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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Operation Lightspeed"
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Original Air Date: 02/19/00 Some story elements from:
GoGo Five #01 - Kyukyu Senshi! Tatsu
(Rescue Soldiers! Rise Up)
*7th Regular Season continues
(8th Season by Series premiere)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1001
*1st episode of PRLR
*339th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Zauhair Haddad _AS_ Taru
Jay Harik _AS_ Haba
Mike White _AS_ Dark Suit
Aesop Aquarian _AS_ Warlock
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Ken Marckx _AS_ Ghouligan (voice)

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Somewhere on planet Earth, in a desolate desert likely near Egypt, a group of three nomadic travelers wander around. With their trusty camel named Dolores, they search for shelter amid the battering sandy winds. Only two of these guys are named, Taru & Haba, while the third and masked face one i'll just call "Chiblit" for lack of anything better. The three suddenly spot what they think to be a mirage, and rush off to investigate further. No mirage, but a rough oasis, consisting of half-buried ruins, appearing to have been there for thousands of years! Chiblit & Haba peer down a well, looking for water while Taru sits down on some ruins and relaxes in the shade. Suddenly, the ground begins to quake, Taru's lard butt moved one of the ruin columns over and unsealed a hidden tomb! It that wasn't enough, Taru leaps up only to face a huge crack that forms in the ground, he pulls a Mike Corbett and falls in! Chiblit & Haba call down for their pal, who's perfectly fine, and even better for the drop, as he finds himself surrounded by various items of gold as far as he can see! Taru tells the other two to light up torches and come down, they come down and Taru soon is seen lighting the torches himself. Chiblit & Haba land safely in the ancient tomb, via a rope, Chiblit ends up falling over comedically. Taru grabs a handful of gold coins, just as Haba points him to a sarcophagus nearby. The cobweb covered coffin may hold great treasures, so Taru shoves aside the robe wearing skeleton of the Warlock who has presided over it for many years, the bones shatter against the floor.

Taru places his hands near the seal of the coffin, which spins around and unlocks, causing the wall statues of snakes to come alive with smoke from their mouths. More quaking goes on, Haba wants to get out of there, fearful for their lives, but Taru orders his pal to help open the coffin or get out of the way. Chiblit, Haba & Taru shove aside the lid to the large stone slab, and once it's off, they lean in and take a look at what illuminates from within. A sudden blast of energy and mist explodes upwards past their faces, blasting the three bumbling bums backwards as a group of evil spirits are released! The strange entities float around, scaring the life out of the nomads and escaping out of their prison by flying up and exiting from the way the likely now-dead travelers got in.

[opening credits! Featuring the whole main cast, including Monica Louwerens As Ms. Fairweather, who doesn't appear this show. The usual mix-match of GoGoV footage, with bits of American stuff throughout, as well as the new theme song. Lightspeed Megazord & SuperTrain Megazord also shown! And, a PR first, every Ranger character's last name!]

The demonic spirits have escaped to the city of Mariner Bay, zipping around the skies over the town. They swoop down at bystanders as quick as a breeze, leaving everyone puzzled, stunned, and a trifle bit fearful of the evil poltergeists. Meanwhile, deep underwater in the Lightspeed Aquabase, Dana Mitchell walks into a conference room and stands at attention. She addresses her father, Captain Mitchell, in a strict militaristic manner, telling him something has come up. He takes a look at the expression on her face and immediately tells the three people he was meeting with that they will finish this later. As the Lightspeed employees depart, Dana whispers to her father that "they've" escaped. Capt. Mitchell asks if she's sure, and next thing we see is the Captain opening a locked safe and removing a stack of five files, commenting it's time to bring them in. Breaking the confidential seal on the first file, revealing a picture of the Sky Cowboy, Joel Rawlings, inside, along with a dossier on him.

Elsewhere in Mariner Bay, ace pilot Joel Rawlings entertains an audience by zooming in the air in his small plane, performing minor stunts. Soon he's on the ground, signing autographs for fans of the self-proclaimed Sky Cowboy, giving a wink as the cowboy hat wearing gent hands another picture to another fan. He continues doing so, as the announcer is heard announcing the people up next at the air show (Chico Page, then The Doug & Paul Pipercub Wing Riders). Two mysterious men in black approach Joel, cutting him off from his groupies (most of whom seem to be single women). He seems to reluctantly go with the two strange men, lead over to a car that contains Dana, who closes the green striped file of Joel's. Meanwhile, on the side of a mountain somewhere, Kelsey Winslow climbs the cliffs. This Yellow-wearing female isn't afraid of heights at all, slowly working her way to the peak, where she finds the men in black! They ask her to come with them, she asks who in the world they are, but gets no answer. Elsewhere, at Sea World, Chad Lee performs for a crowd, riding a killer whale named Daisy. Another wet and wild show finished, Chad swims out, only to bump into the men in black waiting for him. Dana is in the car, closing yet another file, this time the blue striped one of Chad's.

