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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Blue Crush"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:3/27/99 Based On:
Gingaman #11 - - Senshi no Junjou (A Warrior's Pure Heart)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-808
*8th episode of PRLG
*301st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Rosario Gru _AS_ Jody Stanton
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
? _AS_ Quake Maker (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2", "Race To The Rescue", "Homesick" & "Double Duty"]
Terra Venture, a place that needs no introduction. Inside Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton consults with his best worker Kai Chen. It seems he's just the man to take on a dangerous new assignment, taking Stanton's young daughter Jody skating and videotaping it for him!
[opening credits]
Soon enough, Kai has donned roller-skates and is at the rink with Jody, camcorder in hand. He may be a Ranger skilled at many things, but mastering the art of rollerblading he hasn't! Elsewhere, on the ship of evil fools, the Scorpion Stinger, Princess Trakeena begs her father Scorpius for something to do. She wants to get out of the Stinger and see some action finding the Lights Of Orion, even if it means taking on the Power Rangers. He'll hear no such thing happening to his sweet daughter, but she's horribly disappointed, pointing out how dead the place is by eating a piece of shipflesh off the wall. Scorpius' best General Furio walks in, old slime face wants to know if he's found the Lights of Orion yet, but of course Failure-o hasn't. He believes they may be hidden in the soil of Terra Venture, and goes on borrowed time to seek them out, under threat of Scorpius' wrath if he comes back empty handed. Trakeena promises her buggydaddy she won't get involved with matters only a warrior should be concerned of, but crosses her fingers behind her back. Back on Terra Venture, Kai stands on solid ground while filming Jody's fancy moves on the skating rink. Ultimately a boring time, until he suddenly spots a beautiful girl gliding along the floors gracefully. Jody says hi to her, which Kai overhears and learns her name to be Hannah. Needless to say, he's developed an instant crush, and slips back out to the rink to try and get a closer look at her. Poor boy Blue fumbles around slowly, before falling on his rear end. Hannah skates over and helps him up, he's both stunned from the fall and stunned from meeting her face to face. It turns out to be his first time at skating, she tells him to keep at it and he'll get the hang of it. She darts off once more, he slowly follows her around with the camera. Of course, just the time for his Transmorpher to go off, and going to check it he loses control of his balance and goes flying at the entrance divide! Flipping over the low brick wall, he lands without injuries and answers the Morpher, Alpha telling there's trouble in the park. Hannah comes over to see if he's alright, and he tries playing it off without looking too stupid. He asks her to watch Hannah while he's gone, and stumbles off to join the others.

Quake Maker
In the park, monster of the ep Quake Maker is terrorizing people just by being there. He spouts off needles called Quake Stakes into the ground, sending them to hunt out the Lights Of Orion. The Five Power Rangers rush to the scene, ready to evict him from the space colony, when he calls for Stingwinger backup. Red Ranger takes on Quaker, while the others scuffle with the Stingys. Yellow jumps up and hangs on a branch, swinging back and forth kicking Wingers. Blue grabs one by the leg and flips it over. Once the bugboys have been run off, the Rangers confront Quake Maker again, he fires Stakes at them which mostly miss and burrow into the soil. Yellow Ranger prepares to do a Lighting power blast, when Blue jumps in front of her, hurriedly running toward Quaker with his Cosma Claw! This brief battle causes Quake Maker to retreat, already succeeding in planting his seeds of evil. They're dumbfounded as to what he was referring to having successfully done, and Kai rushes back to the rink to see his newfound infatuation. The Rangers can't understand why Blue Ranger's so darn happy, but in case they hadn't noticed, spring IS in the air...
Kai makes it back to the skating rink, and is greeted by Jody & Hannah. Hannah goes back off to show off her masterful techniques of a professional ice skater without the ice. Jody rambles on and on to Kai about her new skates, but the whole time Kai can't keep his eyes off Hannah. Everything Jody says is drowned out by the silence of love, and soon Kai begins to daydream of Hannah decked out in a fancy white skaters outfit (as Brent pointed out to me, she's wearing Dimitria's costume)! The scene becomes laced with fog & waltzy music, as she swings around the floor before stopping in Kai's arms, who's also dressed in white (Coming to a rink near you, Kaiscapades!) They circle around and round holding hands, before coming to a halt where she begins to slowly give him a kiss on the cheek, but Jody knocks him out of dreamland. No time for love, Doctor Jones! Later, in what I like to call "The Power Pad," the Rangers sit in the living room area watching Kai's video on the TV. Damon is impressed by Jody's skills, but soon the video becomes all about Hannah! Jody's seriously disappointed none of her happy day at the skate rink is on the tape. Kai comes over from the kitchen acting like he's walking on a cloud and drops off a plate of pancakes for them to devour, but they're all burnt to a crisp! Maya doesn't know any better about what color they're supposed to be anyway, but the others are confused as to how master chef Chen can screw up this badly. He apologizes that he forgot the syrup, and squirts some ketchup onto the burnt batch of hotcakes. Disgustion leads to the conclusion by his friends that the girl on the video must be involved. The doorbell rings, and Commander Stanton is there to pick up his little girl. Damon & Kendrix cover for the lack of a tape of his daughter skating as best they can, and Damon earns himself an elbow hit in the chest by almost asking him to stay for dinner. Kai's crush is getting out of hand now, as the kitchen is engulfed by smoke and Kai doesn't seem to care.
