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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Magna Defender"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:4/3/99 Based On:
Gingaman #18 - - Nazo no Kuro Kishi (The Mysterious Black Knight)

Some Story Elements & Footage From:
Gingaman #17 - - Hontou no Yuuki (True Courage)

Ruptor Battle Footage From:
Gingaman #08 - - Aijou no Ryouri (The Cooking of Love)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-809
*9th episode of PRLG
*302nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Carlton Holder Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Treacheron (voice)
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Ruptor (voice)
Kirk Thornton _AS_ Samuron (voice)
? _AS_ Starcog (grunting voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2," "Race To The Rescue," "Homesick" & "The Blue Crush"]
Once again, we find ourselves on the ever popular, yet never explained Forest Dome on Terra Venture. It's the land of endless plotholes, and as it turns out, Furio ended up there in the previous episode. Inside a cave, he discovers a rock formation for which he believes contains the Lights Of Orion. Meanwhile, Leo is morphed for no reason at all, walking toward said cave mentioning to himself "this is where I last saw Mike." Now, anyone who saw "The Lights Of Orion" episode know, 1) That wasn't Mike, it was a monster and Leo knew fully well, 2) the cave of Orion wasn't a huge gaping hole in the wall, it was a tiny opening, and 3) that cave was much smaller inside, containing a cage. But, because we'll never get piece of mind, we have to give benefit of the doubt, pretend the cave got bigger, and Leo's memory recall got shorter. So, Leo's in the cave, rambling and wandering, and he bumps into Furio. Fury thinks he's going to have some sort of immense power from the Orion Lights soon, so he prepares this to be the end of his rivalry with Red Ranger. They duel, Furisword to Quasar Saber, ultimately, Leo pulling a fire slash and weakening the fugitive monster. He drops his Furisword, and begins coursing with red energy. Outside the cave, the other Rangers show up, Pink's scanner located Leo in this area. Inside, it looks like Leo finally succeeded in destroying Furio, but Fury can't go down alone. With his last remaining energy, Furio rushes Red Ranger, grabs on to him and destructs in a huge fireball, filling the cave with the explosion! The Rangers outside catch the backdraft, and are sent toppling over. The flames subside, and amid the smoke and ashes, someone is approaching. The Rangers stand in awe as the Magna Defender slowly walks out of the burning cave, holding a demorphed and injured Leo on his shoulder. Cowboy-ish music plays, as he heads toward the Rangers, laying Leo down on the ground, and giving the Rangers his normal horned-helmet look.
[Opening credits]

Over on the slimy Scorpion Stinger spaceship, Scorpius already has a new General in place of the deceased Furio, a white & bluish monster named Treacheron. Scorpius informs him that the Magna Defender has returned, Treacheron knows him well, as they were once arch rivals. Scorpy orders Treach to get the Lights Of Orion before Magna does, because if the Defender gets them before they do, he'll use the Lights to destroy him! Treacheron plans to take three monsters with him to help do the job, as Trakeena watches this whole scene from behind a shipflesh wall. Meanwhile, on Terra Venture, inside the Astro Megaship infirmary, Leo is being nurse back to health by Alpha 6. As Leo lays there, he vaguely recalls the Magna Defender carrying him out of the cave, but he begins to see his brother, Mike, in Magna's place. This awakens him from his slumber, and he quickly (as quick as a guy bandaged up can) gets up, and despite Alpha's objections, he rushes off to find his brother. He morphs offscreen into Red Ranger, and returns to the cave one more time (hoping someone will finish the job, Leo?) and ventures inside. He hears someone chipping away at a rock with a pickax, but when he rushes to see who it is, the mysterious shadowed figure (from the looks of his outline, is the Starfish monster from Gingaman. He got a name in last episode's scenes from next time: Starcog) makes a break for it.