Finally, somewhere in Mariner Bay, a fire rages in an apartment building! The two men in black (or Dark Suits, as the end credits call them), pass by the frantically rushing Firefighters, eventually approaching one of them and asking where Carter Grayson is. He's up on the ladder, getting hoisted up into the blazing inferno, leaping into the top floor of the building. Dana steps out of the car and watches this, also scoping out his red striped file, which like all others, contain 8 by 10 glossies. Carter has his mask down and is calling out for anyone who can hear him in the fiery area. He soon finds a blonde girl lying on the floor, whom he helps up, wraps in a blanket and leads out, telling her to stay close to him. She coughs and does as he says, Carter looking around for a way out, and discovering something worse than the fires scorching down the hallway. The image of a large creature is seen amid the blaze, Carter can't believe his eyes, but is frozen in his tracks by the mere sight of it.


The fire creature lets out an evil laugh, and then spews a wave of fire through the hallway! Carter grabs the girl and rushes her in the opposite direction of the flames. Scrambling for life, Carter leaps with the girl through a window, just as the blaze rips past them. They fall safely into the arms of the firefighters below, who were waiting with precautions for just such a rescue. Carter inspects the girl to see if she's okay, when Dana quickly moves him aside and says she's a paramedic. Dana places an oxygen mask over the girl's face, and shouts for the other medics to get her to an ambulance. Carter walks over to the Firetruck, gazing up at the burning building and breathing a sight of relief, just another day of saving lives. Dana appears, with the men in black backing her, saying that she knows this is a bad time but she needs him to come with her.

Speaking of bad times, the multicolored spirits are still floating around the cityscape of skyscrapers. Without warning, the sky becomes filled with dark thunder clouds, revealing (to us, at least) a large skull-encrusted temple within the lightning strikes! Most of the spirits converge on this hidden dimension, entering the palace and becoming solid creatures. Standing in a foggy room with a large mouth seen prominently in the background, the monsters are named Loki, Diabolico, Vypra, and a baby dragon called Impus! Loki exclaims that they're free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, Diabolico notes she isn't here, and tells Vypra that they must care for her son Impus (who sucks on his pacifier on a pedestal nearby). Diabolico asks Loki who did this, he blames humans who built their city right on top of their palace! Loki aims his finger on the ground and proves such, revealing an image of their temple long ago, and how their sacred ground now looks as the "ugly" city of Mariner Bay. He laments about having no palace, queen or ultimate power (apparently, the place they're in now isn't quite the palace they desire). Diabolico states they will have their palace back once they destroy this miserable city, brick by brick!

Over Mariner Bay, a small helicopter flies over a submarine in the middle of the bay. Inside are the four new recruits, Carter spots the submarine and figures out that Dana has brought them there to get inside the seagoing vessel. Kelsey seems excited, hopping up out of her seat and looking at the sub from above in anticipation. Soon, the sub is full of the draftees, and has submerged into the depths of the bay, where the Lightspeed Aquabase is revealed in all its Aquitian-esque glory! One of the main domes opens and houses the sub in a dry-dock. The recruits are lead into the inner complex by Dana, passing by the civilian crew and authorized personnel who work in the huge command center. Dazzled and confused, Chad asks where they are, Kelsey smiles, saying she doesn't know but calls it cool. Joel stops and takes a look at one of the consoles, curiously pressing a few buttons and setting off the alarms! He tries to hit some more and turn them off, but Dana spots him, gives him an angry look, turns off the alarms and drags him off to join the others by the grip of his leather vest.


