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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Journey's End, Part 3"
Original Air Date:12/18/99
*Regular Season 7 Continues (7th Season by Series Finale)
*Official Network Show Number PR-930
*45th and FINAL episode of PRLG
*338th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix Morgan
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning _AS_ Professor Phenomenus
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
Richard Grant _AS_ Jera
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (flashback voice)


[scenes from "Journey's End, Part 1 & 2".]
The Scorpion Stinger remains in its final resting place on the moon of the New World, and inside we find Trakeena making her way through the wreckage to the cocoon. She hears (and sees) one of her father's final words to her, about shedding her mortal beauty and becoming an insect with magnificent powers. Stating they haven't seen the last of her in her new metallic voice, Trakeena agrees with her deceased father's wishes that it is now time, approaching the cocoon without haste. Upon touching it with her hand, Trakeena is reduced to green specks of light, reassembling her inside the cocoon's slimy shell. Her body writhes around inside, as energy cracklings within like lighting, and her body transmutates into a new, monstrous form. Apparently purging Deviot's influence from her system (or for all we know, Deviot's one time Keonta Monster form is enhancing and agitating this transformation), she rips free from the cocoon with a kick and a punch. Stepping out from the cocoon with a slop with her stomp, Trakeena leaves behind a huge pile of green ectoplasm, her new body covered with the goop. She walks away, slowly with a goal in mind for using her new powers. Meanwhile, outside on the lunar surface, Leo checks out what's left of his Jet Jammer. The thing is totaled, no chance of getting out of there by that method, he attempts to contact Karone & Alpha on his Transmorpher. Like I mentioned before, the communications would likely not work without the Megaship, so all he gets is static. He calls for Alpha once more, and finally gives up and turns attention to a disturbance nearby. Making his weary way across the desolate landscape, he discovers the Scorpion Stinger has crashed just behind the edge of a large crater nearby!
[opening credits]
On the New World, the former citizens of Terra Venture have set up camp in the primitive planet, using tents and other items stored away on the shuttles that brought them there. Commander Stanton still leads the way, and Mike still at his side, like always. Mike informs the Commander that everyone has been accounted for, Stanton calls this good and asks for a report on the food & water supplies. Mike exits to do so, leaving Stanton to grope a lady's fruit she likely picked off in the forest. Hiding behind a tent, Mike contacts Kai via a walkie-talkie (considering Mike is Morpher-less to begin with) and asks if he's found anything yet. Kai answers back they've got nothing yet, and when Maya & Karone show up from a search of the area, they too have found no sign of Leo. None of his friends realize he's still on the new moon, walking through the debris left over from the Scorpion Stinger's demise. He finds an entrance in the side of the shipwrecked Stinger, a hole ripped through the wall. Inspecting the area, he discovers a trail of footprints heading off in another direction, each footprint is filled with green ooze. Leo recognizes that goo anywhere, and knows Trakeena is up to something, following the prints over the horizon and finding the City Dome, the last piece of Terra Venture, in the distance.

