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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Hexuba's Graveyard"
Original Air Date:11/18/99 Hexuba Battle Footage From:
Gingaman #34 - - Fujimi no Iriesu (The Invulnerable Iliess)

Teksa Footage From:
Gingaman #13 - - Gyakuten no Juugekibou (Juugekibou's Counterattack)

Mutantrum Footage From:
Gingaman #15 - - Kyoufu no Shakkuri (The Hiccup Of Terror)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-925
*40th episode of PRLG
*333rd total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Denise Skinner Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger; voice only)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger; voice only)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger; voice only)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Hexuba (voice)
Blake Torney _AS_ Freaky Tiki/ Horn/ Gasser (voices)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Teksa/ Hardtochoke/ Quakemaker (voices)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Destruxo/ Mutantrum (voices)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Treacheron/ Fishface (voices)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Beware the Mutiny", & "Grunchor On The Loose".]
Titanisaur is once again in the outer space depths of the Lost Galaxy, Captain Mutiny ordering his Swabbies to row harder as they exit the castle in their hover-rowboats. He threatens that the landlubbers get their orange booties moving, lest they feel the wrath of Mutiny! The boats take them to a strange oasis in space, a dark cemetery wedged between two cosmic raging stormclouds. Inside, Captain Mutiny enters the graveyard, his Swabbies in tow, complaining that the salty old witch had better be ready for him if she knows what's good for her. Hexuba is in the center of the place, stirring a large pot's steaming & glowing contents, Mutiny asks the scurvy sorceress if her spell is ready, she tells him nearly. He says nearly isn't good enough, he needs the spell to destroy the Rangers so he can take over Terra Venture (guess that's why they call him Captain Mutiny, eh?). Hexuba states she's working on it, and that these things take time, she returns to her present task by reaching over and gleefully picking up a small bottle filled with a red liquid. She purrs that the substance is perfect, Capt. Mutiny excited at the thought that she's come up with the perfect plan, but Hexuba shoots his confidence in her down by reiterating that the fluid is newt's gizzard and it's the perfect thing for her lunch! Hexy pours it into her bubbling concoction, causing it to blow up in Mutiny's face, so he angrily begins to yell at her before she calms him down. Telling her captain not to get his planks in a bunch, she tells him the spell he wanted is already prepared & ready. She boasts it's a great one as well, the Power Rangers will soon be his. Hexuba walks through the foggy mists of her graveyard, holding her small mystical crystal ball in hand and chanting a spell "Lizard's livers, gopher's guts, eye of newt and spleen with nuts! Old monsters rise with reason & rhyme, destroy the Rangers and get it right this time!" The spell cast, the first tombstone she aimed at, that of Freaky Tiki, splits in half and spews forth the spirit of the dead monster from "Redemption Day" (and credibility to the "Scorpius & friends came from the Lost Galaxy" theory may be supported by the existence of this cemetery)! It takes off into space, leaving a golden sparkily trail behind, exiting the graveyard and heading towards Terra Venture. On said space colony, Leo is jogging through the Mountain Dome, when he's blindsided by Tiki's spirit! Freaky then pops up in front of him to say hello while waving his arms around and shaking his spear, Leo flashing back to the time when he & the Rangers pulled the Orion Powered-Up attack on him. Leo seems to be losing his memory in his old age, asking Tiki if he's seen him before, Freaky shouts that he destroyed him once but never again! Freaky Tiki fires his spear at Leo, yellow rings beam out and explode around the Red Ranger teen.
