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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"From Deep In The Shadows"
Original Air Date: 04/22/00 Featuring footage from:
GoGo Five #13 - Otoototachi no Hanran
(Younger Siblings' Rebellion)
*7th Regular Season
(11th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1011
*11th episode of PRLR
*349th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)


[Recap of "Rising From Ashes"]

Something big's going down in the Lightspeed Aquabase, more specifically, the Weapons Lab. Joel, late as always, races out of the Aqua Apartment and sprints frantically down the hall. He's missing Carter getting prepared to become a guinea pig for Ms. Fairweather's latest attempt at man-made Morphinology. Sensors are attached to various points on the Red Ranger's unmorphed body, and a blue Morpher, shaped like a large M, is placed on his left wrist. Joel finally makes it through the steam-spouting maze of corridors in the Aquabase, and arrives in Ms. F's lab in time to join Kelsey, Chad, Dana, Captain Mitchell & Fairweather (along with several Lightspeed Technicians) in watching Carter test these new powers. Upon being given the prompt by Fairweather to start, Carter presses the button his the Morpher, the center of the M expands into a V shape, Carter shouts "Titanium Power" and the Morpher comes alive with energy! The powers engulf Carter's body in a bright flashing (though flickering) light, upon closer inspection you can actually see Carter's heart and entire system of veins being charged with electricity. Carter grunts loudly, as his body suddenly Morphs into a slivery gray suit with gold trimming and a V shape for a visor. This Morph holds less than a second, and he's thrust violently back to normal, and back to Titanium Ranger mode yet again. Chad & Kelsey grimace at the bright lights and the sight of Carter's body getting twisted out of shape painfully, but Joel never once blinks his eyes, staring at Carter in almost a trance. Carter reaches out as he Morphs and Demorphs numerous times, the powers causing him great agony. He eventually ends up kneeling on the floor, when the shock finally subsides and the jolting experience comes to a halt. His teammates rush out to help him up, and Ms. Fairweather cries out to him through a microphone to see if he's okay. He's covered with sweat and panting, but he's able to grunt out that he's indeed okay. Captain Mitchell stands stern and silent, contemplating this failure, while Fairweather simply removes her glasses and breathes a sigh of relief (likely mixed in with a bit of guilt for putting Carter through torture).

[opening credits.]

Later in Captain Mitchell's Swingin' Cabin, Mitchell sits at his desk while Ms. Fairweather hands in the Titanium Morpher. She doesn't think they should continue testing the Titanium Powers, as the circuitry is too powerful for an ordinary human. She then storms off, Mitchell picks up the Morpher, comments to her about how it would have been fantastic. Fairweather stops at his door, turns around and smiles that yes, it truly would have. She says goodnight to the Captain and departs. Mitchell gets up and walks over near the door, where on the wall between some gauges is a small safe. He uses his Lightspeed key to open it up and place the Titanium Morpher inside, coincidentally, this was the same safe the Top Secret files from "Operation Lightspeed" were held! The Captain returns to his desk, and you have to wonder if the M on the Morpher stood for "Mitchell", hence why he's taking this so hard ("Titanium is my favorite metal! Sob!"). He tosses his Lightspeed key into a drawer, and there laying in plain view is a picture in a frame. It's of a much younger William Mitchell (with more hair) holding his young daughter Dana on his shoulder, with a mysterious young boy holding his hand. He takes the picture out and takes a trip down memory lane, when there's suddenly a knock on his door. Mitchell places the picture, face down this time, into the drawer and tells the person to come in. It's Dana, and she's brought a cake! It's midnight, officially the 20th birthday of Dana's big brother, Ryan, whom she was too young to remember, but always remembers to celebrate every year with her dad. She lights the candles, they both make a wish and blow them out simultaneously. The smiles don't last long, the Captain asks her what she wished for, and she tells him that she bets they wished for the same thing. Dana turns and takes a look into her father's fishtank (since he obviously doesn't have enough of them outside his window), and says that she wished that the car crash never happened and Ryan was still here. Mitchell notes that they can't change the past, but has another wish, that whatever happens she always knows that he loves her. He heads over and gives her a hug, both smile, but once again, they don't last long.

