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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Olympius Ascends"
Original Air Date: 08/19/00 Featuring footage from:
GoGo Five #26 - Honoo No Ryou Oudi Taandyou
(Birth Of The Fire Dragon Prince)
*Premiere episode of 8th Regular Season
(17th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1017
*17th episode of PRLR
*355th total Power Rangers episode
*Note: Seems this explains why "The Cobra Strikes" wasn't called a season finale by FK. They still had a show or two left over in the seasonal numeration, and weren't sure if they were going to air them back then or not.
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Rick Lawless _AS_ Cadet
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Thunderclaw (voice)


[Scenes from "Operation Lightspeed", "Riding The Edge", "From Deep In The Shadows", "Ryan's Destiny" & "The Cobra Strikes"]

Continuing from where we left off, more or less, we find the glowing red cocoon containing Impus, hovering over the city of Mariner Bay. It's discharging energy blasts randomly in its wake, causing several buildings to crumble upon getting hit. The Rescue Rover, with all six Lightspeed Rangers inside, races after the cocoon, with Carter at the wheel. The cocoon-blasts start to strike the street in front of the Rover, sending the Humvee swerving all over, attempting to dodge the explosions, only to come to a dead halt when one blast hits too close. Everyone aboard is tossed out onto the debris and fire-pocketed pavement, their bodies coming to a safe but bruised stop within the general vicinity of each other. Carter is the first to stand back up, staring up at the apparently huge cocoon, as it unloads another energy bolt, shattering another building, and dumping its yellow hardhat wearing occupants into a dangerous alleyway. Carter turns and orders Ryan to go help the injured people while the main Rangers take care of the cocoon. Ryan, clutching his arm (apparently injured from the Rover-wreck), jumps to duty, while the other five Ranger Recruits flip their arms into place and call out "Lightspeed Rescue!" In a five-screen flash, they Morph into Lightspeed Power Rangers..

The Rangers rush off after the crimson cocoon on foot, following it to an abandoned ship yard. Amid the vast stacks of shipping crates, our heroes discover that Jinxer, Vypra, Loki and a flock of Batlings are already waiting for them there! Loki chuckles and Vypra grunts out "Rangers!". With the cocoon floating in place above them, Red Ranger tells his team to not worry about them and fire upon their intended target. Pink Ranger asks him to wait for some reason, he tells her they can't, and quickly, four of the Rangers (sans Dana) have their Rescue Blasters drawn and are returning to Impus some of the laser power he was tossing at them just minutes prior. The collection of firepower strikes the cocoon with precision, turning the entire oval shaped object into a huge fireball! A flame wave washes over the Rangers, and the Skull Cavern Demon Platoon, taking them all aback, as a massive burning crater is left between the opposing armies. The Demons arise, Jinxer dusts himself off while Vypra & Loki watch the smoking hole in the ground, mouths agape. The five Lightspeed Rangers stare down into the scorching pit, Carter wondering aloud "Did we do it?". No sign of any cocoon, but a deep, menacing laugh begins to echo upwards. Our heroes shield their helmeted faces as the heat begins to rise in cue with the laughter, and a dark form with glowing eyes ascends from the hellish depths.

[opening credits, version 1.2. No changes yet!]

The dark form takes full-revealed shape, as it floats above the flames and startles the Lightspeed Rangers. The laughing creature has red scaly skin, golden armor with a red star encrusted upon it, bright green eyes, dragon-wings, and a big old sword, to boot! Dana breaks the silence by asking, "Who is he?!" Loki on the other side answers with a similar question, "Is it really that little runt Impus?!". The ascended creature suddenly speaks, "I am Olympius, son of Queen Bansheera. Bow down before me now, or you will feel my power." Red Ranger is a bit on edge today, screaming "I'll never bow to you!" before leaping up and plucking Olympius from the sky and dragging him down to the ground. Or at least trying to, as Olympius turns himself into a golden flame, teleporting out of Carter's grasp. Once Carter falls onto the gravel and turns over, he finds Olympius teleporting back in, with his clawed foot aimed directly for a hurtful landing on his stomach! Olympius stomps on Red Ranger a few times, before the other Rangers arrive. Chad orders the demon to get away from him, as he fires his Blue V-Lancer. Olympius deflects each laser beam with his palm, turning the blasts into small explosions surrounding him. Once Blue Ranger lets up, Olympius tosses back his own concentrated flame attack. The four Rangers are struck and collapse with one blow. Carter cries out in protest, but is helpless as he's still pinned down by Olympius' feet. The other Rangers wallow in agony on the dirt nearby, just as Vypra and her demonic gang make the scene, watching the display of power as nothing but bystanders.