[opening credits]
Leo engages Freaky Tiki in physical combat, but loses to the reborn creature's vengeful fury. As Leo lies on the ground, Tiki approaches and says that it took five of his friends to destroy him last time, just one will be no problem! He gets no farther before he hears Kai's voice yelling for him to stop, as the other four Rangers make the scene, fully Morphed. Blue Ranger helps Leo up, as Freaky Tiki throws a fit and whines that it isn't fair, Kai taking a good shocked look at the monster, Maya mentioning she thought they destroyed him. Leo says they did, but now he's back for his last appearance, Leo then Goes Galactic and Morphs into Red Ranger. The Power Rangers rush Tiki and do slight battle, before Leo says he's had enough, charging up his Quasar Saber to full Fire Power, slicing down on Freaky Tiki with a blazing slash. Freaky Tiki falls and explodes, his spirit appears to be forcefully returning to the netherworld and not the Graveyard. Kai asks Leo where he came from and what did he want, Leo says he didn't know as the crazy creep just appeared out of nowhere right after a colored streak of light went by. Karone points to the sky and asks if it looked anything like that one, our heroes watching as another gold streak of light falls onto Terra Venture. They race after it, entering the City Dome again to find Teksa (the buckethead monster from "An Evil Game" who was cut down by Trakeena in battle before the Rangers could even face him), Damon for some strange plotholed reason shouts out the baddies' name like they were old poker buddies or something. Teksa gestures death by slicing his hand across his own neck, the Rangers prepare for action as he races forward, Red Ranger seems to leave his pals in the dust and fights Teksa himself. Teksa uses what looks to be a large piece of salami to counteract Leo's Quasar Saber, until he finally whips out a sword from within its meaty shell, using it to batter Red Ranger to the ground. Teksa, who can't speak but in mumbles (unlike last time), positions his sword and releases a white mist, the Power Rangers are all caught within it. They're attacked by multi-images of Teksa that appear revolving around them, cutting into each of our heroes at the same time, before disappearing and leaving them all stunned! Meanwhile up in Command Headquarters, Mike is busy with his job as second-in-command when he notices one of the spirits passing outside the window of the Command Tower. Realizing it means trouble, he calls his teammates up on their Transmorphers to tell them something strange fell towards the main City Dome. Maya can't believe there's another one, calling it ridiculous and Leo states they've got to finish off Teksa first. He calls for Quasar Launchers, the Rangers slam their crystals into the ground and up pop their Launchers (err, why did their old Launchers appeared the way their new Galaxy Launchers do? Didn't hit the crystals on the floor hard enough or something?). Red Ranger leaps in and pokes Teksa in the baskethead with his Quasar Launcher, knocking the creature across the plaza. Leo says this time it's good-bye for good, charging up his Launcher with his Fire Power (flames raging around him dramatically) as he twirls the bazooka into position and shoves it into Teksa's gut! Teksa rolls on the ground, hits his nicely woven basket against the pavement and promptly fades to blue sparkles.
Hexuba is scoping out the Rangers' battle via her cauldron, evilly saying they won't be able to last much longer. Over on Terra Venture, good old Horn from "Rookie In Red" reappears to find the Power Rangers ready for him, Red Ranger quickly attacks him with his Transdagger (the weapons they swiped from him not long ago). Horn dodges the Magna Talon blow, and barely misses each attack by the Rangers with their specific Transdagger modes. Kai & his Cosma Claw get tossed into some empty suitcases, and our heroes try relentlessly to put some damage on the hardly speaking creature, but he's just too powerful from his recent rebirth. After every one of them has gotten smacked aside, Leo initiates Transdagger Star Formation, the Rangers bring them together and fire off an energy star at Horn, blasting him back to the oblivion he came from. Their third victory in a row, they cheer for themselves for but a moment, as the Magna Defender makes the scene to tell them that Alpha's indicated that two more formally destroyed monsters have arrived! Leo is ready to race into action and get them, but Kai holds him back, stating they can't keep facing these old baddies forever because they'll eventually wear them down. Maya says he's right and they need to stop them at their source, Damon asking where the source is, Kai has an idea, telling his teammates to protect the colony. He'll take his Jet Jammer and follow their trails backwards to find where they're coming from, Leo thinks its dangerous but spotting two more spirits streaking above, says there's no other choice and tells Kai to go find them. Blue Ranger departs the team, our heroes run off after the resurrected creatures while Magna Defender goes off on his own. Kai hops in his Jammer and takes off from TerraV, passing another spirit and noting that if he locks on their molecular trail he'll be at the source. Back on the colony, the Rangers face the return of Destruxo (from "Orion Rising" and "Orion Returns"), he appears and asks if they missed him, they respond by pulling out their Quasar Sabers to duel with his own vicious blade. Our heroes begin showing signs of weakening, as they all fall before his attacks, Destruxo locking blades with Leo and saying (in a higher pitched voice than earlier appearances) they haven't got a chance against all their old foes! Yet another spirit is seen zooming through the artificial atmosphere, so our heroes wrap it up like this: Damon keeps his sword busy, while Karone slices at his stomach, throwing him off-guard enough for Leo to make a flying slash that destroys Destruxo once and for all. Red Ranger asks his pals if everyone is okay, Karone says yeah.