The draftees finally reach the main conference room, where they meet Captain Mitchell, who steps out from the shadows near his fishtank and welcomes them to the Lightspeed Aquabase. Carter looks like he's about to say something, or not, doesn't matter since Joel gently shoves him aside and heads right up to the Captain. Joel says he doesn't know who he is but this is illegal, calling what they've done kidnapping. The Captain introduces himself as Capt. William Mitchell (which was Billy's full name in some fanfics, I might add), informing them that none of them are being held against their will and are free to go. Joel quickly tells the Cap that he'll see him later, storming off only to be stopped by a guard, Captain Mitchell finishing his statement by commenting they can go after he hears them out. He offers them a seat at the conference table, Joel cools his heels and sits with the others. The Cap explains the backstory for us, 5000 years ago this part of the Earth was inhabited by evil spirits, demons if you will, whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer. Luckily, there was a warlock who was strong enough to conquer, capture and entomb them (as we saw earlier, his body remained watching over the tomb ever since!). The Captain says they always feared that one day the demons would escape and return to Mariner Bay, and their fears came true a few hours ago as nomads crossing the desert discovered the tomb and released the spirits back into our world. Lightspeed (the company name, apparently) has developed technology and highly sophisticated weapons that they believe can stop them! Because of their skills, they've been chosen to use these weapons to defend the city and become Lightspeed Power Rangers! Dana hands each of the recruits their files as he speaks, which contain dossiers that include each of their Ranger Symbols. Kelsey tries to understand the situation, saying that they built this whole Aquabase just so the four of them could fight off a bunch of angry demons. Captain says that's putting it simply, but it's exactly the series premise.

Joel smiles and says he heard him out, he thinks he's nuts and is out of here! Joel gets up and begins to leave, when Carter tells him to wait, mentioning that this explains it. Carter explains that when he was saving that girl in the fire he saw someone in the flames, realizing it was one of the demons. Dana & her father seem a bit disturbed by this news, and more of the same bad news is coming as the communications link beeps. Captain Mitchell heads over to the console, is told he needs to see this, and tells them to bring it up on the monitor. Images of buildings getting blown up and fires raging through the streets, as well as the spirit jamboree above the city, is shown. The footage is viewed by the draftees, who seem to not take lightly the scenes of destruction and people pinned beneath debris. Captain Mitchell tells them that the city needs them, Carter arises and says he's in, Kelsey is too, Chad finally talks and says he wants to help. The three turn to Joel, who only asks what they will do first. Dana & the Cap smile to each other, and he walks to the table, opening the Lightspeed Symbol covered silver box, which contains their Rescue Morphers. Kelsey, Carter, Chad & Joel each pick one up (apparently, which one taken doesn't matter by color), Cap says they are worn on their wrists, which is good for him to tell Carter who probably was planning to wear it on his ankle. Morphers strapped on, Dana notices the fifth one in the case, to which her dad mentions she is the fifth Power Ranger. He says that for eighteen years he's been training her for this, and it's hers if she wants it, showing her the final file, which contains her pic and dossier (on the dossier: "Our data has chosen: Dana Mitchell", "name: Pink 5", etc). Dana smiles and nods, grabbing the Rescue Morpher and accepting her drafted destiny! She stands with the makeshift team, as Captain Mitchell tells the Rangers that it's time to get to work.

The five Rangers rush off into another room, which contains their jackets. Dana tells them each to grab one (of course, she fails to say "grab the one that matches your color, number and symbol", but while they have to be told to wear Morphers on their wrists, they don't need to be told this). Once our heroes are wearing the specially made Lightspeed Rescue design coats, they enter another room, finding lab technicians and a yellow (or is it beige?) Humvee with the word "Lightspeed" on it. Joel calls it "hype", Kelsey is wowed and Carter is tossed the keys by Dana. They hop in, the local lab boy punches up something on the computer and gives a thumbs up, the floor around the Humvee is lowered into another chamber. This chamber leads to a long tunnel stretching out from the Aquabase, across the ocean floor and into city, through a specially made tunnel. In the city, the monster Carter saw in the flames is revealed as Ghouligan (who has no Island, sorry), a repaint of Psycho Red's Monster Form, or for continuity purposes, another of that monster's race. He's accompanied by the foot soldiers of the season, black demon creatures with swords, called Batlings! Ghouligan states they've waited a long time for this, and orders the Batties to destroy the humans, citizens quickly run away screaming. The Lightspeed Humvee zooms onto the scene, and finally reaches a halt in the middle of the empty streets. Joel stands up and lifts his hat, watching the monsters along with his teammates, in relative horror.

Carter says for them to come on and help those people, the team gives a unison "Right!" and all jump out of their Hummer to save the city. Joel grabs a Batling who is harassing a group of civilians, knocks the demon down but gets gut kicked by another. Kelsey kicks one but is pushed over by another, she lands at the foot of a stairway, shouting for the people standing above to get a move on it! Chad rushes people along, as he does a few swift kicks at the Batlings surrounding him. Ghouligan is still in the streets, perfect target for Carter, who races the Humvee towards him! The monster spews off some flame breath at the firefighter, causing him to lose control of the steering and veer around. When he stops, he's stunned long enough for Ghouly to head over and yank him from his driver's seat! Carter's body is slammed into a lightpost, Joel gets the snot kicked out of him, Kelsey takes a beating, Dana can't really do much but stand there and be grabbed by Batlings (though those heels of hers might be deadly for their feet), and Chad gets slapped around. Carter covers from his fall, stating they're too strong for them.