Red Ranger reaches for his Rescue Blaster, pulling it out of his holster, only to have it snatched up by Olympius. This does allow Carter the room to slip out from under his feet, just in time to get kicked across the way by said big scaly feet. Red Ranger wearily stands up after this, and comes in perfect range of his own Rescue Blaster, as Olympius pulls the trigger and fires away! Carter is blown away, right next to his equally defeated teammates.. Olympius tosses aside the Blaster with a hearty chuckle. Carter, despite having taken the worst of a beating, refuses to quit, announcing "This guy's tough! But we're not down yet!". He darts towards Olympius, as Vypra & pals watch bemused from the sidelines. Red Ranger's punch is blocked by Olympius, who counterpunches with sparking results, followed by a kick to the knee. Olympius picks up Carter, chucks him into the air, charges up his palm, and fires a blast into the airborne hero. He smashes through some empty barrels, coming to a landing in the sand. His teammates are still recovering, Pink Ranger crying out "Carter, no!" after seeing his decent. They're left open for Olympius to hop up next to them and to fire a beam from his red armor star. The beam turns each of the Power Rangers into a color specific ray of light, teleporting them into the star in the blink of an eye. Olympius laughs evilly as all four are captured, and Vypra, viewing this from afar notes it as "Nice. Very nice."

Olympius causally walks over to where he discarded Red Ranger, Carter is shown groveling in pain against some rusty old junk. Oddly, Olympius states that all he needs is Red Ranger to complete his collection, when in fact he still doesn't have the Titanium Ranger! Nevermind that, Olympius doesn't get far before he's overcome with an intense pain. Collapsing to the ground, Olympius groans aloud in agony. Jinxer knows what's going on, while Loki is as clueless as ever, and shuffles over to the Prince's side. He comforts and informs him, "You mustn't use all your new powers too soon! You need time to get used to them!" Olympius can't speak in anything but grunts, so Jinxer tells him to "Come with me, i'll take care of you!". Waving his little wand, Jinxer teleports the both of them back to Skull Cavern in a black & purple particle tornado. Vypra & Loki, as well as their unused Batlings, follow suit (Loki's teleport is sort of a 'warping' effect). Red Ranger watches this as long as he can, before finally falling over, just as Ryan shows up. He rushes up and helps Carter stand, asking him if he's okay. Carter is more worried about his teammates, stumbling to where they were captured at, and calling out their names in hopes one of them might have escaped. No sign of life is found, and Carter clutches his chest as a sharp pain shoots through it.

Meanwhile at the demonic fortress known only as Skull Cavern, Olympius stands himself up against a pillar. Jinxer walks over and congratulates, "Well done, sire! You managed to capture four Rangers! Your mother would be so proud!" Speaking of those four, they're shown, trapped within the red star, each of them Demorphed back into their civilian clothes. They beat against the glass, demanding to be let out, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. Olympius' pain fades away at the mention of his mother. He remarks, "Ahh, my mother. Soon the planets will be in perfect alignment!" Jinxer nods and agrees, explaining (as a representation of the planets of our solar system pops up) "Yes! And we'll be able to give her spirit a bodily form!". This new bit of info will have to wait for a later time, as Vypra & Loki enter the fog filled room, Vypra welcoming Prince Olympius and commenting on how his powers are impressive for a demon so young. Loki grunts in agreement, "Yeah! Not bad for a kid! Now let's destroy those Rangers in the charm around your neck!" Despite how the star is actually embedded within his armor, Olympius urges his fellow demon to wait. He has use for those Rangers yet, as they'll allow him to infiltrate the Aquabase. Loki scoffs, "Whoa! great idea, genius! Except the Aquabase is underwater. Ever see a monster get into water? Of course not! We lose our power!" Jinxer yells at Loki for being a smartmouth. Olympius snickers diabolically and says "You underestimate me." Waving a hand over his chest-star, Olympius suddenly Morphs into the human form of Joel Rawlings, cowboy hat and all! Vypra & Loki are wowed, watching as the star (only NOW in charm necklace form) glows, and Joel becomes Dana Mitchell. Who becomes Kelsey Winslow. Who transforms into Chad Lee, with a devilish grin on his face. Jinxer lifts up his goggle-glasses, his squinty little eyes can hardly believe how remarkable the Prince's powers are. Vypra smiles, and Chadius stares off into space.


