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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Journey's End, Part 1"
Original Air Date:12/16/99
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-927
*42nd episode of PRLG
*335th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Tyler Trute _AS_ Son


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", & "Escape The Lost Galaxy".]
The Scorpion Stinger continues its evil trek through space, with its original intentions revived. Trakeena stands in the control room with her companions, Villamax & Kegler, watching the view screen as the Terra Venture space colony inches its way through the cosmos. Trakeena snidely remarks that the Terra Venturians will wish they never left the Lost Galaxy when she's done with them. Her renewed purpose in life will have to wait, as Deviot makes the scene, smoke still rising from his worn robotic Shakespearean body. Deviot survived the recent destruction of Captain Mutiny's Castle-ship (but apparently, Barbarax & Mutiny weren't so lucky), and he now attempts to come crawling back to Trakeena almost literally on his knees. He tells her he doesn't know if he can ever repay her for saving him from that space pirate, lying through his metallic mouth as he speaks of Captain Mutiny kidnapping him and forcing him to do labor in his slave camp! Deviot asks again how he can ever repay her for saving him. Trakeena sarcastically notes his loyalty is overwhelming, for a traitor! Upon raising her voice on that last word, Villamax whips out his sword and aims it at Robobard, who grovels about living only to serve her. Trakeena orders Villamax to destroy Deviot before she gets a headache, and her loyal sidekick jumps to the task, slashing at the traitorous robot with his sword and kicking him down violently. Deviot begs for his life, but Villamax only responds with angry grunts, causing Robobard to get up, and run away into the bowls of the Scorpion Stinger, with Villy giving chase! Deviot ends up in one of the lower levels of the bug-ship, damaged and likely on his last leg, when he spots the cocoon Scorpius made for his daughter in "Stolen Beauty". It's been stored in this storage room for a while, and now Deviot has what he calls a source of unparalleled power in his grasp. He stumbles over to the slimy blue glowing cocoon, boasting its magnificent energy will finally be his! He musters up enough power to shoot off a gauntlet blast at the chains covering the cocoon, and with them out of the way, he's free to make a play for it. As he gets closer to his target, he states he's going to give his queen more than just a headache!
[opening credits]
Deviot says Trakeena had her chance and now he'll show her no mercy! Before he can reach the cocoon, Villamax grabs his shoulder, turns the weak robot-monster around and punches him in the gut. Deviot tries to strike back, but gets his arm caught by the skillful Villy, holding him in place as Trakeena & Kegler enter the room. Trakeena laughs evilly, Deviot begs for her to call him off, but instead Villamax swings Robobard around and throws some more hits into his chest, culminating in one final blow that creates a flashy explosion (guess he shouldn't have had that last nitro-taco for lunch). Villamax then flips Deviot over, pinning him on the ground with sword in hand, telling the back-stabber to say his final good-byes! Trakeena giggles nearby, while watching Deviot try to talk his way out of things by saying they don't understand, Trakeena finally telling Villy to finish him off. Villamax lifts Deviot up, strikes him with the blunt end of his sword, and then follows that up with a mighty slash to the torso, sparks go flying, and so does Deviot! Right over near to where Trakeena is standing and gloating, but the blow wasn't fatal enough, so Deviot rushes over to surprised Trakeena, grabs her and pushes her quickly through Villamax. Deviot shoves Trakeena into the cocoon with him, as the two leap into the glowing last gift of Trakeena's father. Villamax calls out Trakeena's name as the cocoon begins to light up like a Christmas tree, lightning flashing from within, and inside it we find Trakeena & Deviot merging! Seems they're taking the whole "Morphin" thing a little too far, as the mystical properties of the cocoon Scorpius intended for Trakeena to use to become a full-fledge powerful bug-babe fuse the two into one (Deviot appears to be enjoying the whole painful deal). Barely a few moments after being thrust into it, Trakeena suddenly is thrown from the cocoon, the same way she went in. The lightshow ends as well, and Deviot is nowhere to be seen, Villamax & Kegler head to Trakeena's side as she lay on the ground. Villamax asks if she's alright, and she quickly whips her head around, her eyes now a strange shade of gold, her head has sprouted the same wires that protruded from Deviot's, and her right arm is now that of Deviot's gauntlet! Her voice is affected as well, as she says she's okay but Deviot's not, he's finished, her voice echoes in a metallic tone like that of Deviot's! She stands up and walks out of the room like nothing's happened, laughing a lot more than usual, her face also seems to be a lot paler. Kegler gives a bothered "Oh, dear" at her new attitude, and Villamax is truly speechless about the whole ordeal!

