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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Cobra Strikes"
Original Air Date: 05/27/00 Featuring footage from:
GoGo Five #22 - Meiou, Saigo No Kessen!
(Birth Of The Fire Dragon Prince)
*Finale episode of 7th Regular Season
(16th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1016
*16th episode of PRLR
*354th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Troika (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Cobra Monster (voice)


[Scenes from "From Deep In The Shadows", "Truth Discovered", "Ryan's Destiny", & "Strength Of The Sun"]

Another day in the Lightspeed Aquabase, we find Ryan still in the infirmary from last episode. Ms. Fairweather is inspecting the cobra tattoo of demonic origin on his back, while using a special scanning device. She's sorry to say that she's never seen anything like it, but he should be fine as long as he doesn't Morph. Ryan seems hesitant as always to withdraw himself from becoming the Titanium Ranger, but is left with no choice other than to sulk in his bed. Meanwhile up in the city of Mariner Bay, darkness is beginning to engulf the sky. The citizens find that their day at the park is cut it short upon spotting the heavens turn from blue & white to pitch black in a thunder-rumbling instant. The wind whips up, and reddish lightning strikes several buildings, blasting them to pieces with a few simple bolts! The klaxons sound and the alarms ring out in the Aquabase, as every Lightspeed Technician aboard races for their duty stations. Captain Mitchell calls out an order for the Power Rangers to go to alert status, prompting the five recruits to rush down a hallway. They pass Ryan, who asks what is going on. Joel blurts out to his sidelined teammate that Diabolico is back. Ryan appears worried and is ready to follow them, until Ms. Fairweather stops him, telling him "Don't even think about it! Go get some rest". Ryan's angry, but obeys for the time being. Minutes later, the Lightspeed Rangers are all Morphed and on the scene at the center of the disturbance, an empty factory area where the greenish black clouds are encircling. They pause and look up, Carter asking "What is that?" when he suddenly gets his answer, as the crimson lightning drops from the sky and blasts the team with an explosive jolt! They lie on the ground stunned, while witnessing Diabolico teleporting in. He greets them for the first time in person, stating "Welcome, Rangers. How nice of you to drop by!". The Rangers recover to their feet, and Carter, always the spokesman, asks Diabolico "Don't you get it? We destroyed your monsters, don't make us destroy you too!". Diabolico just tells the heroes "Give it your best shot!", and that's all the incentive they need to pull out Rescue Blasters and start firing on the golden demon. Even all five laser blasts from their guns striking simultaneous do no damage to him, and by the time the smoke clears and they reach the ground he was standing on, they're shocked to discover Diabolico has vanished! While looking around for where he may have gone, they're taken almost unawares by Diabolico's staff, which is thrown their way, slashing at each Ranger as it darts through the air. It finally lands behind them, and sets off an explosion big enough to take the team down once more. Diabolico snickers sinisterly as he reappears in view a few feet away from the beaten Power Rangers.

[opening credits.]

Diabolico makes his way back over to the fallen heroes, laughing the entire time. Chad asks Carter about what they can do, but even he doesn't know. Diabolico informs them that there is nothing they can do, as he holds the three Darkside Connection Symbol Gemstones (as seen in the previous episode) in his hand. He remarks to the Rangers, "You thought my three monsters were tough alone, wait till you fight them all together!". He hurls the gems away from himself, they quickly surge with energy in midair and recreate the three demonic warriors in a flash, only to have all of them suddenly merge into one singular creation! The monster is made up of a mixture of Thunderon, Demonite, and Falkar, as he points out while introducing himself (each of their faces adorn his head separately). The Rangers are once again standing, allowing Joel to note "Oh no, not these clowns again!". The combination monster, speaking with the voice that appears predominantly that of Falkar's with a bit of Thunderon's deep vocal effect, states that the three of them together are named Troika! Diabolico says that the Rangers may have been able to defeat the three separately, but together they're unstoppable. Diabolico orders Troika to destroy them, as he vanishes in a sudden teleportation back to the Skull Cavern. Troika does as ordered, and begins by twirling around and spinning off towards the Rangers, battering the team with his Thunderon-fist & Demonite-bladearm relentlessly.

