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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Escape The Lost Galaxy"
Original Air Date:12/3/99
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-927
*42nd episode of PRLG
*335th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Analisa Brouet _AS_ Haley
John F. Goff _AS_ Benjamin
Jeffery Stackhouse _AS_ Slave
Michelle Tillman _AS_ Alpha 6
Julie Maddalena _AS_ D.E.C.A. (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ The Original Magna Defender (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Barbarax (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Beware The Mutiny", & "Hexuba's Graveyard".]
Terra Venture continues to float through the Lost Galaxy blindly, the starfield painted yellow like the kind of snow you don't want to eat. Inside the City Dome, Barbarax seems to have gotten sick of waiting for his captain to take over the space colony, and is just rounding up TerraV citizens in herds! With the help of his citrus flavored pirates called Swabbies, the spikey space android leads the slave capturing and eventually snatches the first batch by opening a small barrel. Inside is a green Lost Galaxy Goo, which spews forth, wraps around the group of humans, and returns to the bucket, storing them for later use. Barbarax calls them quite a bucketful, just as the Magna Defender makes the scene, Saber slicing some Swabbies down for the count. Mike orders the monster to let them go, but he instead just tells Magny to forget it, swings his Ax into a wall and causes the building above to shatter! The crumbling debris of the heavily used stock footage of a building blowing up collapses onto the Magna Defender, beating him down and burying him beneath it. Barbarax turns his attention to the Power Rangers, who are busy fighting off Swabbies and rescuing potential slaves by leading them away from the badass buccaneers. Barb takes the incentive to slam his Ax into the pavement, cracking the ground in a line straight at our heroes across the sidewalk, and sending the street debris flying into the air, the Rangers shaken off-balance, and then pummeled by the falling sidewalk remains! Getting out while the getting is good enough, the goonies hop onto their floating rowboat, Barbarax informing the Rangers they'll be back for more as the ship takes off. The Magna Defender helps his pals out of their debris blankets, watching helplessly as Barbarax & friends escape, calling this crazy and stating they need to find a way to stop this.
[opening credits, Trakeena added one final time.]
Later in the Power Pad, the gang sits around brainstorming, Leo & Damon at the computer terminal while Maya walks to her seat, saying they've got to find that camp and free all those slaves. Kai plays with his 3-D chessboard (just like on Star Trek), stating they need a strategy, some way to get into the camp. Mike ponders the situation while staring at the chessboard, finally announcing he's got it, the Rangers all turn to him as he tells them he'll let himself be captured! They don't know who he is (seemingly the only villains in known existence without knowledge of the Rangers' identities), they'll take him right to the slave camps and once there, he'll help the people break out. Leo wants to go with his big brother, but Mike tells him no, that if any of the Rangers go, then the others can't use the Lights Of Orion. He has to do it alone, his teammates silent but in agreement on his dangerous decision. Soon, Barbarax is back on Terra Venture, carrying a large chain of Swabbies hanging from his legs as he flies above a building! They drop off and smash through the windowed roof, crashing down and taking the Japanese businesspeople by surprise. Barbarax is ready to get more slaves, holding another barrel as he chases a group of civilians being trapped together by a gang of Swabbies. Mike spots this from afar, waiting until Barb opens the bucket and begins to capture them with the goop, then suddenly jumping into the crowd and getting taken with them! Once the barrel is full, Barb thinks he has enough for now and orders the Swabbies back to the camp.