Meanwhile on Terra Venture, Command Stanton meets with the High Council. He tells them they have only one working engine, their fastest speed is only one-tenth of normal, they're literally going nowhere slowly! Councilor Brody mentions fixing the engines, but Stanton informs him they're damaged beyond repair. They're going to have to land, and one of the unnamed Councilors, an older blonde woman who isn't even paid enough to speak (she's dubbed, saving Saban a buck in the process!) asks where and if Stanton has any ideas. He does, telling them this planet is within reach, cueing up an image of the world on the television monitors. It's a large green planet with white clouds covering it, and a small moon orbiting around it. It looks like Mirinoi, but if you compare it to the shots from "Quasar Quest", they're very different. That likely means nothing (they've changed planets exteriors loads of times, like Onyx), but still, something to think about for the moment. The Council is in awe of the sight, Stanton says they just received the first aerial images from the probe, pictures of a tree & ocean world just like Earth unfold. Stanton even mentions as much, saying it looks very familiar, given its oxygen atmosphere, water, carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as humans know it! Brody breathlessly calls it beautiful, Stanton couldn't agree with him more. High Councilor Renier congratulates Commander Stanton, walking over and shaking his hand, saying he's lead them to the new world! Brody joins in the back-patting, Stanton thanks them, as they watch their new world's picture on the monitors above.

Soon in the main City Dome, messages ring out for the citizens of Terra Venture to prepare to receive an urgent announcement. The Rangers are among the people gather around the huge GSA image screen in the center of the city, Leo asking his friends what's going on. Suddenly, Commander Stanton appears on the screen, addressing his fellow citizens of Terra Venture, speaking about 212 days ago they set out from Earth with a dream to find a new world. He walks along the Command Headquarters with a headset on, Brody & Renier standing off to the side with the rest of the Galactic Space Alliance crew, Kai & Mike among them. Commander Stanton says they didn't know exactly what lay in store for them, but they forged on bravely through think and thin, they came together as a team & family, hoping one day their determination would pay off. The entire colony is silent as they listen to his words, and finally Stanton says they stand at the doorway of destiny, telling them all to look up and see their new home! The Terra Venturians gaze into the artificial atmosphere of the Dome, and watch it fade away, leaving only the stars of outer space, and the sight of a lush green planet before them. Everyone aboard is agape at this, Stanton tells them they'll be on the new world as of tomorrow morning. Cheers begin to ring out from the crowds, Leo one of the first to do so, before turning and hugging Karone, as Maya hugs Damon. In Command HQ, Renier starts the applause for Command Stanton, and the hand shaking commences. Back in the City Dome, the four Rangers are as excited as everyone else aboard, including some uncredited father lifting his credited son up to the glass dome sky and proclaiming they're home!
The Terra Venture space station gets closer to the green planet even more with each passing second, and things have quieted down in Command HQ. Commander Stanton goes about his usual duties, when he spots Mike standing nearby, gazing out the window at the sight of the new world. In a scene much like that of Mike & Stanton saying good-bye to Earth in QQ1, Stanton walks over and informs Mike he could, maybe, get some sleep. The new world isn't going anywhere as he tells him, but Mike just wants to make like that Aero-band and not miss a thing, not after all it took to get here. Stanton says there was a time when he wondered if they'd make it at all, pausing to check out the view some more before telling him they've got a big day tomorrow, Mike says he knows and is just going to stay a little while longer. Elsewhere, in the City Dome, the Power Rangers enjoy some relaxing moments watching their new home planet in the sky above. Damon says they called it a dream, and pretty soon it's going to be a reality. Karone (who apparently is in no rush to be back with her brother she was without for so long) wonders what they'll find up there, and she excitedly says she wants to see every bit of it, Kai's below her, giving a goofy grin to her statement. Leo asks if they can imagine it, no cars & no pollution, Maya continuing by talking of beaches without a single footprint, like it was just born. She wishes Kendrix were here to see this, Leo walking over and putting his hand on her shoulder in comfort, when Damon tells them all to look! Kai gives a wow to the sight, of the new sun rising along the new world's horizon. Leo calls it beautiful, as the light from the giant ball of burning gas illuminates their new day and new era of mankind. The sun has risen completely for the colony, and Kai quickly remembers he has to go, he's going to be late for his shift! Leo asks him so what if he's late, Kai says if they want to get from here to there, he's got to help land the colony, the Rangers shoving him off quickly to do the necessary task of ending this journey!