Later on the Lightspeed Aquabase, in Rescue Ops, Ryan goes over what he knows about this new foe with his father, Captain Mitchell. He claims not to remember much about Olympius, since he was so young during his stay with the demons. The Captain urges him to try anyway. Carter keeps a watch on the scanners, informing the Captain that there's still no signs of the others. Ryan reveals, "All I know, is Queen Bansheera gave Diabolico the Star Power. Her son, Impus, was next in line to receive it. It transformed him into Olympius." Carter figures that this means that he has as much power as Diabolico had, but Ryan notes, since Olympius is young, the more he learns how to use the Star Power, the stronger he'll become. A buzzer beeps and a Lightspeed Cadet tells Captain Mitchell that they've picked up a signal from Chad. Carter is all over it, scrambling off to pick his teammate up. Little does he realize, that the real Chad, as well as the other three Rangers, are still locked within the star necklace! Olympius in Chad form, or Chadius, if you will, laughs to himself as he listens to pleas of the imprisoned Rangers around his neck. Chadius strolls through a warehouse, until he hears Carter calling out for him. Carter exits the Rescue Rover and goes searching, giving the pale faced Chadius time to hide his necklace under his shirt, and toss some dirt all over his Lightspeed Jacket. He finishes this up by flinging himself into some boxes, alerting Carter to his whereabouts as he hits the cement. Carter races to his injured friend and asks what happened, Chadius gasps that it everything occurred so fast and he doesn't know. He does make mention of the monster's name, his tone of voice dropping from "agony" to "evil" as he states, "Olympius." Carter pays no attention, saying that he knows already and asks about the others. Chadius plays dumb, asking "Aren't they with you?" Carter tells him no, and helps him up, Chadius suggesting that they get back to the Aquabase. Carter rushes back to the Rover, post haste, leaving Chadius behind to stand tall for a moment with an evil smirk on his face.

The Rescue Rover speeds down the street, and eventually pulls into the entry gate to the Lightspeed Aquabase. Chadius eyes every move Carter makes in opening the tightly secured gate, a simple flip of a switch on the windshield provides easy access. Though as we see, there's a small security camera keeping look out for any shady characters. The Rover lifts up into the Transport Bay, Chadius inspects his new surroundings closely. Carter suggests that he go get cleaned up and then meet him in Rescue Ops, while he starts scanning for the others. Chadius departs and heads into one of the areas of the Transport Bay, until Carter calls out his name. Chadius turns around and gives an attitude, asking, "Yes?", to which Carter reminds him that their Quarters are the other way! Chadius plays it off, "Yeah! I guess that monster must have hit me harder than I thought!" Carter laughs, and Chadius goes the proper direction, leaving Carter none the wiser to this elaborate ruse. Chadius sneaks into an empty corridor, and making sure no one is around, he proceeds to place a finger to his temple. Sending a mental message to Vypra (in his natural voice), he tells her that he's infiltrated the Aquabase and for her to move her army to the secret entrance. In Skull Cavern, Vypra sees Chadius on a blue wall-screen as he makes this announcement. She calls the Prince's work excellent, and asks Jinxer for some extra muscle. He's way ahead of her, allowing himself to introduce, Thunderclaw! The crabby looking monster waltzes in from another room, with a raspy growl.