Inside the Command Tower, Trakeena oozes her way through the dark corridors, finally reaching Command Headquarters. Once there, she raises her slime covered arm into the air, summoning forth her Scorpius-staff. Slamming the bottom end of it into the floor, golden & green energy purges from within, rippling outward throughout the entire Dome! Leo is strolling through the ransacked city streets as this goes on, noticing that the computer terminals around him have begun to light up once more. As he surmises, the power is back on, and it's all thanks to Trakeena, who is still in Command HQ, using her magnificent powers to cause the City Dome to ride up from the grave! Charged with her evil energy, the Dome lifts from the moon with a mighty heave! Leo stumbles to the ground as it takes off, noticing through the huge cracks in the Dome glass that the whole place is moving. He calls it impossible, but as we see, the Dome is zooming away from the moon like a man-made U.F.O!
The City Dome floats towards the new world rather quickly, resembling the Dark Fortress with a glass-hat on to me. Leo enters the Command Tower slowly, checking out the feetmarks of slime leading the way into the center of the chaos. Once in Command HQ, he finds the source of Terra Venture's newfound power, the Scorpius-staff, positioned in the middle of the room. Energy ebbs out from the tarantula encased in amber at the top of the staff, filling all equipment aboard with a new power source. Leo creeps through the room with caution, not sure where Trakeena may be at the moment. A green glow fills the room, Leo tries reading some of the computer panels for information, and while he does this, Trakeena scurries across the wall behind him! He turns his head too late to see her, but is aware she's lurking around. Around indeed, as Trakeena drops from the ceiling in the center of the room, her new form revealed! Resembling her green battle armor mode, but with a face that looks to be a cross between those Roswell aliens and a mantis, Trakeena speaks with a creepy (no longer robotic) tone to her voice, welcoming Leo back. He jumps at the sight of her, gasping out her name, she answers that it's her, only bigger and badder. She wiggles her freaky body about, slime drips off of it with each motion, Trakeena explains she was just on her way to smash him and all his pathetic people on the planet with their dear Terra Venture! Trakeena leaps into the air, kicking rapidly as she jumps over Leo's head, he ducks down and tries to defend himself, but ends up knocked back into what's left of a wall. The computer announces an alert that they are on a collision course, Leo alarmed to the situation, Trakeena says the only way to stop the ship is to stop her! She hops back into battle with him, flipping and knocking him all over the Command Headquarters. He tries to fight back, but every blow thrown strikes dead air, not landing a one attack on the bug-queen of evil! She grabs him once more, and tosses him towards the elevator, but it appears the elevator is out of service. He falls over the side of the huge glass building that leads to the Command Tower, plummeting to his doom at an excessive rate.

Not wanting to be street pizza, Leo grabs his Transmorpher and Goes Galactic, Morphing just before he smashes against the debris blanketed concrete below. Trakeena has followed him the way he went down, crumbling the ground beneath her when she lands crouched down on her feet. Red Ranger turns around and finds her standing very close to him, boasting how fitting it is for Terra Venture to destroy its own people. Leo vows it won't happen while he's still around, whipping out his Quasar Saber and preparing for action. Trakeena leaps into the air, and transforms into a green blur of energy, zipping around the court area, appearing as the green image of her head for a moment. Leo strikes at it, allowing her to slip around, regain physical form and grab him while he's left open. She laughs evilly while grabbing him from behind, even sticking her tongue out sickly, until he breaks free and attempts to attack her. She blocks the strikes, and strikes back, blasting him over into a small fountain below the courtyard area. The City Dome continues hovering to the New World, while on the planet surface, the four Rangers are still combing the jungles in search of Leo. Mike contacts Kai again, this time letting him know he found his brother, flying on a collision course with them on Terra Venture! Damon calls this impossible, and Mike mentions Trakeena must have figured out a way to power it again. Mike glances into a tent, where the High Council (or at least, Renier & Brody) is meeting with Commander Stanton. They watch a monitor hooked up to Terra Venture's frequency, enabling them to witness Red Ranger getting his butt kicked by Trakeena! Mike mentions Leo is up there fighting and trying to stop her, so Kai tells him they're on their way, the four rushing off to get their Jet Jammers.

