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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Ryan's Destiny"
Original Air Date: 05/06/00 Based on:
GoGo Five #19 - Kanzennaru Haiboku
(The Immortal Rescue Spirit)
*7th Regular Season
(13th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1013
*13th episode of PRLR
*351st total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Chad Suros _AS_ Jimmy
Patricia Place _AS_ Wise Woman
Loren Chase _AS_ Mother
Brent Keast _AS_ Newsperson
Savannah Brooke Mersola _AS_ Katie
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
David Stenstrom _AS_ Demonite (voice)
Alonzo Bodden _AS_ Thunderon (voice)
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Falkar (voice)


[Recap of "From Deep In The Shadows" & "Truth Discovered"]

Inside the Lightspeed Aquabase (Weapons Lab), Ms. Fairweather sits down at her workspace and writes up some notes. Everything is pretty calm and quiet around, until the blaring alarms start going off, with a female voice announcing "Intruder Alert!". All of the Lightspeed Technicians are abuzz at this threat, Fairweather notices the sign marked "Lift" lights up, and the Transport Bay comes to life. The intruder is apparently entering through the front door this time, standing with his fist clenched as he rides upwards from below. Lightspeed Technicians stand surrounding the Transport Lift, watching this unauthorized personnel entering the base without a care. Ms. Fairweather comes before the intruder, who is none other than Ryan Mitchell, long-lost son of the Captain! No words are exchanged, until two security officers rush and grab Ryan. They start to drag him off, until Ms. Fairweather tells them it's okay and says to let him go. They reluctantly do so, Ryan straightens out his black shirt and walks off into the Aquabase alone, getting stares from everyone, the word is obviously out about how he was behind the recent attacks. Ryan makes his way to the Captain's Cabin, finding his father, Captain Mitchell, pleasantly surprised to see him, asking his son to come inside. Ryan walks in, the Captain exclaims with delight that he knew his son would come back. But his hopes are diminished when Ryan reveals that he's not here to stay, he just came to say good-bye. Mitchell asks why, now that he knows who really is, there's a place for him right there in Lightspeed. Ryan gazes into the relaxing fishtank, and explains that the thing is, he doesn't know who he really is. For years his mind has been poisoned with hate & fear (having grown up with a bunch of demonic spirits can really do that to a person!), and he doesn't know if there's any good left in him. Father & son come face to face, as Ryan says that he's leaving Mariner Bay, needing to find out who he is. Ryan walks out of the Cabin, and his father rushes over to his desk. Inside the top drawer, the same place he kept the keys to the Lightspeed Locker, he has a small gold handheld box. Taking it with him, Captain Mitchell rushes out and stops Ryan in the halls. The Captain tells him "You may not know who you are, but trust me, I do! You're not evil. Somewhere inside you there's an ocean of goodness. The day that you realize that you are truly good, I want you to open this." Mitchell hands him the golden box, Ryan takes his and quietly departs. Dana, Ryan's sister, calls out his name and tells him to wait as she races through the hallway. She arrives too late, watching as he enters the elevator exit, and shakes his head at Dana while the door closes in front of her.

[opening credits, revised version 1.2: Ryan added between Chad & Carter!]

In the demonic hideout known only as Skull Cavern, the grand mama of them all, Queen Bansheera, appears above the main room in her usual phantom-face image. She tells Diabolico that his failure to defeat the Power Rangers is pathetic, and perhaps her son Impus can do it. Diabolico starts to note how Impus is just a baby, but the Queen cuts him off mid-sentence, warning him that he either finishes them off or she shall give Impus his Star Power. Bansheera's transmission from the great beyond ends, allowing Diabolico that chance to express his feelings to us, by saying that his powers will never belong to this worm. The baby Impus sleeps quietly in his first America-footage appearance, slightly cooing in his sleep. Just then, Vypra, Loki, and Jinxer enter the fog-filled room. Vypra jokes about how cute Impus is, probably dreaming of the day he grows up and takes over! Loki says to forget that, there's no way he's taking orders from that little squirt! Diabolico agrees about that being right, he's the only leader around there, and now it's time to finish the Rangers once and for all, and he has just the thing to bring them to their knees. He faces the Hell-Mouth statue in the center of the room, cackling evilly as he summons forth a small demonic collector's edition gem-encrusted keepsake box from within. Jinxer points out that those are all the monsters he has left, revealing to us in none so many words that each of the demons on the series has only but a small amount of their own army of monsters to create. Diabolico states that with these, his three most powerful monsters, there's no way he can fail! He removes them from the box (offscreen) and holds the three Demonic CCG cards in his hand, ordering his warriors to come forth. The trio of cards shoot off his palm and back into the Hell-mouth, and once inside, the evil energies ignite, causing three monsters to emerge from the smokey unknown dimensions within.