Elsewhere, the green spirited Fishface (from "The Sunflower Search") is back, landing on a sidewalk just as the Magna Defender comes running by with his Saber drawn. They engage in a sword fight, Mike likely getting a little revenge for his predecessor's sake as Fishy was the monster that helped kill his son Zika! Meanwhile in space, a blue color spirit streaks past Kai in his Jet Jammer, he mentions the trail is strong so the source must be close. He tracks it and ends up right where he needs to be, Hexuba's Graveyard floats mere lightseconds away. Back on TerraV, Mike gut punches Fishface, and filets him with a final strike of his Magna Saber, taking him out for good. Before he can celebrate, the blue light spirit lands behind the Magna Defender, revealing itself to be that of Treacheron! Mike is shocked to see the monster that put his namesake in a hole for 3000 years alive again, Treacheron shouts he will pay for what he did to him (although it was Leo who actually killed him in "Shark Attack"), and then takes off running. The Power Rangers have their hands full with the return of Gasser (from "Homesick"), Leo picks him up and swings his buggy body about like a helicopter ride, until he lets him go suddenly. Red Ranger places his hands together and spits out a flame from between them in an attack he now calls Blaze Of Fire! Gasser ignites into nothing less than a puff of smoke when that's finished, and speaking of puffing, Leo hardly has had time to catch his breath. Karone points out another spirit landing on the space colony, Maya spots yet another going to the Industrial Dome, and Leo sees a final blue one passing through the sky. Red Ranger has his team split up to take care of them, Green & Pink Ranger take off while Yellow & Red take the other, planning to hook up later. Elsewhere on TerraV, the Magna Defender spars fiercely with Treacheron in what looks to be like a tomato growing field! Meanwhile on Hexuba's Graveyard, Hexuba boasts her spell is working exactly as planned, not realizing that Blue Ranger lurks outside the cemetery gates, eavesdropping. Hexuba casts another incantation, telling mighty Quakemaker to arise from his demise to give the Rangers a big surprise! Quake's tombstone is quaking, so to speak, until Kai fires at it with his Transblaster, telling Hexuba that's enough. She doesn't like uninvited guests, firing her crystal ball at him, he ducks and rolls to her cauldron, aiming his Transblaster over the pot, she gestures her hands and causes it to boil up with a sudden explosion! His Transblaster dropped and his gloved hands slightly torched, Blue Ranger begins to battle Hexuba physically, she takes the upperhand because of his injury and slaps him around. He is thrown against Hardtochoke's grave (the monster from "The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2"), shattering the tombstone and sending his green spirit off to Terra Venture!