Returning to Mutiny's orange desert homeworld I usually call Dytanix, we find Deviot looking out over the already crowded slave camp being forced to dig in the blistering heat. He boasts this seems to be going along very nicely, just as Captain Mutiny approaches from behind, to whom Deviot points out another shipment is arriving. Nearby, Barbarax' rowboat lands, he exits the tiny space-vessel and tells Mutiny he got quite a catch today, giving him a look by twisting off the bucket-top. The green goop spills out again, transforming into the recently captured Terra Venture civilians, Mike included. Captain Mutiny aye's that it is a fine catch indeed, welcoming them to his slave camp as Swabbies rush in and begin to snap chains and handcuffs to each of the humans. Mike also gets chained, but luckily his sleeves are rolled up so none of the Tang-colored Terrors notice the Magna Morphers around his wrists. Some time later, Mike is wearing a black tank-top instead of his usual GSA uniform, and is shackled alongside a dark-haired female named Haley, who wears a dirty old jumpsuit (having been captured from some other space ship some time before, apparently). Mike watches the collection of slaves at work on the rock quarry with sad eyes, finally being shoved into his designated area with Haley by some overanxious Swabbies. Time marches on, the slaves continue their never-ending work of mining the fields for treasure as Swabs watch their every move. Mike uses his pickax to dig into the ground, collecting gems one by one. He's got quite a bucketful, and when picking up another small dirt-covered jewel, he notices an old man named Benjamin across the way, being beaten ragged by Barbarax. The old man cowers on the ground as Barb complains of the small amount of gems he's mined today, Ben tries to tell him he's digging as fast as possible, but Barb tells him to dig faster, slicing his Ax down mere inches from Benjamin's body. The old man had better do as the space android says or else Barbarax won't waste any food or water on him! Barb leaves the soiled Benjamin alone, and Mike's witnessing of the event ends as Haley collapses on the mound beside him. Mike tries to help her up, offering his cup of water to her, but she tells him not to help, Mike tells her not to be stubborn as she needs this. She drinks up while Benjamin pauses to watch Mike aiding the lady, Barbarax shouting for them all to get back to work, which they do, Barb exiting while yelling about them all being pathetic! Haley whispers to Mike to never help her again, if he does they'll destroy the both of them. Mike takes the advice and the two slaves continue their endless chores.
Benjamin digs as hard as he can, keeping an eye out for Barbarax, who's making his rounds just feet away. Barb orders the Swabbies to take a slave away for not digging enough jewels, and Ben truly fears for his life, until suddenly his mostly empty bucket gets quickly filled from above, like it was raining gems! He turns to see who gave him a new lease on life, and finds Mike walking away with an empty bucket, Haley next to him, staring at him in shock. Barbarax stops the two with his mighty Ax, having a Swab show him how many gems he dug up, finding the bucket empty he asks Mike if he doesn't feel like digging, ready to make Mike as an example for everyone! Barb shoves Mike over, asking if anyone else wants to show up empty-handed, shouting this is what happens when you don't pull your weight, raising his Ax into the air. Before he can slice some Corbett, Haley steps in his way and halts him, saying Mike is new, yelling out for all the new slaves to remember they work for Captain Mutiny now! Barbarax seems to like her display of loyalty, yelling that's right, as she tells them to dig and dig hard, or they are all dust. Haley says she'll make sure Mike works, Barb tells her she'd better or it'll be her next time, she helps Mike up and they walk away to continue working. Mike asks why she saved him, she whispers it's because he helped her grandpa, Mike suddenly realizing the old poor worker Benjamin is her grandfather!