Leo doesn't catch up to him, so he decides to go back into the cave, and inspects the area the monster was digging. (Starcog is never seen nor mentioned ever again) Red Ranger uses his Quasar Saber to smash open the rock formation to see what the fuss is about, and inside it he finds a round object lodged inside. Once freeing the ball shaped rock, he wonders what's so special about it, and takes it to another area of Terra Venture. There, he has Kendrix run some scientific tests on the rock. No laser she has can cut it open, so she boxes it in a special GSA container box, and drives by herself in her Venture Vehicle to run some more thorough tests at a different lab.
On the way there, an unnamed monster (named "Ruptor" on the video release end credits) jumps in front of her car, and fires electric blasts, sending her steering into boxes and flying out onto the ground! Ruptor heads to her vehicle and takes the rock out of the box, proclaiming the Lights Of Orion to be his. That is, until he's hit with a massive explosion, shot by none other than the Magna Defender! He's walking slowly toward the creature, having fired with his Saber Rifle. Kendrix crawls over and reclaims the stone, but Magna stops by her, and gestures to hand it over. The other Rangers, all morphed, rush onto the scene, getting in front of Kendrix and trying to keep Magna away from the stone. He aims his Saber Rifle at them, just as Ruptor regains his barrings and strikes all of them with his energy spouting laser spear! Kendrix loses grip of the stone, and it ends up over near Ruptor once again. This time, the buck toothed Ruptor takes it and teleports away, leaving the Rangers to recover and Magna Defender to get angry. He'll stop at nothing to get the Lights Of Orion back, Leo runs over to him, asking who he is and why he's there. Red Ranger places his hand on Magna's shoulder, so quickly he turns around and punches Leo in the gut! The others prepare to attack, Magna whipping his cape around and ready to draw his Saber Rifle, when Kendrix steps in and stops them. She questions why he wants the Orion Lights, and in his normal Clint Eastwood-esqe voice, he says he has reasons, before turning around, and slowly walking off. The Rangers once again can do nothing but stare at the determined warrior as he marches away.
Under a bridge inside Terra Venture, Trakeena, Treacheron, Ruptor and an unnamed hammer wielding monster (named "Samuron" on the video's end credits), have Stingwingers place the stone on a slab and stand back. Samuron smashes down on the rock with his favorite weapon of choice, but after a few strikes, his thousand-plus year old hammer breaks in half! The gang of villains are stunned, but not discouraged. Treacheron has a new plan to break open the unbreakable stone. Apparently in that damned Forest Dome again, the Rangers search the area in their Jet Jammers for a reading Alpha picked up. Trakeena, Treach & Ruptor hide nearby, watching as Red Ranger spots Samuron below, jumping off his Jammer, Saber ready and attacking the coral-like Samuron monster. He uses in defense his knived-stick, and his energy breath to throw Leo off him. The other Rangers rally around their ally, with Treacheron waiting nearby for our heroes to fire. He gets his wish, as they pull their Quasar Launchers out from nowhere and give Samuron a five-score energy bazooka blast! This being his cue, Samuron whips out the stone, and uses the Rangers' attack to break it open. Instead, the Quasar bolts bounce back at the Rangers, the stone uncracked! The Rangers were taken down by their own weapons, but even they're surprised the rock remains unbroken. Suddenly, Samuron is struck with a tiny dart with two crystals hanging from it in his hand! He drops the stone, and everyone looks to witness the Magna Defender on the horizon! He's come to get his Lights Of Orion, which he mentions belong to him. Trakeena is impressed and understands why Treacheron is so nervous at the sight of Magna. Treach talks of beating him once before, 3000 years ago (coincidentally the same amount of years the Quasar Sabers ended up in that rock on Mirinoi) and plans to do so again. Samuron won't let Magny have this stone so easily, and has Stingwingers swarm on his location. Magna Defender stands his ground, awaiting the horde of evil, unsheathing his Saber and readying for a battle.
