options, Leo is distracted by the bouquet of flowers and decides to pick them up and take a whiff (or he is purposely trying to join his pals in naptime, who knows), when Mike finally responds! The now groggy Leo tells Mike to meet him at the Girls' quarters, and before ya know it, both Corbett brothers enter the Girl Power Pad to find Karone & Maya sleeping on the floor. Leo's attempts to awaken them does no good, mentioning to Mike that this is just like what happened to Damon & Kai. Mike picks up the bouquet card, reading off the message that Leo informs him is a lie, the guys didn't send any flowers to the girls (although, i'm sure the girls will be more mad to find out the guys didn't bother sending them flowers, than to find out they were actually pawns of evil). Mike can't resist, he presses the flowers to his nostrils and inhales deeply, just a moment before Leo tells him to stop & wait. Both Corbetts become drowsy, Leo even more so given he sniffed them long before Mike did, but at least he figured out it's the plants that knocked everyone out. Mike tells his little brother they've got to keep walking to stay awake, placing Leo's arm around his shoulder and carrying him out of the room, saying they've got find the person who's delivering these flowers. Back in Slumberland, Pink Ranger fights Swabbies with her Saber, exclaiming she can't take much more of this. Yellow Ranger uses the trees to her advantage, but the overwhelming amount of Tang-colored Terrors surpasses her abilities, as well as Green Ranger, who ends up sword slashed by a lucky Swab! Blue Ranger leaps at that deadly Swabbie, but before he can land a blow in, the slippery creature telewarps itself around Kai and attacks him from behind! Kai is surrounded by Swabbies and is growing weaker by the moment, while Maya gains a little bit of an upperhand in striking the Swabs, only to have even more show up to ruin her fun.

Back on the physical plane, the delivery boy heads to Michael Corbett's room with another bouquet. He begins to place it down against the door when Mike & Leo stumble in, Mike asking the boy where he got the flowers, the kid tells him he got them at a dinky little shop at 101 Plaza Circle. Mike orders the boy to throw the flowers out, but having set Leo up against a wall just seconds before, he finds it too late to save his brother, for Leo has passed out on the floor! Red Ranger looks around himself to find snow falling, realizing this must be a dream (I guess snow isn't a part of Terra Venture's artificial atmosphere criteria), when his weary Ranger teammates show up. Kai tells him this place is tough as Swabbies are everywhere, and speak of the Orange Julius devils, up they pop behind Leo! The Power Rangers draw their Quasar Sabers and do battle with the Swabbies in the winter wonderland, slashing about and apparently making snow pirates with all the Swabs they take down. The snow seems to have fallen over a children's playground, as Damon hangs upside-down from some metal wireframe while fighting the Swabs. Red Ranger is primed and ready for action, urging the Swabbies to come on and take their best shot, as plenty more pour into the white blanketed field of battle! Back in the real world, Mike makes his way through a marching crowd of GSA Soldiers and citizens, apparently still heeding the evacuation from earlier. He staggers around the place, his eyes heavy and his speed slow, Mike still refuses to fall asleep as he heads to the source of the rotted flowers.
Mike's dazed journey continues, walking like he drank one too many Mountain Dome Brews, the sleepy sap even gets hit by a Venture Vehicle! Good thing the speed limit is 1 mile an hour, he brushes it off and presses on, almost stopping to rest his head against a wall, but shakes his head and ignores the need for sleep. Meanwhile in Nightmare Land, the Swabbie army converges on our heroes, but the Power Rangers are trying out some different weapons on the lads, their Transdaggers! Leo uses his Magna Talon to stab the Swabs in a forest area, while Damon does his flips in the air as he fires his Transblaster upon the Swabbies nearby (shouting an "Awww yeah" on the way down, followed by a grunt when he's kicked mercilessly by a Swab after landing). A few feet away from this, Maya strikes back against some Swabbies with her Delta Daggers, and Kai with his Cosma Claw. Karone finishes off the reminder of what uses the Transdaggers have as she uses her Beta Bow as a blunt object in fighting off the Swabbies, finally unloading some energy arrows at the sons of scurvy. Leo make mention of there being too many of them, Karone quipping that they don't let up, as the battle rages on still, our heroes never letting up. Hexuba speaks into her Crystal Ball at her monster, named only Nightmare, this crescent blade head robot creature is voiced by Walter Jones, but I doubt Zack went on to become a monster after the peace conference. Hexuba orders him to go now and finish them off, Nightmare remarks it's time for the main event as he gestures his hand at the Rangers in a "come-and-get-it" style. The Power Rangers whip out their Quasar Sabers and attack him, one by one they fall to the might of his huge butcher knife styled weapon! It looks like the Swabbies are gone, but the damage is done to the Rangers' stamina, Pink Ranger the last to drop when Nightmare tosses her forcefully onto some jagged rocks!