Back on TerraV, the Magna Defender calmly faces a quad of Swabbies in the Mountain Dome, Saber slicing them around and then jumping into the air while firing his Blaster at them. That extremely pointless use of stock footage done with, Mike returns to facing off with Treacheron, the saber wielding warriors prepare for an honorable and long battle. That is, until Magna Defender resheaths his Saber, jumps into the air and fires his Magna Blaster at Treacheron. Treach falls one final time, justice is served and he returns to a sentence of nonexistence as scattered blue light particles. Meanwhile in likely the Forest Dome, Mutantrum (Mike's evil twin monster from "The Lights Of Orion"), walks around with his pipe staff (or if you will, battle bong). Yellow & Red Rangers quickly surround him while carrying their Quasar Launchers, but instead of doing the smart thing and firing them, the two rush into the monster and try to hit him in the spikey head with the Launchers! He vanishes with a puff of smoke, popping up a few feet away and throwing hot explosives from the end of his pipe staff. Maya & Leo dodge the attack by teleporting through the explosion and reappearing right in Mutantrum's face with double high-kicks! He's thrown way up in the air, slamming into a tree and falling to the ground. Elsewhere, Pink & Green Rangers follow the most recent spirit, Karone getting knocked in the head while racing by Hardtochoke, who just stands there and sticks his clawed hand out. Damon tries to fight him, but gets punched into a wall by the Green Giant's little buddy Sprout gone horribly wrong. Meanwhile back in the boneyard of baddies, Blue Ranger continues duking it out with Hexuba. The fight takes him closer to the cauldron, so he has to maneuver both around and over it, performing pretty well until she forces his failed-kick leg into the scorching soup! He falls against another tombstone, allowing Hexuba to finish her spell and make Quakemaker arise, his purple spirit rising from the grave slowly. Kai grabs it and tries to halt his progression back to the land of the living, but Quakey fights back, and coupled with Hexuba striking from behind, Blue Ranger ends up even more black & blue. Quakemaker's ghost takes off to Terra Venture despite Kai's intervention, Hexuba jumps onto her the edge of her cauldron and begins to cast a spell, waving her hands over her mystic crystal ball, causing Blue Ranger to be tied with an electric rope that spouts forth from the ball. Kai struggles while bound, able to pull out his Quasar Saber with the intent of taking out that ball, he cuts the electric rope and knocks Hexuba over. Kicking the ball out of her hand and into the air, Kai cuts into it with his Saber and sends the remains splashing into her evil stew! Hexuba asks what has he done, Blue Ranger isn't going to stay to find out, hauling tail as the storms that have been constantly occurring in the background get worse. The graveyard starts to explode around Hexuba, she does nothing to save her own life, but only to mourn her crystal ball. The Blue Jet Jammer takes off, just as Hexuba's Graveyard explodes in a massive flash behind him, sending out an energy wave (insert reversed Zordon joke here).

Back on Terra Venture, Green Ranger fights the green Hardtochoke, and loses, but luckily his teammates start showing up to help in the battle. To finish off Hardy, Yellow & Red Rangers arm themselves with their Galaxy Quasar Launchers, Green & Pink with Transblasters, and the Magna Defender with his Magna Blaster. Hardtochoke growls and beats his chest, as the collective amount of five energy blasts strike his body and strangle him back into nothingness. Our heroes quickly collapse from the strain of the never-ending battle they've been facing all day, just as a pink streak of energy passes by, Leo urging his team to keep going. They follow the purple/pink streak to a wooded area, and find Quakemaker, who fires off plasma attacks rather than needle stakes, at the Rangers. Quakey also has a sword, saying these pathetic weaklings don't even have enough strength to put up a decent fight, the five heroes a total mess as they try pulling themselves together. Blue Ranger shouts in response to Quakemaker's words that he does, jumping in and punching the wasp-faced creature. Kai charges up his Quasar Saber with blue energy, telling his foe from "The Blue Crush" good-bye again as he slashes the monster into a cloud of dust. Leo tells Kai he got there just in time and he did a good job, Karone asking if he found where they were coming from, Kai says he sure did and doesn't think there will be any more old monsters. Speak of the devil, Hexuba appears above them, floating towards the city and shouting that Blue Ranger will pay (is she dead too? I get the impression she was killed in the explosion, and she's the final 'resurrected monster' of the day). Kai wonders out loud about how Hexuba got there, chasing her and leaving Mike to ask "Who's-uba?" (did he forget he met her in "Dream Battle" already?), but promising to explain later as the team takes off into the city again. Hexuba lands and addresses our heroes, saying they destroyed something important to her, now she'll destroy them!