It's late at night in Mariner Bay, the lights from the Lightspeed Aquabase illuminate the surrounding dark waters. Speaking of waters, a technician finishes up his work in the Weapons Lab, and shuts off the lights. He passes by the pool (as we saw Chad take a dip in at the beginning of the "Up To The Challenge" episode) on his way out, not noticing that something, or someone, is lurking inside it! Once the man is gone, the strange person steps out of the pool, removing his scuba gear and proceeding to head into the main halls of the Aquabase. Two nameless extras walk by, talking about something or another (they're dubbed, so as to not have to pay them much), fail to notice the puddles of water the strange leaves as he sneaks around the halls. He heads towards Captain Mitchell's Swingin' Cabin, and the door pops right open (apparently, Mitchell sleeps elsewhere on the base, and this is more of his office than home). We get a shadowed profile of the stranger's head backdropped against one of the windows, and hey, he kinda resembles Zhane! Come to reclaim his Digimorpher? Nah. So, the stranger uses a flashlight to find his way to Mitchell's desk, opens it up, and finds the Lightspeed keys he wanted. He also finds that picture of young Willy Mitchell with his two kids, giving us a close view of it as the stranger runs his fingers along the image, until turning his light onto the shot of young Ryan. He ceases this and gets to the safe cracking, just by using the keys Mitchell left in the unlocked drawer! The stranger opens the safe, reaches in, pushes aside a passport and takes the Titanium Morpher, before locking the safe up tight, as if no one had ever been there.


Vypra's taking her Batling brigade out for a stroll on the town around dawn. She remarks how beautiful the city is, especially since this will be the last sunrise Mariner Bay ever sees! Vypra powers up her purple-flame hand, and throws a blast towards one of the skyscrapers in the center of the city. The small explosion is enough to set the alarms in the Aquabase off, and the Power Ranger teens into a scramble to the Transport Bay. Soon, they're driving the Rescue Rover out of the base and into Mariner Bay. Vypra laughs bemusedly as she heads into a burning ruined warehouse, waving her finger in the air and saying "next target" with such poor acting I can't tell what feeling she's trying to convey in this scene. Thankfully, the Lightspeed Rangers appear and Rescue Blast the guano out of the Batlings surrounding her. The Rangers holster their guns and Red Ranger remarks there's not going to be a next target this time, ordering her to get out of here! The Batlings regroup behind Vypra, who tells our heroes that it's only a matter of time before Mariner Bay falls to Diabolico. Green Ranger quips "Oh! I know when that'll be... never!". Vypra orders the Batlings to attack, and the Rangers rush in to do the deed. Red Ranger's helmet visor seems to double as a camera lens for those back in the Aquabase, as we see Captain Mitchell watching Carter's fight with Vypra on the monitor in the Command HQ, with first-person perspective. Each of the Rangers takes on a large amount of Batlings with ease, some using the debris around the warehouse to their advantage. Carter's busy with Vypra, dueling with her, sword to baton, for a pretty short time. He ends it by bopping her in her exposed bellybutton with the butt of the Baton! The Lightspeed Rangers regroup together, having cleaned up the Batlings offscreen, in time to back Carter up as he tells Vypra again to get out of Mariner Bay (Kelsey throwing in "yeah, forever!"). Vypra notes that wild horses couldn't drag her away (though they could easily outact her!), and that this is the moment she's been waiting for, the moment they meet their match!