Soon in Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton enters and gives Mike the word to begin landing procedures. Mike seals all domes, while Kai changes thrust angle to 109.4, Stanton crosses his arms and views the green world and its slightly crimson moon outside. Everyone if covered in smiles as Terra Venture heads towards the green glow of the new world, when suddenly a distant rumble is heard throughout the colony. Leo & Damon hop out of their Venture Vehicle and listen to the noise, Leo thinks it may be the engine acting up, but Damon knows it's something else. The source becomes apparent when the artificial atmosphere projector flicks off, exposing the Scorpion Stinger flying right above them! Leo thought they lost Trakeena, but this proves otherwise, I'd say. Onboard the Stinger, the new Deviot-Trakeena hybrid bids Terra Venture a menacing welcome back to this galaxy. She positions the Scorpion Stinger over what appears to be the Industrial Dome, firing the Stinger Tail-laser with full force at the helpless dome, rocking the colony! People panic frantically about the streets, while Damon & Leo run not to save their own lives, but likely everyone else's. They bump into some GSA Soldiers loading high-explosives into a secure truck, and try to play off their urgency for a moment as the truck prepares to go to sector seven. Leo has an idea, gesturing Damon to watch as he slips into the Humvee, grabs a briefcase full of explosives, and sneaks out the other side before the soldiers can notice. Most of them are too busy leading the people into an orderly fashion of evacuation, as TerraV shakes like crazy, Command HQ taking quite a beating from it all. They continue doing their duties, as Kai points to Commander Stanton as the Scorpion Stinger circles the Command Tower a little too closely! Stanton calls for reverse thrusters, while the Stinger slinks its way to the bottom of the ship, getting into position and firing a Tail-laser at the one remaining engine! It's blasted to smithereens, along with a few workers down there, it seems! Trakeena's mutated eyes sparkle at the sight of the burning destruction unfolding before her, sitting on the Stinger throne and metallically stating nothing can stop her this time, nothing! Villamax is doing scans on the colony, when he spots the Green Ranger in what looks to be the Mountain Dome's access hallway. He waves his arms high at the Scorpion Stinger, trying to get its attention through the clear glass surround him. Trakeena orders Villamax to go after him, swinging the Stinger around and above the access-way, Green Ranger covering his head as he asks why does he always have to be the decoy?! The last word gets cut off by a shout of shock by Damon, when the Stinger bites its pinchers down into the glass around him! Green Ranger races away from the evil alien spaceship attacking, glass shatters like so much paper in a hailstorm following Damon faster than he can really keep up. Red Ranger is at the end of the hallway, watching his pal in turmoil, and finally opening the case to take out the explosive device within. He activates the buttons on the pint-sized bomb, saying here's a little gift for Trakeena she's never going to forget!
The Scorpion Stinger bites into the glass corridors with its huge metal pinchers, while Green Ranger tries to avoid getting sliced, diced or chopped by any number of hazards. The left pincher pokes through an already shattered area of the hallway, almost stabbing Damon, but the call is close, Green Ranger quickly leaps over it and moves on as fast as he can. Red Ranger is waiting for it to get closer, Damon shouting for him to do it any day now, Leo seems to be in shock or something, hardly moving as he watches the glass smashing just feet away from his Ranger friend. Damon rushes by and tells him to do it, stunned back into leader mode by not only that, but the pincher biting through the glass and almost gutting him like a red snapper! Leo sticks the device on the pincher, pressing the final button and saying that ought to do it, running over to Green Ranger as the Stinger removes its bomb-toting tooth. Damon says they'd better get out of there, Leo is right behind him, the two running towards safety while the beeping of the bomb intensifies, Trakeena's vengenaceful rage blinding her to this swift act of trickery. Green & Red Ranger leap away as the explosion erupts behind them, half the access hallway is ripped to pieces, but so has the Scorpion Stinger's left Pincher! Those aboard the Stinger are thrown about violently, debris rains down on the two Rangers who turn to watch as the Scorpion Stinger loses control and flips over in a downward spiral. Leo shouts they did it, Damon gives a "Yeah, baby!" to this, while the Stinger regains control and takes off with only a singed stub of a Pincher remaining! Up in Command Headquarters, smoke is filling the place, things are shorting out all over, sparks are flying, and as Mike tells Stanton, they've lost all power. Kai says they're not going to make it, they're heading straight for that moon, the moon of the new world (which resembles ours quite a bit, hmm...) a little too close for comfort as seen by the window. Stanton orders all fuel valves shut, as the colony shakes from side to side, the Science Division losing quite a bit of equipment as things are thrown around and blow up, although people are thrown from one direction to the next, no one explodes.