Back at the Aquabase, Chadius lurks in the hallways, eavesdropping on Carter & Ryan's talk with Captain Mitchell. Carter makes note of how Chad was near where the cocoon landed, prompting the Captain to order them to send out search parties. Two groups to the South and two to the West, calling for reinforcements when they need it. Chadius, in his monster voice, remarks that he's got to keep the entry clear. Pulling out his star necklace, Olympius morphs into the physical form of Kelsey Winslow (sans Jacket, but she does still have her security badge on, as well as he ever prominent headphones). Slipping the necklace under her top, Kelsius journeys off to complete her evil plan. Elsewhere, Captain Mitchell tells Carter & Ryan to tell the search parties to sweep the entire vicinity. That's when Kelsius pops up from a nearby hallway, in her usual bouncy manner, calling out to them. The three are stunned, as Kelsius runs up to them and exclaims that Dana & Joel are back too, safe and sound! Carter thinks this a relief, but when Kelsius asks, "So, I guess you can call off that search party now, huh?", he begins to get suspicious. He's the only one, as the Captain tells her, "Absolutely. Now we can concentrate on Olympius." The three continue marching on to Rescue Ops, leaving Kelsius behind to wander away. Or begin to, rather, as Carter turns and stops her, asking "How'd you know about the search party?". Kelsius, her voice as high pitched as the real Kelsey, says with a smile, "Well, I just assumed you'd send one out to find us, right?". Carter agrees, and Kelsius says she's gotta go. As she turns, her smiley face changes to that of... well, not evil, more like freakiness. Carter doesn't notice how zombified she appears, his face pale and the bags under her eyes highlighted, but he still remains suspicious about her action, watching her as she leaves.

Minutes later, in Rescue Ops, Kelsius walks up to an open console ("Ship to Ship Contact," the label denotes), and begins to press buttons at random. The Lightspeed Emblem screen reads "Access Denied," prompting her to grunt in a monstrous voice, slam her fist against the console, and then slap a nearby cadet while asking him, "Hey! Why can't I get in?!" The whole room pauses as the technicians witness Kelsey's outburst with shock and confusion. The cadet tells her, "You know, you need to use your passkey," pointing out the slot where the keycard should go. She acts like she knew that, but forgot, and casually slides off to go find a passkey. Soon, she's in the Cabin of Captain Mitchell, rummaging through the papers in his desk! Tossing files everywhere in frustration, Kelsius soon discovers an aptly named "Pass Key" under the Captain's Journal. She smiles with psychotic glee, until she overhears the Captain approaching. He enters his Cabin and finds his daughter, Dana, sitting on the couch and reading a magazine (notice all the files strewn about are gone!). The Cap is happy to see her alive, giving his precious Dana a big hug, who tells him that she just dropped by to let him know she's okay. As they hug, Danius checks out the Passkey, being quite sure it's the All Access one she needs. The hug breaks, and Mitchell asks, "How about we stop in at the Galley. You must be starving!". The pasty faced Danius tells him to postpone it, as she fakes a yawn and claims she's a little tired. The Captain orders his little girl to go get some rest, which she is quick to do, Mitchell simply shakes his head as she leaves and he returns to whatever it was he was doing.

On the surface, at the 'secret entrance' to the Lightspeed Aquabase, a horde of Batlings lead the way as the Demons come marching in. Thunderclaw is first to make the observation that the entry hatch isn't open yet. Loki shouts "Hey, Vypra?!", causing her to turn around and shush him up before his loud mouth ruins their 'stealth' operation. The Demons reach the gate, Thunderclaw thinks it may be stuck and shoves aside the Batlings to give the hatch a help in opening. Jinxer urges him "Quickly now! We must get it open!", but despite Thunderclaw's brawn, the door just won't budge. Vypra spots the camera recording their every move, and knows their time is vastly short. She whispers out a mental call to Olympius, telling him they're in position and to open the gate before they're detected. Danius hears her loud & clear, speaking back in the monster voice, "Minutes away, Vypra. Hahaha!", as she holds the Passkey between her treacherous fingers.


Danius sneaks through the halls of the Aquabase, peeking her blood-drained looking face through a window and watching as Ms. Fairweather commands a couple of technicians into doing something important. Danius soon spots what she needs, an Aquabase Security console in the Weapons Lab. It even has a section devoted to the Entry Gate, which gives Danius cause for laughter (what doesn't? This demon laughs more than the Joker during a tickle parade!). She turns, pulls out her star necklace, it glows, and Danius Morphs into the physical form of Joel! Joelius enters the Weapons Lab (actually the Transport Bay section of the room), holding his cowboy hat against his chest until he reaches the console and places it atop his bald dome. Ms. Fairweather, having a history with Joel, notices him and asks if there's anything she can help him with. Joelius shouts "No!" in the monster voice, before attempting to rectify it by switching over to Joel's, saying "No, uh, don't mind me, i'm just running some tests!" He lingers a smile at her, and Ms. Fairweather smiles back, leaving him to his work. She departs, and Joel shoves his stolen passkey into the proper slot. At the Entry Gate, steam spews forth as the door rises, Thunderclaw's feet apparently getting burned by this quick discharge of vapor. In Rescue Ops, Ryan notices one of the displays is reading "Entry Gate Opening." He points it out to Carter, and both run a check on the systems, discovering it's being opened in Transport. Carter turns on the security monitor, and witnesses in full black & white glory that there are monsters are the door, and somebody just unlocked it! He screams into a microphone, "Ms. Fairweather! Close the entry gate!"