Elsewhere, at the Aquabase, Ryan lies down in his room to do some reading, but gets antsy and quickly hops back up. We get a great view of his Aqua Apartment, which looks quite different from the others'. He heads over to the wall, and presses a few buttons on the Communications Systems interface. Ryan then watches the Troika battle on his TV screen, viewing his teammates getting beaten by the (once, twice, three times a...) demon, who is trashing them by racing around in a blur and attacking each one of our heroes in a tight circle. Ryan's worried, but is helpless to aid them. Back at the battlefield, Red Ranger is targeted by Troika, and ends up shoved through garbage cans and slammed against a stairway. Troika then tosses a fireball at Carter, who barely leaps out of the way before taking the full brunt of the blast (the garbage cans are not so lucky). He lands over with the rest of his team, and immediately they call on their V-Lancer Blaster Modes. The weapons drawn in the blink of an eye, Carter gives the word to attack Troika with the Spectra Blast, their V-Lasers aimed and locked on the monster, striking him with their combined energy blast. Troika merely dodges the ball of light by spinning around into the air and landing safely away from it, then firing back with a quick charged bladearm blast. The Power Rangers take the hit and are scattered in the explosion. Troika is so busy laughing that when the smoke clears and the Rangers are missing, he's oblivious to their location. He figures they can't hide forever, and wanders away, allowing the five Unmorphed and weary Ranger Recruits (hidden behind some nearby barrels) to dust themselves off and crawl away to lick their wounds.


Soon at the Lightspeed Aquabase, Captain Mitchell drops by the Transport Bay to meet with the team as they come in with the Rescue Rover. He asks if they're alright (Mint from GoGoV is seen once again, this time way in the background over near some Technicians in this scene, likely being used to keep their coffee warm), Kelsey tells him that yeah, they're okay. The bruised Ranger teens hop out of the Humvee, Joel notes to the Captain that "We sure got out butts kicked out there!". They then follow him through the hall (the hallway listed as the "Upper Passageway" on the wall), Joel mentions that they were barely able to defeat those three monsters separately, and Carter finishes the statement by remarking that he doesn't know how they're going to defeat the demons' combined powers. Ryan pops up and asks his sister if they're okay, Dana informs him they're fine and tells him not to worry about them, just to go get some rest. His sister departs, leaving Ryan behind to mope in the hallway. He angrily grunts, saying "I'm useless like this!", before banging his hands against the wall over near a doorway. Ryan knows that he has got to find a way to stop that cobra himself, but he doesn't know how to just yet. As he contemplates with his head rested against the wall, two technicians walk by, one mentioning to the other "As soon as we get some shore leave, lets go to the desert!". Ryan overhears this and is reminded of something he completely overlooked, prompting him to quickly race up a nearby ladder to enact this scheme.

Meanwhile off in Skull Cavern, Diabolico is pleased to report to Queen Bansheera's ghostly facial image that the Power Rangers' demise is near. The Queen tells him that it had better be, since this is his last chance! Diabolico promises he won't fail her, and Bansheera underscores her impatient wrath by saying "If you do, it will be the last time!". Back at the Aquabase (Conference Room), the Ranger Recruits are having a meeting with Ms. Fairweather & Captain Mitchell. Kelsey mentions that that this one monster is as strong as the other three combined (which we know already, get on with it!). Joel, having been privy to a scene of action which was cut out of what we saw, says that "Even the Unilaser bounced right off him!". Captain Mitchell turns to Ms. Fairweather and asks, "What about the Battle Boosters?". She tells him "That's a possibility. They're nearly finished." Chad asks how they know that these new devices will be strong enough, and Fairweather (removing her glasses) replies "Well, we don't. They're only experimental." The one Ranger teen not in attendance, Dana, finally shows up, asking if anyone has seen Ryan. Her father says that he's supposed to be resting, but as Dana reveals, he isn't, and she's looked everywhere for him! Worrying for the rebellious son has to wait, as the intercom beeps, Mitchell answers it, and a tech tells him that the Troika monster has a returned. The Captain tells his team that the search for Ryan will be delayed until later, and tells Fairweather to get the Battle Boosters ready. She nods, and rushes off to do so as the Ranger Recruits pile out of the room.