The three monsters never get named, cept in the end credits, so let's introduce them here. The one with the most feathers and with the white armor is Demonite. The feminine one with the bird-helmet on is Falkar. The green faced roundish one with large fists is Thunderon. Vypra & Loki are wowed by their entrance. Diabolico informs the three monsters that he has an important mission for them: destroy the Power Rangers! Falkar laughs, nonchalantly asking if that's all he asks them to do, saying it will be a pleasure. The trio of demonic warriors teleports to Mariner Bay City, Demonite laughing heartily. He reaches behind his shoulder and pulls a feather from his wings, magically. Each of the three have small cupid-wings, and the other two monsters follow suit. Demonite says "Such beautiful feathers. Such beautiful destruction!". Falkar giggles in agreeance, blowing his feather from his hand, Demonite doing the same, and finally, Thunderon. Several harmless looking feathers end up floating off into the city, as Thunderon exclaims in a deep voice, "They won't know what hit them!". Ryan's walking near a small park, carrying a green backpack with him, when he spots one of the feathers fluttering down from above. He picks it up, and takes a look to the sky, seeing no large birds in the vicinity. Ryan does notice several kids playing at the playground nearby, he smiles as he fondly remembers his short but happy childhood. A little girl named Katie tosses a ball to her brother, named Jimmy, and soon it rolls off towards Ryan, who picks it up and hands it to Jimmy when he rushes over to get it. Jimmy apologizes, saying his sister can't throw very well. Ryan tells him he should teach her to throw better, but Jimmy doesn't want to, complaining about how she's always tagging along & bugging him. Ryan, having lost precious time with his own younger sister, tells Jimmy that they should stick together because believe him, if she wasn't around, he'd miss her. Jimmy gives a "nah" in disbelief, but Ryan assures him it's true. Ryan takes the feather he found and hands it to Jimmy, telling the boy to give it to her. Jimmy thanks him and does so, running back to Katie and hands it to her, which she happily accepts. Jimmy shakes his head to Ryan, who smiles and shakes back, before heading up and moving on.


Soon at the Mariner Bay Bus Depot, Ryan makes his way to the ticket counter, confused by the bus schedule. He doesn't know where he should go, eventually deciding to sit down a while and give it some thought without holding up the line. Ryan sits near a wise old woman, she notices he's troubled and asks him where he's headed (though I could have sworn she was going to say "Goin' My Way, Big Boy?"). Ryan confides in her that he wish he knew, she simply tells him to follow his heart, and he'll end up just where he's supposed to be. Wise woman smiles and leaves, leaving Ryan behind to contemplate his destiny. Meanwhile in the Lightspeed Aquabase, the alarms are ringing again. The five Ranger recruits race out to the main Command Headquarters, meeting up with Captain Mitchell before the Viewing Screen. Kelsey asks him what's up, and Mitchell tells her it's trouble times three. Our heroes are stunned at the sight of three monsters in the city, Mitchell says they're locked in on their location and the Rangers should get going. Chad exclaims "we're on it!" and the five are soon in the Rescue Rover, driving through the empty streets of Mariner Bay. They find the target and Morph Into Lightspeed offscreen, leaping before the three demonic warriors as Lightspeed Power Rangers! They stand on some steps above the monsters in a small plaza area, Falkar noting "look what the cat dragged in". Our heroes pose, salute, shout "Lightspeed Rescue" and pose for action some more. The three monsters are as ready to fight as the Rangers are, and quickly pair up with the partners of their choice. Demonite takes on Green Ranger, striking at Joel's Rescue Baton with his own arm-sized blade. Joel doesn't fare well, ending up locked in combat up-close, allowing Demonite to bash his Morphed body into an abandoned car! Demonite finally lets up and Green Ranger rolls over the hood, popping up on the other side with his Rescue Blaster drawn, but finding his prey missing. Joel hops over the hood and takes a look out for the monster, finding him when he least expects it, as the creature fires his arm-blade off at him! The blade strikes into Green Ranger twice, knocking him into the car, where Joel takes refuge, only to have the entire roof of the car sliced off by Demonite's rogue hand. Demonite faces the stunned Ranger and tells him "good-bye!" as he fires off eyebeam blasts at him. Joel leaps from the totaled car, just as Demonite turns it into a flaming mess.