Terra Venture plummets towards the moon in a vertical angle, holding enough position at least to attempt what could be a safe crash landing. Commander Stanton screams for everyone to hold on, as the space colony slams into the lunar surface, the engines shredded off as they scrape along the ground. Command HQ experiences a series of explosions, and everyone aboard braces themselves for impact. Terra Venture plows right into a large chunk of the moon, a mountain of sorts, ripping the bottom hull of the space station asunder! Machinery blows up in peoples faces, and people get thrown over things and down really hard. The City Dome, rocked from its built position atop the space colony, rips away from the rest of Terra Venture and slides off along the rough horizon of the moon like nothing more than a cheap Frisbee! When it comes to a rest, there lies a large line in the dirt from where it skidded across the ground to where it remains some miles away. Inside the ruins of Command HQ, Kai & Mike help coworkers up through the rubble and debris that was once their workspace. Kai takes care of some fires that have popped up, Stanton wants a full damage report and orders all medical teams to be moving out at once! In the City Dome, people crawl from the wreckage of flipped Venture Vehicles and plenty of other loose building materials. Karone & Maya help a young lady from under some rubble, when Leo & Damon make the scene and ask if everyone is okay, before running over to help out with the survivors. Damon glances up at the dome, watching as it starts to slowly crack and crumble from the stress of today's events! Leo checks it out as well, huge hunks of glass falling onto whoever's unlucky enough to be on the other side of the Dome. He also spots the father & son from earlier, the kid cries and asks if they'll ever make it to the new world, the dad assures him they will, and what's supposed to be a touching moment comes off as sappy and pointless, and it appears it takes Leo a few minutes of staring at them to realize that. Get to work! No wonder you're not gonna be around for Lightspeed Rescue, you slacker! Meanwhile, Commander Stanton walks through the trashed hallways of the Command Tower, bumping into Mike, who tells him they're losing atmospheric pressure, and Kai, who tells him the main dome is cracking faster than they can fix it. Stanton & his two pals head into another room, where Councilors Renier & Brody await, Renier asking how much longer. He tells her not much, if the main dome collapses, they won't survive. Brody asks if he's suggesting they abandon Terra Venture (Hey, Humpty Dumpty! Terra Venture is in a million pieces, there's nothing left to abandon!), the entire crew listens for their Commander's words. He sternly states this ship is dying, and he doesn't want them to die with it! Renier steps forward and tells him to evacuate the ship, the word going out quickly as soldiers call out for people to move along, even evacuating people from the front of the Saban Studios building! Loading children up in trucks as fast as they can fill them, this is going to be one long, happy day of landing on the new world, indeed.
The Scorpion Stinger slinks through space with recycled footage (the Pincher repaired? Part 2 says otherwise!), and inside the newly extra twisted Trakeena watches a huge fly buzz around her head. Kegler giggles as he witnesses her grab the fly between her slender fingers, and pop him in her mouth. Keggy gets nauseous at the sight of her munching on a bug, informing her that could have been a relative she just ate. She replies with a loud belch, and he fires back that he was just kidding. Trakeena smiles and chuckles evilly before walking away, Kegler still not quite getting used to this new Trakeena. Soon, in come the single-file marching army of Stingwingers! Each one is fitted with their own explosive device, strapped to their chests (seems Leo gave her a pretty nasty idea!), Villamax bringing up this insane kamikaze action. She says they'll destroy everything they get near, including the Rangers, and what's left of Terra Venture! Villy, ever the honor-player, urges her to destroy the Rangers without destroying their own soldiers. Trakeena tells him to save it, she's got a date with destiny, and she won't be late! She shoves him aside and heads off to where the Stingwingers went, leaving a loyalty-question Villamax behind. Trakeena enters the Stingwinger hive, huge catacomb of honeycombs containing thousands of Stingwingers inside each one! She stands in the center of the place, addressing her troops, saying today she, the great Trakeena, shall finally defeat all that is good and take her place that she so truly deserves, as ruler of the universe! She says to let history unfold, laughing wickedly while the endless assault of Stingwingers buzz forth from the honeycombs, exiting the Scorpion Stinger in droves, each carrying a bomb! Over on Terra Venture, the shuttle hangers are almost empty, filled each to the brim with refugees from the space colony. More pile out to the emergency loading bay, leaving only with the clothes on their back, lead by GSA troops. In what remains of Command HQ, Kai checks radar to find incoming fliers. Stanton & Mike check the news, Kai believes those blips are Stingwingers, much to everyone's dismay, horror and shock! The Stingwingers flap their little wings as they swoop down on the crippled City Dome laying on the lunar surface, with the Scorpion Stinger right behind them. Atop and outside the Stinger's head, stands the ruler from within, Trakeena, who rides into battle with her crazy attitude showing no bounds. Watching her armies swarm on Terra Venture, she laughs maniacally, stating there's victory in the air (or whatever passes for air on moons in the PR Universe), and cackling some more!
[to be continued...; scenes from "Journey's End, Part 2"; end credits]

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