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Captain Mitchell is monitoring their progress from an area in the Aquabase (with other employees around pressing buttons. What're their jobs, anyway?), he calls our heroes up on their Rescue Morphers, and tells them to use their Morphers. The five nod and regroup in the street. Carter leads the way, yelling at the hot tempered Ghouligan, telling him that if he wants to destroy Mariner Bay he'll have to go through them to do it. The monster will gladly do so, the Batlings rejoin him and prepare to kick human tail, when suddenly the five teenagers position and cross their arms, shouting "Lightspeed... Rescue!"

The Morphing scene begins, each of the recruits presses their Rescue Morpher, opening the secret panel lock. This causes the powers within to spew out in the form of a colored & white-striped symbol, corresponding to each Ranger. The symbol then grows amid the digital-like tunnel surrounding them, passing over each Ranger and covering their bodies. The symbol-engulfing passes through them, leaving behind each morphed into a Lightspeed Power Ranger! The Power Rangers then leap over the monsters, and land closer to the slightly wrecked Humvee. The bad guys are shocked, the nearby civilians are ecstatic, and our heroes are amazed. Chad can't believe it worked, Kelsey says it feels incredible, and Carter calls this just what they needed. Red Ranger says "Let's get to work!", and the team of Rangers each do their own special pose, ta-da.

Ghouligan sends his Batlings to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers, who all salute and say they are "Rescue Ready". The battle begins, each Ranger uses their Rescue Blaster in each of the various weapon forms. Red Ranger fights two Batties, kicking one and firing upon another. The Batlings put up quite a fight, but their small swords are really no match for futuristic firepower. Green Ranger blocks the sword attacks of two Batlings on him, but has his hands full. He kicks his foot up, knocks his Blaster from the holster, into the air, distracting the Bats, allowing him to hit them off, leap for the Blaster and blast away. Blue Ranger does quite a few martial arts moves on some Batlings, while shouting out Kaiis in a way we sure haven't heard on PR before. Yellow Ranger is fighting a few herself, fending them off with elbow punches and such. One is taken down, he strikes at her feet with his sword, she flips over, lands on his back, bounces off him and grabs another's neck, taking him down with her. Pink Ranger jumps into the air, wielding her Rescue Blaster Saber Mode (or whatever it's called) like a pro, taking care of the sword-slicing Batlings with ease.

Red Ranger gets Ghouligan's attention, the creature calls Carter burnt toast and charges up for another scorch-attack! Red Ranger rolls out of the way, fires his Blaster at the monster when he's open, Blue & Pink Rangers jump over Carter and fire as well. Ghouligan falls backwards, as the Power Rangers regroup and await Ghouly to get up. Our heroes take aim with their Rescue Blasters, Ghouligan remarks that they ain't got the guts, just as they unload five streams of red blaster energy into his recycled psychoass! The Lightspeed Rangers then turn around, spin the blasters in their hands like cowboys, and reholster them. Ghouligan drops, explodes in a huge fireball, sending one last flame-wave in his destructive wake. The Rangers pose victoriously amid the debris, and immediately Lightspeed Power Down. Demorphing seems to jerk their bodies a bit, but leaves the five smiling at their first successful rescue. The citizens of Mariner Bay are very thankful, cheering them on and rushing towards the five Rangers. No secret identities in this small town!


Later in the Lightspeed Aquabase, the Ranger teens (Dana's eighteen, which is good enough for me, since "Ranger adults" doesn't sound right) return to a heroes' welcome. The employees of the base cheer and shake their hands, the five very humbled by this experience. Joel especially, who revels in the attention most of all. He's walking backwards, boasting to one of the staff that he'll show them that move he did, urging the monster to show up again and see what happens! The Rangers stop suddenly upon reaching a room containing Captain Mitchell, Joel bumps into Dana & Kelsey and quickly turns around to stand at attention with his teammates. The Cap says that there is a time to celebrate, but this is not it. Diabolico knows the Rangers exist now, and if they think this fight was tough, they'd better just wait to see how the next one is. Kelsey addresses Captain Mitchell, commenting that they just destroyed Diabolico, didn't they? Captain tells her no, that was just one of his monsters, but if they want to defeat the big bad main man they've got a lot of work to do. Dana salutes her father like a good solider, the entire crew in the vicinity does as well, followed soon by Chad, Kelsey, Carter and Joel (the four a little unaware of the military proceeders, but seem to be getting the hang of things). Mission Complete... for now!

[scenes from "Lightspeed Teamwork"; end credits]

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