Over in the corporeal world, Mike reaches the Plaza area, only to find the room marked 101 is just an empty space for rent. He can't understand where this supposed dinky flower shop went, and when he grips at the door handle, he's sucked into Hexuba's room by blue & gold teleport light! Hexuba has been waiting for Mike, telling him he'll now join the others in the nightmare, but when Mike tries to order her to let his friends go, she gets rough. Wrapping a beam of gold light around his waist and crippling him where he stands. Hexuba laughs and tells him not to fight it, just let the darkness overtake him, Mike struggles against both the beam and to stay awake! Back in Snoresville, Blue & Yellow Rangers fire their Transblasters at the Nightmare Monster together, but he just deflects the blasts back into them with his butcher knife. They're taken down, Red Ranger moves in and slices away at Nightmare with his Quasar Saber. Nightmare stands and waits for the right moment before punching Leo away, right into his regrouping teammates. Nightmare tells them it's now time for the best part, as he opens his chest plate and reveals a set of small cannons placed inside. Leo tells his friends to look out, our heroes diving off of a cliff behind them just as Nightmares fires his cannons, they're hit by some of the blast and fall helplessly until the Rangers splash into the river below. Back in Hexuba's Hut, Mike refuses to give in as the gold ray attempts to force him into submission. He notices a small mirror on one of the tables near him and reaches over to grab it. Placing the mirror in the direction of Hexuba's beam, he causes a ricochet that bounces around the room before striking her chandelier. It breaks off and falls, smashing her Crystal Ball into pieces, Hexuba becomes as mad as a fortune teller without a fortune!

In dreamland, Nightmare tells the Rangers to give up as he grinds Kai against some rocks, finally chucking him back over to his beaten & bruised teammates (guess they got out of the river just fine). Nightmare suddenly halts, sensing something wrong and giving Damon time to jump kick him from the sidelines (Green Ranger was strangely absent in recent footage, off licking his wounds perhaps?). Nightmare falls to a beach-like area, the Rangers regrouping with Damon, Maya asking him what happened and Green Ranger explains the dream spell must have been broken. Nightmare proudly states that won't stop him, Leo saying that this will as the Rangers call on Lights Of Orion to activate, and once Armored they race at him, Power-Up into energy ball form and aim for his chest. Nightmare's way too strong for that old trick, he stands tall and blocks the Orion attack, sending the Rangers right back to where they came from with nary a shrug! Nightmare sarcastically calls that move real fancy, showing them something better as he opens his chestplate again and unloads some blasts their way. Our heroes get bombarded, but Damon passes through the attack relatively unharmed, running at Nightmare and jumping into the air! Nighty fires his chest cannons at the midair Green Ranger, but he braces against him and strikes as intended, punching his Orion Gauntlet right into Nighty's opened cannon-chest! This his only weak spot, Damon's gauntleted arm is still lodged in Nightmare's chest as the monster continues to explode in agony, Green Ranger manages to yank his hand out in time to pose victorious while Nightmare blows up behind him! You know what that means, Nightmare quickly grows huge, stomping around while telling the Rangers to say goodnight forever. Damon calls on the Galactabeasts, hops on his Condor and initiates Zord Transform, Galaxy Megazord and finally Leo calls for Power-Up mode. The Orion Powered Galaxy Megazord is ready for battle, but so is Nightmare, as he rushes at the lunky Megazord, dodges the saber swipe and starts to beat up on its chest. One quick kick and the Megazord goes down, Green Ranger yells out for Stratoforce Megazord (and the very first few beats of the PRIS Megazord Victory music plays. Really! Listen closely and you'll hear them, before they get silenced by the next scene with the usual orchestral recycle), and Zenith Carrierzord flies out from under a waterfall somewhere. It lands on the surface and pops its head out the top, before spouting off the C-Zords as per Damon's wishes. C-Zords you say? Damon called for the Stratoforce but Zenith gives him Centaurus? The nerve of that Carrierzord! What, is it Strato's day off? Is he refusing to come out of trailer unless they let Austin St. John do his voice? Sheesh. So, Centaurus comes together with the power of Rhino, and rolls onto the scene, toppling Nightmare like a sack of potatoes. Centaurus then winds his arm up and starts unleashing an onslaught of punches into Nighty's chest before tripping him back over. Galaxy Megazord stands up and rushes over, Damon activating the Saber and with a swift swoop, that Nightmare is sliced back to Elm Street in pieces!
Hexuba's got a new Crystal Ball, and returns to her chores of running her hand over it while gold & blue energy crackles forth from her palms onto it. She can't believe her perfect plan was ruined, and vows those pesky Power Rangers will pay, stating nobody makes a fool out of Hexuba, no one! Captain Mutiny is hanging around, telling her that obviously somebody did, saying he ought to string her up by the yardarm. Hexuba assures her captain it won't happen again, Mutiny tells her he doesn't forgive easily and orders her not to fail him, she promises she won't. Meanwhile back on Terra Venture, the Rangers each begin to awaken from their very vivid dream, Kai remarking it feels like he was just hit by a train! Damon shrugs at the notion it was just a dream by the very real soreness to their bodies, as Leo and the rest of the gang enters the Power Pad to see if they're okay. Kai says he thinks so, and is hoping this is really reality. The door is left open, allowing Terry a chance to peek in and call for Damon, who is very pleased to see her. She tells him she wanted to thank him for helping her with her car, he smiles and says it was no problem. Terry hands Damon a bouquet of flowers, and given recent events, her kind gesture is responded to with a knee jerk reaction of throwing them across the room and into the sink! Terry's smiling face turns offended as she asks him to angrily excuse her, Maya & Karone walk over and tell her not to take it personally as he's allergic to flowers, they give him nightmares. The group of Rangers laugh merrily over their nocturnal experience, Terry not privy to the inside joke.
[scenes from "Hexuba's Graveyard"; end credits]

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