Somewhere in Mariner Bay, Troika teleports in and decides to get the Rangers out of hiding by destroying the city. He launches a few charged bladearm-bolts at some unsuspecting citizens, shaking them up into a panic. Troika also fires at the stock footage of that same mirrored-glass building that's been blown up countless times on the series. Troika stomps along the debris-filled streets, shouting "Come out, come out wherever you are, Rangers!". Pink Ranger races up behind his back, and helps a little girl get safely away from her dangerous hiding spot. The other Rangers also appear, alerting Troika to their presence. The Lightspeed Rangers whip out their Rescue Blasters in Baton Mode, and the fight is on. Troika leaps at them and bashes Yellow & Pink Rangers over with his Thunderon-fist, and slashes at Blue & Green Rangers with his Demonite-Bladearm. Red Ranger confronts the creature alone now, remarking "You may think you've beaten us. That couldn't be farther from the truth!". Troika says "We don't think we've beaten you, we know it!", Carter replies that they don't know anything, and the two battle, Baton-to-Bladearm. Troika, having the power of... ahem... Triple Force, easily slashes Red Ranger over and pins him to the ground with his big Falkar-feet. Before he can impale Carter with his arm-blade, Green Ranger leaps at the creature with the Rescuebird Cutter weapon. He's able to pry Troika off Carter, and the team regroups just to get Bladearm blasted yet once more with feeling (you'd think they'd learn, small groupings are not helpful!).

At the Lightspeed Aquabase, a technician works on a set of five strange Booster tubes (each adorned with a Ranger Number Symbol) with clear crystal globes at the top. Ms. Fairweather tells him to close it up as they're out of time, and she proceeds over to the console to contact Carter. Fairweather tells the Red Ranger to energize his Rescue Morpher, he does as told, standing up and enthusiastically shouting "Rescue Morphers, Energize!", causing his Morpher to appear on the outside of his glove, presumedly the other four Rangers follow suit. Fairweather presses a few buttons and tells him to activate Battle Boosters, as she nods to the Tech, who flips a switch on the Booster tubes. Each of the five cylinders are suddenly filled with a surge of energy resembling each Lightspeed Power Ranger's color, filtering their powers through the tubes, apparently. The pulses of light swarm up into the globes in a gyrating spiral while crackling with an extra boost of power. The Rangers back on the battlefield position their fists upwards, causing a flash of energy to be released from their Morphers, zapping another device over onto their right wrists! Further inspection reveals these Battle Boosters to resemble the old Battlizers, with a much more elaborate number keypad. Ms. Fairweather introduces the Battle Boosters to the Rangers, claiming they'll intensify their physically strength powers, as well as their weapons! Our heroes are in awe over their new toys, and Carter thanks her, before shouting "Grip!", and causing his Rescue Morpher to return to the inside of his glove. The Rangers shout "Battle Boosters, Battle Ready!" in unison, Carter presses a few buttons on his Booster and exclaims "4-7-8, Activate!". The whole team, having done the same, joins Red Ranger in Battle Boosted Fist charge up shot, their right fists glowing with energy. Troika tosses a Bladearm blast their way, and our heroes duck out of the way, while Carter lunges forth towards the monster. They meet up halfway, Red Ranger leaps over the Bladearm attack and grabs it with his left hand, allowing him to bash the Bladearm with his Battle Boosted right one! The blade is shattered off, something Troika finds impossible as he stares at his useless stump. Carter winds his right hook back for one more Battle Boosted punch, Troika tries to respond by throwing a counterpunch with his Thunderon-fist, but the added power of the Booster is too much for the creature, as Red Ranger rips through the fist and makes knuckle-to-chest contact with the amalgamated demon.