Magna Defender rushes head on into the Stingwinger fleet, slashing with his Defender Saber, kicking and dodging all of their endless attacks. Treacheron remarks that he appears to still be very good after all these years. Red Ranger watches and notices in disbelief his fighting style matches that of his brother's. Magny stuffs his Saber back into his sheath, and pulls back out the whole thing for a Defender Saber Rifle attack on the Stingwingers! He unloads enough firepower while jumping through the air to finally take care of the buggy baddies for good. Upon landing, it's time to resume his battle with Samuron. He once again stands there, cape fluttering the wind, as Samuron races toward him ready to remove this Magna Menace. Defender blocks the spear attack with his arm, and rips out his Saber again, slicing Samuron every which way but loose! Magny finishes this off with a flip in the air, charging the Saber up and striking down. This not only rips through Samuron, but the Stone as well! It breaks open, to reveal a whole lot of nothing, disappointing Trakeena & Treacheron to no end. Magna Defender resheaths his Saber, and upon closure, Samuron explodes in dramatic manner, with Mangy crouched down, then walking away from the former monster turned blaze behind him. Treach is mad as a wet space hen, and can't contain his anger, jumping down to meet his old foe once again. The Rangers watch from the sidelines, and finally learn his name as the two enemies reunite. Treach asks him to recall their last meeting, and we see a flashback to 3000 years ago. Magna Defender had opened the box containing the Lights Of Orion, but they got away, and in his weakened state, Treacheron, whom had been sent to destroy Magny, got the best of him and attacked, knocking him into a hole in the ground. It was there he spend the next few thousand years (Magny mentions begin trapped in the "Earth," but that just seems to be a universal expression for "dirt") until he recently escaped. Now it's time for both enemies to have their revenge on each other, as they quickly get in a heated Saber to sword battle.
The Rangers try helping, but it just distracts Magny, causing him to get hit. He then takes some anger out on the Rangers by swiping at them with his Saber, telling them this his fight alone. Treacheron & Magna Defender return to their intense sparring, Trakeena deciding to take off and go home. She walks by Ruptor, who wants to finally have some fun. She gives him the okay before leaving, and he guzzles down some lime juice, growing to Zord fighting heights! The Rangers have more pressing concerns now than watching Magny take on Treach, so Galactabeasts are called to arise. The Rangers hop on top of them, Transdagger transforming them into Galactazords. Ruptor is now wielding a big butter knife, and hungry for some action. Each individual Galactazord use their own energy firing powers to strike on Ruptor. Meanwhile, Magna Defender mixes fencing with punching, as he and Treacheron keep on sparring. Ruptor goes on the offensive, firing energy back at the Zords, so it's time to transform into the Galaxy Megazord! They quickly punch him so hard he spins around. Down below, Magny is able to slash Treach's blade out of his hand. Saying they don't need weapons, Magna Defender stabs his into the ground, and prepares to continue this fight the old fashioned way. Speaking of old fashioned, Leo has the Megazord Saber slice Ruptor's shell off, and then calls for Condor Galactabeast (should be Zord) Missile Mode, and it dramatically charges up and spouts off an energy bolt, blowing Ruptor up to nothing. Magna Defender & Treacheron's fight gets dirty, when Treach goes for his saber. Still, honor among monsters, Treacheron tosses Magny his Defender Saber, so he can die holding it. Their battle comes to a grinding halt when the Rangers return, so they vow to fight again another day. Treacheron teleports away in a flash of blue lighting and a puff of smoke. Magny stands there, and watches the smoke clear.
The Power Rangers confront the Magna Defender again, telling him they should fight together, but he states he works alone. Kendrix runs over to him, and says they're all fighting for the same thing. He tells her they have no idea what he's fighting for, and they don't know him at all, before tossing her back over to her teammates. Magna walks away again, Leo asking him who he is once more. He avoids the answer, and tells them they cost him valuable time before leaping onto a high cliff. The Rangers witness him incredibly high up, Leo finally accepting that the Defender is not his brother after all, and the team walks away together. The Magna Defender raises his hand to the artificial sky, and proclaims nothing will stop him from finding the Lights Of Orion!
[scenes from "Sunflower Search"; end credits]

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