Blue & Red Ranges take on Falkar together, double Baton bopping the birdy foe, finding it easier said than done. Falkar deflects both their attacks, and then uses his large blade-tipped staff to slash at them. This is followed by Falkar placing the staff upwards like a pole, and then swinging around on it very quickly, going around and around, striking Chad & Carter over & over with his large toeclaws. Nearby, Yellow & Pink Rangers get beaten about by Thunderon, who soon manages to start juggling Kelsey & Dana in the air! Each time one of the girls lands on a fist, they spark, then are passed to the next fist, and then back into the air to repeat the process over again until Thunderon swats them away. The girls land bruised back where the Rangers started from, their equally weary teammates regroup with them. Joel wonders what's with these guys, Carter doesn't know but does know they're really tough. The trio of demons reunite, Falkar saying that if they think that was tough, wait till they see what's in store for Mariner Bay! Our heroes leap up to their feet in defense of the city, Red Ranger asking them what they've done. Demonite holds another feather, explaining that they've just delivered a few presents from Diabolico. He flings it off at Carter, who grabs it in his hand and examines it, Demonite reveals that they're special feathers, harmless at daytime, but as soon as darkness falls... zap! Demonite fires a laser from his finger into the sky, blocking out the sun with an instant eclipse. It causes the sun to cease shining over the five Rangers, creating a black dome of night over our heroes. The feather glows, and Carter drops it on the ground. The feather erupts into an explosive device, blasting the Power Rangers out of the dome and into the air. They lie smoking & stunned, Kelsey asking what happened. Falkar tells her it's the same thing that's going to happen all over Mariner Bay at sunset. Demonite states that the feathers are everywhere and they never be able to find them all. The only way to stop them from exploding, is to defeat all three of the demonic warriors before nightfall! We see the feathers in bookbags, on swings, in supermarkets, on the water, on cars, being collected by kids and tossed into the air in crowded parks by the boatfull.

This occurrence doesn't go unnoticed by those at Lightspeed, Captain Mitchell watches the breakout of feather fever with fear, ordering his staff to put out a citywide alert. They do so as fast as they can, Mitchell saying that they've got to retrieve every one of those feathers. Back at the battle, the Power Rangers continue lying on the ground, struggling. Thunderon asks them what they're going to do, Falkar asks as well, offering another option, they can just sit back with them and watch the fireworks at sunset! Our heroes start to stand up, Carter promising they won't get away with this. Demonite tells them they should just give up, the city is going down! Kelsey exclaims that no one is going to destroy Mariner Bay, which Carter agrees on. The five Lightspeed Power Rangers take their Rescue Batons and lunge forth at the demonic trio, not ready to give up! Elsewhere, at the park, the mother of Katie & Jimmy gathers the kids up along with their picnic basket, telling them it's getting late and is time to be going. The mother places the feather Ryan handed Jimmy to hand to Katie in Katie's backpack, and they depart. Speaking of depart, Ryan hears that his 6 o'clock bus to Van Nuys is about to board at gate 5. He picks up his things and starts to head out, when he hears a breaking news report on a television monitor. The newscaster states that feathers have been scattered throughout Mariner Bay by Diabolico, and Lightspeed has declared a citywide emergency. He says that these feathers are said to be explosive and should be avoided at all costs. The newsperson starts talking about how rescue teams have been mobilized to seek out and neutralize the threat, when Ryan interrupts it with a flashback. He recalls giving the young boy & girl a feather, which seems now to have been a bad move! The bus driver honks his horn at him, but Ryan blocks it out in his head, his heart guiding him straight on to the proper way. He races away from the bus station, and dashes down the sidewalk, attempting to save the lives of those children he may have endangered.