Hearing his urgent demand, Fairweather storms over to Joelius and asks him what he's doing. His pale expression never flinches, so she has no choice but to hit the "emergency close" button. At the gate, Thunderclaw cries out as the door starts to shut, spurring him and a few Batlings to attempt to hold it open. In Transport, Ms. Fairweather yells for Joel to stop pressing the buttons, even grabbing his hands frantically. Joelius merely jerks her body back (even though it looks like he punches her, he doesn't), and slams her into the console, trying to shake her off. Ms. Fairweather won't let go, and once against the console, she snatches the Passkey. He tosses her to the ground, as she throws the keycard across the room. The entry gate slams shut, causing Thunderclaw some pain from having his long demonic fingers crushed. In Transport, the Passkey lands between Carter's feet. He picks it up, and looks at Joelius, who takes off his cowboy hat and eerily remarks, "Hey. Carter. Buddy. How's it going? Can I have my Passkey back?" Carter grows grim, "You're not my buddy! In fact, I don't know who you are. But you're not Joel! Now get away from the console!" Joelius panics, drops his hat and lunges for Ms. Fairweather, grabbing her up off the floor and holding her hostage! Carter tries to keep the deranged Joel-lookalike calm, and before Joel's chances with Ms. F are shot forever from this traumatic experience, Olympius Morphs back to his original appearance. Carter recognizes the demon all too well, and Ms. Fairweather is frightened even worse by the sinisterly snickering creature. Olympius continues holding her in his deadly grip, and demands the passcard be exchanged. Carter glances over and spots Ryan sneaking up behind Olympius slowly. He starts to hand over the Passkey, trying to buy Ryan some time. Olympius swipes the card from Carter's hand, and comments "The Aquabase is about to have a little company!" Ryan leaps up and rushes into the room, punching Olympius off Ms. Fairweather. He escorts her to safety, as Carter slams into the taken-by-surprise Olympius as well.

The Passkey is dropped once more, as Carter and Olympius dance around the Transport Bay, until they end up in the pool section of the Weapons Lab! Both the human and demon swing around, locked in combat, until finally Carter shoves Olympius into the pool. Both fall into the water together, and as we've been told, demons & water don't mix. We see just why, as the moment Olympius hits the water, a blinding surge of electrical energy is released. Ryan & Fairweather try following the two, but can only stop in their tracks and cover their faces as the backlash of torrential energy is expunged before their eyes. Carter and Olympius sink deeper into the pool, and as we've seen many times previous (such as in "From Deep In The Shadows"), the pool leads out into Mariner Bay itself. They are drug out to sea by the current, and some time later, wash up on the shores of the city. Olympius struggles limply to stand, but is unable to, while Carter's only real hindrance is his heavily soaked clothes. Olympius' star suddenly slows, and some feet away on the beach, all four captured Lightspeed Rangers are ejected from their prison. Carter stumbles over to them and asks how they are, the four Rangers (Morphed, despite not being so during the shots of them into the Star Crystal) are apparently fine. Olympius groans in defeat, "No, it can't be!" at the sight of the freed Rangers. Vypra, Loki, Jinxer, and Thunderclaw suddenly teleport onto the beach, with Jinxer rushing over to Olympius' side. He comforts him again, "Careful, my Prince. The water has weakened your powers!" The other Demons walk over to Olympius, with Vypra scoffing "Let's put this child back in his crib." She turns to Thunderclaw and orders him to finish the Rangers off. She and all of the main baddies then teleport back to Skull Cavern, leaving the monster of the day to make himself useful. Thunderclaw laughs with a raspy voice, "It's all over now, Rangers!". Carter, sopping wet, but reunited with his pals, remarks, "We'll see about that!", before hitting his Rescue Morpher and joining his team in Lightspeed Ranger mode.