Suddenly, a small raging storm cloud materializes above the Rangers' heads, spewing forth thunder and lightning from within its blueish-green formation. Our heroes cover their eyes, Vypra cackles, Mitchell watches stunned, and a bright light begins to form in the shape of a human being from within the clouds. A thunderclap strikes so loud that it knocks the Lightspeed Rangers off their feet, just as the person emerging from the clouds lands on his! The glowing illumination of the strange person's body finally fades, to reveal, much to everyone on the side of good's surprise, the Titanium Ranger, stabily Morphed and fully powered up! The Rangers stand up, Carter disbelieving this as no one had access to the Morpher, Dana asks the mysterious new Ranger who he is. The Titanium Ranger poses ready for battle, telling her that he's their worst nightmare. Mitchell quickly darts down the hall, and heads to his Cabin locker, finding the Titanium Morpher missing. He slams his fist against the wall and races back to command headquarters. Back on the surface, the Rangers gather close together and slowly step backwards as the Titanium Ranger walks towards them. Kelsey tells him to stop right there, Chad says that they don't want any trouble with him. But the Titanium Ranger informs them that they've now got it, whipping out his large Titanium Laser weapon, bracing it against his forearm and firing away at our heroes. The energy discharge blast causes a massive explosion behind the Rangers with just one shot, taking them down instantly, causing Vypra to gasp. The Rangers don't stay down long, as we suddenly see them back up and in the middle of a physical fight with Titanium! He kicks Joel into some empty boxes, and then kicks Dana's feet from under her, and once she lands on her back, he drops down with her and kicks her stomach. He gets a laugh out of this, and Carter says that this is enough, rushing to take this powerful warrior on himself. Titanium Ranger leaps up, and takes Red Ranger down with just a few well-placed blows.

In the Aquabase, Mitchell returns to watch the fight on the screen, having brought Ms. Fairweather with him. She cries "oh no" upon spotting the Titanium Ranger. The Rangers, having taken quite a beating, escape the confining recesses of the warehouse and stagger up to the rooftop. Carter helps his pals along, saying that they're just not equipped to fight him like this. They don't make it far, for Titanium Ranger is right behind them, stomping slowly after them like a killer from a horror movie. The Rangers are apparently out of room, and trapped on the roof, so it's time to call in the Rescuebird. Carter does so, it swoops in from the Train Bay and immediately lands in Unilaser mode. With his teammates bracing behind him, Red Ranger orders Titanium to stop in his tracks. He does, only to take his Titanium Laser, shift the pieces of its structure around, creating its Rescue Mode form of an Ax! Carter states that he warned him, and proceeds to fire the Unilaser at the dangerous Rogue Ranger. Titanium holds his Ax in the direction of the Unilaser energy blast, it strikes his weapon and charges it up. The Rangers watch in shock as Titanium Ranger swings his Ax around, and finally unleashing the enhanced energy they had just fired at him! The large blast takes our heroes down once more, Carter grunting out a question of "why?" to his mysterious murderer, but the Titanium Ranger merely laughs. Elsewhere, viewing this as it happens, Ms. Fairweather grabs Mitchell's shoulders and says that he'll destroy them. Red Ranger stands back up and readies to give this guy his all, when the Captain contacts him and orders them to break off the attack and get out of there now! Joel is about to rush into action, when Carter stops him and informs them of Mitchell's orders of retreat. The Rangers are able to race around the Titanium Ranger and make their exit through the inside of the half-demolished warehouse. Carter tells his Enemy In Arms that this isn't over, Titanium Ranger comments about how on that much, they agree. Our heroes leave, Titanium slings his ax over his shoulder and evilly remarks that it won't be over until they're all destroyed! Captain Mitchell is somber about this entire ordeal, removing his headset and leaving past a concerned Ms. Fairweather. Back on the warehouse rooftop, Diabolico makes his grand debut in the city of Mariner Bay (thanks to his first American suit appearance!), by teleporting in and congratulating Titanium Ranger on his excellent work. Diabolico knew he'd be the perfect addition to their team, for with his new powers the city will soon be theirs! Titanium Ranger gazes out on the doomed city with his demonic master, and agrees that yes, it will be very soon. Diabolico laughs and laughs. Must be an inside joke!