Meanwhile on Terra Venture, Kai takes the Galaxy Book out of his bunk on the Power Pad, stating the book got them into this mess and it's going to get them out. Placing it on the table and knocking Leo's football over, he begins to flip through the pages, Leo saying he wishes Kendrix were here, because she'd know what to do. Kai says he's looking for the Keonta spell, which is what Deviot read to get them stuck there in the first place, a quick flashback to said event from "Enter The Lost Galaxy" plays. He finally finds the page, Leo sitting near him as Kai begins to read off "Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Hakova!", shutting his eyes and bracing for the worst. Surprisingly, nothing happens after he utters the words, he tosses the book on the table and tries racking his brain. Leo gets up and walks around while playing with a ball, Kai tries thinking out loud about how he wants to reverse the spell. Leo realizes something concerning reversing the spell, grabbing a GSA notebook, sitting next to Kai and asking him to read the spell to him. Kai does so, and as he does, Leo writes the words on paper, backwards, or literally reverse if you will. Leo reads off "Avokah", Kai "Etinalem (or something close to it)", Leo "Avorak", and suddenly the book's pages begin to surge with electricity. Leo hands Kai the tablet with the final word, backing away from the book on the table and bracing for whatever is going to be thrown at them. Kai states the last word of the spell, "Atnoek", with his eyes shut, but opening them when he discovers nothing happened, Leo looking around awaiting something as well. Before they know it, a surge of lightning explodes forth from the Galaxy Book, knocking the both of them backwards in their seat! The get up and hide behind the seat as the book crackles with energy, and suddenly warps into a blue light, and zipping off through the Power Pad window! Kai & Leo race over to the window and peer out in the Lost Galaxy space, discovering the Galaxy Book has created a tear in the fabric of time & space, reopening the portal in a flash of light! The two Rangers cheer over their good deed, as in the Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton rushes past his shipmates and watches the portal in view. The portal strongly resembles the one from "Quasar Quest" (in fact, so much so that you could very well connect these two together if you tried...), Stanton is in awe, ordering his crew to set a course so they can get out of there!

Terra Venture approaches the portal out of the Lost Galaxy, as sun sets on the Dytanix planet. The workers are finally led away from the mining fields by Swabbies, Barbarax tells everyone to return to their cells immediately. Mike watches as Swabbies play with buckets of water unaware of the prisoners behind them, so he grabs Haley and ducks between some boulders. Benjamin spots them and decides to create a distraction for them by racing over and fighting the Swabbie for the water! He acts like a madman and ends up drug away to Barbarax' special guest cell, giving Haley & Mike a chance to sneak off. The slaves are lead into their small cells, literal holes in a cave wall surrounded by Swabbies and bars, lit only by small torches. Mike & Haley hide behind some barrels near the cells, Haley asking what they do now, Mike presses his Morpher and contacts Leo, telling him to get there in exactly thirty minutes. Haley asks who he is, Mike is at a loss for words but promises to tell her later, and in this darkened image he looks a lot like Jason. No peace conference for him though, as he waits until the Swabbies have locked up and are standing on guard to leap out and attack. He's still chained to Haley, so they use the shackles to wrap around a Swabbie and kick him over. After taking only one down, Haley is giggling like crazy and almost gets struck by another Swabbie, but luckily Mike twists around and is able to wrap their chain around the Swab's blade-carrying arm and flip him over. This circus peanut pirate is carrying the keys, Haley & Mike each grab a set triumphantly and set about to let her people go!
Mike unlocks a cell full of people, they frantically rush out the door and knock a Swabbie over in the stampede. Haley also has freed a cell, Mike makes his way past her and to a third one, where people happily exit, Mike telling them to Shh (and they don't listen, too busy trying to escape) and hurry. They're not too in a rush they don't help each other up one when falls down, the slaves freed and running away (but to where? He didn't exactly tell them where to go!), Haley looks around for her grandfather as Mike grabs her arm and says they've got to go! Meanwhile, the Astro Megaship approaches the Dytanix planet at full speed, landing on the surface and opening the cargo bay, the Power Rangers lead the slaves inside as quickly as they can. Blue Ranger heads to Mike & Haley, telling him the portal opened and they need to go right away, Mike thinks that's great, but Haley (no longer chained to Mike) takes off in the opposite direction. She makes her way through the crowds of fleeing people, asking one slave (the same exact one who called out to the Rangers for help from "Beware The Mutiny") where Benjamin is, he tells her Barbarax took him away. Mike races after Haley and grabs her arm, asking where she's going, she tells him and he says for her to go back to the ship, he'll get her grandfather. She won't leave him, wriggling out of Mike's clutches and running off once more, the Rangers continuing to load slaves onto the Megaship. Back near the camp, Benjamin is locked into the "special cell" with a Swabbie on guard. The Swab gets beaten to a pulp by Mike, who grabs the keys to the medieval device Ben's head & arms are strapped into, Haley asking her grandpa if he's okay. He is, and once freed, Mike & Haley support him along as they race back to the Megaship. Until they bump into Barbarax, that is, announcing no one escapes his slave camp! Barb wields his Ax fiercely at the three slaves, Mike tells Ben & Haley to go the ship and he'll catch up. Mike rushes at Barbarax, positioning his Magna Morphers into place and Morphing into the Magna Defender in a flash of green energy, right before Haley & Grandpa's stunned eyes! The Magna Defender strikes at Barbarax' Ax with his Saber, slicing and kicking the space android off long enough to once again yell to Haley & Ben to get to the ship, which they finally set off to do. Barbarax recovers and asks if he thinks he can take him, Mike readies the Saber and says he doesn't think, he knows!