Meanwhile, Ryan finds his way to the ruins of the Ancient Temple! Last seen in "Operation Lightspeed", this strange clutter of artifacts is located in the desert. What desert, nobody can be too sure, since we've never been told, but apparently it doesn't matter if it's near Mariner Bay, or off in Egypt. Ryan mentions "Diabolico told me of the cobra's lair", in regard to an event which likely happened in the 10+ years he spent living with the other demons in this location. Ryan finds the crack in the sand, and climbs down the rope left by the three nomadic wanderers who accidentally released the demons previously. He knows that if he can find the cobra's lair and destroy the source of the evil power, he can break the curse placed on him. He slips down the rope, and moments after he sets foot in the ancient tomb, all of the torches light themselves up! Ryan cautiously makes his way in a direction opposite of the opened stone coffin slab, and finds a small hallway space in the temple where a single cobra head statue is placed against a wall at the end between two torches. He shouts to the statue, "You want to destroy me? Well here I am!", and then awaits a response.


No answer coming from the statue (could the bust be a bust? ha.), Ryan slowly begins to reach his hand up towards the cobra's head. The statue starts to spew smoke from its mouth the closer Ryan's hand gets, and eventually, the eyes glow red & fire some eyebeam blasts at Ryan, taking him by total surprise! He's knocked back down the hall by the explosion, and bares witness to the statue suddenly dematerializing into sand. The sand pours onto the ground, as the glowing red eyes turn into light beams and spin around the dirt fountain. As the sand lands, it suddenly rematerializes upwards into the form of a Cobra Monster! The red light beams return to the eye sockets of the Cobra Monster, and the re-embodiment of the ancient demon is complete with a deadly hiss. Ryan quickly jumps up and prepares to battle the Cobra, to the death if necessary. Meanwhile back at the battlefield, Troika gets knocked around by the Battle Booster-armed Rangers, Green & Pink (and then Yellow & Blue) getting some double-team time on him in pairs. This is finished off with Red Ranger's flying leap punch, the final Battle Boosted jab sends the creature tumbling off in a world of hurt. Carter thinks these things are awesome, and starts to press 5-5-5, activating Booster Beams! His teammates do so as well, and together, they launch a series of five Booster Beam lasers at Troika, striking him dead on target. The demon composed of Falkar, Thunderon, & Demonite explodes for a second, and then suddenly topples backwards. Troika lets out a dying groan as he falls, and oddly doesn't blow up into nothingness! Carter exclaims "You'd think they'd learn they can't beat the Power Rangers!".

Diabolico suddenly teleports within view of our heroes, stating "This is far from over!". Red Ranger asks "What are you going to do about it?", prompting Diabolico to say "What I should have done long ago, destroy you myself!", as his body pulsates with added power (likely from whatever is left of Troika, since he didn't dissolve). Diabolico warps himself into giant mode, his voice deepening with the growth, and his evil laughter booming from above. Carter's ready to take things up a notch, by calling "SuperTrain Megazord, Initiate!". The Rail Rescues are already on track and speeding up the ramp into the sky to transform. Back at the Tomb, Ryan goes one-on-one with the Cobra Monster, blocking the hits thrown by the slithery creature as best he can while throwing as many in return as possible. The Cobra is too strong and fast, whipping his tail around and knocking Ryan off his feet. Not for long, as Ryan spins his legs around and hopping right back up with all of his limbs continuously attacking the Cobra. The snake creature still proves too powerful by kneeing Ryan instantly back down to the sandy stone floors again. Back at the battlefield, the SuperTrain Megazord has already formed and made the scene! Red Ranger fires the Gatling Blasters at Diabolico, unleashing the strongest attack the SuperTrain has to offer, but Diabolico merely walks right through the blasts, cackling maniacally the entire time. He then extends out his Power Staff and unloads a beam of golden energy into the SuperTrain, knocking it over with ease!