Faced by the Lightspeed Power Rangers, Thunderclaw wants to play a game, urging them to catch him if they can. Following the monster away from the ocean, they finally get some physical action closer to a construction plant. Their bodies likely still weary from all they've gone through today (remember, this is still technically the same day on which they defeated Diabolico! Talk about a work load!), Thunderclaw makes mincemeat out of them in no time.. The group regroups, Thunderclaw charges his thunderous claw-head, fires at them, they split apart. Red Ranger needs more power, so turning to the blue & white device on his wrist, he inputs "4-7-8 Engage," and activates his Battle Booster! The supercharged punch sends Thunderclaw through the air and onto the dirt hard. With the demon down, the Rangers whip out their V-Lancers, and combine the beams into a Spectral Blast attack! The ball of energy rips into the crabby crustacean, and turns him into a big explosion, followed by meaty seafood chunks. Jinxer pops back in, and tosses one of his Growth Cards onto the monster's remains. He recites, "Though you may have bit the dust, grow to fight again you must!", causing Thunderclaw to be restructured into a towering creature with a mighty pinch! Carter shouts, "Rail Rescues, On Track!", they roll out, and before you know it, the Lightspeed Megazord is formed. Ryan has Morphed into the Titanium Ranger offscreen, and following instructions by the team, is on the way in the cockpit of his Max Solarzord! It shifts around from Shuttle to Battle Mode, and joins the Megazord in the middle of the city. Thunderclaw, his vocabulary reduced to grunts, fires his eyebeam blasts at the two Zords. Red Ranger tells Ryan to show him what he's got. Ryan obliges, "Time to taste some Titanium Power!", he shouts as he takes control of the Solarzord and flips that bad boy into the air. The Solarzord does a flying flipkick on Thunderclaw, followed by a roundhouse. Both are successful, taking the monster down with ease.

Thunderclaw is down, but not out, so Red Ranger slips the module off his Battle Booster and places it on the control panel. It locks in, and Lightspeed Solarzord is initiated, seconded by Titanium Ranger. Lightspeed Megazord swoops into the air, and combines with the Max Solarzord to create the Lightspeed Solarzord. The solar paneling charge up, and Carter gives the order to attack with full power. Every one of the ten cannons adorning the Lightspeed Solarzord fires, turning Thunderclaw into nothing short of a slightly explosive echo of the past. As the monster burns into oblivion, the Lightspeed Solarzord poses, its talley so far, 2 for 2!


In Skull Cavern, Olympius makes a fist in frustration, screaming, "I had them!" Vypra and Loki walk in, with Vypra scoffing yet once more, "Don't feel too bad, dear little Olympius. You tried your best. It just wasn't good enough!" Loki agrees, "Yeah! You need to grow up and learn a thing or two from the masters!" Olympius remarks, "There's no time to waste. My mother, Queen Bansheera, will be returning soon!" Meanwhile, in the Aquabase's Transport Bay, Carter is spending some time working on his Lightspeed Cycle. His four formally captured teammates march up to him as a group, he gives them a friendly "hey guys! What's going on?" Chad says there's something they need to talk about. He stands up and is eager to discuss anything with them. Joel confronts Carter up close, asking "What's up with you letting Olympius right into the Aquabase?!" Carter is shocked, telling them that he didn't mean to.. Dana puts it best, "I can't believe that you would do something so dumb!" She gives him a furious look, and the four Ranger Recruits slowly march in a line towards him. Carter drops his wrench and tries reasoning with them, "It wasn't like I just let him in! He looked just like you!" Kelsey is appalled, "Are you saying you couldn't tell ME from a huge ugly monster?" Carter exclaims, "Yeah! I mean no, wait, I mean, yeah...," stuttering up a storm, and almost hitting his head on one of the metal overpasses. Backed up by his own teammates, Carter blindly falls backwards into the Weapons Bay pool! The four get a hearty laugh from this, at his expense. Kelsey thinks he's learned his lesson, and Joel thinks that next time Carter should be just a little more careful. Carter nods while bobbing in the water, and quickly takes them by surprise with a sudden splash of water. The girls squeal as they get hit, and we're left wondering just how many of those outfits Carter has in his locker.

[Scenes from "A Face From The Past"; end credits]

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