The bomb squad carefully collects the feathers in Mariner Bay, placing them in explosive-resistant boxes. The police try to keep order by guiding people away from dangerous areas. Speaking of dangerous areas, our heroes have taken the fight out into the more open steelyard. Yellow, Green, and Blue Rangers leap over the three monsters, and grab them from behind. Joel, who has Demonite held tight, shouts for Carter to do it now (Kelsey has Falkar, and Chad has Thunderon)! Red Ranger hears the okay and summons Rescue Bird, which locks into Unilaser mode and lands in Carter's hands. Braced by Pink Ranger, Red Ranger fires the Unilaser at the three creatures from beyond. But, as expected, the monsters grab the three Rangers and toss them out in the center of the oncoming blast, making them take the entire brunt of the laserfire. The Demonic Trio gets a good laugh out of Carter's "What? Oh No!" expression, Demonite noting what a nice shot he is. Demonite's a good shot as well, firing his eyebeam-blasts at Red & Pink Rangers! Meanwhile, Ryan races through the park, frantically searching for the boy & girl he met earlier. The sun is slowly setting on the horizon, a fact the Power Rangers are aware of too well. Demonite remarks that the sun is going down, and so are the Rangers! Carter has an idea, asking his team to follow him as they stagger off through the empty streets of the city. The Demon Three follow, time slowly running out with each step. Demonite shouts to them that there's no escaping the inevitable. Falkar notes that they can run, Thunderon finishing the line by saying that they can't hide. The Rangers, only minutes before sunset, slip into the shadows down an alleyway. The Darkside Connection gives chase only to find it's a dead end and the Rangers are missing! They search for a moment, as their position revealed, the Power Rangers are high above them on a ledge, holding the Unilaser aimed down at the monsters. It's fired, but the blast is deflected by a dome shield El Tres Demonicos throw up at the last second. The Unilaser energies are bounced back towards our heroes, blasting them off the building and to the debris-filled ground. Demonite asks if that's the best they can do, and calls it's pathetic. He says "Sweetdreams, losers" as he spouts off another flock of feathers in the windblown direction of the weakened Rangers. Covered by feathers and too beaten to retreat, the Rangers struggle, Carter notes they have to do something, but apparently all they can do is wait for the boom-boom!

Darkness is falling, and on a bridge in the city, Jimmy tells his mother about the nice man who gave him the feather to give to Katie. That same nice man is busy rushing around looking for them, and luckily, has found them in the nick of time. Ryan shouts at them, they stop and turn around, recognizing him from earlier. Ryan drops his backpack on the bridge, the golden box slipping out upon being dropped. He rushes towards the family, gazing over at the setting sun while he does this, apparently, the "nightfall bomb feather" plan all too well known to him from his days with Diabolico. He quickly snatches the feather from Katie's bookbag, and tosses it off of the overpass bridge. Good thing the wind is his friend, as the feather is taken up into the air, and flutters safely into the skies above the cityscape. Ryan grabs the family and tells them to get down, trying to shield their bodies as the sun finally slips out of view. The feather glows and explodes, along with feathers all over Mariner Bay. Especially those near the Power Rangers, who manage to stand up and get blown to kingdom come! They're blasted backwards through a brick wall painfully, and once the explosions stop, our heroes Demorph. Above the flames brought on by the feathers, they see the three demons heading their way, Demonite saying that it's now time to finish them off, once & for all! Back on the bridge, the mother thanks Ryan, Katie happily points out that he saved them, and Jimmy gladly calls Ryan his hero. Ryan smiles, and the family heads home, safe & sound. The kids wave back at him, and the words of his father echo in his brain, mostly the "ocean of goodness" thing from earlier. Heeding these words, his inner goodness discovered, he takes the golden box and opens it, to find something glowing with power within!

Inside the warehouse where the Ranger teens have forcibly retreated, the three warriors confront the weary heroes, Demonite says that he's going to enjoy this. He notes that it's simply amazing what a couple of little feathers can do, Thunderon states that now they'll show them what they can do! Demonite raises his blade, Falkar his claw-staff, and Thunderon his spiked-fist, as they take aim on the beaten & bloody Ranger teens. Just as Demonite's blade is about to fall on Carter, Ryan makes a mighty leap onto the scene, flipping through the air. His shouting turns all demonic attention on him, as he greets each of the demons with his kicking feet! Our heroes are excited to see him, and beyond happy, Dana most of all. Ryan stands tall, protecting those five whom he once tried to demolish. Falkar goes "Look who we've got here, it's the traitor!". Demonite seems to know him, remarking "Still playing games, huh?". Ryan sternly states that this is no game, as he swings his arms around, and shouts "Titanium Power!". Pressing the button on his Titanium Morpher (which he once stole, but is now attempting to earn), we see his Morphing scene. He's in a Lightspeed Jacket, inside the usual digital transformation dimension. He reaches up into the air, and his body spins around, as the black & gold V lowers from above. It engulfs his body, leaving him encased in the grayish silver suit with a golden trim. His visor lowers, and the Titanium Ranger is reborn once more! He poses, while his new teammates stand behind, recovering and smiling. Captain Mitchell watches from the base, remarking to himself "I knew it!". Thunderon tells Titanium that he's history, and charges forth. Titanium Ranger heads out to face him, launching from the ground in such a way that it kicks up quite a bit of dust, he gains an extra bit of momentum and leaps into the air, coming back down with a powerful kick on the roundish monster. He's thrown into some cardboard boxes, and the Ranger teens are impressed. The other two demons attack, but Ryan kicks Falkar away, kicks at Demonite, who grabs his leg, only to have Titanium Ranger break free with his other one and then throw a barrage of punches & kicks, taking the monster down with a footsweep. Titanium relieves Falkar of his staff and punts him off into the boxes with his other buddies. Ryan remains poised with his leg in the air for a moment, swinging the staff around and chucking it to the floor, before lowering his leg and asking them "Is that all you've got?!". The Darkside Connection (I think this name fits them the best) wearily brings themselves back up, Demonite tells him that they have more tricks than just feathers. Falkar promises they haven't seen the last of them, and all three demonic warriors teleport back to Skull Cavern to lick their wounds.