Soon in the Lightspeed Aquabase (the conference room), Chad learns from Ms. Fairweather that the Titanium Morpher was stolen from the Captain's safe. Kelsey figures it had to be somebody in Lightspeed, but Joel thinks that nobody working here would do that, tough Kelsey wonders who else could have gotten in the base. Mitchell comes in to begin the meeting with our heroes, and says that no matter who it was, the fact remains that Diabolico has the Morpher and the Titanium power at his disposal, which they've got to get back, and fast! Ms. Fairweather, proving she's a genius, says that it won't be easy. See kids, that's why she gets paid the big bucks! Meanwhile in the Skull Cavern, the mysterious Titanium Ranger is demorphed and sitting down in the shadows, as Vypra talks about how if the Rangers fight they'll be destroyed and if they run, then the city is theirs. Loki gets an Ed McMahon-like laugh out of the fact that either way the Rangers choose, the demons are going to win! Diabolico talks to the strange young man in the darkness, telling him that he's mastered the Titanium Morpher's powers and thus has proven himself worthy of being the Titanium Ranger. Now they'll use those powers to take back their homeland! The strange man, his face always covered by shadows or Diabolico's thighs, quietly stares down at his blinking Morpher. In the city of Mariner Bay, Joel wanders around the busy plaza section, noting that everything's quiet. Carter & Dana meet up by a fountain in the park, Dana notes that it's too quiet. Kelsey and Chad take a look around as well, not finding anything happening their either. That is, until Chad spots something in the sky and points it out to "Kels". It's a large ball of light streaking through the sky and heading downtown. Chad contacts the others, and the rush to regroup at said location.

The ball of light lands in the middle of a sidewalk, with dumbstruck citizens surrounding it. There's a small quake upon its landing, and once the smoke clears, out from the fire & debris steps the Titanium Ranger! The Mariner Bayans don't know what to make of him, that is, until crosses his arms above his head, and then lets out a loud growl as he stretches them back out slowly. This scares the bystanders, who run for their lives, giving Titanium quite a chuckle. The Rescue Rover makes the scene, with Dana & Carter inside, just as the others meet the rendezvous as well. The Ranger teens stand together, with Carter asking once more who he is. Titanium Ranger is still standing with his back turned to them, the same position he landed in, and angrily remarks that who is he doesn't matter anymore. Joel looks at Carter and then tells the Titanium Ranger that they don't want to have to hurt him, to which Titanium responds "Hurt me? Your pathetic powers are no match for mine!". Ready to see if that's true, the five call out "Lightspeed Rescue" and proceed to Morph, a five-at-once screen shot. Red Ranger pleas for him to not make them do something they don't want to do. Titanium tells them to give it their best shot, and that they do, rushing at him and quickly getting kicked aside! Even Chad's mighty moves are no equal for Titanium's fury, flinging our heroes around like they were an afterthought. Elsewhere, Captain Mitchell returns to the Command HQ, but instead chooses to watch the battle onscreen in the conference room by himself. Titanium Ranger takes on Pink Ranger atop someone's car, knocking her off, and once Yellow & Green Rangers hop up after him, he leaps off, whips out the Titanium Laser, and turns the car into a massive firebomb! The Rangers leap to safety, but still manage to take the explosive blast with the full force, as Titanium lands perfectly down the debris-filled street.

Captain Mitchell contacts Ms. Fairweather on the video-screen and tells her they're out of time. She's in the Weapons Lab, putting the finishing touches on a new set of weapons with a couple of technicians. Fairweather answers Mitchell's call, telling him they haven't finished testing them yet, which Mitchell tells her isn't a luxury they can afford! She gives in and contacts Carter, telling him to activate the V-Lancers. He tells her she's got it, as the five Rangers pick themselves up from the floor and prepare to do this. The two technicians give Fairweather a thumbs up, and exit the Weapons Lab, leaving the set of five sticks with V symbols on them behind. At the battlefield, Red Ranger calls on V-Lancers, out from his hand springs a large metal red V. Each of the Rangers have one of their own color, and each aims them towards the V-visored Titanium Ranger (no coincidence there, I bet, storywise), who seems confused by these new gimmicks. The Rangers shout out "Defense", causing the V-Lancers to teleport out of the Weapons Lab, and into their formally empty hands. The metal V's are attaches to their Lancers, and each Lancer extends out into a long blade. Chad calls them excellent, Kelsey says these things rock, Joel agrees, telling Ms. F she did good, and Carter's ready to try these bad boys out. Titanium Ranger rushes at our heroes, who proclaim together "Power Rangers Lightspeed!" as they head in to meet him in combat with their new weapons. Titanium is still as slippery as ever, leaping through their attacks, but this time, he manages not to get any hits on the Lancer wielding Rangers. They gang up on Titanium, and Carter knocks his Laser gun out of his hand, leaving him surrounded by V-Lancer blades! He doesn't flinch or waiver, grabbing the blades and flipping around, maneuvering himself between their Lancers. But he's outnumbered, he's struck several times by the Lancers, the final one by Carter knocking him clear across the road, the experience quite painful.