Later, Kendrix talks to Kai about Hannah as they walk through the city. He almost gets hit by a Venture Vehicle, of course. Kendrix reminds him it's a big colony and it's possible he'll never see her again without knowing her last name or number. Discouraged some by this, Kai is left on his own as Kendrix goes off to work. He stops to get a Hot Dog at a Venture Vendor, and proceeds to put the mustard on it himself, when he overhears some women talking nearby. Glancing over, he spots the woman of his skating dreams, Hannah, sitting down the way! Not paying attention, he gets mustard on his sleeve, and goes to clean it off at the water fountain. The nozzle is turned up, and he gets doused in the face. Hannah spots this and gets a laugh out of it, urging Kai to come down the stairs to see him. He cleans up, slides down the railing and heads over to her, head over heels. They make small talk, and she already knows his name, having asked Jody for it. Oops, never occurred to lovesick boy to ask the kid, huh? Kai sits and sparks slowly fly. Elsewhere, Furio orders Quake Maker to stake up another area of Terra Venture in his search for the Orion Lights. He does so, and now's the time to show how he got his name, by causing the Stakes to rise, and shake up the whole space colony in a big quake! The ever tormented Japanese citizens run for cover as debris falls all over.
Buildings tear asunder, as the colony feels it's first ever Venture Quake. Kai and Hannah run hand in hand to safety, and they feel the ground move literally! Leo better hope he doesn't have anymore siblings or else they'll fall in the cervices opened up by Quake Maker! Four of the Rangers are powered up and already facing Quake & Furio, whom call for Stingwingers. This makes it yet another outnumbered battle royale, every monster for themselves! Meanwhile, Kai & Hannah rush for shelter, when she screams in horror. She's seen an unconscious guy she knows as Johnny in a car buried under some rubble, which is about to be crushed (pardon the pun) by a giant electric tower! Kai stops her from going to save him, and learns that Johnny was going to get her dress for the Wedding tomorrow. Kai spots the dress in a box in the seat next to John-boy! Shocked that the woman he's falling in love with his about to be married, he shrugs it off and bolts for the car, wakes up Johnny and pulls him out, along with the boxed dress. Kai drags the guy out of tower's way as it falls and smashes the vehicle to a pulp. (lucky for them, the Fox Kids bug covers up the appearance by Gingablue in the Tower falling scene!) This sets off a gas leak, which gets ignited, exploding behind Kai & Johnny, tossing them hard into the pavement and debris. Hannah darts over to see if they're alright, and everybody's fine. Kai watches as Hannah and Johnny hug lovingly, with Blue Ranger holding a box containing a white laced dress for the wedding. He's heartbroken at this site, handing her the box, but her thanks hardly catch him when he immediately runs off to join up with his Ranger friends.
The Rangers are fighting Stingwingers yet again for no real reason other to waste time, as Kai sprints through the empty streets, screaming Go Galactic in a lovelorn rage, morphing without stopping. He makes it to the battle scene just in time to save Leo from getting impaled by Quake Maker, ending up on a tree, jumping back down, grabbing Quaker's legs and swinging him around. Then, to finish him off, whipping out his Quasar Saber, powering it up and slashing down on the monster, which causes Quake to bake and explode! Was victory this sudden? Of course not, Quake Maker grows without drinking anything to building crushing heights. Blue Ranger calls for Gorilla Galactabeast to help relieve some heartbroken pain. Monkeyboy piledrives on Quake Maker, and soon Kai hops on his shoulder for a little added power and it's on like Donkey Kong! Swinging Quaker around yet again, i'm sure the baddie is a bit dizzy by now. The other Rangers call for their Galactabeasts to arise, and one quick Transdagger Zord transform, followed by Megazord transform later, Galaxy Megazord is on the scene! Blue Ranger makes the calls, and Condor Galactazord Missile Mode strikes Quake Maker in the chest, causing him to quake, rattle and explode. Later, on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius finally makes good on his promise to destroy Furio if he failed one more time. Furio is chained by Stingwingers, but still professes he'll find the Orion Lights. Scorpius is peeved, fires an energy charge at Furio, whom takes advantage of it by using it to break free his chains, toss off the Stingys and run away! Scorpius wants to kill his former General personally, so he sends the Stingers to retrieve the fugitive Furio. Sometime later in a cave someplace which is not yet named, Furio finishes off his would be captors. Angry over losing his job, he wanders into the cave further, and is surprised to discover the Lights Of Orion had been under his nose the whole time!
Once more in the Power Pad we go, Damon forced to enjoy a sandwich because for the past two days Kai's been sulking in his bunk, not eating anything, or cooking! Chef Chen seems to be the only one with cooking abilities in the Ranger crew, so Damon & Leo are forced to starve. Speaking of which, Leo is missing, and when Maya asks where he is, Damon mentions he's right there between Kendrix and him, but so skinny they can't see him! Kai rolls over at the failed joke attempt. Soon the door rings, it's Jody with a present for Kai from Hannah. Kendrix gives it to him, as he's finally hopped off his bunk and is hopeful at what his former love interest sent. Upon reading the note attached (Kendrix trying to read it over his shoulder), it turns out the wedding was for Hannah's sister, and she was a bride's maid! She calls him "her hero" in the note, and he's once again feeling pretty darn spiffy. Damon feels the only way to make up for the unnecessary starving is to eat the piece of wedding cake Hannah sent over for Kai. The Ever-lovin' End!
[scenes from "The Magna Defender"; end credits]

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