Over at the Tomb, the Cobra Monster tosses Ryan towards the wall, but he falls short and drops hard against a downed pillar. Ryan recovers from the fall, and watches as the Cobra tells him "You're no match for me!". This appears to be true, as the cobra tattoo on Ryan's back starts to slowly glow, apparently starting to move up his back once again! In danger whether he's Morphed or not while in contact with the living form of the Cobra Demon Spirit, Ryan stands tall, positions his hands and shouts "Titanium Power!". He presses the button on his Morpher, and quickly becomes the Titanium Ranger, possibly for the last time. With his Titanium Ax at the ready, Ryan rushes back into battle with the Cobra Monster, the two dueling within the confines of the cobweb covered temple. Meanwhile at the battlefield, Diabolico raises his Staff above the downed SuperTrain Megazord, and begins to lower it with deadly intent. Carter manages to get the Megazord arm up in time to block the slicing attack by grabbing the Staff. Diabolico grunts "Don't you know when to give up?", Carter replies "Yeah, never!", as he and his teammates have the SuperTrain lift itself back up onto its feet by holding onto Diabolico's staff! Unable to get his weapon released from the Megazord's grip, Diabolico plans to show the Rangers a sign of real power, as he charges up the green eyes on his chest. They glow, along with the red star above them (the star his true source of power), before suddenly firing a piercing ray directly through the SuperTrain Megazord! It's taken aback by this blast, a huge hole is shown to have been ripped into the center of the SuperTrain Megazord, causing the entire mechanical giant to soon fall over, with a large explosion in its wake.

Elsewhere at the tomb, Titanium Ranger just can't seem to strike the Cobra Monster with his Ax perfectly. The Cobra throws a few blows into Ryan's body, sending him closer to the stone coffin which the demons spent 5000 years trapped inside. Titanium Ranger & the Cobra Monster continue to fight up against it, and sparks fly, literally, until the Cobra grabs Ryan's Ax-weilding arm and flips him over across the room. Meanwhile at the Lightspeed Aquabase, computer monitor systems in Rescue Ops flash "Warning! Overload" in regard to the SuperTrain Megazord. Captain Mitchell watches this with Ms. Fairweather, he realizes that SuperTrain is too badly damaged and orders the Rescuezords be sent in. With no rail methods of reaching the battle, the Lightspeed Rescuezords soon arrive on the scene carried on a small metal platform hoisted through the air by Aero Rescue 3. In the burning cockpit of the SuperTrain Megazord, the Rangers spot the Rescuezords on the horizon, communications apparently down as Chad asks Carter "Does that mean we have to abandon the SuperTrain?". He says they've got no choice and to move it out, as the Rangers grab their Grips and race for their Rescuezords. Once inside Pyro Rescue 1, Carter calls for "Megazord Mode, Lightspeed!" and that exactly happens, the Lightspeed Megazords instantly comes together.

Back at the Tomb, Titanium Ranger keeps fighting on, despite how no attack he throws at the Cobra creature seems to hit it. The Cobra grabs Ryan's Ax-weilding arm again, and hisses to him that "You've used up all your energy and time! Hahaha!". The Cobra's hand, both of which are made of snake-heads, crushes the Titanium Ranger's wrist beneath its grip, and eventually causes Ryan to lose his handle of the Titanium Ax, which falls to the ground. The Cobra then picks Titanium Ranger up and heaves him off towards the stone coffin, his back smashing against the jagged edge and various artifactual debris as he lands hard. The stress of battle causes the Titanium Ranger to Demorph painfully. The Cobra Monster gloats "And now my brother cobra on your back will finish the job!", and as we see through the tears in Ryan's shirt, the tattoo begins to once again stir. Ryan, already in enough agony, takes off his shirt and turns his head to try and see the glowing cobra tattoo as it creeps up his shoulder blades. The tattoo's head is less than an inch from his neck, and its eyes shine green while its blood-red tongue whips about. Ryan collapses on the ground while clutching his back, in a vulnerable position. The Cobra Monster plans to help a little, as he aims his snake head hands at Ryan, and fires two green energyballs at him. Ryan leaps out of the line of fire, and rolls on the ground, grabbing the Titanium Ax he dropped earlier. He comes to a halt and immediately pitches the Ax into the air. It spins around and chops into one of the fragile stone pillars holding the temple up! The Cobra Monster is standing right by the large pillar as this happens, and is taken by surprise as it tumbles over and crushes him just like a snake under a rock. Ryan catches his breath while watching the Cobra's snake head hand peek out from under the pillar, its eyes shine red for a moment, until the hand drops dead, and the Cobra creature dissolves into dust. The cobra tattoo on Ryan's back also dissipates from existence, leaving Ryan free at last! He checks out his tattoo-less back and is overcome with joy, smiling for a moment, before realizing what he must do now.