Back at the Megaship, Red Ranger awaits his brother's return, as Yellow Ranger urges Leo on the fact that they have to go. He tells her just one more minute, and spots Ben & Haley making the scene, helping them into the Megaship as fast as possible. Elsewhere, Magna Defender strikes Barbarax down onto some wooden device that happened to be in the way (but doesn't break when the huge robot falls on it). Back in the Megaship hallways, the Rangers (and Alpha in a brief appearance) hand out blankets to keep the Slaves warm, Maya saying they'll get food together soon as well. Haley covers her grandfather up and leaves him on the floor as she goes in search of Mike, calling out his name in vain (and passing a girl who looks remarkably like Cassie, and in fact, the Close Captions call Maya "Cassie" in a later scene! Funny, eh? It's not PJL, though.) Red Ranger is on the Bridge, asking if the others are ready to liftoff, Blue Ranger says you bet, as he & Pink press the buttons and the Megaship lifts into the air. Nearby, Captain Mutiny notices the ship and asks Deviot who that is, Robobard informs him and also points out they're taking the slaves! Mutiny will just have to see about that, saying the Rangers have gone too far, Morphing his Hook-hand into a small cannon. Aiming the mighty arm in the direction of the unaware Megaship, but before he can fire, he gets blasted in the back by the Magna Blaster! Mike tells the stunned Mutiny that he's the one who's gone too far, cocking the rifle for another round as the Megaship takes off into space, getting out of the space buccaneer's firing range. Magna Defender mentions such, and Mutiny says they may be but he's not, firing his cannon at Mike and causing a set of explosions so powerful around him that he's thrown into a steep hillside behind him (and from the looks of things, he was thrown quite far). Magna Defender rolls down the hill, losing his Blaster/Saber on the way down, and finally reaching the bottom drained. He passes out and demorphs, Captain Mutiny stands at the top of the hill above him with Deviot, asking the big, tough Magna Defender if he had a nice trip, laughing evilly over his own joke while kicking dirt down at the dozing Mike. Deviot says they still have time to stop the Power Rangers, as they'll be heading towards the Portal, Mutiny says that so will they, Deviot responds with an exactly! The Astro Megaship speeds through the Lost Galaxy, not realizing that Captain Mutiny's Castle is floating right behind it (in a scene much similar to the Scorpion Stinger following the Megaship from QQ2, I say).