Before you know it, the Jammers are streaking up towards the City Dome in space. Inside, Trakeena taunts Red Ranger some more, saying when Terra Venture crashes it'll destroy everyone on the entire planet! Just like her father, but only this time Leo won't be around to see it! Red Ranger braces for whatever she may throw at him, but ending up backed against a Venture Vehicle, she fires a green energy blast, exploding the electric car and blasting him away violently. Trakeena cackles over his misfortune, watching him recover from the fall, telling him that maybe she won't zap him, maybe she'll just eat him! The Jet Jammers swoop into the Dome, Yellow & Pink are the first on the scene of battle, the girls call out to Leo. Trakeena fires a blast the Yellow Jammer, Maya hops off and lets her Jammer smash into the ground, likely ruining it. The other Power Rangers make the scene, Karone helps Leo stand up, asking him if he's alright. He says he is, but they've got problems, Trakeena welcomes them all back, causing Kai to ask what that thing is. Leo tells him it's Trakeena, she's gone through a change and her new powers are worse than her new looks! The Saber wielding Rangers rush into action, Trakeena slips past every attack and makes her way against Karone. She kicks the Pink Ranger across the way with intense force, then taking on both Green & Blue Rangers with ease. Trakeena shoves a table into Kai with great speed, smashing into him and knocking him cold. Eventually, she takes down all but one, that being Red Ranger. He goads her into fighting with him, Trakeena pulling out a green whip from her arm and cracking it forth at Leo. It wraps around his body, she cracks it off and the whip slams Red Ranger into the side of a stairwell wall, before releasing him and letting him fall along with heavy debris. Trakeena moves in for the kill, while on the New World, Mike, High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody and Commander Stanton exit their tent, along with the other GSA members inside, to watch the skies. Other people in the colony do as well, spotting the huge Dome they once called home, heading their way with deadly intent!
The Power Rangers regroup into a more open area, weak, bruiser and weary from battle. Trakeena follows, telling them time is running out, but Leo reiterates that time is only running out for her. He calls on Quasar Launchers to activate, the Rangers slam their crystals into the ground and up pop the Galaxy Quasar Launchers. They each fire at once, the pulses of light stream forth into a collective ball of power, Trakeena catching it between her hands and asking if that's all they got. She shoves it back at them, causing large pyrotechnic effects to ensue around our heroes. The City Dome enters the atmosphere of the planet, partially burning up (but given in the PR universe air is on the moon and there's no vacuum, the burning doesn't seem too severe) with the last remaining (yet broken) access hallway protruding out the front of the ship. The people in colony panic, what they do best after all, while Stanton & Mike just stand there, mouths agape. In the Dome, the Female Rangers get smashes against some debris by Trakeena. Where have all the Ranger boys gone? Off to get the Astro Cycles (all have been repaired, and for some reason, Damon must have stored them somewhere on the City Dome, instead of in the Astro Megaship), they ride into action, firing their lasers in unison at Trakeena. Their female teammates are saved, but Trakeena decides to fire back, knocking Damon right off his bike (and sending him painfully over the side of the walkway). Kai fires at her, she teleports into green energy and avoids his blasts, firing back and throwing him from his Blue Astro Cycle in the process. Trakeena made a mistake in leaving Leo for last, because it gives the girls a chance to grab both of Trakeena's arms, hold her back and allow Leo to activate Red Capsular Cycle! The Astro Cycle Morphs into its might Capsular form, Karone calls out to Leo to do it now as they restrain Trakeena in place. The Capsular Cycle shifts into position, and goes into Fireball Mode, aiming right for Trakeena, who throws Yellow & Pink Rangers loose just as the wave of flaming energy rips through her! Trakeena takes the brunt of the blast, a puff of fire that can even be seen from outside the City Dome, in an exterior shot that shows the Dome swooping down in the atmosphere. In the colony, the people continue fleeing, including Bulk & Professor Phenomenus (but, anybody know where Alpha went?). Commander Stanton & Mike finally take off too, like it really matters where they run, they can't hide!