In the Aquabase, Captain Mitchell removes his headset with a proud smile. Ms. Fairweather informs him that there was very little damage in the city and no one was hurt! Mitchell remarks to himself "Thanks to Ryan", though he should be saying "thanks to blabbermouth monsters!". Back at the battle, Titanium Ranger powers down and nods to his sister. Dana rushes over and hugs him, hoping that he never leaves again. Ryan tells her " I won't, little sister. This is exactly where i'm supposed to be". Dana laughs happily, Joel nods his head and smiles to Carter, both seem to agree. Chad pats Ryan on the shoulder and shakes his hand, saying "All right!'. You'd never know this guy was trying to kill them just a few days ago!


Later in the Lightspeed Aquabase (the Galley), Dana helps Ryan try his very own Lightspeed Rescue Jacket on for size! It's got a metallic V symbol on one arm and a "6" on the other. Ryan notes it fits perfectly, and Joel drops some wisdom. He tells Ryan to take it from him, that girls love a man in uniform, and come to think of it, they loved him before he had the uniform! Joel puts his arm around Kelsey to prove it, and she laughs while elbowing him off of her. Ryan laughs & smiles, saying he doesn't know what to say, except thanks. Dana promises him that Diabolico can't touch him now, not with them around. Carter absolutely agrees, and Chad welcomes Ryan to Lightspeed. The technicians stand around applaud, and Kelsey gently punches Ryan in the shoulder while congratulating him. Joel shakes his hand, and Ryan smiles some more. A little while later, Ryan says goodnight to Carter & Joel as he heads off to his own room, seemingly he gets his own one bed Aqua Apartment! Later that night, Ryan rests comfortably in his new bed. His Jacket is laying on the back of a chair at the foot of his bed for a while, but once it slips and falls onto the floor, something ominous begins to lurk in the air. Ryan's peaceful slumber erupts into a sweat-inducing nightmare. Inside his dreams we see Ryan racing through the misty-covered grounds of Skull Cavern. He reaches a dead end, the ancient pillars surround him with no way to escape. Atop one of them, Diabolico stands, speaking to Ryan about how he dared to turn against him and now he must face the consequences! Diabolico fires a beam-wave from his chest-face downwards at Ryan, throwing the man against a pillar. Diabolico warns that he will pay for his insolence, as he beam-blasts Ryan again, causing Ryan to end up pinned against the pillar with his back turned towards Diabolico. Ryan struggles be can't break free, intense pain is inflicted on him as Diabolico fires a laser from his staff at Ryan's back. His shirt is ripped off, falling to the floor in flames. Diabolico carves a symbol onto the small of Ryan's back, branding him for evil! He tells Ryan "Here is my permanent gift to you!". It's a tattoo of a deadly cobra! Diabolico notes that "From now on, every time you Morph the cobra will move up your body closer and closer until it reaches your neck and destroys you!". Loki, Jinxer & Vypra walk in, getting an evil chuckle out of watching Ryan suffer. Diabolico's speech is demonstrated by the cobra's painful movement up Ryan's back, showing him what is going to happen. The tattoo slithers up Ryan's back, as Ryan shouts in protest, unable to stop it as the cobra comes to life and strikes his neck with a swift bite!

Ryan jumps up from his bed, safely in the Aquabase. He gasps for breath and is soaked in sweat, but taking a look around reveals everything was just a dream. He gets up and heads over to a mirror, lifting his pajama top to find the cobra tattoo still in the place Diabolico first carved it in! Ryan's shocked, apparently the nightmare was real after all, and he's going to be living it from now on.

[scenes from "Curse Of The Cobra"; end credits]

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