Over at the battlefield, Carter has the Lightspeed Megazord Saber ignite, and all the fiery motions are cut into place. Diabolico seems to just shrug this off, telling our heroes that their puny saber is useless against him! Having the upperhand, Diabolico gives an evil statement to his captive audience, "All of your pathetic weapons put together are no match for me! For I, Diabolico, am invincible!". He then charges up his Star Power and shoots off another chest-burst of intensive energy, battering the Lightspeed Megazord backwards, causing it to shatter a small building into pieces and to end up smashed into the side of another! The Rangers are helpless, until the Max Solarzord (in Battle Mode) appears in the sky, firing laser blasts from its Shield while soaring through the air. Diabolico blocks most of them with his arm, but he is still surprised as the Rangers are to see this unexpected visitor. Titanium Ranger is in the Solarzord cockpit, informing our heroes that he's back in action and at their service. In the Aquabase (Rescue Ops), Captain Mitchell reminds his son that he can't be up there with the danger of the cobra still present. Ryan tells his father that it's okay, the cobra is history and so is the curse! Dana overhears and calls this excellent, while the Captain & Ms. Fairweather seem shocked but happy that this minor nuisance is over with. The Max Solarzord flips in the air and reverts to Shuttle Mode, Ryan tells Carter to grab hold of his Zord, which the Lightspeed Megazord quickly does. It's carried through the clouds by the Shuttle, giving Diabolico an unwelcome view of his former ward back in battle.

Ms. Fairweather is ready to show Diabolico some real fireworks, as she presses some buttons on a console and has Carter engage his Battle Booster. Red Ranger hits a button on the Megazord cockpit controls and out pops a small holster for his Battle Booster, and upon placing it in the slot, shouts "Initiate Lightspeed Solarzord sequence!". He presses 3-5-6 and the V-button, activating the transformation! The Lightspeed Megazord hovers in the air without holding on to the Max Solarzord, as the Shuttle shifts around and breaks up into smaller components, which lock together over the Lightspeed Megazord's entire body structure. The Lightspeed Solarzord (the name Max oddly never uttered this episode) lands in the skyline of skyscrapers in the city, and prepares for war! Diabolico cries "Enough! I'll destroy you all!". The Lightspeed Solarzord's rocket boots lift it up a few feet from the ground, and allows it to hover down the street with ease as it fires off several blast attacks from its fist-cannons. Diabolico is struck but blasts back, Carter is able to maneuver the Lightspeed Solarzord out of the line of fire before any damage can be done to them (same can't be said of the buildings that were struck!). A few more fist-cannon blasts manage to hit Diabolico, he growls in pain, and is engulfed in smoke. The Lightspeed Solarzord comes to a halt, as they wait for the smoke to clear. Titanium Ranger (still in his cockpit) asks Carter if they finished him, Red Ranger isn't sure as it seemed too easy. Spoken like a true television character (NEVER say that "it seemed too easy"!), this prompts Diabolico to step out from the smokescreen and growl "All you've done with your pathetic attacks is make me angry!". Carter wonders how he could have survived that, and Diabolico tells him "I told you, i'm invincible, but you're not!". His Star Powers begin to glow once more, and with one mighty surge of power from the mouth on his chest, Diabolico unleashes his full fury on the Lightspeed Solarzord!