Trakeena begins playing leapfrog through the City Dome, hopping around with enhanced jumps, trying to escape from Red Ranger, who's always one step behind. She reaches the fountain where they were before (as evident by the remains of the Yellow Jet Jammer), and pauses, turns around, and is taken by surprise by Red Ranger, who tears into her with his Quasar Saber on the way down. She's stricken by the blow and getting weak, so Leo whips out the two Warrior keys, placing them together and calling on Red Armored Power Ranger! The metal bird zooms in, tosses the Armor boots on the ground, Red Ranger appears (in Orion Armor, surprisingly the only time we see the Orion Armor in this episode at all!), hopping into the boots and taking the metal bird over his shoulders. His Armor Mode on, he tells a stunned Trakeena that she's going down, Leo extends the metal claw from his right shoulder, latching on to Trakeena's waist. She struggles against the Armor, but is unable to break free. Leo realizes he's only got one shot and he's got to make it count. He reels her in close to him, until the hook returns to its original position. Trakeena continues writhing about, as Leo wishes he didn't have to do this. His teammates call out from across the street, Karone telling him to not do it, Kai calling it too dangerous. Trakeena asks Leo what's it gonna be, he tells her this (the camera cutting in close to the Red Ranger helmet, we see Leo's eyes straining and his forehead sweating as he makes the ultimate decision) shouting out "Fire!". The Armor's green chest gem glows and the laser beam from within blasts out, Trakeena at uncomfortably close range! They're both engulfed in a massive fireball, shaking the whole Dome like an atomic bomb. The Rangers cover their faces, and when the blast has subsided, they see the laughing image of Trakeena's face appear in the smoke, fading off into the wind. Teleporting away? Heading off to that great graveyard (likely now Barbarax' Cemetery) in the Lost Galaxy? No one can say for sure. The four heroes race to the burning ground zero of the blast, searching the debris (which includes the charred remains of the Armor) for Leo. Kai cries out, asking why he did it, Maya states he sacrificed himself for the colony. As they mourn their friend, the gloved hand of Red Ranger reaches up from under some hunks of rubble. They stand there shocked, Kai point out that Leo's still alive. Red Ranger stands tall, giving a thumbs up and we see his right eye peering through the shattered portion of his helmet's visor! The Rangers rush over and help his wear body continue standing, Damon asks if he's okay, he says yeah, but that's the last they're ever see of Trakeena. That over with, they watch through the cracked glass of the City Dome in front of them as the Dome continues swooping down on a collision course with the colony. Kai says they've got to stop it and steer it away, Leo agrees and says they've got to get moving, so they do.

The shadow of the Dome begins to cover the new colony, as people continuing fleeing, one guy trips and Mike helps him on their race for their lives. Up on the Dome, the Power Rangers huddle together at the end of the remains of the access hallway, staring out down on their fellow humans below. The wind whips up from the giant space station passing overhead, and as it descends rapidly, Command Stanton, Councilors Renier & Brody, and even Bulk & Phenom duck to the ground and pray for dear life. It passes them over, but is still speeding like a bullet towards the planet. On the Dome, Karone cries about how they can't stop it, Leo says there's nothing they can do, at this speed they'll destroy the colony and themselves! All hope for the new world seems lost, until suddenly the Galaxy Megazord pops its head up in front of the Rangers (how it formed without their help, one can only guess)! Kai points out what it is, and Karone mentions its guiding them away from the colony and slowing them down. The Rangers cheer for their sentient Megazord, as it grabs on and holds what little of the access hallway it can, shifting it safely in for a landing. Did I say safely? The City Dome smashes into the ground, some miles away from the colony, the people all duck as an explosion rings forth from the mountain where it smashed (and if the Dome had been better built, the remains would have been called "The Ark", i'm sure). The blast subsides, Stanton, Mike and the others rise to their feet and watch silently, awaiting any sign of the Rangers survival. Moments pass, and nothing is seen but smoke rising from the far off remains of the Dome. Mike begins to fear the worst, when he hears the roar of the Lion Galactabeast! From the ashes and the smoke, rise the five Galactabeasts, and atop each one is a Power Ranger! They each cheer over surviving, and having done the impossible. The colony cheers even harder, racing off to greet them as they hop off their beasts. Command Stanton calls them "incredible" and goes with Mike to give the Rangers a heroes welcome. High Councilor Renier gives Green Ranger a big hug, Commander Stanton pats Blue Ranger on the back, Red Ranger hugs Mike and can't believe they made it (and considering Leo's face is pretty visible, and the people hugging the Rangers, it's possible their identities are now out). Bulk & Professor Phenomenus each hug Pink Ranger, and if they know who she is, they likely know this is a complete redemption for everything she ever put them through before.