Our heroes regroup, Titanium Ranger spots his Laser only feet away from him, Red Ranger orders him not to do it, he ignores Carter and races out for it. Ms. Fairweather tells them to go to Blaster Mode, which the Rangers do, the V-Lancers shift around into said mode. Titanium Ranger reaches his Titanium Laser, but the moment he lifts his gun up to fire, the Lightspeed Rangers fire their V-Lancers into the air, something they call Spectral Blast, their color-coded beams of energy form into one large ball. It drops down on Titanium Ranger, frying him with an enormous blast, causing him to collapse on the ground (if Andros suddenly shows up and takes his body to store in his refrigerator, i'm gonna call foul). Carter thinks this did it, but Titanium Ranger slams his Laser against the ground in anger, and proceeds to stand up! Red Ranger doesn't believe it, but Titanium Ranger is coming back for more, despite how nothing should have been able to survive that blast. The Titanium Ranger slowly turns around, his V-visor having been lowered in the explosion. His eyes are visible between the open area of his helmet, and above the oxygen mask that comes with all Lightspeed suits. He stares straight at our heroes, his eyes filled with rage, his eyes visible to Captain Mitchell, who suddenly jumps up and gets a closer look on the screen. His face drops, he looks like he's seen a ghost as he gasps "no" at the sight of those green eyes he seems to find hauntingly familiar


Captain Mitchell stands in awe and shock over the eyes of his past peering between the villain's visor. Carter orders Titanium Ranger to stand down before this escalates, telling him to not force them to destroy him. He ignores this, lowers his V-visor, readies his Titanium Laser and aims it at the Rangers. Titanium Ranger stumbles towards our heroes slowly, his body still in pain from the blast he took the brunt of, but he remains undeterred from destroying them. Ms. Fairweather tells Carter to go to energy level 10, which is full power, the Lightspeed Rangers aim the V-Lancers at Titanium Ranger and lock on perfectly. Captain Mitchell watches disturbed as the Titanium Ranger clutches his chest and wearily aims his Laser at the Rangers. Red Ranger notes they have the target locked, but before they can end the Titanium menace, Captain Mitchell screams for them not to fire! Carter asks him to repeat the order, Mitchell tells him once again to hold fire. Chad wonders just what he's talking about, Kelsey reminds the Captain that this is their chance to finish him! Captain Mitchell tells them once again not to shoot, collapsing into his chair and begging please. Titanium Ranger also collapses on the ground, as Carter and the others power down the V-Lancers. Captain Mitchell removes his headset and drops them on the table. Red Ranger tells his team that it's time to go, Titanium Ranger picks himself back up and shouts that they're not finished and to come back. Carter simply turns around and looks at his enemy, nearly helpless between the piles of burning debris, before getting in the Rescue Rover and returning to the Aquabase. In the conference room, Carter barges in, questioning Mitchell on his order of retreat when they had Titanium Ranger where they wanted him. Joel makes the great point of how he would have destroyed them without thinking twice. Chad notes that now he knows they have the V-Lancers, Kelsey calls that their only chance against him and now he'll be ready for them. The Captain never once moves from his standing position, facing the wall monitors. Carter finally calms down, asking him why he stopped them. Captain Mitchell turns around, and with his voice breaking, he tells them "because... he's my son!". Dana looks far more surprised than anyone, considering she'd just been duking it out with her sibling's reanimated corpse!

[To be continued...; Scenes from "Truth Discovered"; end credits]

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