Back on Dytanix, Mike lies on the ground, still down for the count, when the original Magna Defender's spirit suddenly appears standing above him! He tells Mike to listen to him, he must rise up, reach inside and find the strength of the Magna Defender, for his greatest mission lies just ahead. Mike awakens upon hearing his old friend's words, opening his eyes to see the Magna Ghost tell him he can do it, before quickly vanishing once more. Meanwhile, Terra Venture is on the cusp of the portal, which Stanton notices is starting to close! In the Megaship, Kai announces they're approaching Terra Venture, Leo orders all system to prepare to dock (where's Damon? The Megaship is his girl, after all), when Haley walks in and says Mike's missing, she can't find him anywhere. Leo is shocked at this news, and even more bad news comes when DECA tells him the portal is rapidly closing! The view screen shows the withering portal, Karone says they have to hurry or they won't make it. The Astro Megaship has just about reached Terra Venture, when the Defender Torozord zooms past both, heading right for the portal. Commander Stanton spots the Torozord through the Command HQ windows, as does Leo & company on the Megaship. Leo shouts for Mike not to do it (good thing Haley already knows his identity, since she's standing right there, watching with bated breath along with the others), as Defender Torozord wedges itself inside the portal, extending its arms outward and widening the gap created by the shrinking rift in space. The Torozord stretches out the fabric of the dimensional tear, bearing incredible power backlash in turn, green energy explodes forth as it holds back the closing of the portal, until it can take no more! A green glow blinds all who are watching, as the Defender Torozord explodes into mangled debris from the strain of holding the portal together! Leo screams for his brother, but Karone holds him back as he watches the viewing screen in horror of losing his brother once again. Kai says the portal is still open and they have to go now, racing to the controls and taking charge of the ship with Karone's assistance.

In Command HQ, Stanton (also having seen the Torozord's untimely sacrifice) orders full thrust in the engines right now! The Megaship heads for the TerraV docking bay, while the space station is violently shaken by the force of slowly entering the wormhole. The green glow strengthens in the Command HQ, Stanton braces himself and has his crew recalibrate the stabilizers, Terra Venture inside the portal and slipping between the barriers of the Lost Galaxy, and hopefully their own universe! Witnessing the multicolored walls of the wormhole, Stanton proudly proclaims they're almost there, shouting "come on!" as Terra Venture quickly exits the other side of the portal. The pitch black emptiness littered with only the whitest of small stars of known space is a welcomed image, as Stanton announces to his crew that they made it. Terra Venture erupts in cheers, as do everyone aboard the Astro Megaship! Benjamin is helped up by his fellow former slaves, and he yells out they're all free, the Rangers (at least Green & Yellow) shout out in celebration too. Everyone's too busy being happy (or sad, in Leo's case), to notice as Mutiny's Castle exits the portal as well! With Barbarax at the wheel, Captain Mutiny states he'll rule this other galaxy as well, when the castle suddenly shakes, dirt-debris falls on Mutiny's big boater head. An exterior shot reveals the Scorpion Stinger is right outside, and inside it Trakeena says there's only room for one ruler in this universe, and that's her! She presses a button on the control panel, and the Stinger pinchers chomp off part of Mutiny's Castle! Deviot, Barbarax, and Captain Mutiny scream as the place comes down on their heads, while the Scorpion Stinger slithers away after Terra Venture. Just as it leaves the scene, Captain Mutiny's Castle glows blue and explodes, as if a million Swabbies cried out an "Arr!" all at once, and then were silenced.
Red Ranger takes his Jet Jammer and combs the area near the now closed portal, saying he's got to be around there somewhere. He says he'll find him if it's the last thing he ever does, and all the searching pays off when he finds Mike's body drifting in space! Leo positions the Jammer near his brother and hauls him in (let's pretend the last remnant of the Magna powers shielded his body from the rigors of space, eh?), clutching his body against him and trying to wake him up. Mike's weary body doesn't respond, but Leo notices he's indeed alive, and that his Magna Morpher is completely fried! Leo takes him back to the ship, and sometime later Mike wakes up in a hospital room on Terra Venture, bandaged up, with Haley & Leo standing next to him. Haley asks how he's doing, and he tells her he's okay, asking the same in return, she happily says she feels free! She tells him they all do thanks to him, she's just sorry it cost him his powers to do it. Mike's not sorry at all, because that's exactly what the powers were meant for. Haley & Leo smile, unaware as the Magna Defender's spirit appears before Mike once again, thanking him. The deceased Defender says he served the legacy of the Magna Defender with honor. He vanishes one final time (and i'm surprised he didn't scold Mike for killing his old pal, Torozord), as Mike rubs his bare Morpher-less wrist, giving one last smile.
[scenes from "Journey's End, Part 1"; end credits]

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