The Rangers hold their Sabers drawn, Leo tells his friends to hang tough as they ready for battle. Hexuba holds another crystal ball in her hand (did she get them on wholesale?) and says that they may have destroyed her monsters but she still has all their powers combined! Casting a new spell, she asks for monsters of yore to give her more, releasing the spirits of Hardtochoke, Destruxo, Icy Angel (from "Blue To The Test), Skelekron (from "Destined For Greatness"), Freaky Tiki, Maronda (from "A Red Romance"), Rykon (from "Memories Of Mirinoi") and some blue guy who the Rangers never fought before (Ginga footage never used), and causing them to form all over her chest! Now containing the powers of those upon her body, she says they don't stand a chance against her, but they'll just have to see about that as the Power Rangers power-up into their Orion Armor. She laughs evilly and fires some of the faces' mouths at them, the explosions met with great resistance, Red Ranger telling her it'll take more than that to stop them. Hexuba looks shocked by this, the Rangers Power-Up into energy ball form and tearing through her with ease. Once they're out the other side, she refuses to blow up and admits that only made her stronger, so Leo says he'll have to take it up a notch. Calling on Red Armored Power Ranger (this being the first time the Armoring Up footage actually fit the scene, since he's already in his Orion Armor, but notice, he doesn't use the Warrior's keys!), the mechanical bird swoops in, adjusts around him and he's looking spiffy in his fancy Armor duds in no time. Calling on Red Armored Laser, he sets his sights and blasts away on the target of Hexuba, bombarding her with the increased energy, only to have her laugh it off! The Armored attack makes her grow bigger, Leo seemingly ditching the Armor and calling for Galactabeasts to arise, Magna Defender yells for Torozord to charge!

The PRLG theme-song plays, with words, during this transformation scene, Galaxy Megazord getting Orion Armored-Up and Defender Torozord activating within moments. The two Megazords approach Hexuba with their weapons ready, Hex extends her arms and wraps some kind of cord around each of them. She laughs maniacally while using that face-blast maneuver from earlier, doing damage this time around to both Torozord & Galaxy Megazord, so much that they drop their weapons and collapse in a heap on the ground! Hexuba asks how they dare challenge her, when Leo calls on both Centaurus & Stratoforce Megazords to come help out. Zenith Carrierzord releases the C & S Zord components, and they each come together on their way to the City Dome. Centaurus rolls in and shoulder slams into Hexuba, she falls, groggily gets back up and is greeted by Stratoforce's flying foot move tossing her across the block. Centaurus whips out his Laser Cannon, and unloads its energy blast contents with the power of Rhino, Hexuba feeling the burn in spades! Now it's the Ranger's turn, Leo initiates Galaxy Megazord Saber at full power, chopping through Hexuba with a swift blow. She takes some time to die, enough time for Centaurus & Stratoforce to walk over and stand victoriously with the Galaxy Megazord, as Hexuba blows up, one curse she can no longer be rid of!
Sometime later on Terra Venture, Commander Stanton silently walks the halls of his wayward space station. He approaches Kai & Mike, his two right-hand men, Kai asks what is going on and Stanton tells them to just follow him please. Commander Stanton waves his hand over a security globe attached to a door, it opens to reveal what seems to be Command Headquarters, with High Councilor Renier sitting at one of the terminals, drinking coffee (no food or drink allowed, eh, Stanton?). Stanton apologizes for getting her up at this hour, Renier says that the hour is unimportant but asks if there is any news. The Commander tells her that they've just discovered their fuel reserves have been tainted, and once they lose engine power they'll lose environmental controls. Renier knows that means Terra Venture will then freeze in the icy cold vacuum of space, and nothing onboard will survive! Kai looks at Mike in shock over this revelation, Renier asks Stanton how much time they have, he says maybe one or two more days. After that the systems will shut down one by one until there's nothing left. Renier is speechless, as are Kai, Mike & Stanton, letting the grave words seek in deep. Looks like they're going to lose their lives in the Lost Galaxy!
[scenes from "Raise The Titanisaur"; end credits]

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