Yellow Ranger just hugs and celebrates with a few nobodies, until she hears the growl of her Wolf Galactabeast nearby. Red Ranger approaches her, watching as the Galactabeasts growl & howl at Maya, and begin walking away. She tells Leo they want them to follow, which the two Rangers do as quickly as they can, through the jungled forest. Leo asks where they're taking them, but Maya isn't sure. They both show how easy is it to remove your helmet as a Galaxy Ranger (it just fades away, no muss, no fuss!), as Maya slowly walks quietly towards the area in front of her. Leo asks her what's wrong, but she doesn't say a word. The others show up, including Mike, watching as Maya makes her way through the shrubbery. They follow, and Maya begins to peel off some vines that had grown over some kind of rock. No rock lies under it, but the stoned persona of Maya's tribal leader, Jera! Kai asks what that is, and Maya turns around to tell them, they've landed on Mirinoi! Now, considering Mirinoi WAS in the Lost Galaxy when we first saw it, and all of the planet had turned to stone in the wake of Furio's rage, one of the only possible explanations is this. The Keonta Spell from the Galaxy Book did it. It sucked Mirinoi out from the Lost Galaxy with them (not WITH them, per se, but in the general vicinity), dissolved that majority of the stone curse.
Maya stares at Jera's stone cold face, stating all the legends were right. They were chosen, and with the Quasar Sabers, they defeated the forces of evil. The legend said only the chosen five could remove the Sabers, flashing back to said scene from Quasar Quest Part 2. When Furio turned the people to stone, it became their destiny to set things right (and considering the words of the Guardian of the Galaxy Book, it was also destiny that the book fall into the Blue Ranger's hands. No coincidence there, plot device or not). Maya only wished they could have saved Mirinoi, walking over and wiping the vines from the Quasar Stone, the place they removed the Sabers 213 days before. Maya unsheathes her Quasar Saber, and states that their quest is complete, maybe someday the next chosen warriors will free the Yellow Saber. She bids an "until then" as she flips the Wolf-powered Saber over, and stabs it back into the rock. Her teammates pile over, one by one, and pull the Sabers from their belts. Damon places his into the stone first, then Kai, then Karone (a chosen one by choice of a chosen one, just like Leo). Leo glances at his Saber, watching it gleam with red energy, before impaling it back into the top of the stone. The Sabers returned to their rightful place, they all begin to glow once more, and from them streams out sparkling energy! It wipes clean the Rangers of their outfits, leaving them unmorphed completely. The sparkles of light float about, unstoning the lake and its water, freeing all people cursed by Furio from their stone prisons! Including Jera, whom finally gets to be called such when Maya sees he's alive again! He calls back to her, and gives her a big hug, she tells him she missed him so (notice, no Shondra anywhere to be seen).

The tribal people of Mirinoi crowd around to meet their saviors, as suddenly a sound is heard from nearby. Leo turns to see what it is, telling everyone else to do the same. Across the way, a flash of bright blue light dims into focus, fading into the image of none other than Kendrix! Her spirit dissolves of its translucent state, and returns to that of physical, Kendrix smiling and saying she knew they'd make it here. Maya runs over and hugs her best friend, crying that she doesn't know just how many times she wished she'd come back. Kendrix laughs and says she missed her too, they hug again and the guys finally race up and get some hugging in themselves. Karone & Mike remain back with the crowd, watching with surprise and happiness. Damon can't believe this, Kai calls it incredible, and Kendrix smiles some more, both Kai & Leo have their arm around her. She slinks her way from their gleeful grasps to address Karone, thanking her for everything she's done, Karone happily tells her she wouldn't miss it for the world (but no hugging is exchanged by them, nor are there any shots of them on screen together). They all smile and laugh, as the Galactabeasts howl in the distance. Leo points skyward, saying it looks like they're celebrating too. The Galactabeasts hop around in joy, as fireworks explode in the air around them (good thing the colony kept the firecrackers in their supplies!). The Power Rangers, stand together watching the lightshow display, happy beyond words. Karone & Mike stand together as well, all in Mirinoi likely afraid of the "colored fire", and probably scared it's a sign from their gods or something. Leo puts his hand on Kendrix' shoulder as they smile and watch the fireworks. The Galactabeasts continue prancing about, and the fireworks, which seem to be in the Rangers' colors, continue sparkling.
[The End!; end credits]

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