The blast expands for a moment, but suddenly retracts, as it appears that the energy was siphoned into the Solar Paneling. The paneling glows blue & gold on the empowered Lightspeed Solarzord, and Diabolico is dumbfounded at the shining sight. Carter mentions that power levels are going crazy, and Ryan realizes they must have absorbed all the energy thrown at them. Ms. Fairweather informs them that they're correct, the panels soaked in the power, which she now tells Ryan to divert to the weapons. Titanium Ranger presses a few buttons and all is set & locked on target! The Lightspeed Solarzord unveils two more large cannons made out of the regular Solarzord's arms, which power up instantly. Diabolico shouts "This can't be happening!", to which Carter replies "Oh sure it can, Diabolico!" as he squeezes the trigger and fires the weapons! The set of five energized cannons unleash the sum amount of power sucked in from Diabolico's earlier attack, plus some of their own, bombarding the golden demon with a hailstorm of power too strong for him to withstand. Diabolico drops his Staff onto the streets as he yells out in agony, and groans off his last words, "You have done the impossible.. you've defeated the mighty Diabolico! But be assured that Queen Bansheera will avenge my defeat a thousandfold!". With that last breath, Diabolico falls forward screaming, and erupts into a massive fiery explosion. Unbeknownst to anyone, his Star Power escapes, taking off towards the sky in a tiny red glowing orb. The Lightspeed Solarzord stands triumphant in the wake of its first and greatest victory.

Meanwhile in Skull Cavern, the demons Diabolico served with take the news of his demise badly. Loki shouts in distress "Oh, I don't believe it!", and Vypra grates at everyone's eardrums (they really should have made her "Bansheera" considering she sounds like a frickin' banshee!) as she cries "Oh, Diabolico! He's gone! That's not possible". Vypra collapses to her knees on the fog-covered floor of the palace room and whines, while Loki smashes his staff into a marble pillar in anger. He then drops it on the ground and bawls "Those Rangers will pay for this dearly!". Just then, Diabolico's crimson power orb zips in and enters the forehead of the sleeping Impus. The passage of power awakens the napping infant dragon demon, causing him to giggle. Vypra & Loki witness this in awe, Vypra stating that "Impus has the Star Power!".


Later in the Lightspeed Aquabase, the six Ranger Recruits celebrate their victory along with several of the Lightspeed Technicians in the Galley. Pretzels & chips are served, and wholesome drinks are passed out. Kelsey can't believe there'll be no more Diabolico, Chad adds "and no more of his demons!". Dana notes what's best of all, saying as such in unison with her brother Ryan, "No more cobra tattoo!", causing all of them to laugh happily. Captain Mitchell, Ms. Fairweather and Joel enter the room, Joel gives a loud whistle to gain everyone's attention. Mitchell thanks him and then proposes a toast to the room, "Here's to Mariner Bay! As of now, the safest city in the...". His toast interrupted by the sound of the alarm going off. Carter asks "It's just a drill, right?", but as the Captain reminds him, "We don't have drills!". He orders everyone to move, dozens of cups are tossed onto tables as the six Ranger Recruits rush out along with the group of Lightspeed Employees. Back at Skull Cavern, Impus continues giggling while a trail of light sparkles from his pacifier and spins around his tiny body. He's soon encased in a large red glowing cocoon, created by the sparkle of light associated with his newly gained Star Power. Loki & Vypra watch this, mouths agape, as the cocoon begins to float in the air, pulsating with energy.

Simultaneously, in the city of Mariner Bay, ominous storm clouds of demonic origin are arising. The six Rangers have made the scene at the center of the city with the Rescue Rover, but have no clue what's going on above them. The clouds give shape, to the bluish image of Queen Bansheera's face! She greets the Rangers, her identity told to them by Ryan, who says he thought she was destroyed, and that she's worse than 10 Diabolicos. Bansheera mentions that Diabolico proved himself unworthy but she assures them that her son will not. The identity of her son Impus also revealed to the Ranger teens by Ryan, since he spent so much time with the demons, after all. Queen Bansheera tells them to behold her heir, and their destructor! Her facial image disappears, giving way to a mass of golden shimmering clouds. From within, the red cocoon containing Impus floats in, hovering above the city. It's HUGE, as evident by its massive shadowing against a building. The Six Lightspeed Power Rangers gaze up in horrified astonishment, their mission far from accomplished, and the battle just beginning.

[To Be Continued...; Scenes from next season!; end credits]

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